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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / on: July 02, 2016, 05:17:07 PM
Ever wonder what the USD value of a past Bitcoin transaction was? Sure, you can look up the price in a chart or graph, which takes a little time, then multiply the price by the number of Bitcoins. I never found a quicker way to do this, so I present, a quick and easy way to see the USD value of a past Bitcoin transaction. Or if you want to check a past Bitcoin price, just put in 1 bitcoin. I find this tool much handier that the other ways I've found to look up a past price. Note this tool is just looking up the daily price, so on some crazy volatile days, the spot price might have been very different.

Anyone else find this useful or have suggestions? Has anyone seen similar tools out in the wild?

9/9/16 EDIT:

Basic Directions - Just fill in the BTC amount (put "1" just to know the BTC price on a day) and 2-digit Month, Day, and Year, and the USD value should display in the bottom box as soon as all 4 fields have valid numbers. If any entry is out-of-range, then you won't see a result.

Here's what it should look like when it is working!
2  Economy / Collectibles / Bitcoin Fork Pens on: September 02, 2015, 01:24:31 AM
Hi all,

A bit over two years ago I posted about my first Bitcoin product (Bitcoin Keychain) here on BitcoinTalk:

My second crypto product was Litecoin keychains ( Okay, not quite as popular as the Bitcoin keychains, I still have a bunch of these awaiting the great Litecoin resurgence.

Well, with so much discussion and drama related to a possible Bitcoin fork to XT, I decided to make Bitcoin Fork Pens! There's a BitPay checkout set up at the following URL, for anyone interested.

(UPDATE 2) Now shipping in the USA and Internationally!

to USA, paying with Bitcoin:
1 Fork, shipping included, $6
5 Forks, shipping included, $16

International, paying with Bitcoin:
1 Fork, shipping included, $8
5 Forks, shipping included, $19

(UPDATE) Limited-time offer: Bitcoin Fork and a Bitcoin Keychain, shipped in the USA, all for $12 at this URL:

Please let me know if you have any questions about these Bitcoin Fork Pens. While I've used them to eat with (just to test them out -- worked well), the plastic isn't "food safe" so it's not recommended you use them for anything other writing (and having fun with Bitcoin friends).

3  Economy / Goods / Bitcoin Keychains, custom-engraved with QR codes on: June 18, 2014, 02:57:07 AM
Hello! After setting out on this task many months ago, some partners I've been working with have finally been able to deliver a high-quality custom engraved QR code on our popular Bitcoin keychains. We're still working out some details, but as a lot of people have been asking for this product, I wanted to post these pics showing where we are (see below).

The process is pretty time-consuming, so the retail price on these custom engraved keychains will be higher than I would have liked (exact price TBD). Perhaps you can help us figure this out; how much would you pay for one of these custom keychains? Note that they aren't simply engraved, but they also have paint applied in the engraved area.

Hope you'll let me know what you think, so we can hopefully bring this product to market very soon. Thanks!

For more info on our original (non-custom) keychains, please see that thread:

4  Economy / Goods / Customized Bitcoin Keychain (Giveaway) on: January 04, 2014, 10:05:52 PM

Hello, I've been selling a two-sided Bitcoin keychain since July (see, and one of the most requested features has been a way to include people's Bitcoin address as a QR code. As I am fine-tuning production details, I would like to giveaway 2 customized keychains on this thread. The customization is done with a laser process, which allows for imaging of a QR code (for your public key, URL, or whatever), any text, logo, combination of these, or any B&W art you can think up (though it cannot have shades of gray or be too intricate).

If you would like a chance at receiving one of the 2 customized keychains, all you have to do is:
1) comment once on this thread
2) have a ship-to address in the USA (sorry everyone else, I'm just trying to keep it simple for now)
3) be ready to submit (via PM) your public key, other QR LINK, text, or your art in vector format tomorrow (Sunday)

I will use to pick the 2 winners sometime early tomorrow (Sunday, Pacific Time, USA). The giveaway includes the cost to mail the customized keychain to a U.S. address.

If you have any other questions or comments about customized keychains, please PM me. I plan to offer customized keychains for sale to the public soon, but I'm still working on pricing, and finalizing other details. The 2 winners will be part of our limited first test production run, which will hopefully help me dial everything in, and start limited sales.

5  Other / Off-topic / I'm giving away Bitcoin with this Christmas Card on: December 19, 2013, 11:20:57 PM
I decided to spread Bitcoin as a Christmas gift. Here's an oversize Christmas card I came up with to give away Bitcoin paper wallets, and help people understand the basics of what I'm giving them (I figure most non-Bitcoiners are stumped when they receive a paper wallet). Hopefully the gift and explanation will stir an interest with a few people who have yet to explore Bitcoin.

EDIT Dec 12, 2013: Here are downloadable files (with the typo "know one knows" fixed):

PDF with full Adobe Illustrator compatibility (editable, uses Ubuntu font):

Here's a ZIP contain gin two PSDs for outside and inside of the card, generated from Illustrator (editable, uses Ubuntu font):

I've also posted a zip-compressed TXT file of just the verbiage here:
6  Other / Politics & Society / Bitcoin: U.S.A. vs. The World on: October 25, 2013, 04:48:54 PM
I started experimenting with ads for my Bitcoin Keychains on Facebook. I have two identical campaigns: one is just shown to people registered as being in the U.S., and the other ad is served to people in the top 15 Bitcoin countries (other than the U.S.). I was surprised to see literally 10x the clicks and response from from "the world" vs. the U.S.

Anyone want to try to interpret these results?
7  Economy / Collectibles / A new 2-sided Bitcoin Keychain on: July 06, 2013, 03:40:08 PM

UPDATED INFO (6/2014):

These Bitcoin keychains are brass-plated and have a 1-3/8" diameter. They are very substantial!
(We've also created a silver-plated Litecoin keychain, more info at

These Bitcoin Keychains are now sold online here:
From USA, using BTC:
From EU, using BTC:
From USA, using several cryptocurrencies:
From USA, using Fiat (Amazon Prime Eligible):

More info at

If you're interested in a Bitcoin Keychain, but want to see other options, please see our friends' keychains:

And we're working on custom keychains engraved with a QR code:

Here are a few links showing our keychains used on popular sites
8  Other / Off-topic / How old are you? on: June 11, 2013, 02:26:54 PM
I attended a Bitcoin meetup and felt everyone was about my age. But then looking at photos of the even, and hearing some people's ages, I realized I was one of the older people in the group (I'm in my mid-40s). Let's see polling says...
9  Economy / Service Discussion / Are there ANY risks for a business to accept BTC with BitPay? on: June 10, 2013, 04:10:17 PM
I've been surprised at several articles I've read in the past week that sensationalize the risks of accepting Bitcoin as a business. Seems to me that accepting Bitcoin with a payment processor, such as BitPay, is safe from all the risks typically associated with owning and transacting in Bitcoin. But none of the articles I've read mentioned Bitcoin payment processors mitigate the risks they point out (one article mentioned BitPay, but still failed to mention how it would help overcome the risks).

Since I'm still a relative newbie, do any of you think there are significant risks for businesses accepting Bitcoin payments with BitPay? The only risk I can think of is that BitPay folds or something, before you receive your payment (which seems highly unlikely, but I guess the possibility exists).

I'd love to hear your answers. Oh, I'm sticking to BitPay on this question, since they seem to be the biggest and most reputable in this space. I'm intending to blog about the topic, with more accurate/complete information than the articles I've read recently.
10  Economy / Goods / Want to sell your spent physical Bitcoin? on: May 31, 2013, 10:57:20 PM
Anyone have a spent physical Bitcoin they'd like to sell? I'm cheap, but I'd like to have one, even without the BTC value.
11  Economy / Services / Proofreading service for your BTC sites. on: May 25, 2013, 07:40:59 PM
I was just signing up on a major Bay Area Bitcoin site, and I noticed on the only page I paid much attention to, that the punctuation was both grammatically incorrect, and inconsistently applied. It made me realize, Bitcoin sites should really make necessary efforts to be as perfect as possible on public websites, both to help make BTC as legit-seeming as possible to detractors, and just give faith to visitors that the perfection of the underlying code is as perfect as the site verbiage (a site plagued with grammatical errors is less luckily to be trusted with my BTC, bank account linking, etc.).

That said, my wife is a professional proofreader, and has worked for years for a major Los Angeles ad agency, primarily proofreading for one of the major auto companies (proofreading both print and web materials, including all the tiny legal print). If any of you big BTC players haven't had your sites professionally proofread, you should (no matter who you use to do that). Heck, small guys should too, but I know all too well, resources and time are spread thin (I haven't even asked her to proof my own sites in awhile)!

My wife's non-rush rate is $30/hour (she's not bought into BTC yet), though you could also pay the approximate equivalent in BTC after job completion. Please contact me if you would like to try her proofreading services. I'd love for her to get more involved in Bitcoin, and maybe she'll stop blanking out when I start talking about Bitcoin stuff.
12  Economy / Services / Want a Free, Custom, Animated GIF for on: May 24, 2013, 12:07:02 AM


I just created the above animated GIF for my profile. If you'd like me to create a free custom 3D animated GIF for you, let me know in a comment, and feel free to be specific if you have a particular request. I'll choose at least one person to make a custom GIF for (assuming at least one person is interested). If there's a lot of response, I'll try to make a few, as time permits.

13  Economy / Services / Now accepting Bitcoin for Print and/or Design Work on: May 20, 2013, 01:32:43 AM

I'm a graphic designer and print seller with 25 years experience, and I've become a rather rabid Bitcoin enthusiast in the past few months. I have decided that my company will start accepting Bitcoin as payment, and I put together a website to help promote working with Bitcoiners:

Bitcoin developers, start-ups, and others in the community, I'd like to work with you. If you need design work, offset printing (business cards, brochures, etc.), digitally-printed signage (up to 48"x36"), motion graphics, or any other printing or design work, please take a look at the link and feel free to reach out to me. I've already completed a very successful rush project for a client getting ready for Bitcoin 2013 (my first ever job paid for in BTC!).

I have no clue if I'll have few or many hits from this reach out, it's a bit of an experiment to see if accepting Bitcoin (and trying to notify the community) has any effect on a getting new client.

Please note that I do get quite busy with very large projects at times, so I may not always have time for a large or rush project.

14  Other / Beginners & Help / How rich are the richest Bitcoiners? on: May 12, 2013, 08:52:29 PM
I have to assume there are tons of early adopters who mined and/or accumulated Bitcoins when it was much less valuable than it is today. Out of pure curiosity, does anyone knowledgeable have guesstimates:
1) How many Bitcoins do some of the richest Bitcoiners have?
2) How many Bitcoiners have accumulated more than $1 Million U.S. dollars?
If you have any other interesting knowledge along these lines, I find the topic fascinating...
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Physical Bitcoins on: May 08, 2013, 01:02:35 AM
I often see physical Bitcoins pictured in various news articles and blog posts. They don't always look the same, sometimes they look all-metal, sometimes they appear to have a hologram image. I was wondering, what the heck are they showing pictures of? Are there physical Bitcoins (even if they are just for show)? Or is everything I'm seeing just good 3D renderings?
16  Other / Beginners & Help / How often do you check the price of Bitcoin? on: May 06, 2013, 06:22:59 PM
I was about to ask this question in another thread, but decided to post it as my first new thread.

How often do YOU check the price of Bitcoin?
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