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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / TradeOgre SCAM? Admin supposedly stole 3 btc (screenshots included) on: February 09, 2019, 09:02:04 PM
Hello everyone,
just saw this post on Reddit the other day, and now I see it removed, but pics are still visible,
this is suspicious AF if you ask me.

Original reddit post:
Comments are still there...

topic pics: (account locked) (chat with TO admin)

Whats your take on this?
I checked TO's "whois" and domain is private, admin is a ghost... not a good sign at all.

2  Economy / Services / [WANTED] CryptFolio is looking for an awesome designer on: April 06, 2014, 10:35:37 AM
(Also posted at

CryptFolio needs a new design. Something professional and easy to use, but not afraid to have fun. This is a new and creative space and anything can happen. The site is already doing very well but we'd like to take it to the next level.

At its core, CryptFolio is a site for helping people understand cryptocurrencies and their revolutionary properties. We're looking for a designer (or lead designer) who'd like to join us in this challenge someone who can help us redesign the branding of our site and deliver a consistent message to our customers. Your contributions will have a direct impact in March alone we had over 600k hits from 6,000 visitors.

No qualifications necessary, and no CSS or HTML skills necessary (though that would be cool). You can work anywhere in the world, to whatever schedule you want, as long as we can have some regular meetings on Skype or Hangouts we're based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Some of the things we could work together on include:

Reimbursement can be done in a number of ways, based on your availability and experience: company equity; contract work paid in cryptocurrencies or NZD; development work on your own projects; releasing your work under open source; referrals; or a mixture of all of these, or maybe even something completely different.

If you're interested, please send to before the deadline date:

  • Your basic contact details
  • A link to your portfolio, or (if you don't have one) some sample designs
  • What work you'd like to do
  • Some options of how you would like to be reimbursed, and some initial quotes (we'll refine these later)
  • A quick sketch (or sketches) of how you might tackle one of the design problems above

If you have any questions please send us an e-mail or tweet us.

Deadline: 13 April 2014
3  Economy / Service Announcements / [ANN] Crypto Converter - a free Android app for calculating currency values on: March 21, 2014, 11:23:15 AM
We're happy to announce that we've released our first CryptFolio Android app, Crypto Calculator - a small and free app that lets you calculate the equivalent values of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

The app uses the same data behind the CryptFolio web calculator - so a large number of currencies are supported, historical data is available, and exchange data is updated at least every ten minutes.

  • Fluid and intuitive calculator interface
  • Exchange rates updated automatically
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, PPCoin, Feathercoin, Novacoin, Primecoin, Terracoin, Dogecoin, Megacoin, Ripple, Digitalcoin and Worldcoin cryptocurrencies
  • US Dollar, GBP Sterling, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Chinese Yuan and Polish Zloty fiat currencies

Feedback welcome.
4  Economy / Service Announcements / [ANN] - keep track of your cryptocurrencies! on: May 01, 2013, 11:03:07 AM
Hey everyone,

Today we're releasing a public rewrite of a site that we've been using internally for about a year now.

Normally I have different amounts of different currencies on lots of different sites (e.g. BTC/LTC on BTC-e, BTC on Havelock Investments, BTC/LTC pool earnings, NMC on Vircurex, BTC/LTC/NMC on my own sites, ...), so I made a site that keeps track of how much is on which site, and compiles summary reports. It's so useful that we've developed it into a real site for the cryptocurrency professional: CryptFolio.

Some of the reports:

  • Total conversion (e.g. my net worth in USD or NZD)
  • Equivalent BTC (e.g. what % of my investments are in BTC, LTC, NMC, ...)
  • Distribution (e.g. what % of my LTC are in securities, exchanges, hot wallets, cold/offline wallets, LTC-enabled websites, ...)
  • Historical exchange rates (e.g. BTC/LTC on BTC-e)
  • Historical miner hashrates (e.g. MHash/s for BTC, KHash/s for LTC)


  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, NMC, FTC, PPC, NVC, XPM, TRC, DOGE, XRP, MEC, DGC, WDC, IXC, VTC, NET, HBN, DRK, VRC, NXT, RDD, VIA, NBT new, NSR new (more coming)
  • Fiat currencies: USD, NZD, EUR, AUD, CAD, CNY, GBP, PLN, ILS, KRW, SGD, DKK new, INR new (more coming)
  • Commodity currencies: GHS (more coming)
  • Exchanges: ANXPRO, Bit2c, Bitcurex,, BitNZ, Bitstamp, BTC China, BTC-e, BTClevels, BTER new,, Coinbase, Coins-E, Cryptsy, Crypto-Trade, itBit, Justcoin, Kraken, Mt.Gox, Poloniex, TheMoneyConverter, Vault of Satoshi, Vircurex, VirtEx, and a volume-weighted market average
  • Mining pools: 50BTC, BitMinter, BTC Guild, CoinHuntr, CryptoPools DGC, Cryptotroll DOGE, d2 WDC, DOGE, Ecoining PPC, Eligius, Elitist Jerk, Eobot new,, Give Me Coins, HashFaster (LTC, FTC, DOGE), Hash-to-coins new,,, LiteGuardian,,, Mine-Litecoin, Mining Foreman,, Multipool, MuPool, NiceHash new, Nut2Pools FTC,, Ozcoin (LTC, BTC),,, Slush's pool, TeamDoge, TripleMining, WeMineLTC, WeMineFTC, WestHash new, (more coming)
  • Securities: Cryptostocks, Havelock Investments, Crypto-Trade, 769 Xchange, Litecoininvest new - and also supports individual security values
  • Technical indicators: SMA, BOLL, RSI, EMA
  • Email notifications new: Exchange rate, report or hashrate changes
  • Anonymous: name and e-mail are optional fields
  • Secure: SSL-secured; only public addresses and read-only APIs are used to obtain balances
  • Historical exchange data for exchanges; for individual securities; and for API status
  • Balances and miner hashrates are downloaded regularly
  • Customisable reports page of graphs, charts and tables
  • Open source:
  • Accessible over .bit: http://cryptfolio.bit

Screenshots - FAQ - Blog - Facebook - @cryptfolio

CryptFolio is designed to ensure your funds and securities are always safe; signup is free and takes less than a minute.
5  Economy / Trading Discussion / What do you want from a better crypto exchange? on: April 18, 2013, 06:20:48 AM
I've seen some argue that the BTC crash was due to MtGox technical problems, and others are reporting lots of integrity/transfer/support problems with BTC-E. There are lots of "e-money exchanges" but they all look too dodgy, or they don't disclose their fees without signup.

So, do you actually want a different/better exchange? Would you support it? What would you like from it?

Background: We're a very creative and technically brilliant web/software startup on a mission to make the world a better place. We've been following the cryptocurrency space for about a year now, and we've launched a few small projects to test out wallet integration etc. Cryptocurrencies are definitely a revolutionary game changer, but existing exchanges don't seem to be taking things seriously enough.

We've been spending the last two weeks thoroughly investigating the technical and legal sides of operating a currency exchange, and nothing fatal has popped up. Our intent would be to create an exchange that is:

  • Extremely secure (OpenID, password hashes, separate systems, cold wallets, DDoS protection etc)
  • Scalable (our initial goal is 100-1000 tx/sec per currency pair)
  • Reliable with automatic failovers (transactions, master/slaves, recovery logs, remote & off-site backups, etc)
  • Supports multiple fiat currencies (our initial goal is USD/NZD/AUD/EUR)
  • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies (our initial goal is BTC/LTC/NMC/TRC)
  • Has automated trading APIs that won't suffer from lag (but will need limits)
  • Has knowledgeable support staff based in English-speaking countries (later, multiple languages)
  • Some radically innovative features that I don't want to share just yet Wink

There are a few normal exchange restrictions that, as a legal company, I'm pretty sure we can't get around. For example:

  • Manual identity verification is necessary to execute deposits/withdrawls over some threshhold value (which will probably be $1k/month), due to international money laundering acts. Both natural people & business can register.
  • Unexpected large deposits/withdrawls will require additional verification (probably something like $50k+/month), but high-volume trusted day traders will be supported.
  • We can't accept Paypal or credit cards due to chargebacks. Transfer in/out would initially be through wire & other services, and in the future local cash deposits (ala BitInstant).
  • Exchange fees will be competitive but can't be too low, because of legal and support requirements.

But first, we need to know if the rest of the community would want this exchange, or if you're happy with staying with MtGox & BTC-E.

If you're interested in investing in shares to make this opportunity happen (any cryptocurrency), reply or send me a PM. Donations would be very welcome.
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