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1  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Which Linux version / distribution is best for Bitcoin-Qt? on: April 08, 2014, 09:24:10 PM

I want to buy a laptop that will be dedicated solely for Bitcoin purposes (running Bitcoin-Qt and trading on cryptoexchanges).

Please advise which one of hundreds of versions of Linux I should instal (which works best for my purposes).

2  Economy / Service Discussion / If I were to steal 0.5 billion … a story how I would do / wouldn’t have done it on: March 04, 2014, 06:37:39 PM
I. Foreword

This a fictional story. It has nothing to do with the current events. All similarities to any person are unintended. While reading this story please remember daddy Loozik is ALWAYS wrong. For sure there will be better stories of how to steal $ 0.5 billion than this fictional and made up story.

II. The story (small part of it)

If I were criminally minded and at the same time not stupid and wanted to steal $0.5 billion, I would knew that my preys had to be ordinary people (poor therefore stupid). I wouldn’t have dared to steal from the rich (not stupid) – they would find out quickly.

I would need to steal from the masses. Masses can be easily tricked and then controlled. If I knew a thing or two about cryptocurrencies I would steal funds from the biggest cryptocurrency exchange (let’s call this exchange ‘’MtCocks’’). And let’s call the cryptocurrency  ‘’Digitcoin’’.

1. Planning and securing the necessary resources:

I would for sure secure the availability of major actors.

There must always be a scapegoat in undertakings like this one (the robbed masses always need someone to blame), so the scapegoat would be the exchange’s CEO. I would offer him a soft landing after the theft. It would not be a problem for the masses to accept that MtCocks' CEO is the one to blame. Lots of fuckups happened (unexplained crashes, hacks, an accountant mistakenly executing huge orders, etc.) in the history of MtCocks. Masses had already been led to believe that they were ‘’coxed'’ many times in the past. There would be no problem in convincing the masses they were coxed again.

I would need the looted money to be liquidated somewhere unnoticed (in stealth mode). How could this be done? This could be handled in two ways:
- option 1: through existing exchanges using their dark pools – however there would be a risk of too many people knowing too much,
- option 2: through a new exchange that would need to be created for the purpose of routing the looted coins; the exchange would need to have a certain unique feature so that selling of the looted coins is unnoticed, e.g. the exchange shouldn’t report volume in its feed (you do not show volume = the public does not know how much coins are traded).
Which way should I go? Let’s say I would want to stay in the business of screwing people for a longer period, therefore my preference would be option 2.

I would of course secure MtCocks' market maker(s) for the undertaking. Let’s refer to this person or a group of persons as Miss Whale. Miss Whale will later be needed to transfer assets out of MtCocks.

For the final stage of the planned theft I would need to blind masses with excess of shitty and misleading information to focus their attention on the unimportant stuff. I needed them to be distracted from seeing what is being done. Like a magician who makes movement with his right hand to catch your attention on this hand, while pulling out a card from the left hand unnoticed.

The distraction should be muliti-track. Hey – it is a grand theft after all. The more tricks are played on the masses the better.

I would find a person with some M&A experience (therefore financial background) with a fancy name, like two-digit-wiseguy, so that a potential acquisition smokescreen could be played (to substantiate a takeover story).

I would find a concerned MtCocks' customer with a fancy name, like Burger King, so that a smokescreen of how MtCocks' CEO is a ruthless capitalist could be played (to substantiate a story that MtCocks' collapse is caused by CEO’s greed and that he stole all the funds for himself). MtCocks' CEO already agreed he would be a scapegoat.

I would find some guys who would be releasing IRC chat conversations with MtCocks' CEO to ‘’prove’’ how stupid and clueless he was so that a smokescreen of how MtCocks' CEO badly manages his company could be played (to substantiate a story that he is not a bad guy after all, just a dreamer who fucked up by wanting to create his business only on PHP code).

I might also need someone who is friends with all exchanges so that this person can influence other exchanges actions in case a joint statement is needed. Let’s call him Mr. X.

And for sure I would need someone who is liked by the masses. You know, just like Jesus was liked by the masses. This needed to be someone with a child’s face – people forget sins made in childhood.

2. Implementing the plan

Miss Whale would withdraw gradually funds from MtCocks over time and pour it into other exchanges. Mr X would reassure CEOs of other exchanges how beautifully their business are run and that their growth is organic due to their technical superiority over MtCocks. The CEOs would start to like Mr. X even more. Is there anything they wouldn’t do for Mr. X?

Next I would inspire the setting up of the new exchange. I have a sense of humour – I’d call it coinkaida. I would find respected investors. Coinkaida with its notable investors and under harsh jurisdiction can’t be doing anything inappropriate, right?

While volume on MtCocks would be declining and problems with withdrawals would start, Miss Whale’s interest would be threatened, I would then send the Jesus to tell the masses that the exchange I am going to rob is just fine. Although I wouldn’t fucking allow Jesus to read from a prompter! Someone might have later guessed it had been staged.

Jesus would do his job, masses would flood MtCocks with fiat. The price on MtCocks would be higher due to the rising demand. In result Digitcoins would start to pour into MtCocks to sell them there. I would be happy. Miss Whale would be happy. And guess what, the masses would be happy too.

As Miss Whale would increase her withdrawals from MtCocks, problems for masses would start again. It is when the final coxing should be done. It’s time for the first distraction (smokescreen): our brave Burger King. The video should be nice. People should get the message: poor guy with some coins deposited at MtCocks was troubled, he truly represented the masses. Let him be called the Hero of Digitcoin from now on in the media. Although I wouldn’t fucking send a guy whom MtCocks owned only 330 – it is not credible – Burger King couldn’t have afforded a trip to Tokyo and a 7 day stay in a hotel for himself and his buddy equipped with high quality video recorder - at least Burger King should have shaken and should have cried over all his assets being gone. And for sure MtCocks' CEO could have played better (he was not even scared), I should have invested a few pennies in acting lessons for the both before shooting this movie.

Last chapter: the inevitable dip in price would happen, Miss Whale would buy cheap digitcoins with all her fiat that was left on MtCocks. Miss Whale would quickly withdraw her coins (maybe some of her fiat and digitcoins would be left in MtCocks in case a proof was later needed to show that she lost too).

Since majority of assets deposited by masses in MtCocks would be magically made ‘’disappeared’’ or ‘’unaccounted for’’ with Miss Whale’s helping hand, withdrawals would be stopped.

Some notable people would utter statements that they did not believe MtCocks was in financial trouble (it was just a technical issue, as always), so the masses would be buying as price started to fall, and fall and fall and they would be still buying even more hoping the digitcoin price to finally bottom. But frankly the bottom was never to be seen. Stupid masses.

In some point in time as the bottom wouldn’t be hit I would order MtCocks' CEO to halt trading, put a blank page with the info MtCock would be acquired, to give some credibility to the story told by two-digit-wiseguy.

Simultaneously, Mr X would arrange for a joint statement of exchanges. I would need to make sure coinkaida’s CEO name is on top – this will be a ‘’proof’’ coinkaida’s CEO didn’t like that scammer, MtCocks' CEO. But I wouldn’t be fucking releasing the joint statement with word ‘’insolvency’’ in it! Someone might have later guessed it had been staged: how possibly could competing exchanges’ CEOs know MtCocks was insolvent without looking at MtCock’s financial statements first and without insider knowledge!

MtCocks would be empty now, Miss Whale would start to make market on coinkaida. Noone would see this happening as coinkaida wouldn’t report volume. I was really smart to devise this whole volume non-reporting thing. A new trading venue should typically offer more and better over the existing venues, but I somehow made a miracle by offering less and not going out of business (well, I knew lots of coxed money will later pour into this exchange anyway).

I knew people would start investigating were their money went. Hey – I am the smart guy – let’s create a CSI thread in which people will try to do the impossible (trace the coins starting from 2011 when MtCocks' CEO supposedly proved he had owned coins at that time).

It would be bad if they started to look for coins that were routed through the network around the last dip in price on MtCock with increased volume during which Ms Whale bought her last coins on MtCocks (and later transferred). I would be in risk if someone did this.

Now, I would be very happy. MtCocks' CEO filed for bankruptcy (civil rehabilitation) – no one will touch him. The official story would be MtCocks was hacked. My magicians would reveal MtCocks' source code and client database, which would prove beyond any doubt that MtCocks was simply hacked and that the official story is OK.

III. Question:

If you were criminally minded and wanted to steal $0.5 billion would you do something more than I in this fictional story? If yes, what would you do more, e.g. invite more actors?

If you were criminally minded and wanted to steal $0.5 billion, what wouldn’t have you done?

If you were the coxed one, how would you look for your looted coins and your looted fiat, if this completely fictional story were true?
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Call for TBF to give a grant to indentify and describe the last goxing mechanism on: March 01, 2014, 02:01:05 PM

1. You have been doing a great job of giving grants to promising business ideas, e.g. that help achievieng your 3 gols of:
- standardizing Bitcoin,
- protecting Bitcoin,
- promoting Bitcoin.

2. You may have heard Gox is dead. Mark Karpeles claims BTC 750,000 of Gox clients and BTC 100,000 of Gox equity coins are unaccounted for:

3. Bitcoin received a lot of promotion because of Gox having gone bust - one of your goals is achieved (promotion). Unfortunately, not the way many of us would like. One of the biggest exchanges going into the red does not help to protect bitcoin. We, the users (ordinary people) do our thing - we keep our computers clean, we use tor, we have computers that will never touch internet again for cold storing. It appears bitcoin exchanges (even your members, like Gox) do not do it.

3. There are numerous theories of what happened and why BTC 850,000 are unaccounted for (there can be a mix of the below):
a) lost private keys
b) theft through malleability bug
c) inside job by Mark himself or his employees
d) giving up the coins due to governmental coersion
e) whatever

4. I want you, the Bitcoin Foundation, to give a grant to scientists (goal: protecting Bitcoin) for the following tasks:
a) identifying reasons for unaccounting BTC 850k at Gox (malleability impact inclusive) and understanding the mechanism of this unaccounting,
b) analysing blockchain and other sources to identify where these coins are at the moment and who has them; BTC 90k may have already been found:
c) post research conclusions (protecting Bitcoin): what measures should be taken in the future to prevent from goxing / defrauding ordinary people by other exchanges (daily signing messages with exchanges' addresses, monthly financial statements signed by exchanges' CEOs, etc.) - this would help standardizing Bitcoin's environment's key element: exchanges.

5. Come on, how can Bitcoin be protected if exchanges go bankrupt, one after another. Who is next? - a payment processor? - then Bitcoin is dead and no merchant will ever touch it!

6. Please stop giving grants to business undertakings like online wallets and do something that has long-term value.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Someone please calculate malleability-related damage to exchanges on: February 12, 2014, 06:12:44 PM

I use Gox and Stamp. Both exchanges halted BTC withdrawals. It is my guess the exchange businesses suffered damages due to rouge clients who claimed and received bitcoins twice.

Someone please come up with a method to aproximate the amount of bitcoins that were sent twice.

I simply want to know if exchanges lost 1 thusand BTC or rather 1 million BTC.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Bitcoin-Qt no longer connects through TOR (after installing new TOR) on: February 01, 2014, 04:12:16 AM

1. Whenever I installed new version of TOR I had to manually change torrc file (add / type in socksport 9050 or 9051).

2. With the newest security update torrc file no longer displays what it used to.

3. Can someone advise on what file (and how) I should alter to be able to connect Bitcoin-Qt through it?

6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / A call for creating a new type of crypto asset on: October 17, 2013, 11:33:54 PM
1. Bitcoin is a disruptive innovation as far as currency and payment systems go.

2. There is no sustaining innovation in the crypto realm that would address the needs of some current and potential new users of crypto assets. Altcoins like Litecoin, PPcoin, Whatevercoin offer no real advantages over Bitcoin (differences like faster confirmation time, CPU vs ASIC mining are negligible / non-important) and altcoins (98% - 99% clons of Bitcoin) will eventually die. It is a matter of time.

3. I think there is a hidden / (yet) undiscovered demand for a new type of crypto asset. I have been having an idea in my head for a new type of crypto asset (and its protocol) since:
                                                                      anarchist version   /  statist version
- Ross Ulbricht was:                                           kidnapped               /  arrested
- Ross Ulbricht's crypto assets were:                     stolen                    /  confiscated
by a gang of thieves and liars doing business as the state                     /  by a FBI agents.


4. What if someone brainy devised a new crypto asset's protocol that would envisage in cases when coins get stolen / confiscated:

a) a mechanism for tainting the stolen / confiscated coins (if you do not like the gang doing business as the state you wouldn't buy coins / transact with coins which had been previously stolen by them, but if you like FBI, NSA, CIA, police etc. you would be perfectly fine with purchasing the coins / transacting with the coins which had been confiscated by them), or even

b) a mechanism for making the stolen / confiscated coins unspendable (hey - you are the legit owner of your assets! you should be able to do with them whatever pleases you; same case is with the cash you keep in your suitcase - if you own USD 1 million in fiat it is your right as the legit owner to burn it in your oven thus making it unspendable), or even

c) a mechanism for making the stolen / confiscated coins retrievable by the victim of the kidnapping / subject of the legal arrest (if you get out of jail, after having been cleared of the charges or after having served the sentence, wouldn't you like to get your assets back and start a new life?).


5. I have no clue how this new crypto asset would work technically. E.g. the client might be programmed to google your name once a week in conjunction with words like police, fbi, silk road or arrest and if the search turns out positive it would automatically taint your coins and - if you so wished - would make them even unspendable.

6. The above is just a basic idea for guys who want to innovate in the crypto realm.

7. Creating another Bitcoin clons is pointless.
7  Other / Politics & Society / Discussion about ethics and morality, split from "Should miners collude to steal funds from wallet confiscated by US government?" on: October 10, 2013, 03:48:22 PM
What is morally right or wrong can differ from person to person, while what's legal cannot so much.

Morality is objective (like math, physics, etc.). Term morality have unfortunately been acquired by weirdos, preachers and idiots.

It cannot differ from one person to person (killing, stealing raping were morally wrong for your and my grandparents 1000 years ago and are morally wrong now for you and me). Ethics (from which the statist and religious laws and regulations are derived) changes over time (raping was ethical and legal a few thousand years ago).

e.g. two people in the same state can have different opinions on if gay marriage is morally wrong, but they cannot on if it's legal (or they are just wrong xD).

We are probably having disagreements over definitions. Can you define ''morally'' and ''legal''?

I certainly could call it (owning gold) morally wrong.

Can you prove owning gold (chemical element) is morally wrong? What harm do you do to others by owning it? This sounds like an arbitrary opinion to me.

If you say "xy isn't morally right" it's expressing your opinion, not stating a fact.

No, I am stating a fact (objective, provable rationally and / or empirically).
8  Economy / Marketplace / AVATRADE Bitcoin CFD - anyone using them? on: August 24, 2013, 02:10:02 PM

1. Does anyone use AvaTrade?

2. What is your experience with them?

3. Do they use MtGox or Bitstamp or yet another data feed for the underlying instrument?

4. Is only 24/5 market available for Bitcoin CFD with them? Can someone confirm?

9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Getting messages from Bitcoin-Qt about wallet.dat problems on: July 11, 2013, 09:41:19 PM

I am getting this

and then this

Can someone help? Am I hacked or what?
10  Other / Meta / Embedding YT videos on: June 28, 2013, 11:18:00 PM
Just an experiment

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
11  Other / Meta / Whom to contact to add / alter article in the WIKI? on: June 09, 2013, 10:37:42 PM
As per title.

12  Economy / Marketplace / BEST charting and technical analysis tool for Bitcoin (so far) launched today on: June 07, 2013, 01:14:36 AM
Hi Guys, here you will find historical and real-time Bitcoin charting. I think they added Bitcoin just today.

You can create custom tomeframes like, 7 minutes, 13 minutes, 58 minutes, etc. You can create charts using non-time based resolutions like Renko, PnF, Price Breaks and Kagi.

You can apply drawing tools, like trandlines, Ganns and Fibos. You will no longer need to do it in Paint or by applying a ruler to your monitor.

You can overlay BTCUSD with EURUSD for cross-currency analysis.

And of course you can apply many indicators. You can also calculate risk/reward ratios on the trades you want to take.

13  Economy / Marketplace / a movie theatre in Poland is looking for a Bitcoin payment processor on: June 01, 2013, 10:15:47 PM

I have a friend who owns a 80 seat movie theatre in Poland. I convinced him to start accepting Bitcoin. Tickets are sold at price USD 2 - 6 (depending whether you are a child or a student or a senior or the movie is 2D or 3D). There are 10 different ticket prices. Ticket prices change once in a year, so no very often.

I have a couple of questions.

1. Which Bitcoin payment processor do you recommend and why?

2. How often does the Bitcoin payment processor send the money in a national currency to the merchant (every day / every weak / month / quarter)?

3. What infrastructure do you recommend for a movie theatre (dedicated android phone, dedicated laptop or a desktop, others)?

4. What happens if only 1 ticket worth of USD 3 is sold during a year? - wouldn't banking fees for sending this money to the merchant wipe out the whole income?

5. What else should I ask?


14  Other / Beginners & Help / Can someone please post BitcoinD interface screenshot? on: May 23, 2013, 06:24:52 PM
Request as per title. I am simply interested to see how it looks like  Grin
15  Other / Beginners & Help / I need a website with real-time Bitcoin charts with ability to draw trendlines on: May 12, 2013, 09:42:07 AM

As per title, please point me to such a place. Price should be displayed in candles / bars, not in line.

16  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Feature requests for Bitcoin-Qt on: May 07, 2013, 08:04:51 PM
1. There is a website where people submit:
a) information on bugs (for fixing), and
b) feature requests (for increasing efficiency and expanding user experience).

2. I am not sure, but I seems only a few and experienced experts can post there. They have the necessary technical knowledge and jargon to describe what they want.

3. How about a thread for non-techies in which feature requests might be submitted?

4. My feature request is:

PLEASE move / duplicate the commands that are available after typing in ''help'' (in Help tab -> Debug window) to a new tab called e.g. ''Action''. The commands should be available in this tab in a scroll down like fashion. The rationale for this feature request is this: why should one type long commands like ''listreceivedbyaddress'' or remember to use a square brackets or know where to put a comma, if one can simply click the command name and insert the necessary values in a dialogue window? It would be much simpler and time-and-nerve-saving for non-technical users.

For easier use (because the number of commands is considerable and will probably grow) the commands can be grouped somehow, e.g.
a) into the ones requiring and not requiring a wallet opening, or
b) into the ones that are for wallet management / transaction management, etc.

5. I do realize that I request for bells and whistles, especially given the early stage of Bitcoin-Qt's development (I know developers have other important stuff to code), so please do not rant about my post. I am just a newbie who would like this client to be more user friendly.

What do you think about this feature request?


17  Other / Beginners & Help / Newbie questions on 2-factor auth on MtGox using Android phone on: May 01, 2013, 03:07:26 PM

Newbie here asking for help setting up 2 factor auth on mtgox using a smartphone. A kind soul is kindly asked to help. The present state:

1. I have an account at Mtgox and want to add Google Authentication service in Mtgox in Security Systems.

2. I bought an Android phone 3 days ago.

3. I downloaded Google Authenticator into my phone and get the following sentences / commands on the phone after starting this app:

First screen

With 2-step verification , whenever you sign in to your Google Account you will need:
1. Your password (non-clickable)
2. A code that this app will generate for you (non-clickable)

Begin setup (clickable command which I click and arrive at):

Second screen that shows:

Add an account (non-clickable):
Manually add an account (non-clickable)
Scan a barcode (clickable; Q1: Is barcode reading app built-in Google Authenticator so that I do not need to download any other additional application?)
Enter provided key (clickable; Q2: Should I type Mtgosx's ''Auth Name'' or ''Standard Private Key'' or ''Secure Private Key''?)

Q3: Are ''scan barcode'' and ''add an account'' interchangable, meaning that performing any of the two will result in a success or do I need to both scan the barcode and enter the key?
Available Google accounts (non-clickable) (clickable; Q4: is it advisable to create a new Google Account or is it okay if I use the existing one?)

Q5: Do I need to reveal my Google Account or this option is only for Gmail?

Thank you.
18  Other / Beginners & Help / How to run Bitcoin-Qt using Tor? on: April 29, 2013, 12:24:51 AM

1. Since I downloaded Bitcoin-Qt I ran it using Settings -> Options -> Network -> Map port using UPnP.
and it worked okay.

2. After reading this article I changed Bitcoin-Qt to Settings -> Options -> Network -> Connect through SOCKS proxy:
Proxy IP:     Port: 9050     SOCKS Version: 5
and my Bitcoin-Qt says in Overview window in the right bottom ''0 active connections to Bitcoin network''.

3. What should I do to get Bitcoin-Qt running on Tor? What I am doing wrong? Changing to Socks Version: 4 doesn't help.

19  Other / Beginners & Help / Incredibly silly questions by a newbie (regarding Bitcoin-Qt) on: April 17, 2013, 07:36:00 PM

I have just downloaded Bitcoin-Qt and have a few questions. It would be extreemely kind of you if you could tell me:

1. where I can find the private key? I found the 34 character address (for receiving the money), but can't find the private key corresponding with this address (for sending the money). Will I find this key after I click:
a) File-Backup Wallet
b) Encrypt Wallet
c) Export?

2. should the whole Bitcoin-Qt application be placed in an TrueCrypt encrypted drive or just the wallet.dat file should be placed in this encrypted drive?

3. is there a manual of Bitcoin-Qt for non-geeks available?

Thank you
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