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1  Economy / Invites & Accounts / [WTB] Facebook accounts on: June 28, 2017, 07:34:47 AM
New is fine, don't need pics or friends or other stuff.

Looking for 2.
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Traders: I'll tip you for recommending a suitable exchange on: July 12, 2016, 12:32:07 PM
The exchange needs to accept SWIFT transfers and have their deposit account with either Citibank in the US for Dollars, Commerzbank Frankfurt for Euros or HSBC London for Pounds.


3  Economy / Services / Paying Tips for Info on Bitcoin Exchange Deposit Banks on: July 11, 2016, 07:00:52 PM
I'm looking for a Bitcoin exchange with a specific banking partner. The exchange must accept SWIFT deposits. The exchange must use one of the following banks:

1) Citibank USA for USD deposits,
2) Commerzbank Frankfurt in the EU for Euro deposits, or
3) HSBC London for GBP deposits.

The exchange also needs to be reputable with decent liquidty and reasonable fees. I'll pay $5 in BTC for a good exchange in each region.
4  Economy / Currency exchange / Buying BTC with GBP via bank transfer on: April 18, 2016, 02:00:22 PM
Please PM with your quote and terms, escrow via LocalBitcoins or my choice of agent.
5  Economy / Services / Experienced Bitcoin Writer and Designer for Hire on: March 15, 2016, 07:26:03 PM
Experienced Bitcoin Writer and Designer for Hire

I've been creating high-quality content for and about Bitcoin since early 2013.
My latest article for 99 Bitcoins on anonymity made the front page of r/bitcoin.
My previous article for BuyBitcoinsWorldWide, regarding the growing demand for Bitcoin, also featured.
Prior to that, I helped Luke Jr. rename and create a logo for the latest version of his Bitcoin client, Knots:  


Writing about Bitcoin is more than a job for me; I’m deeply invested in this project’s success, financially and intellectually.
I believe that presenting the facts about Bitcoin in a clear and accessible way is the best possible way to promote it.

Although I write knowledgably and efficiently on a variety of subjects, my focus is on Bitcoin. I sometimes dabble in fiction and lifestyle stuff.
In the past, I’ve done medical, legal and automotive writing. I sometimes write about hobbies; gaming, DIY and permaculture.
I rarely make mistakes, grammatical or factual. I’m good with information and able to simplify complex subjects or capture rapidly-unfolding events.

If you need any type of high-quality written content, contact me here to arrange further communication via email, IM, VOIP or GPG.
Regarding style, please communicate your desired tone clearly; providing examples or a style guide is the best way to achieve this.


I enjoy creating art, design, cartoons, logos and infographics. I often provide such imagery to illustrate and compliment my writing.
I’m skilled with Photoshop and working towards mastery of Illustrator. Here’s a cartoon I drew / composited to promote LocalBitcoins:

Decentralised money can stomp centralised banks and exchanges.

Bitcoin Journalism

I covered news and markets (in text and video format) for CryptoCoinsNews, first as Gordon Geeko and then as Gordon Hall (when the previous owner made us wear ties).
I wrote about 80 articles and covered a number of major stories, with help from my editors, Kyle Torpey and Caleb Chen.

I’d say my best article for CCN was an interview conducted with Greg Maxwell in February 2014,
titled “Mt. Gox Blames Bitcoin - Core Developer Greg Maxwell Responds.”
If I recall correctly, that article was read by 100k+ people over 7 days. (I await the exact figure as of this time from CCN's current owner).

If you're looking for a reporter, I’m available for opinion pieces and fresh stories; I have no interest in Reddit-recycling.
I greatly prefer working with editors who are well-versed in Bitcoin and able to judge between timeliness and perfection.

I’m currently looking for a reputable and widely-read news site to publish my exposé on a major Bitcoin Ponzi scam.

Market Coverage

As a former futures and stock trader, I’m well-versed in financial and economic matters.
I currently trade Bitcoin and a few alts on an occasional basis, via online exchanges and decentralised methods.

Creating charts to illustrate any aspect of the market is no problem:

My most recent financial writing was featured on Ofir Beigel's popular 99Bitcoins site. I composed an extensive guide to trading Bitcoin exclusively via fiat.
As an example, I then documented a recent live BTC trade which turned out nicely for myself and anyone shadowing the trade.

Technical Writing

I recently collaborated with Jordan Tuwiner in the creation of a comprehensive Knowledge Base for his site, BuyBitcoinsWorldWide.
The site shows newcomers the best way to acquire their first bitcoins. Hopefully my articles help to make any Bitcoin newbie’s decision to get involved an informed one.

Distilling Bitcoin to its most essential form makes it accessible to a wide audience, however this process is challenging as it requires both technical expertise and writing ability.
I’d say I have a broad knowledge of most aspects of Bitcoin. I’m working to deepen my knowledge of Bitcoin’s function by studying various developer resources.

I’ve covered a long and fascinating list of subjects (a few are missing) for BuyBitcoinsWorldWide, including blockchain technology.
Greg Maxwell again kindly assisted by explaining a few key aspects of the technology.

Here’s an image I stitched together from open source icons to illustrate a point in that guide:

 Graphics help to simplify complex subjects and improve memory retention.

If you need great writing and / or art, check my current availability in the following post...
6  Economy / Services / Advertise on BED, the Bitcoin Escort Database on: November 16, 2015, 01:56:31 PM
BED is a newly-announced directory where escorts who take Bitcoin may list their services for free. So far, over 100 escorts from around the world are listed.

If you believe such a service will attract significant traffic, I'm offering a special introductory rate on adverts. A related article on my site, in which I interview a beautiful Bitcoin escort, is coming this week.

$50 in Bitcoin for a banner the approximate size of the ad. $35 gets you a smaller ad, like the CoinRX one. Ads will be displayed once on each "continent" tab until 2016.
7  Economy / Service Announcements / BED, the Bitcoin Escort Database on: November 16, 2015, 01:36:20 PM
Announcing BED, the Bitcoin Escort Database

Looking for an erotic service provider who accepts Bitcoin? Go to BED, the first Bitcoin Escort Database!

Simply browse to your location then click an escort’s name or agency to reach a site with her images and contact details.

Why BED?

Search engines fail at cataloguing social media and online classified adverts, where escorts usually advertise their services. For example, the Google query “Bitcoin escorts” finds articles on Bitcoin’s growing presence in the adult industry - but no actual contacts beyond a couple of UK agencies!

BED currently lists 104 adult female escorts across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania! South American and African listings are no doubt coming soon. Finally, BED is free to view and listing services is also free!

Improve BED

BED’s funding is derived from limited ads and affiliate links to privacy-respecting Bitcoin exchanges. If you know of a Bitcoin company or exchange which should (not) be included, kindly get in touch.

If you know an escort who’d benefit from listing her services or accepting Bitcoin, please refer her to BED.

If BED proves popular, the intention is to switch to a decentralised platform with expanded functionality. Get in touch if you’d like to help or donate: 19p4sbWiRdTRsimXWtJPphKfo2CcUFeeXf

BED’s Purpose

Incorporating the adult industry will spread Bitcoin among users with an economic interest in maintaining privacy / fungibility. Greater adoption and support for censorship-resistance can only help Bitcoin.

As for helping sex-workers; darknet markets have proven that Bitcoin can achieve significant harm reduction in areas where government prohibition leads to worsened outcomes. Indeed, Bitcoin has already helped numerous escorts following VISA and Mastercard’s embargo of Backpage. Without Bitcoin, many independent escorts would have been forced onto the streets, where the risks are far greater.


Feedback regarding the site is welcome!
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Silk Road by Mountainwolf - what do musicians want from Bitcoin? on: October 01, 2015, 08:26:23 PM
I interviewed Mountainwolf’s Tyler Vaillant about their new album, “The Silk Road.”

Tyler knew a lot about darknet markets and Bitcoin so we discussed that. But he had no direct experience of either, so I showed him how to get a light wallet running and make his album available for Bitcoin. He even put up some exclusive content for people who buy it with Bitcoin.

But can you guys tell me how bands can best keep track of and reward fans who buy their album for Bitcoin? I mean the sales are all on the blockchain already... So the plan is to reward those who buy albums, concert tickets, and merchandise. A year from now or whenever the band releases it's next album, how can we get back in touch with those fans, verify their Bitcoin purchase and offer them exclusive content and discounts?
9  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Mondly premium accounts 90% off - Play your way to a new language! on: June 18, 2015, 08:55:07 AM
Mondly is the fun and easy way to learn any of 24 new languages.

Mondly offers all major languages, such as English, Spanish, French and Chinese. They also have more obscure languages, like Finnish and Afrikaans.

From the site:

Scientifically proven learning

    460 language combinations
    fully localized in 20 languages
    professional native speakers
    speech recognition technology
    gorgeous graphics and sounds
    crystal clear voice clarity
    addictive play
    track your progress
    real conversations

Mondly is also available for Android and iOS.

I'm currently using the site to learn Spanish and can confirm that it's really slick. Try it out for yourself and see, you can do a bunch of free lessons!

A premium account at Mondly, which gives you access to all languages and features, usually goes for $20. With my promo code, you'll get a premium account for $2 in Bitcoin.

10  Economy / Digital goods / [Checking Interest] Good Old Games for Bitcoin from on: May 18, 2015, 12:13:09 PM
GOG sell modern and classic games, DRM-free. Unfortunately they still don't accept Bitcoin, despite many requests for it as a payment option.

So, I want to sell GOG gift codes for Bitcoin, perhaps at a discount... Post here if you're interested in such a service!

Most of their games cost under $10 but I'm willing to use escrow, just need to find a reliable escrow guy first.
11  Bitcoin / Project Development / COINAN: The Wrath of BitCrom - Blockchain-Powered Online Gamebook with Gambling on: August 12, 2014, 06:03:07 PM

                       __________                             .__
                     .'  .v-._.- _____   _____ _____   _____   ) \     _____   _____
                    /  .(W--\| .'.---.`. |\./| |\./\   |\./|  / | \    |\ /\   |\ /|
          __       |  /<M.   `/ / .-. \ \| | | | |\ \  | | | / / \ \   | |\ \  | | |        _
          \ b________/$@|\-----------\ \ \ | |----\\ \-| | |----\ \ \-----\\ \-| | |--.    / \
           >@)$$$$$$($( )#H>==========) ) )| |=====\\ \| | |=====\ \ \=====\\ \  | |--->   \_/
          /_p~~~~~~~~\$@|/-----------/ / / | |------\\ \ | |------\ \ \-----\\ \ | |--'     _
                   |  \<M`   .\ \ `-' / /| | | | | | \\  | | /     \ \ | | | \\  | |       / \
                    \  `(B--/| \ `---' / |/|\| |/^\|  \`.| |/       \/`./ \|  \`.| |       \_/
                     `.  `?_.-._`-----'  '---` '---`   ) `.`.       '-------`  ) `.`.
                       `---------                     '------`                '------`

            The Wrath of BitCrom

A Blockchain-Powered Online Gamebook (with Gambling)

80’s children will have fond memories of gamebooks like the Choose Your Own Adventure, Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf series. These books captured the essence of role-playing by granting players agency over their character within a greater narrative. Inspired by such classic interactive fiction, I’ve adapted the format to take advantage of the internet and Bitcoin, the coin of the digital realm.

The goals are to allow real-time creative collaboration between storytellers, illustrators and readers and also to deepen the excitement of classic gamebooks by making player decisions a true gamble.


Ever felt like lopping off a central banker's head with a broadsword? Here's your chance!

You are Coinan the libertarian, wielder of the mystic blade Nakoshi and worshipper of BitCrom, grim god of economic reality. As Coinan, you’re oathsworn to slay the evil Ben$halom, whose dark financial sorcery destroyed your village.

The path to Ben$halom’s lair is long and fraught with peril. His fanatical cultists hold sway over the Amrok Empire and all its vassals. The vile swampwitch, Janyella, works her devious glamours in league with Ben$halom, who also commands the loyalty of Lawben, the tyrant of N’ork.

To fulfil your oath of vengeance by taking the head of Ben$halom, you must choose wisely which path to tread through this blood-soaked tale of sword & sorcery (& debauchery).


As a modern twist on choose-your-own-adventure books, instead of turning to a particular page, players will decide Coinan’s fate by sending bitcoin to the relevant address. After a set time has elapsed, the highest value address wins and the tale continues accordingly. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

I may set minimum or maximum transaction values, maybe even restrict votes to registered forum / WoT / blog identities, depending on how this develops. I’d prefer to keep things freeform but shit happens.

Custom Choices

If you have a better idea of what Coinan should do next, then don’t be shy to shout it out! If it’s workable, I’ll create an option for it. If it wins the vote, your contribution to the story will be rewarded.


To reward smart players, making the right choice (or sequence of choices) at critical points will be rewarded with bitcoins! Such decisions will be described in red text. Wits will be rewarded in these cases.

Example, Coinan encounters a hostile, socialist vampire. These choices are presented:

A) Slash the vampire!
(send to page 16osin...)

B) Insult the vampire’s sire.
(send to page 1Lx9Kn...)

C) Spit on the vampire’s fancy cape.
(send to page 17D1Hu...)

D) Apply garlic oil to the wooden stake then stab the vampire through the heart!
(send to page 14WQ7q...)

Fairly obviously, the optimal choice here is D) as vampires are mildly allergic to garlic and highly allergic to heart-stabs. In actual play, the clues to the right choice will be subtle and scattered throughout the story. I won’t present situations in which making the optimal choice is only a matter of luck.

Getting to the nitty-gritty, let’s say three non-red text decisions preceded this vampire encounter, each netting 0.3° BTC (after your humble author takes his 33% cut). So, the pot is worth 1 BTC plus however much is sent to the “wrong” addresses in this red text round. Players who choose D) will receive a share of the pot proportional to their vote’s bitcoin value, which will also be refunded.

The formula for calculating the profit for a winning bet on D) is:

value of player's bet * total pot (comprised of the value of losing bets plus the value of all previous non-gambling votes minus my one third cut) / total value of winning bets


Red text installments will always include a password-protected file containing a description of the optimal choice. The password will be revealed in the next installment, ensuring a pre-determined answer unaffected by the value of bets placed or other factors. [update: to handle this more smoothly, instead of a password-protected file, the optimal choice will be hashed and the salt revealed in the following update.]

You’ll have to trust me not to play my own game or leak the right choice to my cronies before voting ends. Either that or suggest a way to make things trustless...

To be eligible for red text gambles, remember to post your vote’s transaction ID in the thread before the deadline. Include your desired receiving address, as I’ve been told “there’s no from address.”


There’ll be occasional riddles and puzzles in this story. Hashing the correct answer will provide the password to unlock a wallet containing the pot. Answers will be all lowercase, with no special characters. [still working on the implementation of this]


Combat will feature prominently, given that violence is go-to solution in grim fantasy worlds. While wielding your sword, you have 4 basics attacks:

  • Stabbing is the fastest attack but requires great precision to land a telling blow, particularly against an armoured opponent.
  • Slashing your sword through a wide arc gives the highest chance of hitting a foe - or anything else.
  • Smiting brings your sword down in a vicious overhead strike which deals tremendous damage but leaves you dangerously over-extended if you miss.
  • Kicks are used to unbalance an enemy for a lethal follow-up strike, but can just as easily unbalance you.

Coinan is not the most sensitive, considerate lover so, when indulging in the delights of wenching, his available options will resemble those in the section above.


Coinan has explosive physical strength and great endurance. His senses are keen, his reflexes sharp and his balance good. He is fearless and aggressive in combat. If enraged or intoxicated, he is prone to going berserk. Coinan’s mind is cunning and quick, albeit largely uneducated and often clouded by his passions. He cares not for the laws and affectations of “civilized” folk.


Skill checks on certain choices will be handled by using block times as dice. Given the average block time is 10.36 minutes, a block time below this duration will result in you passing checks in which you have average skill. This is provably fair, as they say.

Half the average block time (or less) will count as a critical failure, twice (or more) will result in great success.

As Coinan, you are average in these skills:

  • Axe: a weapon well-suited to inflicting smiting damage on objects or enemies.
  • Climbing: so far, you’ve proven adept at scaling trees, cliffs and structures without breaking your neck.
  • Cryptomancy: to be revealed in prologue.
  • Smithing: you can identify metals or ores and know the basics of working a forge.

You are versed (+60 seconds to blocktime) in these skills:
  • Brawling: the fine art of face-punching, groin-kicking, ear-biting and wrestling.
  • Spear: a weapon which excels at stabbing enemies at range.
  • Tumbling: tribal games and dances have afforded you practice in leaping, rolling and falling.

You are proficient (+120 seconds to blocktime) in these skills:
  • Hunting: you have knowledge of animals, tracking, trapping and stealthy movement.
  • Survival: from an early age, you have been taught various survival skills; wound-treatment, finding water, identifying edible or medicinal plants and constructing a shelter.
  • Sword: a versatile weapon equally suited to slashing, stabbing or smiting.
  • Throwing: when it comes to chucking stuff, you have a sharp eye and a strong arm.


This original form of interactive fiction was devised by Sir Lagsalot (aka HeySteve aka Gordon Hall).
Certain art assets used under open source licence from forthcoming strategy game, Ancient Beast.
And of course, this project owes more than a nod to Robert E. Howard, author of the immortal Conan stories.

            .((()))| ))
            (======)| \
           ((( "_"()|_ \
          '()))(_)/_/ ' )
          .--/_\ /(  /./
         /'._.--\ .-(_/  
        / / )\___:___)
       ( -.'.._  |  /
        \  \_\ ( | )
         '. /\)_(_)|
           '-|  XX |
           / %%%%%%%\
          ( /.-'%%%. \
         /(.'   %%\ :|
        / ,|    %  ) )
      _|___)   %  (__|_
      )___/       )___(
       |x/         \ >
       |x)         / '.
       |x\        (____''.
       \ -\

Get Involved

If this project appeals to you, get in touch in this thread or via PM! All significant contributions will be rewarded from game profits. Here's a list of what's most needed to bring this project to life:

Fantasy art! If you have a talent for making maps or drawing figures and monsters, original artwork would greatly benefit this project.

Creative writing! Ideas, feedback and contributions are most welcome. If you're familiar with cryptocurrency and Conan lore, all the better.

Game design! The whole decision tree gets pretty complex and potentially chaotic by allowing custom choices. If you're an experienced dungeon master or RPG designer, let me know.

Maths homework! A concrete formula for sharing the pot is needed to finalize the gambling rules. The goal is to share the pot among winners in proportion to how much they've put at risk, as compared to each other...

Puzzles and riddles! If you enjoy crafting fiendish riddles and puzzles, share them! Cryptanalytic challenges could work well here.

Expert Bitcoin advice! I'd appreciate guidance on handling the Bitcoin aspects of this game. I'll want to create a separate wallet for this project, probably deterministic as I expect the game will use up a standard wallet's keypool pretty quickly and I don't want to be making backups constantly - need wallet recommendations there. There's also the issue of using riddle or puzzle answers to "unlock wallets" - I'm sure this is doable in a way that can't be brute-forced but haven't found the exact method yet. I also need help with fine-tuning block times as dice; I'm not sure what degree of variability to plan around.

Coder! There are probably many ways to improve the game which won't even occur to me as I'm code-illiterate. Let me know if you spot an element which could be automated or handled better.
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / Doing face-to-face Bitcoin trades? Here's a way to improve security. on: April 26, 2014, 05:37:31 PM
A seller of Bitcoin can offer a contract before meeting a buyer, in which the buyer associates his intended receiving address with his GPG key (other identity / trade details can also be signed on). For trades done on camera where the buyer walks off without paying after receiving their BTC, there is time-stamped evidence that the buyer received the BTC in the blockchain and contract combo.

If a buyer wants to change their contractually-agreed receiving address upon physically meeting, that'd be a red flag.

Full details in this article.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is this malware from or just spam? on: January 04, 2014, 09:13:34 AM
All direct links to potential malware are blocked - be careful navigating to the site mentioned below as it may contain further malware!!

Hey guys, I just received an unsolicited email from "Martin from 4BC" <> which is full of links and contains a zip file with a .exe inside, plus an attached PDF.

4BC's launch thread on this forum shows the founder has a very negative Trust score. His Trust summary mentions malware and phishing.

His email to me claims he sent the message to me because I'm a member of 4BC, which I am not.

This has all the signs of foul play. He probably got my public email address from this forum.

Here is the email text:


Dear users,

I wish you a very Happy New Year 2014!

If you are worried about the future, about increasing inflation,
and the factors that make for such a nervous economy, I have some
ideas you should seriously consider.

Or maybe everything is perfect. And you are totally happy with
the way things are. If so then THROW THIS EMAIL AWAY...

Over the last three months, I've written an eBook about online
marketing. Specifically aimed at the Bitcoin community;
this eBook contains 95% of everything I know about marketing!

Since you are a 4BC user, I'm sending it to you at no Charge.

Please find your BitBillions Marketing PDF eBook as an attachment.

Or if you want to get the Windows eBook version,
a stand-alone program (no setup, one .exe file) for Windows XP,
Vista, 7, 8 etc...
Click here: [removed 1 link to a zip file]

In 2014, enjoy yourself, have fun and get prepared for success!

Martin Dufresne

P.S. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to apply all
of these techniques. Your BitBillions Marketing eBook will allow
you to begin immediately.


Our mailing address is: 1342 rue du Pacifique, Sherbrooke,
QC, Canada J1H 2G6

You receive this newsletter in case of inscription to any of 4BC

[removed 6 links]

To stop receiving these emails:
[removed 1 link]"


If you know what you're doing, I can forward the email to you for examination.

Until examined by a security pro, I would warn everyone to be very careful with any emails from!
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Citibank's Steven Englander Proposes Centralised, Identity-Linked "Bitcoin" on: December 31, 2013, 05:33:05 PM
Another banker is saying silly things about Bitcoin. Roll Eyes I wrote an article about it over on CCN. Basically, he thinks centralising and de-anonymising Bitcoin will improve security (somehow?), and that most users will be happy with that. Oh, and Bitcoin should be integrated within existing fiat and payment structures because... well, bankers dislike competition I guess.

I'm sure someday a banker will present a decent argument against Bitcoin, but today is not that day.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / National Australia Bank Calls Bitcoin a Bubble with under 2000 Merchants on: December 29, 2013, 06:48:03 AM
The NAB says Bitcoin isn't ready to replace fiat, and calls it a bubble as its value is too high for the less than 2000 merchants accepting it... I don't know where they pulled that number from, but it reflects the overall quality of their thinking. Full article here.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Dogecoin: Does it Have a Future? Update: Dogecoin Online Wallets Hacked! on: December 26, 2013, 11:17:05 AM
Hey guys, I wrote an article about Dogecoin.

Turn it into digital pocket money for kids otherwise it's gonna get killed by better coins, imo.
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Wall Street Bitcoin Design Contest! on: December 23, 2013, 09:51:02 PM
How'd you like to win $200 making a logo for Wall Street trillionaires so they don't have to pay money to a design firm? AWESOME, now you can!

Be warned though, you'll have to compete against my entry in all its sophisticated splendour.
18  Economy / Trading Discussion / My Technical Analysis and Trading Plan on: December 21, 2013, 05:38:51 AM
Check it out, I wrote up a detailed take on the Bitcoin market and my trading plan over at CryptoCoinsNews.

Let me know if you guys agree or disagree with this view of the market. Suggestions to improve my plan also welcome, or mentions of important upcoming events I should watch out for - it would be nice if there was a calendar of market-moving Bitcoin events online somewhere...
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Chinese Central Bank DDOS'd by "Foreign Bitcoin Investors" on: December 18, 2013, 04:47:42 PM
Just wrote a piece on this, quoting George Chen of the South China Morning Post:

So own up, guys! Which one of you was it?  Wink
20  Economy / Goods / [WTS] African Leather Mousepads with Bitcoin Symbol on: December 14, 2013, 03:05:08 PM
Now taking orders for these leather mousepads with BTC print, either here via escrow or through Bitpay on my site. The special intro price is , at the current Gox rate.
Pic 1:

Pic 2:


This large, brown leather mousepad are precisely laser-etched with the Bitcoin symbol.

Fine stitching is featured around the edges. The leather is backed by a firm, non-slip rubber board.

This pad works great for an optical or wheel mouse, as tested in graphics work and FPS gaming.

Your wrist won't stick to the leather surface, which has a pleasant, slightly rough texture.


Length    250 mm. / 9.8"
Width    230 mm. / 9"
Depth    7 mm. / 0.27"

Grams    320 g.
Ounces    11 oz.
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