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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin volatility and dumps when Asia s awake on: February 24, 2018, 01:22:52 PM
Does anyone know what causes this BTC price volatility? For the last week or so, we seen close to $1000 price dumps whenever China and Asia s awake.
Then when Western hemisphere takes over, the price goes back up.

Why? Theories?
2  Economy / Services / Searching for YT video review producer on: February 07, 2018, 07:29:30 AM
Hey guys,

I need a person able to produce 1 YT video per month, mostly crypto reviews and "how to" videos. Understanding crypto mechanics, especially PoS is required.
This person needs be fluent in English, no accent, videos must be professional structured and recorded. They must include voice over.

Each video should be about 5-8 minutes long, the price is $100 per minute of a video.

If you are interested in something like this, please PM me and send me you previous work for review.


P.S. If you are a newbie trying to score some quick money, please do not apply. I am searching for a long term business relationship with people who have a certain level of crypto experience.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Message to all people who panic when crypto price goes down! on: February 06, 2018, 07:52:35 AM
Why do you panic? Why?

IF YOU DO NOT SELL, YOU DO NOT LOSE ANYTHING! YOU LOSE THE MOMENT YOU SELL, after you purchased high and buy low. It does not matter what is the price ATM, the only thing which matters is what is the price when you decide to sell. So, to shield yourself from losing money, DONT sell under the price you bought it.

If you trust in crypto and believe it ll bounce back, WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PROBLEM AND WHY PANIC?

If you do not trust in crypto and you have doubts whether it ll bounce back, well, in that case you are in the wrong industry and you shouldn't have invested in crypto in the first place.

So knowing this, what is the problem again?

EDIT: This post was created on February 6, 2018 when BTC price reached $5920. After a few days, it recovered to $8k. Will keep this ledger so people know Bitcoin ALWAYS recovers!
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The answer to all of your price questions - NO BITCOIN WILL NOT DIE!!!!!!!! on: February 05, 2018, 12:22:52 PM
I see so many new users getting to this forum asking stupid questions about the price. Will it die? Is this the end? What am I going to do?

Here is an answer from someone who s been in crypto since 2012 and who s seen dozens and dozens of these crypto and BTC crashes where every single time a new newbie would come to this forum claiming this was the end.

Guess what, BTC s still here.

It will be here tomorrow and in two weeks and in two years.

Who s not here? These same newbies who dumped at low prices and lost their money in the process.

Why BTC will not die? CAUSE NOTHING FUNDAMENTAL HAS CHANGED!!!! This technology is still superior to traditional banks, it will keep growing and developing.

The amound of FUD you people see is just a futile attempt to shave off weak hands and take their money so do not be stupid and do not let them take your money.

If you are not a day trader, hold!!!

If you cannot control your panic, simply stay away from your PC or mobile, do not interract with crypto for a few days or weeks and things will get back to normal.

Dont be stupid! When BTC rebounds this year and reached $20k again, do you really want to ask yourself why did you sell at $7k or lower?

According to my probably inaccurate calculation, this is my 59th major BTC crash. Guess what, not a single one managed to kill BTC. Neither will this one!


5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Where are all these people who predicted BTC going to 1k yesterday? on: January 18, 2018, 07:36:51 AM
So, after I spent the entire day yesterday warning people not to trust trolls like vladimir21, aleksei and similar assholes who spammed this forum with their BTC doom messages, the sea has calmed down and we are about to recover in the next days.

What about noob people who followed their shit posts, despite efforts of respected members of this community trying to convince them not to that? What about them losing their money due to their crypto ignorance and crypto inexperience?

People, we will see these dumps many more times in crypto. Many more assholes like these will try to create panic and convince you to sell so they can pick up your cheap coins/tokens. LEARN FROM THIS and DO NOT REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKE EVERY TIME. SMARTEN UP!
6  Economy / Exchanges / A working cryto debit card? on: January 10, 2018, 10:26:13 AM
A simple question, does anyone here s got any working crypto debit card besides Bitpay for US residents? Is there anything which works in Europe and the fees are not going to make me cry?

Once more, I d like to hear experience of people who have the card working ATM, not that preorder stuff.

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [BOUNTY] - DMD Diamond signature campaign - 2 spots available - $150 in DMD on: November 16, 2017, 10:01:03 AM
Hey guys,
DMD Diamond s about to start a small signature campaign and we would like to select and reward 4 members of Bitcointalk great community to be part of this project.
This campaign will last for 6 months with possibility or permanent extension, depending on the feedback we get from it.

Please do not apply for this campaign unless you usually spend time on Bitcointalk on a daily basis and post a lot since I would really hate to exclude participants for not following the rules.

Here are the rules:

1)      DMD Signature campaign will be open for Senior,  Hero and Legendary Bitcointalk ranks only.
2)      Bitcointalk account with negative reputation are not allowed to apply.
3)      Participants need to wear DMD signature all the time, no other link is allowed to be in their signature.
4)      Participants are required to post minimum 3 posts per day (90 posts per month minimum), exclusively on Bitcointalk forum, out of which minimum 1 post per day needs to be related to DMD (mention DMD Diamond in some way) and this DMD related post must not be posted on the official DMD Bitcointalk thread. -
In case you are not able to post your posts on any given day, you can do it the next day or any other day as long as your monthly sum is no less than 90 posts out of which 30 must be DMD related.
5)      Post in “Other” subsection (Meta, Politics and Society, Beginners&Help, Off-topic, Archival threads) do not count towards daily 3 posts requirement.
Please make sure to post on threads which are relevant to DMD, for example, “where to invest”, “cloudmining”, “PoS and masternode related threads”. This is not a strict rule as you can posts and get paid for posting on whatever topic you find interesting, excluding “Other” subsection, but threads related to DMD bring more people to the community and we all benefit from this.  
6)      All posts need to be of high quality, they need to be informational and related to the thread topic. No posts containing single word (example: Yes, No, Great! Etc), no posts containing just 1 sentence. (example:+1 What a great post!). Post bellow 100 characters will not be considered for payment. Please do not try to cheat the system, I will be watching.
7)      Participants will be paid $150 per month in DMD, at the end of the month. Selected participants need to submit 1 DMD address for payments which is not allowed to be changed as long as members participate into this project.
7.1)      In case a participant decided to leave DMD signature campaign, they can do that only at the end of the month after they get paid. If a participant decides to quit any time during the month, they will not be paid for that month.
If you satisfy required criteria and listed requirements seem acceptable for you, please post your application below. The application post should include 1) link to your profile, 2) your Bitcointalk rank, 3)number of your posts. DMD Diamond team will select 4 people based on their post quality, account reputation and time of application. Once again, evaluate your free time and posting habits. I DO NOT WANT TO BE FORCED TO EXCLUDE PEOPLE FOR NOT FOLLOWING THESE RULES. Please do not make me so.

Here is the link towards DMD signatures:


In case you would like to know more about the project before you apply, here are the most important links:

Here are the most important links:
DMD Diamond Home Page -

DMD Diamond Whitepaper -
DMD Diamond Bittrex page -
DMD Diamond Bitcointalk thread -
Request DMD Diamond Slack invite here -

DMD Diamond multipool -

DMD Diamond Reddit:

DMD Diamond Twitter:

Masternodes profitability and statistics:

8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Make sure not to lose your BTC transacting BTCgold!Learn about replay protection on: October 23, 2017, 06:33:12 AM
Hey people,

as it seems, one day before BTCgold fork, they have not yet successfuly deal with replay protection issue. As far as I see, they still offer bounty for someone to implement it for them.

THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS and could lead to losing your BTC if you do get BTCgold and transact it. Please get informed about the risk of this shitty fork so you do not end up losing your coins!

Here is a bit of info about this related to the previous fork.

Not to mention huge premine they have. BTCgold is obviously nothing but a scam. I m really surprised people get hooked into this kind of shit every time.
9  Economy / Service Discussion / Bitcoin debit card with the best possible exchange rate on: September 02, 2017, 08:00:50 AM
Ok guys, please share your experience with BTC debit card with the best possible exchange rate, as close as possible to the market rate.

Wirex is by far the worst in my experience, over 100 EUR difference per 1 BTC between Preev or Bitstamp rate and what they offer. They say they use "wholesale" rate, how is that one calculated, I have no idea. Cryptopay is about $100 difference, so a bit better. What do you guys use to get the best possible rate?
10  Other / Meta / Note to admins, BCC is an alt, why threads about it are in the main forum? on: August 02, 2017, 08:30:51 AM
The title says it all, sick of reading questions about BCC. There is alt subforum, why re these threads here? If I d post something about Etherum here, the entire thread would be moved, right?
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Have we all been entertained? Can we finally have business as usual? on: August 02, 2017, 05:14:31 AM
I guess both split and fork sagas are finally finished. I hope the community has blown out some steem, trolls and speculators have been busy these days and I hope now we can get back to the growth and relative stability we have had before.

What do you expect next in crypto? Do you think we re finally going to see $3k BTC? Will alts start bouncing again? Will we see waves of new users flocking into crypt? Maybe another fork?
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BCC is just an alt with a huge "premine" be smart and dump it! on: July 26, 2017, 02:32:29 PM
So I see a lot of questions about BCC which all BTC holders will get Aug1. One thing s not discussed here. The fact people behind this coin will point all of their hash to BCC immediately it becomes mineable which means mining diff will be very low the first few days. As a result, these people will acquire huge amounts of BCC which represents a form or "premine" for them. They ll become big time holders just after the coin becomes mineable. Since they did this whole fork to be able to get that "premine", it s obvious they ll dump it at some point.

Here comes my question, are you really ready to hold that coin and wait for it to dump the price into oblivion? Nah txt, I ll dump my BCC the moment I get it. I really see no use of this alt neither any particualr advantage. Reputation and trust is everything in this business and people behind it have neither.

Thank about this once you decide what will you do with your BCC. 
13  Economy / Speculation / The sky has not fallen down on our head and I hope you have not sold at $1830! on: July 21, 2017, 06:38:26 AM
There is not much to say here. I just wanted to reiterate the need to learn the value of patience in crypto. Buy when there s blood in the streets and do not sell when people re panicing. Cause that way the only ones who profit are speculators. I hope new crypto users learn this and learn it fast.

Bitcoin has survived, as discussed a few days ago, SegWit2x has locked in and it will be activated in 300 blocks. Miners have a few days to update their nodes and those who do not, well, their blocks will be rejected after activation which means they ll upgrade 100%.

There will be no Bitcoin doom. There will be no Bitcoin split.

Here is another free tip for you guys, after BTC breaks $3000+, alts will start skyrocketing again. So dont be fooled to sell while the alt market s red. Stick it to speculators. Let their buys remain unfilled!
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Absolutely the Best explanation what will happen with SegWit2x and when! on: July 20, 2017, 10:04:11 AM
First things first, BITCOIN WILL NOT SPLIT! As you can read in this great article by Jimmy Song, all miners will switch to SegWit2x. Why? Cause if they dont, they ll lose A LOT OF MONEY. So newbies, stop panic, once more, THERE WILL BE NOT SPLIT. Speculators, stop spreading FUD, we talk about the future of entire crypto economy. So, at least for a couple of days, pls tone down your filthy tactics of spreading panic.

Second, thank you Jimmy Song for such a great piece.

For those interested, please read the entire piece here:

I ll just copy a few lines stating:

"The earliest that BIP91 can lock-in is block 476784, which should be around ~2017 July 21 10:00 GMT. This would be ahead of schedule as Segwit2x was scheduled to be released July 21. This would mean that BIP91 would activate 336 blocks later at block 477120 (~2017 July 23 18:00 GMT). At this point, all blocks not signaling BIP141 (Segwit) would get orphaned off the network. Since presumably at least 80% of miners would not accept such blocks, miners that create blocks without signaling BIP141 would likely lose the coinbase reward and fees (roughly 14 BTC or $30k as of this writing). As such during the 56 hours or so between blocks 476784 and 477120, we will most likely see every miner upgrade (if necessary) to signal for Segwit."

Still, read the entire piece.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / SegWit2x support growing day by day, WHY FORK FUD and PANIC on: July 17, 2017, 12:12:25 PM
Ok, so yesterday, July 16, SegWit2x support was 87.7%. Today it has increase to 88.2% and keeps growing.

Still I see tons of people crying about potential fork. Cmmon people, we all know by the end of this week SegWit2x support s probably going to go over 95%. Why do you buy that FUD about Bitcoin fork?
Regardless what you think about this Bitcoin core vs Miners debate, do you really think a fork supported by 3-4% of the miners is a sustainable Bitcoin chain?

As usual, panic makes weak hands sell and they lose money. The purpose of this thread is make people think twice before they sell coins they purchased at a premium. Dont let be manipulated by pumpers&dumpers and do not let panic gets you.

Dont let pointless panic redistributes your money from impatient to more patient traders, as Mr. Buffett would say.
16  Economy / Exchanges / Best Bitcoin debit card, real users experiences pls on: June 20, 2017, 11:58:48 AM
Hey guys,

I d like to get Bitcoin debit card. What is your preferable choice and why? Pls dont point this thread towards some paid promotion or comparisons thread, I d like to hear recent experiences from real users in terms of price, availability, quality of support, etc.

Thx a lot
17  Economy / Service Discussion / How to make serious money by investing into Proof-of-stake – PoS and masternodes on: May 24, 2017, 05:24:13 PM
Hey guys,

I see a lot of threads here about where to invest BTC or how to make BTC. I also get a lot of questions, especially from new crypto issuers, where to invest BTC long term, what is safe and what brings money.
So, here is something I have been using for the last 2.5 years and it has brought me nothing but profits – DMD Diamond Proof of Stake system.

Before I share this with you, let me say I am a long term DMD holder and I would never share something with people without testing it first with my own money. There are no referral links here, I do want to see DMD Diamond community grow but only because this is very nice coin and even better related services. I do not personally get any fee if u decide to join or not, DMD Diamond represents favorite part of my personal portfolio and I simply would like to share info about it, especially with new crypto users who might be less familiar with PoS.

How does DMD Diamond Proof of stake system work?

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with PoS, the easiest way to present it is as a form of mining which does not require ASIC, graphic cards of any significant hardware investment.  All you need to do is to buy coins, place them in your wallet, have you wallet online and opet for staking and your coins will stake and generate new coins.  Your coin piles compete with other coins for staking rewards and if you keep your wallet online and staking for the entire time, your rewards will be substantial. In other words, once you acquire DMD, it becomes interest bearing asset with significant returns.  You can find more info on DMD Diamond home page -

There are several ways to make money with DMD Diamond and I have personally tested each and every one of them.

1. Simply buy DMD Diamond, put them in your wallet and let them stake at current rate.  All you need to do is to unlock your wallet for staking and you will start receiving new coins. This process resembles classic PoW mining, just without excessive heat, noise or electricity bill which generate classic GPU rigs or ASIC machines.  All in all Proof-of-stake is much more advanced form of “mining”, that is why Etherum is going to switch to PoS   sometime in the future.  The main DMD Diamond exchange is Bittrex, here is the link -
2. DMD PoS&masternode system. This is a new DMD Diamond investment option which was introduced in 2017. It requires 10k DMD and a static IP address (or Tor browser installed) to be able to get masternode recwards. Once you setup your masternode, you should be getting around 7.5 DMD per masternode per day on average. This system will distribute around 1000 per day between all active masternodes.  During the first year or so, DMD team expects to have around 140 masternodes, with block rewards being split between Proof of Stake and Masternodes, 35% and 65% respectively. In essence, this means close to 25% interest per year if you run a masternode and about 20% interest per year if you run a PoS wallet only. Even more interesting option is to set up your masternode and to send receipts from that node to your DMD Diamond staking wallet. This way you get paid from your masternodes and your receipts continue staking and generating even more DMD.  All in all, this is again very advanced staking system which is used by several large coins, Dash, for example. It is also significantly more advanced compared to classic mining. Staking rewards will be going down over the years as a part of DMD Diamond coin rollout and inflation control. For more info, please consult DMD Diamond whitepaper.
3. DMD Diamond multipool system. If you do have unused rig or a GPU, you can set up your Nicehash miner to mine whatever currency you select, connecting it to DMD Diamond multipool and get paid DMD Diamond to your address. It is very easy to set it up and it is another hassle free mining system which will bring you more Diamonds to stake or use into masternodes. However, if you are a more experienced miner, you can use more advanced mining options if you prefer. The accent here again is on simplicity, DMD Diamond multipool is a set it and forget it option, once you set it up, it can operate hands free for as long as you want. Also, make sure to understand by using DMD Diamond multipool, you again have opportunity to earn from two revenue streams, you get DMD Diamonds from mining via Nicehash and after u get you coins you can send them to your wallet to stake and generate additional income. For more info, you can visit DMD Diamond multipool page -
4. DMD scarcity. The number of DMD Diamonds is limited to 4.38 million and this crypto is very, very scarce. Scarcity combined with all these different way to make money push the price up and limit availability of new coins. I strongly believe this will continue in the future, this coin can go quite high.  

5. DMD reputation and longevity. This coins has been in continuous development by this team since 2013. If you take into consideration how many coins which existed then exist today, you ll see your list of old successful coins is quite short and DMD is one of them. Actually, it is number 4 on that list, according to these characteristics. More info on that here:
Finally, DMD Diamond team s extremely hard working and honest group of people. During almost 5 years of DMD development, there has not been a single scam or major crisis. The community is also quite vibrant, we help each other and I invite you to join us whether you decide to acquire some DMD or not.  You can find us via DMD Diamond Bitcointalk thread. Another recommended option is to join DMD Diamond slack channel.

Let me know if I can help out in any way. As always, stay safe, protect your portfolio and always differentiate your investments!

Here are the most important links:
DMD Diamond Home Page -

DMD Diamond Whitepaper -
DMD Diamond Bittrex page -
DMD Diamond Bitcointalk thread -
Request DMD Diamond Slack invite here -

DMD Diamond multipool -

DMD Diamond Reddit:

DMD Diamond Twitter:

Masternodes profitability and statistics:

DMD support website containing several guides, FAQ and several useful tools -

DMD Landing page -

18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / If LTC succesfully implements SegWit, will and should BTC follow? on: April 13, 2017, 04:51:26 AM
Hey guys,

the main question of the day is LTC Segwit activation, as I see, the support is over 80% ATM and this has affect the price big time, LTC price has skyrocketed recently.

Once this gets implemented, hopefully without issues, would this be a signal what road should BTC take? Would this finally close mouths of BU supporters? Finally, would this be a sign what would happen to BTC price once this scaling issue gets resolved?

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Simple profit switching miner like Minergate or Nicehash? on: March 26, 2017, 08:26:05 PM
Hey guys,

have built a small rig, just for fun. Would like to be able to use some profit switching software but with the ability NOT to immediately exchange mined coins for BTC, so i can speculate.

Minergate s an excellent example what I need but when I use it, I get 30% lower results then using a separate miner. Nicehash gives me desired result but it auto exchanges my mined coins for BTC. So, is there another option, to be able to mine the most profitable coin and to keep that coin until I decide to sell.

Thx a lot

20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The best GPT website which pays in BTC on: March 08, 2017, 10:42:28 AM
Hey guys, been playing with GPT websites lately, Swag and GH mainly.

I d like to fine one which pays in Bitcoin and allows users outside of US.

Any recommendation s welcome.

Thx a lot.
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