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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / POWER LEDGER TOKEN SALE is a scam don't loose your ETH!! on: September 08, 2017, 05:51:03 AM
I don't like scam ICO's  And this powerledger ico is deff. one of the most noob and scammiest ico's.

Read why - here are the facts of users on slack, telegram and from their whitepaper&webpage.

DON'T INVEST in POWERLEDGER ICO you will loose all your ETH  Shocked

1. Show us working blockchain in Australia and New Zeland, show nodes which are running; all normal blockchain have block and some block explorer people can see some transactions, look at bitcoin, ethereum, any xcoin even shitcoin have it own ledger

2. You have nothing but fake media news, some huge expert but no blockchaion behind

3. Where is your smart contract, code on githab? who wrote it, who did revisions, where is the code?

4. If you are not able to write even one smart contract for token distribution, how can you be an expert for blockchain?

5. People asked you many questions and you here and in telegram or other channels and you just ban people who ask normal questions; you use ban protection against clarifying the project and you ability!!

6. Let me know 10 users who are using your blockchain in Australia!!! Australian utility Synergy does not know about anybody is using blockchain in energy, how does it happened?

7. Give us public official from the top Synergy company who can confirm you have provide a blockchain and Synergy is using it, give me official confirmation from Synergy!!!

8. Until you not giving us a blockchain community real prove about your technical abilities (showing at least your verified smart contract, and revision report as well!!!), showing us your blockchain explorer to show your working blockchain, I declare you as a FIRST AUSTRALIAN BLOCKCHAIN SCAMER!!!!

9. China ban ICO can I invest to your token anyway?

China will check past ICOs by content. So what represent your token, an investment, security or commodity? I cannot find out from your documents the nature of your token? Is this ICO legal, USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brasilia, Russia, Australia declared ICOs as scam and illegal, why do you not stopping it and return money to your investors, are you just want to take money from people and disappear to some hot islands?

10. Nobody know about you in Australia, what we can find is your fake marketing news anywhere!!! Your company is one year old and no report are shown anywhere, please report here your sheets and reports that we see your credibility.

11. You collected 8 million from 2 big investors, I am out of business, you will not get me, you ken play with this two investors if you really have them, you have enough and you do not need more money and people to robbery!!!!

12. Let's explain why you need 30 million USD to develop utility energy platform, where you have NO UTILITY, no international business, not even develop east coast of Australia not West own Perth, no Europe, Asia, Middle East ot US utility contract, partner, show me agreement for one on each continent!!!

13. How much taxes is going to be taken from invested funds??? Australia has 25% profit tax and how are you manage it?

14. If you move all fund to some offshore, let us know where are you going to put our money and who will be responsible for it? If it stay in Australia, government can take 25 and up to 50%!!!
ICO is illegal in australia and Australian government is against all crypto currencies and ICOs are not welcomed, people you will lose all money in this business.
This guys already robbery some investors from Australia and almost go to default!! Show your financial sheets and prove your history of operations for last 5 years!!!

15. There is no other people than from your company, no international team, no experts, no developers, no international reputation guys from energy, IT or legal, no experts, no knowledge on energy business, no trading energy experts, no blockchain experts

16. They are self declared experts and what they have got is one movie star who they paid with your money and one whale who has got 50% discount and he will triple his money because he controls all funds

17. Now they need community to bring real money in it to make robbery effective, do not trap on it!!!!!

DON'T INVEST in Powerledger ICO  - you will loose all your money - they will not deliver anything!!!

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