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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / lolMiner 0.9.6: GRIN-C29M: Vega 64: 4.6 g/s, 580 2.6 g/s; Grin-C31: V64 1.36 g/s on: July 22, 2018, 09:29:39 PM


-- Announcement Thread --

Hi there,
this is the announcement thread for lolMiner 0.9.6 a multi algorithm Equihash / Beam & Grin miner with focus on AMD GPUs (OpenCL based).
Note it will run on most Nvidia GPUs, too but the speed and stability may vary.


lolMiner 0.9.6 stable:
[Linux & Windows] Click me (0.9.6 - Jan 21st)

Driver Requirement:
Windows: Adrenaline 19.1 (pre Navi) / 19.10.02 (Navi), Linux: 18.50 (pre Navi), 19.30 (Navi)


The first way to use the miner is from command line interface. The syntax is

Linux: ./lolMiner --coin <shortCut> --pool <poolAddr>:<portNumber> --user <Wallet or user name> --pass <userPassword>
Windows: lolMiner.exe --coin <shortCut> --pool <poolAddr>:<portNumber> --user <Wallet or user name> --pass <userPassword>
    Here the <shortCut> parameter is a short name for the coin you want to mine. For example inserting GRIN-AT31 will configure the miner to mine Grin with Cuckatoo-31,  BEAM for Beam MW, ZEL for Zelcash and so on.
For more shortcuts and more options please read the lolMiner_manual.pdf shipped with the miner.

Supported Algorithms

AlgorithmMiner Parameter  GPUs Vendors  Solvers for Memory Size
Beam Hash II                    BEAM          All          3G / 4G
Cuckatoo-31                GRIN-C31     AMD Only   4G / 8G / 16G
Cuckatoo-32                GRIN-C32     AMD Only   8G / 16G
Cuckaroom-29           GRIN-C29M     AMD Only   8G
ZelHash                                 ZEL          All         3G / 4G
Equihash 144/5         BTG, ANON*          All         2G
Equihash 192/7   ZEL, YEC, GENX          All         3G / 4G
Equihash 210/9                    AION          All         2G
Equihash 95/5                      MNX          All         2G
* And more, see manual


Version 0.9.6
  • Significant improvement on GRIN-C29M performance (+6-7% on 580 and Vega cards, +10% on Navi)
  • Significant improvement on GRIN-C31 and GRIN-C32 solver (~ +6% on all AMD cards)
  • Added a 16G GRIN-C32 solver (Approx 20% faster on Radeon VII, Vega FE and 570 16G)

Version 0.9.5
  • Added support for Grin CuckarooM-29 (hard fork on Jan 16th) on 8G AMD GPUs, use --coin GRIN-C29M to mine with it.
   Hint: The miner will pause until the fork height is reached not to waste energy. Use --coin FLOO-C29M to test the miner in floonet testnet before if you like.
  • Improved C31 performance on 8G cards by ~5% (Windows: relatively to 0.9.3, Linux: relatively to 0.9.4)
  • Navi on Windows now runs same kernels as in Linux
  • Slightly lowered energy use of C31 / C32 solver
  • Added aliases GRIN-C31 and GRIN-C32 for the Cuckatoo solvers (the old names still exist and continue to work)
  • Changed driver requirement for all GRIN codes: 18.50 for all pre-Navi cards, 19.30 for Navi (Linux); Adrenaline 18.12 for all pre-Navi, Adrenaline 19.10 for Navi

Version 0.9.4 (Linux Only)
  • New GRIN-AT31 performance code for Vega (+7%) and Navi (+12%). Requires amdgpu-pro 18.50 or newer or ROCm 2.10 driver
  • Experimental support for Cuckatoo-32 (use --coin GRIN-AT32) on 8G AMD cards (see further notes)
  • Windows release postponed due to incompatibilities with the new performance codes.

Expected performance (C31, 0.9.4)
Radeon VII (Stock, 19.30): 1.91 g/s
Radeon VII (1330 / 975 / 775mV, ROCm 2.10): 1.55 g/s
Vega 64 (1550 / 1100 / 1000mV, ROCm 2.10): 1.45 g/s
Vega 64 (1350 / 1025 / 875mV, ROCm 2.10): 1.25 g/s
Vega 64 (1350 / 1025 / 875mV, 19.30): 1.22 g/s
Vega 56 (1270 / 900 / 862mV, 19.30): 1.1 g/s
RX 5700 (Power Color Red Dragon, Stock, 19.30): 0.99 g/s

Expected performance (C32)

Radeon VII (Stock): 0.5 g/s
RX 64 (Stock): 0.39 g/s
RX 56 (Stock): 0.35 g/s

About Cuckatoo-32 (Grin)
The primary grin proof of work Cuckatoo 31+ is designed in a way that the original instance - cuckatoo-31 - will fade out beginning mid January 2020, which means its difficulty will increase slowly over a period of 31 weeks until it gets impossible to mine a C31 block on the chain. But as by design also more difficult instances of Cuckatoo, namely Cuckatoo-32 ... Cuckatoo-63 are implemented on the chain that also can make blocks. The difficulties of this higher instances will remain stable, such that at some point it will be more profitable to mine Cuckatoo-32 instead of Cuckatoo-31 (likely from mid of February).

lolMiner 0.8.4 provides the first public implementation on a C32 GPU miner for 8G cards. The code is not yet tuned to the max and thus flagged experimental. When you want to pool mine with it make sure the pool supports Cuckatoo-32. Some pools (e.g. - especially the pools using the reference pool software - support it on their C31 ports without mentioning it, other pools currently reject C32 shares. Solo mining with C32 will work as usual. Note that a share of C32 has ~2.064 times the weight of a C31 share and will thus rewarded higher / has a higher chance to mine a block by that factor.

Currently there are already two solo mined C32 blocks on the Grin blockchain using an early version of the code published with lolMiner 0.8.4. The two blocks have height 430112 and 430255.

Have fun experimenting with C32.

Version 0.9.3
  • Extended GRIN-AT31 compatibility to older drivers (18.x +)
  • Improved GRIN-AT31 performance on ROCm (RX 470/480/570/580/Vega/VII)
  • Introduced early job cancellation for GRIN-AT31+ (improves hash on pool side, see further release notes)
  • Deeply reworked kernel scheduler
  • Fixed GRIN-AT31 kernel bugs (improving stability and fidelity)
  • Fixed Bug: Vega FE loading 8G instead of 16G GRIN-AT31 solver in Windows
  • Fixed Bug: Watchdog did not call right file in Windows
  • Added --disablewatchdog 1 parameter to disable the 0 sol/s / 0 g/s detection

About Early Job Cancellation for GRIN

The GRIN proof of work is a compute intense and rather slow algorithm. Especially C31 often needs (at 1 g/s) about one second for each graph processed. In case a new job (for a new chain height) arrives, the current calculation effort is worthless, because the block that was mined on already got found.
lolMiner 0.9.3 now introduces an early cancellation for long lasting works: if a new work arrives that invalidates the current run calculations, they get canceled to start quicker on the fresh work. To demonstrate the effect see the example describing the 0.9.2 and 0.9.3 difference:
Assume you have a card running 1 g/s on GRIN-AT31. Then in 2 minutes (120 seconds) it will be able to process 120 graphs. On average - Grin has a 1 minute block time - two of these graphs are already obsolete when they got finished.
lolMiner 0.9.2 will display the 1 g/s, because of 120 processed graphs per 120 seconds. But two of the graphs are then filtered out in the stratum module, thus the pool can see at most 118 / 120 = 0.983 g/s (minus about 1 graph fee).
lolMiner 0.9.3 will cancel the running work before it gets completed. On average you will be able to process one more graph then 0.9.2 assuming both are canceled about half way through. Thus lolMiner 0.9.3 starts 121 graphs and completes 119 of them. The displayed hash rate is now 119 graphs /120 seconds = 0.991 g/s. This equals what the pool could see (minus one for fee), because the 119 completed are the ones that got not canceled early.

Conclusion: lolMiner 0.9.3 DISPLAYED hash rate may be a little lower then 0.9.2, but what arrives at pool is better. The slower the cards are, the more drastic is this effect, e.g. a 580 8G running at 0.65 g/s will benefit almost 2% on pool side, a VII with 1.75 g/s only half a percent.
Combined with the mostly on GPU cycle finder lolMiner achieves a stale share rate of less then 0.7% and thus gives you best displayed to pool hash rate ratio available for Grin Cuckatoo-31.

Version 0.9.2
  • Significant performance improvement of GRIN-AT31 on 8 / 16G cards (+5% on Polaris & Vega, +10 on Navi)
  • Experimental support for GRIN-AT31 and Polaris, Vega and VII using AMD ROCm drivers
  • Added range checks to GRIN-AT31 code (improves better stability)
  • Added function to call external watchdog scripts in case a GPU fails during mining (see release notes)

Usage of Watchdog Script

In case the miner detects no action of a GPU for at least a minute it will call the included scripts "" (Linux) or "reboot.bat" (Windows) and display a warning message in red. Afterwards the counters are reset. The scripts can be used to trigger a reboot of the rig or to call any other watchdog actions. The miner itself will take no further action and continue operation on the remaining cards.

Expected Performance:

  • Radeon VII (stock): 1.79 g/s
  • Radeon VII (1375/975/0.793v, 110W): 1.37 g/s
  • Vega FE (stock): ~1.3 g/s
  • Vega 56 (1230/900/0.85v, 130W): 1.0 g/s
  • RX 5700 (Red Dragon, stock): 0.91 g/s
  • RX 580 8G (1240/2150/0.868V, ~120W): 0.61 g/s

Version 0.9.1
  • Added GRIN-AT31 solver for 16G AMD cards (Better performance on Radeon Vega FE, Radeon VII and Sapphire RX 570 16G)
  • Updated GRIN-AT31 solver for 4G AMD cards (Better performance on Fiji based GPUs, Polaris 10 4G)
  • Fixed a bug causing too low pool hash on GRIN-AT31
  • Added experimental GRIN-AT31 support for AMD Navi (8G), AMD Fiji (4G) and AMD Hawaii (4G / 8G) GPUs

Version 0.9
  • Significant performance improvement for GRIN-AT31 on 8G AMD cards (+22% on Polaris to 30% on Radeon VII)
  • Disabled 16G solver for GRIN-AT31 (the 8G is faster at the moment)
  • Reduced Grin stale shares
  • Added --coin YEC parameter for YCash
  • In command line lolMiner now accepts --pool address:port pattern
  • Fixed a bug with the API crashing when accessed by Chrome based browsers
  • Fixed a bug in EXCC stratum not passing number of submitted shares to the API

Version 0.8.8
- Removed BEAM-I (Beam Hash I), since the fork had happened, BEAM-II and BEAM now both point to the new PoW
- Improved driver detection mechanisms and kernel selection
-> On AMDs: The invalid work group size bug should be gone for Beam*
-> On Nvidias: Performance of Beam Hash II should be improved (since it now uses the right kernels)
- Added new simple .bat (Windows) and .sh (Linux) files for one liner configuration.
- Beta: Equihash 96/5 (--coin MNX) should now allow to change the personalization string (--overwritepersonal=newPers)

(*) Note: If you see now BeamHash II running in a compatibility kernel on Polaris or Vega cards please report me your driver version (it was tested with 19.20 drivers) - older drivers may in future be unsupported for newer kernels.

Changes of 0.8.7 over 0.8.6
- Added support for Beam Hash II on older AMD cards (R 9 200 / 300 4 & 8G cards;  R9 280(X), HD 79x0 with 3G). Note that the auto-switcher is only working with at least 4G, for the 3G cards please use --coin BEAM-II manually on fork height.
- Fixed an issue with Genesis Network (GENX) missing in lolMiner 0.8.x

Changes of 0.8.6 over 0.8.5
- Added support the BEAM hard fork on block 321321 (approx August 15th), read below about the usage
- Fixed a bug with the BEAM stratum back end in case of formatted job descriptions (e.g. new Nicehash platform)

Note about the BEAM hard fork usage
There are now 3 parameters for mining BEAM, --coin BEAM-I, --coin BEAM-II and --coin BEAM
- Use BEAM-I for mining the current / old BEAM proof of work that is valid until the hard fork.
- Use BEAM-II for mining the new BEAM proof of work that is valid from the hard fork.
- Use BEAM for an automatic switcher between the two PoWs. This mode will detect the height and the fork height and will automatically switch over on the right block. Note that this requires the pool to send at least the height. On startup the miner will detect if the pool is compatible to the automatic switcher and display a message if all is fine.
The message is colored in command line:  green - in this case the new PoW is guarantied to be supported; yellow - the height is send so the miner can switch over, but its uncertain if the new PoW is implemented; red - the pool does not send the required information.
In the last case the miner will show the message and then quit after 10 seconds. In this case select the right PoW manually with BEAM-I or BEAM-II.  When at least the height is send, the miner will start mining in automatic mode.

Changes of 0.8.5 over 0.8.4
- Added support for Grin Cuckarood-29 algorithm (--coin GRIN-AD29) for 4G and 8G AMD cards. This new PoW will be active on Grin from block 262.080 (July 17th)

Changes of 0.8.4 over 0.8.3
- Fixed a 0 sol/s issue for Zelcash
- Reduced Zelcash memory usage to 2.9 GBytes
- Fixed a bug with the stratum for 125/4, 144/5, 192/7 and 96/5 in case the pool sends a very low job id.

Changes of 0.8.3 over 0.8.2
- Added a new Cuckatoo-31 solver for 16G AMD cards

Changes of 0.8.2 over 0.8.1
- Added support for ZELHash (EquihashR 125/4/0). The new algorithm is available under --coin ZEL now. If you want to mine Zel pre fork please use 0.8.1 or earlier version

Changes of 0.8.1 over 0.8
- Added support for NiceHash on Grin
- Fixed a bug with some pool software (e.g.
- Reduced number of stale shares submitted

Changes of 0.8 over 0.7(.1)
- Added support for Grin (Cuckatoo-31) for 4G (Slean) and 8G cards. The parameter is "--coin GRIN-AT31"
- Grin cycle finding is completely done on GPU, the miner has almost 0 CPU load (on AMD, Nvidia has some due to OpenCL back end)
- Stratum bug fixes (NiceHash) for 144/5, 192/7 and  96/5
- Improved general stability
- Added a distinct 1G / 3&4G / 6&8G kernel for mining MNX (Windows, Linux had this in 0.7.1)

Changes of 0.7.1 over 0.7
- Added a distinct 1G / 3&4G / 6&8G kernel for mining MNX
- Added a new parameter --asm. The parameter activates the use of binary kernels, see below.

Binary kernels in 0.7.1
lolMiner 0.7.1 features binary kernels for mining **BEAM** that are tuned with AMD assembler commands. This kernels currently **require** the **AMD ROCm** OpenCL driver in Linux (thats why 0.7.1 is Linux only).
When you run a system with this OpenCL drivers using --asm 1 or the pendant in config file, the miner will try to load the binary kernels.

The kernels feature a speedup of approx 8% on Radeon RX 580 series and 10% on Vega 56, 64 and Radeon VII. Also the energy consumption should slightly be reduced. There are kernels included for RX 470, 480, 570, 580, 590, Vega 56, 64 and Radeon VII. Fiji GPUs can be compatible but are untested yet.

It is planned for future releases to extend the support for other drivers and Windows, but these other drivers make it complicated to handle the improvements. Stay tuned.

Changes of 0.7 over 0.6 stable

- Added support for Beam (BEAM, modified Equihash 150/5), only tuned for AMD cards
- Added TLS support for stratum. The default is off for all coins except Beam but on for Beam. This adds a new parameter --tls to control TLS on / off (see manual on usage)
- Some bugfixes and reworks in the stratum code. It is more stable now
- Complete rework of the mining back end. Lower CPU load for AMD graphic cards.
- GPU sorting changed. Its now sorted by PCIE bus address. This addresses are also shown at startup and in API.
- Integrated all kernel files to the executable
- Lowered fee of ALL algorithms / coins to 1%
- Added --help parameter (needs formating)
- API update interval is now fixed to 10 seconds
- API now smooths the performance data over approx one minute

Coin specific changes:
- Removed workbatch parameter for MNX, its obsolete now
- Removed 96/5 Nvidia specific kernel
- Changed Safecoin (SAFE) from Equihash 144/5 to 192/7
- Added Vidulum (VDL), Equihash 192/7

Changes of 0.6 over 0.5 stable

- New codes for all coins on all cards (better speed)
- New API and statistics module (API updating every 10 seconds)
- Better stratum stability
- Improved stability for many GPU systems
- and many more small stuff I can not remember Wink
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / lolMiner-144 0.38 Preview, Equihash 144.5 for AMD & Nvidia, Linux & Windows on: July 03, 2018, 01:38:55 PM

lolMiner-144.5 public preview

-- Announcement Thread --

Hi folks,
this is the announcement thread for lolMiner-144.5 v0.38 public preview.

So what is this miner good for: at the moment it mines Equihash 144.5 (BTG, BTCZ, LitecoinZ, Safecoin, Snowgem) OpenCL based, so for Nvidia and AMD.

Why it is a preview? Well the miner is kind of a successor to my Minexcoin (MNX) miner you can find here. The final version is supposed to be wider configureable as it is now, bring an API and add the Minexcoin miner (and others) as well.

If you do not want to read much more long descriptions, here are the download links:
[Lin 64] Klick me (0.38 Preview for Linux)
[Win 64]   Klick me (0.38 Preview for Windows)

Edit: For those with problems, here additional / extra compiled kernels:

Vega (gfx901):
RX 550 (gfx 804):
Tahiti (for completeness):

The two kernels gfx901 and gfx804 were compiled on Windows with Blockchain drivers 17.40. Unfortunately the driver did not allow to build a kernel for gfx900, but in theory the one for gfx901 could work. Can one of the 900 users try to load the 901 and rename it?




For Nvidia the miner runs on any Maxwell and newer generation GPU with at least 3G of RAM and CUDA 8 or newer installed. That said there is a restriction: due to some driver specific hard codings it does not work in Windows with 3/4G Nvidia cards while on Linux that is no problem when the cards are in compute mode. I will work on resolving the Windows issue soon.


For AMD we require any 4G / 8G GCN2 and newer GPU, so Hawaii (R9 290 / 390), Tonga (R9 285 / 380), Fiji (R9 Fury series), Baffin (RX 460 / 560), Ellesmere (470, 480, 570 and 580) and Vega series GPU. Most kernels (exceptions below) are build with the 17.40 blockchain driver.

For Vega: The Windows kernel for Vega is build with a very new AMD driver version (Adrenalin version 18.5.1). It is unknown if older drivers then this are supported. For Linux the AMD Vega kernel is only available for the AMD ROCM-CL driver! I have to admit that we did not test Vega GPUs yet, so crossing fingers it will work. Else I will try get it working asap.


There is a quickstart guide shipped with the miner. Read that carefully and it should work. Else feel free to ask here Wink

Estimated speed:
The miner just got finished, so we have no broad basis yet.
But approximately:

GTX 1080:   ~36 sol/s
RX 560:   ~7 sol/s   
RX 580:  ~13 sol/s
R9 290:  ~12 sol/s

All depend on OC settings of cause Smiley

F.A.Q. and known Issues:

The AMD miner is slow…
Well, I know that. I was struggling get this working, so tuning is now next, see schedule below.

Miner hangs on 0 sol/s (AMD)…
When the GPU does not complete its work and hangs a GPU the miner will try to close itself as soon as possible for restart. On Nvidia this works very well, but on AMD the driver timeout is 1 hour, so this takes a pretty long time. Lowering OC settings usually makes this evens much more rare.

The Windows miner crashes…
… from time to time. This is because the Windows version is a cross build with pretty old runtimes. This will be resolved soon (hopefully). In the meantime head out for a Windows watchdog I will provide next days that mitigates the problem.

My coin with Equihash 144.5 is missing...
Oh, sry, maybe I just was not aware of this. Drop me a note here with the required details and I will add is very quickly. This is a rather quick action Smiley

How much is the fee?
I used to start with an 2% fee like for my MNX miner. That said I lower the fee once payed of my expenses and time to develop stuff. For example for Minexcoin I lowered the fee to 1.5% after a month and next release will be even lowered to 1%. Expect similar here.

Does the miner disconnect for fee?
No, I has two connections open all of the time and does every x iterations one iteration for me. That way the mining income remains smooth. Also the displayed sol/s are net with fee already calculated out, so what you see is what you get.

What comes next?
I will try to build a bit more efficient AMD kernels within the next week. Then from the things recently learned I will do a mayor code change for AMD to improve performance further. Furthermore I think in about 2 weeks I will add Zero (Equihash 192.7) to the miner.
Finally in about a month there should be 0.4 with the promised MNX integration and a simple API *crossing fingers*.

Why JSON for configuration? Why? Whyyyyy?
Huuusshhh. Just be careful with setting ',' and all will be good. When used to it, it is a very need way to configure the miner, you will see.

That version number is strange...
Well the next release version for my MinexCoin miner is supposed to be 0.4 and the development versions go along with internal feature level... so this is mainly for myself to keep track Wink
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [ANN] lolMiner-mnx, Mining MinexCoin(MNX) New version: v0.4 (July 22) on: February 12, 2018, 02:41:13 PM


-- Announcement Thread --

Hi folks,
this is the thread for announcing lolMiner-mnx for mining MinexCoin (MNX) based on the Equihash 96/5 algorithm (please do not confuse this with Zcash / BitcoinGolds Equihash 200/9).

The new versions from 0.4 onwards got a new thread, because I added there other coins as well.
See here:
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