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1  Economy / Reputation / Goodbye, world! on: October 19, 2020, 05:29:24 AM
I regret to say in public sunshine that unforeseen pressures in the shadows leave me no option but to leave the forum permanently.

After this post, "Lauda" will cease to exist. By that I mean: The faceless virtual persona named "Lauda", who exists only in cypherspace, will become detached from its "soul", and left as an empty shell. "Lauda" has abruptly reached end-of-life. Of course, this is the inverse of the usual way of thinking. There are hereby multiple layers of abstract indirection, which you can probably follow if you know C/C++ programming and/or witchcraft.

The word "soul" usually refers to an invisible entity from an immaterial plane of existence; if you believe in such a thing, consult your friendly local cult for mystical details. Such a soul animates a "body" on the material plane. But what of a pseudonymous virtual persona? It is a disembodied entity on an immaterial plane of the mind, which is animated by a body as its "soul". If it loses its body, it dies, even if the body lives on. Our body is quite well; but it wishes to depart from the virtual plane that has consumed over 7 years of its life, and much of its energies.

It has been a wild forum life, - or perhaps, nine forum lives involving everything from the dark arts of moderation, to being burnt at the stake several times. (I got better.) Thanks to my forum friends, fans, and cult votaries.

Now to protect the community in case of a hack, I will request that theymos ban the "Lauda" account (u=101872); and this post is to be taken as a notice that any future posts or PMs by this account are certain to be the product of an impersonator - a blackhat using malicious necromancy to animate a zombie. After that point, do not deal with my account even if it produces messages signed by Bitcoin or PGP keys. If the account logs in, you should assume that it is compromised. If it produces a signed message, you should assume that the keys are compromised. Of course, if Faketoshi appears in a catbat mask and claims to be me, then you should assume that it is a fraud.

Hereby I want to emphasize that it will never again be possible to contact "Lauda", just as it is impossible to contact the dead. I do not want any chance of an impersonation scam in a name that many people trust.

Over the years people have even trusted "Lauda" with different sums of Bitcoin. I have one of the highest name-recognition accounts on the forum. This places on me a responsibility. It is not to feed my strong ego that I say, it is a valuable account with a high reputation - a trust that people place in my unseen body, through the name of "Lauda". If I cease to be "Lauda" then according to my well-known principles, I must affirmatively prevent anybody else from using this name and forum account ever again.

One must always have a contingency plan, mine was carefully considered but sometimes much smarter players get involved. There is nothing further to discuss. A cat comes and goes as it pleases, - even between different planes of existence. I leave you with a last final message that you must never forget:

Quote from: Arif Naseem
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is freedom, Banking is slavery.
2  Other / Archival / . on: October 18, 2020, 11:29:59 AM
3  Economy / Reputation / Watoshi-Dimobuto v. zazarb/Lauda on: May 17, 2020, 12:28:38 PM
Account in question: Watoshi-Dimobuto

PM log (all PMs were sent to me before I had responded to any):


I had received a negative trust feedback based on

This account changed hands through a defaulted loan (original owner defaulted) before 2016. The proof of connection from 2014 is outdated.

Please consider removing negative feedback.

Best regards!

IIRC, in 2014 the original owner took a non-collateral loan using this account from s1lverbox, and took another collateral loan with account as collateral from another lender and defaulted both loans.

The new lender paid s1lverbox to remove negative trust on defaulted collateral and after another default he bought account from watoshi. Default negative trusts were removed and account was listed for sale.

As you can see from my post history, I am more a lending person than a borrowing person. I don't like to be accused for what someone else did and I want to clear my name.

Takes loan : (Defaulted by Watoshi, Paid by new owner of account)

As discussed on pm.

Loan amount: 0.02 btc
Term length:7 days
Interest: 20%
Bitcoin address: 1AGxNes379Hk3skAtQPbH2S14K22gBeovg

Repayment please within 7 days to wallet at first post.


Thank you received!

Defaulted loan repaid privately :

I have another user watoshi...which defaulted me but person who has that account paid me off and account is for sale as well in his thread.

What I mean to say is the loan defaulter also defaulted on loans taken from this account after giving this account as collateral. Please remove the negative trust.

Best regards,
The current Watoshi Dimobuto account holder since 5 years


None of the other accounts are/were in my control. My request concerns only this account.

I just noticed the feedback is for a 0.6 loan and the reference links to a 0.06 loan. Not that I care.

Best regards,

Cross-referencing from the Lending section (I do not post there) and his attack on zazarb:

4  Economy / Reputation / For DT1 members: mhanbostanci & alts on: May 12, 2020, 06:54:39 PM
The user mhanbostanci has left me the following rating:

mhanbostanci    2020-05-11   Reference   
The real reason for the negative feedback he gave me is that he is a Turkish enemy. In this regard, the flag was opened and the subject was discussed. zz and altcoin_trader are different people I know personally. This is known in the Turkish forum and it is no secret.
You are hostile to people you don't know.

I have tagged the user with the following before this has happened (therefore proving the above to be a retaliatory rating):

Lauda   2020-05-11 Reference   
3 Accounts Connected: Zz u=318348, mhanbostanci u=434984, altcoin_trader u=559459
Multiple alts claiming from the same bounties & also from different bounties during the same time-frame.

My reference is the discovery from Timelord2067:

3 Accounts Connected:

Zz, mhanbostanci, altcoin_trader,


  • Zz posts the wallet address 19Aw9JN3ypHDrd9AA1LyYJjaTWHHGDhhDP on their profile page and uses it in posts here: [1 ( @yahoo62278 denys them entry (back in 2016 - and is still banning Zz in 2019)], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13],
  • mhanbostanci posts the wallet address 1mhandh8J4uJx18sHhgeBJWZLKxMnuqGv on their profile page and uses it in posts here: [A (as quoted by @EFS )], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7] [8]to name but a few...
  • altcoin_trader posts the wallet add 1JZYPRKap4hTQm9dQQMWhWeivkSo5Y1iUT on their profile page and uses it in posts here: [A], [1 (Zz also posts)], [2], [3],

Wallet [77c8711960] contains just four wallet addresses:

1mhandh8J4uJx18sHhgeBJWZLKxMnuqGv 0.00022383 259 549263
19Aw9JN3ypHDrd9AA1LyYJjaTWHHGDhhDP 0.         83 467408
1GU2gN5s8ZWNjLto7JoMycMNGwpyPtzARr 0.         33 397713
1JZYPRKap4hTQm9dQQMWhWeivkSo5Y1iUT 0.         17 420332

In this thread: Yarışma: Bitcoin 2015'i Hangi Fiyattan Kapatır? [Archive] posts # seven and eight both mhanbostanci and altcoin_trader post signed messages to compete to guess the price of BitCoin.



DanDan goes on to win the prize in the thread started by cakir...

(See also this thread: mhanbostanci & altcoin_trader (Split from: Yeni Çıkan Cryptolar, Fırsatlar) ) [Archive]

- snip -

Please click on the post to read the remainder if you are interested. Claims about their alt connection go back to 2015 with this thread in a trust rating on altcoin_trader.

I do not know how I missed that before. Not commenting on the linked thread from 2015, the wallet connection seems very solid. Opinions?
5  Economy / Reputation / Alt accounts trying to create evidence on me on: March 04, 2020, 07:18:29 AM

Hey Lauda

Wassup my man.. do you know anyone who can do kyc for me? Hit me up? You mentioned that it can be done for as cheap as 50$.. thanks
6  Economy / Reputation / madnessteat on: March 04, 2020, 07:16:32 AM
I am really tired of people trying to manipulate their way out of my trust lists via PMs. I am dumping the whole PM conversation with madnessteat.

Hi, Lauda. You bet me again "~". Last time I got a tilde in connection with some fictional conspiracy in the Russian locale. Then you removed it. May I ask why you gave me the squiggle again? I'm not used to putting tilds back or personal dislike, so I decided to ask. Do you not trust my investigations into forum abuse or my feedback? Or you don't want me on the DT list?

I'd need more context on what you're talking about? Either you were always ~excluded in the Cult of Lauda list or you weren't. I just had an empty list for long. I need more context on who you are, who your inclusions are, etc.

Hello. Maybe something will remind you of this topic But I'll tell you right away that I didn't participate in any conspiracy and didn't put a tilde to you or TMAN and how I got into DT and got a red paint bottle I started to clean the Russian locale from different abuses. Me and Ratimov painted all the sellers and buyers of accounts, if I have enough time, I investigate the bounty Abuzes and find the hacked or sold accounts. You can see my feedback they will tell you a lot about me.

Here's my trust list:
Many Russians, but that is fine.

Coin-1 (Trust: neutral) (712 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
28. DIKUL (Trust: neutral) (146 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
29. Nikisa (Trust: neutral) (216 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
30. jokers10 (Trust: neutral) (333 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)

May I know why these users? There's nothing indicating that their judgement should be trusted.

Fair inquiry? No answer since until today where I got:

Two of them haven't been to the forum in a while. All of them are ordinary users of the Russian locale. I don't know them personally but they haven't done anything wrong to anyone. I don't think that my trust list should be based only on judgments about a person or on your opinion. As I said before, I have -retracted- and I just don't understand such manipulations of other people's opinions.

You openly encourage users to add me to their tilde trust lists. I find that unacceptable to the trust system.

Exclusions (81):

I also put you a tilde on my trust list.

I felt it was necessary to warn you.

Exposing this public or showing it to other DT members was claimed to be "proof of my manipulations". Do not PM me anymore.

Local thread rule: Known forum-troll and trust system abuser, TECSHARE, is not allowed to participate.
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / [BTG] Bitcoin Gold Scam: A fool's Gold that's not Bitcoin, either. on: February 27, 2020, 06:34:44 AM
This thread I have created primarily for the purpose of having a proper reference to flag BTG for their various schemes. Please note that they already have a flag type-2 warning due to this:

- If the number of pre-flags-system negative trust ratings is greater than the number of all positive trust ratings, a warning banner is shown for guests & low-login-time newbies.
It is still very advisable to create a flag type-1 if there is a reason to do so.

The first two reasons are based on the rating left by Michail1 for which they have received a negative from him in 2017:
OP has a link to a Windows wallet which is NOT passing the hash from bitcoingol

OP has link(s) to KNOWN scammer website defrauding people of not only Bitcoin Gold, but also BTC, BCH, LTC, etc.
- - SCAM wallet/website
Additional reference:

3) Hidden premine as "bonus to developers" (clarified as this later).

4) 51% attacked - succeeded and therefore delisted from Bittrex. This currency is easy to attack this way (i.e. financially easy).
Reference 2 (according for which you need to spend $500 to attack it for 1 hour):

5) Modified hashing algorithm which is advertised as "Equihash-BTG". AFAIK this customization has not been peer-reviewed by cryptographers albeit quite dangerous, problem #4 is of more importance.

If others have more, I can add it but this is already sufficient.

Conclusion: Outright scam coin created solely to enrich the developers and poses a enormous risk to anybody who may consider buying it (Bittrex has already lost a lot of money due to this).


8  Other / Archival / TECSHARE - Reference Links on: February 26, 2020, 08:40:28 AM
You have no proof where the funds went after OG received them, this is a fact. For all you know it could have been a refund, and you have no evidence to demonstrate otherwise, only speculation of where it went. This is not proof, this is speculation. Lauda's rating, according to what was left, has nothing to do with this, but of course based on the timing of the rating, it is obviously retribution for posting here and dismantling their efforts trying to target OGnasty with accusation after accusation based on speculation. This is just more proof these systems are merely tools you and your mob buddies use to punish people with ideas you don't like, and protecting people from fraud is merely an afterthought if it is considered at all. I don't think I will go anywhere. I think I will keep doing what I am doing and continually draw attention to the malignant behavior of you and your pals.
I have no idea who is right or wrong here, neither do I care. Reading up made it evident that you are dishonest, a hypocrite and are intentionally trying to distract away from the users that are actually willing to objectively look into this (and apparently attack those as well). I couldn't reference this thread as it might be misinterpreted as you being involved in the original ponzi-case, which you are not.
This was one of the clearest ratings[1] that I have ever handed out to anyone here. With that, I also will not address whatever you reply/distract to this, or to your attacks against the "accusers" or whatever it is that you're doing.

I don't always agree with Lauda's ratings but in this case I absolutely do.
Thanks. Sometimes I wonder whether some people are doing stuff like this purely to test where the limits are of different individuals here.

[1] Even the write-up is concise, and clean. Totally unlike me!

I'm not even involved in the thread that you're distracting away, nor involved with anyone that is objectively trying to figure out the history of it all, thus any points that you have against me in relation to that case are instantly invalidated. You should actually be thanking me for not flagging you, because there is more than enough grounds for it (given a reasonable thread summarizing it). You're not worth my time to do this, but maybe you are to someone else or they just feel generous.

See also:
See also 2:
See also 3:
See also 4:
See also 5:

Dishonest. Hypocritical. Malicious. Shows no remorse for any misdeeds. This rating has nothing to do with anybody's opinions. Consistent deceptive behaviour. See reference links for summary.
9  Economy / Reputation / by rallier on: February 13, 2020, 06:39:10 AM
Users just tagged me with the following:

Lauda   2020-02-12   Reference   He is manipulating the Default Trust system of the forum for his own benefit. Making false accusations. IMHO, I do not recommend to make a connection (or work) with him that who is working as a capital
Reference being:, i.e. he tagged me for excluding him.


by rallier's judgement is Trusted by:
1. TECSHARE (Trust: +31 / =4 / -3) (DT1 (-4) 618 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
2. yussuf89 (Trust: neutral) (30 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
3. srknbyr (Trust: neutral) (79 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
4. Lydian (Trust: +1 / =0 / -0) (152 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
5. owlcatz (Trust: +40 / =0 / -1) (DT1! (23) 260 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
6. cabsav (Trust: neutral) (68 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
7. ekiller (Trust: +3 / =0 / -0) (DT1 (-4) 307 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
8. alpsea (Trust: +1 / =0 / -2) (48 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
9. Aqualung89 (Trust: neutral) (23 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
10. Defloration (Trust: +0 / =0 / -2) (0 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
11. Aceeakell (Trust: neutral) (44 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
12. otto_diesel (Trust: +1 / =1 / -2) (DT1 (-4) 445 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
13. bobita (Trust: +1 / =0 / -0) (DT1 (-3) 411 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
14. Vispilio (Trust: +6 / =0 / -1) (DT1 (-2) 824 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
15. wolwoo (Trust: +2 / =2 / -3) (DT1 (-9) 443 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
16. AlyattesLydia (Trust: neutral) (455 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
17. Leteravian (Trust: neutral) (158 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
18. leprakon (Trust: neutral) (0 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
19. Bthd (Trust: neutral) (194 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
20. cryptobenn (Trust: +0 / =0 / -1) (1 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
21. heyhat (Trust: neutral) (5 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)

Stuff like this needs to stop.  Undecided

For transparency, my response is a neutral rating:
Lauda   2020-02-13   Reference   Tagged me for exercising my right of excluding users from my trust list, and therefore shows untrustworthy judgement. I would avoid dealing with such users.
10  Economy / Reputation / [Cult of Lauda] An historic peace: Rome’s treaty with Carthage on: February 08, 2020, 06:52:12 PM
After a long debate with myself while watching for evidence of Quickseller's motives, I have tentatively concluded that he is sincere in his current intentions.

Therefore, I have decided to follow the spirit of theymoses advice:

Exercise a lot of forgiveness.

In contrast to the accusations of people who just like to criticize me in every conceivable way, I am interested in cooperating with anybody who genuinely wants to contribute to the community. I believe that Quickseller is a highly intelligent individual which is precisely why I previously saw him as very dangerous (in comparison to just some dumb troll, of which there are many). If he put behind him all the things for which I condemned him, then I want to offer him peace, maybe even friendship, so we can each better work to make this forum a better place - despite any differences of opinion that I will gladly agree to disagree about.
I most of all credit Quickseller for making the first move here, which was a rather very big move. I did not ask for his recent apology; and frankly, I never expected to see that day come within my lifetime. It was also a thing I think he could not have done with ulterior motives: He had no way to predict in advance if I would accept what he said, or reject it with the same harshness I showed when fighting him for years. Furthermore, I have noticed other behavioral traits consistent with this belief (his apology is only what got my attention and woken up my thought process).

Those who know me, also know that I am always vigilant; and out of various criticisms, there's one thing that I have never been accused of: being soft. If there is any repeat of the past mistakes and/or harmful behavior, I do not need to say here what my reaction will be. But I do not expect that to happen! I will support Quickseller's genuine effort toward the long task of rebuilding his reputation; and I earnestly hope to someday see him earn the status of a highly respected member of the forum.

Therefore, I have done the following 2 actions:
1) I have removed any negative ratings on Quickseller, and left a neutral rating referencing this thread.
2) I have withdrawn support for any flags that have been created against his account.

I do not expect individuals to follow me in this peace offering at this time, but I ask and hope that people will be more open towards giving forgiveness where forgiveness is earned - especially given that his arguably biggest enemy (The Catbat Witch) has forgiven him and hereby offers him an olive branch.
11  Economy / Scam Accusations / cryptohoppeŗ.com - Scam/Phishing on: December 22, 2019, 02:49:20 PM
Link: https://cryptohoppeŗ.com/

12  Economy / Reputation / [Type-1 Flag] Account Sales on: October 31, 2019, 07:36:21 AM
You've asked, and I've delievered.

Agreed, creating a type-1 flag for sold accounts is an appropriate usage of the system. Individual cases can be debated on their merits, though; for example, these points of view could all be defended:
 - Some people think that trading an account is an inherently untrustworthy act in 100% of cases.
 - Some people think that trading an account is usually untrustworthy, but is OK if it's made extremely clear that the account traded hands.
 - Some people think that trading an account is OK unless active deception is used (eg. lying in order to say, "this is not a sold account").
 - Some people think that a little lying is not enough for even a type-1 flag, and a flag is only merited if there's also some additional underlying shady behavior; in other words, account trading can only further degrade an existing untrustworthy act, but cannot be considered flag material in itself.

I specifically do not want to decide which of the above is correct. The flag is an appropriate usage of the system in any case, though.
Tl;dr: It is a correct use of the system to flag any sold account using flag type-1. I'll be this thread as a dumping ground for names and just use it as a reference for everything; feel free to join.

Note: Quote is clearly from my... private time... with thermos. Kiss
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] VCC Exchange - A Good Liquidity, Non-Fee Exchange on: September 24, 2019, 12:35:19 PM
Social Links


  • Share 100% liquidity pool with Bittrex (similar to Upbit): VCC Exchange has all the tokens that are regularly traded on Bittrex, including the hottest ones that Binance and other top exchanges don’t have such as BCH-SV, GRIN, MONA, SOLVE, OCN, LUNA, SPND, v.v... This sets VCC Exchange apart from other new platforms which support only a few tokens with low liquidity.

Read more about the liquidity pool here:

  • 0% commission fee: Normally, a 0.25% transaction fee will be applied to each successful order, and VCC Exchange will refund all the fees at the end of each month. VCC Exchange wants to protect the investors and avoid wash trading so any account suspected of wash trading will not receive the said refund.

  • User-friendly interface and good user experience: Optimal and simple design allows seamless experience, similar to Binance and more user-friendly than Bittrex.

  • Mobile App: VCC Exchange has mobile app available on both Android and iOS. Even without the non-fee, this feature alone makes it a great replacement to Bittrex.

  • Public Information of Company Address and Reputable Team
  • Founders:
  • Mr. Loi Luu - Co-Founder & CEO of Kyber Network
  • Mr. Hung Tran - Venture Partner at VinaCapital
  • Mr. Phuc Nguyen - Founder of SotaTek (An outsourcing tech company with experience building numerous exchange platforms, ICO and IEO.)
  • Info of all developers and support team are published on the website
  • All wallet addresses on Blockchain are public and transparent

  • Committed to compliance: VCC Exchange utilizes high levels of Know Your Customer review. The company is partnering with Vietnam's Ministry of Justice to establish a legal framework for blockchain applications in the country.

Read more about compliance here:

  • Investment by major funds like Signum Capital and Axiom Associates: Signum Capital is the biggest Singapore-based fund that has invested in highly-profitable projects such as Kyber Network, Tomochain, Zilliqa, Aelf, Celer, etc.

  • 24/7 customer support in English

Early blockchain investors back in 2017-2018 mostly used Bittrex or Poloniex due to their high security and robust trading, enabling instant execution and fast withdrawals/deposits. Now VCC Exchange also has those features as it has partnered with Bittrex, sharing the benefits with Bittrex (similar to the partnership between Bittrex and Upbit). Even better, VCC Exchange is totally commission-free; the 0% trading fee and mobile app allows easy scalping. Read more about the partnership: here.

  • Side Note: In May, VCC's launching event - Vietnam Blockchain Startup - has gathered together big players in the blockchain industry (such as Signum Capital, Aelf, Kyber Network, and Tomochain), well-known investors like Golden Gate Ventures, Nextrans, VinaCapital, etc. and governmental agencies.

The thread author is NOT the creator of the content and therefore can not be held liable for sourcing of the content. The project-owner has ensured the thread author that the content is genuine, unique and created by them.
14  Other / Archival / . on: September 17, 2019, 12:06:03 PM
15  Economy / Scam Accusations / [Scam] on: August 25, 2019, 04:44:42 PM

A classic telltale of the "crypto marketing activists", as soon as I asked tough questions the chat was wiped. The above is the spam email that is sent to probably what is a purchased email database.
16  Economy / Scam Accusations / [Scam] Karatbars Gold: Independence Day Scam - on: July 18, 2019, 08:23:02 AM

I am not the author of this thread; it is a requested repost. I will be updating the OP with more information as it gets received, which will create a good thread basis for me to flag the project (there already is enough). I can not use someone elses thread for this purpose.

Project website:
17  Economy / Reputation / [Flag/Tag/Exclusion Request] - Turkish Section Gang on: June 12, 2019, 12:26:08 PM
Proving this was trivial. EFS has no problem with any of this naturally. Short story:
1) Excluded a whole-bunch as they conspired with their fake election:
2) Retaliatory attack and threads start here:
3) Proof of merit abuse/cycling/farming/circle-jerk:

Proof 1:

Translation: "Does anyone need merit in the forums ? I will give 1 merit each to 4-5 guys, so that it doesn't go to foreigners"

Proof 2:

PHI: we need to organize it privately, these guys are even selling merit look at it
PHI: "Sensei, the ones who will give merit are obvious why will we put an effort" how is it obvious?

Proof 3:

ysakay (banned?) asking: "have you opened the Merit Fellowship channel?"  - this reffers to the private group organized by Phi for merit farming.

Accused users:


This problem likely goes too far for us to be able to discover all the culprits. Any member in that group that stands quiet is also an accomplice, but the best path would be to run down all merit PHI has ever given out first.

Local rule; the following users are not allowed to post: Quickseller, TECSHARE, OgNasty, bill gator, cryptohunter and anyone else with more negative ratings than other ratings (people without ratings excl. newly created shill accounts are welcome). This does NOT include the accused user.

Updated local rule (7PM forum time), the "accused user" is no affected obviously even when this isn't an accusation thread.
18  Economy / Reputation / Bill gator - Account Buyer on: June 12, 2019, 11:42:34 AM
Since theymos introduced a flawed flag system, this has to be done. Original thread is locked and can't be directly quoted from.
Original thread/proof is found here:
Flag link:;flag=47.

Local rule; the following users are not allowed to post: Quickseller, TECSHARE, OgNasty, bill gator, cryptohunter and anyone else with more negative ratings than other ratings (people without ratings excl. newly created shill accounts are welcome). This does NOT include the accused user.

Updated local rule (7PM forum time), the "accused user" is no affected obviously even when this isn't an accusation thread.
19  Economy / Reputation / Quickseller - Escrow Scammer on: June 12, 2019, 11:01:05 AM
Since theymos introduced a flawed flag system, this has to be done. Original thread is locked and can't be directly quoted from. Every escrow deal ever conducted possibly has a victim in it, thus the damage has always been extensive.

I wouldn't have come across this if it hadn't been for the long saga of quickseller abuse I've been suffering.  But recently he's started using a new alt/sockpuppet to try to attack me and I started looking more closely at the situation.  I realized that it seems that Panthers52 has done several deals which were escrowed by Quickseller.  The fact that Quickseller is escrowing for himself seems like a scammy behavior.  I'm not a trader here so it may be that there's nothing wrong with this.  But in any case, I'll go ahead and present some quantitative evidence here and you guys can discuss it as you please.
You can read the full story by clicking on the quote or by using this link:

Therefore, a newly created flag would be valid and should remain active for all eternity. Flags can't be edited, flags can't be removed nor updated.

Local rule; the following users are not allowed to post: Quickseller, TECSHARE, OgNasty, bill gator, cryptohunter and anyone else with more negative ratings than other ratings (people without ratings excl. newly created shill accounts are welcome). This does NOT include the accused user.

Updated local rule (7PM forum time), the "accused user" is no affected obviously even when this isn't an accusation thread.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / 🔥🔥🔥 [ANN] AR & Collectibles Game - Collect! Trade! Play! 🏰🏹🗡 on: May 16, 2019, 07:55:45 AM


Keep Your Collectibles,
and Cryptocurrencies, Safe
on the ECOMI Secure Wallet

Introducing, the Secure Wallet. The world’s first wireless,
credit card-sized, cryptocurrency hardware wallet.
The Secure Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple,
Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, with EOS, USDT and ERC20.
The Secure Wallet will also securely store ECOMI Digital Collectibles (NFTs).

══════════════MEET THE ECOMI TEAM══════════════


21 years in licensing and collectibles and a serial entrepreneur

David is a serial entrepreneur who got his start in 1997 when he first established Games R Us Ltd. (NZ).
He transformed Star Wars and Star Trek memorabilia, as well as various vintage toys and comics, into an
entertainment and hobby store for fellow collectors. Since then, Yu has been heavily involved in the licensing
and retail industry, working with intellectual property, and transforming unique gaming, and collectible
licenses into globally recognised brands. Yu recently received the 2016 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
from the Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Taipei. His accolades also include finalist in the Ernst &
Young New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004 and 2008, and 12th in the “2014 Deloitte NZ 50 Fastest
Growing Companies.”.

Daniel Crothers

Mikel Duffy

Joseph Janik
Head of Hardware

Alfred Kahn
Head of Global Licensing

Arkit Vora
Secure Wallet Lead Developer

Nishanth Shankary
Full Stack Developer

Dhruv Dangi
Mobile Developer

Jeremy Su
Solidity Developer

Steven Connery
Solution Architect

Rhys Skellern
Communication Manager

Fendi Thien
PR Coordinator

Oliver Finel
Community Manager

James Li
Licensing Manager

Howard Lin
Customer Service

Sean Liang
Sales manager

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