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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Policing Bitcoin brought to you by Gavin Andresen on: October 24, 2015, 01:07:05 PM
Listen up, law-abiding citizen, what your honorable CIA-fellow and altcoin developer Gavin Andresen is doing for your safety:

There has always been a split among bitcoiners on how best to interact with regulators and law enforcement.

There is the "ignore them, they're illegitimate. Honey Badger don't care" side.

And there's the "engage them, educate them, show them the positive benefits to balance the negatives that are, otherwise, probably the only thing they see" side.

I still think engaging is the best strategy. Yes, there will be more failures like the BitLicense, but overall I think every positive interaction with law enforcement or regulators helps move opinions from "Bitcoin is Evil and must be eliminated" towards "Bitcoin is an innovative technology that should be allowed to grow."

And no, I don't think "we" will compromise the technology or our deeply held beliefs because we interact with "them."

At least, I know I won't. If you are worried that talking to the FBI about the latest version of CryptoLocker might corrupt your morals, then great-- nobody will twist your arm to participate.

What a great idea and joyful day for all of us. As always Gavin is working hard to advance freedom on all fronts.

Now stay calm and trust the authorities!

2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BOYCOTT all businesses associated to Alex Waters, Matt Mellon, and Yifu Guo! on: November 13, 2013, 06:21:11 PM
Replicated here for discussion:

This service is extremely dangerous as it undermines one of the key characteristics of Bitcoin as a MONEY: their complete fungibility. Further, since all Bitcoin transactions are public and pseudonymity given by opaque addresses is our ONLY financial privacy protection, services like this should be considered a direct and malicious attack on Bitcoin system.

I suppose the CORRECT response of the community should be to BOYCOTT any business that even remotely associates itself with this evil spynet.

By now, you should probably know enough about Avalon's dishonest and deceptive business practices to boycott it on its own merits, anyway...

Boycott all businesses associated to the people on this picture:

Expel them from the bitcoin community!

Remember their names and faces!

Compile all information necessary to execute total boycott of any current or future business of these people and any entity associated with them!

With outmost disgust...


Information on Alex Waters, Matthew Mellon, and Yifu Guo

Alex Waters (pic)

Companies: Coin Validation LLC, CoinApex LLC

Organizations: Lifeboat Foundation, General Assembly

People: Brendan Diaz (alleged corporate associate)

Web: Linkedin, Twitter: xH2Os, +...

Matthew Mellon (wiki, pic, background)

Companies: Coin Validation LLC, Mediant, Hanley Mellon, BNY Mellon / Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Organizations: New York Republican Party, Republican National Committee, The Bank of New York Mellon

People:, +...

Web:, Linkedin, Twitter: asliceofmellon, +...

Yifu Guo (pic)

Companies: Coin Validation LLC, Avalon Project - BitSyncom LLC (founder)

People: tbd.

Web: BitSyncom, Twitter: DataTranslator,,, +...

Information to be extended... please contribute!
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