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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] Hellar - Plagiarized Whitepaper on: September 26, 2023, 11:39:10 AM
What happened: Plagiarized Whitepaper

Expires On 2024-05-11
Registered On 2022-05-11
Updated On 2023-08-16


READ: Majority of the contents were plagiarzied from the Whitepaper of  Darkcoin (AKA Dash).


Copied content:

2  Local / Pamilihan / another "enhanced" KYC documents and process. on: March 14, 2023, 11:13:37 PM
Good day, mga kabayan!

Gusto ko lang mag-rant dahil nakareceive nanaman ako ng message kay na need ko nanaman mag send ng panibagong KYC documents despite sending them last year. Now, they are asking for various funds (e.g. bank statements, etc.) even if nasagutan ko na last year lahat ng ito. I even provided yung statements ng parents ko just to prove them the veracity of my funds sa kanilang wallet.

Medyo nakakapagod kase paulit-ulit ko nang inexplain ito last year, tapos itatanong nila ulit and hihingi nanaman ng documents. Sa ganitong system, sobrang inclined na talaga ako mag hanap ng ibang exchange- meron ba kayong ma-susuggest na exchange na pwede rin mag-cash out ng BTC to cash/php?
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] Truqoin - Fake Team on: January 26, 2023, 02:15:19 PM
What happened: One of the team member is using a stock photo from the internet.

Profile Link:;u=3530233
Truqoin ANN:
Truqoin WEBSITE:

READ: One team member of the project was stolen from a stock photo website.

REAL IDENTITY: Stock photo

holydarkness was able to discover that:

All three of them are fake.

Here's Preston Stewards

And Lutz, let's suppose he's real, he didn't mention truqoin on his profile, so it's probably stolen without him being aware his picture and name is borrowes. That's assuming Lutz is a real person. It might worth mentioning that his current employment, the founder of Various Lutz, is somewhat questionable as Various Lutz Companies is not registered on CA company directories.

4  Economy / Lending / Need a short term loan of 0.005 BTC on: August 31, 2022, 06:26:50 AM
Loan amount: 0.005 BTC
Loan Purpose: Personal Use
Loan Repay Amount: 0.006 BTC . (0.001 interest)
Loan Repay Date: Two weeks from now (September 14-15, 2022); I can pay WEEKLY.
Type of Collateral: Unfortunately, I cannot offer any collateral BUT I am enrolled in a signature campaign that will pay me weekly.
BTC Address: 3BMD1MTeBBm1cJDfYYrMWKxt7YZHtHcwL3

I can pay weekly or as soon as I receive the proceeds from my enrolled signature campaign every Tuesdays.
5  Local / Pamilihan / Looking for 0.026 BTC Loan on: August 14, 2022, 06:31:22 PM
Good day!

I am looking for a non-collateral loan of 0.026 BTC or p35,000 which is to be paid within 3-4 months.

I can pay the loan either weekly/monthly basis pero ang limitation ko lang is I have to receive it sa GCash/bank account ko sana. Since limited my withdrawal limits to p25,000 monthly, I can only deposit/withdraw as much kaya preferably sa GCash/bank account ko sana marereceive yung amount.

To reiterate, this will be a non-collateral loan which I will be paying within 3-4 months since I have to purchase a brand-new laptop for my online classes this semester!

*EDITED: interest rate and total repayment would be p40,000.
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] Honest Invest - Ponzi Scheme on: June 22, 2021, 01:59:02 PM
What happened: Ponzi Scheme

12 days old
Created on 2021-06-10
Expires on 2022-06-10
Updated on 2021-06-10

READ: Project offers 145% ROI monthly with a required minimum deposit to be made. Such claims are indicative of a ponzi-scheme that has the potential of scamming your money in the future.

7  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] Synthesis Bank - Plagiarized Whitepaper on: June 18, 2021, 10:15:00 PM
What happened: Plagiarized Whitepaper

323 days old
Created on 2020-07-30
Expires on 2021-07-30
Updated on 2021-05-23


READ: Most of the contents of the whitepaper have been plagiarized with Astronaut.capitals whitepaper, in which the latter has been active since for 1400 days.

Copied content:

8  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] CryptoCoin - Fake Team on: June 17, 2021, 01:10:51 AM
What happened: Fake team using stock photo

Profile Link:;u=3156739
Cryptocoin ANN:
Cryptocoin WEBSITE:
Cryptocoin ARCHIVED ANN:

READ: The pictures of the team member posted on the website are stock photos gathered from different sources from the internet.


115 days old
Created on 2021-02-21
Expires on 2023-02-21
Updated on 2021-06-15

9  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] Argon - Fake Team on: May 23, 2021, 07:04:08 AM
What happened: Fake team using stock photo

Profile Link:;u=3330314
Argon ANN:

READ: IMPORTANT: Three (3) of the team members of the project are computer-generated AI images. You can see that at image number 1, teeth are disproportional; image number 2, the earrings are different from one another; and at image number 3, one earring is floating. These are all signs of a computer generated images produced from ai websites.


112 days old
Created on 2021-01-30
Expires on 2022-01-30
Updated on 2021-05-03

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / $FELON - A coin created against Elon Musk on: May 17, 2021, 04:09:57 PM
So I was browsing through the internet and then I stumbled upon this post where a coin called F**kElon Musk was created in order to just aggravate and get the attention of Elon Musk. I read through this ARTICLE that it was created against Elon's price manipulation in the market. I have no clue about this or anything whatsoever but I just find it really hilarious that people are actually purchasing this memecoin.

11  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] CRYPEX TOKEN - Plagiarized Whitepaper on: May 09, 2021, 11:59:06 AM
What happened: Plagiarized Whitepaper


READ: The contents of the whitepaper have been plagiarized from wise token's whitepaper. While the user who posted the ANN already has an existing flag and a negative trust, it is imperative to inform other members about his newest thread in which he promotes a fake project.

Copied content:

12  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] Kostas Investment - Ponzi Scheme on: April 26, 2021, 09:01:05 PM
What happened: Ponzi Scheme

62 days old
Created on 2021-02-23
Expires on 2022-02-23
Updated on 0000-12-31

READ: Project offers 450% returns in 5 days with a minimum investment required of $1,000 in which such project is a ponzi-scheme. Stay away at all cost if you do not want to lose your money as this type of projects are not really feasible for either short or long-term.

13  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] BSC-Bank.Finance - Ponzi scheme on: April 23, 2021, 02:04:25 PM
What happened: Ponzi Scheme

7 days old
Created on 2021-04-16
Expires on 2022-04-16
Updated on 2021-04-21

READ: Project offers 300% interest on your investment after one month. This is clearly a ponzi-scheme in which the risk of losing your money is high. Such returns are just not feasible enough to operate short/long-term.

14  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] Widecoin - Fake Team (stock photos) on: April 22, 2021, 06:35:14 AM
What happened: Fake team using stock photo

Profile Link:;u=3248411
Widecoin ANN:
Widecoin WEBSITE:

READ: IMPORTANT: After asking on their thread about the fake team members posted on their website, widecoin suddenly moved the topic to their local boards (off-topic) without even explaining their actions behind it. They opened another ANN in which I messaged them about my claim but they again, moved the newly opened ANN to their local board (off-topic) with a threat of even reporting me to the moderator. They even claimed that my report is 'useless' arguing that even Satoshi never posted his identity on the internet. They seem to misunderstand that the difference between them and Satoshi is that, Satoshi never posted fake photos of himself while them, they posted stock photos in which the element of deceit is present.

I believe this kind of attitude implies that they are trying to conceal the shadiness of their project which warrants an accusation against them. Please refer to the screenshots below.

Refer to the two (2) ANNs they moved to their local-boards after confronting against their project:


36 days old
Created on 2021-03-16
Expires on 2022-03-16
Updated on 2021-04-14

15  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] WitLink - Fake Team on: March 21, 2021, 09:45:56 AM
What happened: Fake team using stock photo

Profile Link:;u=3241658
WitLink ANN:

READ: Some of the team members of the project contains stock photos and stolen identities copied from the internet, including one fake advisor. I highly suggest to stay away from the said project.




REAL IDENTITY: Stock photo

REAL IDENTITY: Karl Berkoben
PROFILE LINK/S:!vps-saskaa-ar-iso-14001%2Fcfdq

16  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] Dynarian - Plagiarized Whitepaper on: March 20, 2021, 04:31:01 AM
What happened: Plagiarized Contents

30 days old
Created on 2021-02-17
Expires on 2022-02-17
Updated on 2021-02-17


READ: The contents of the whitepaper have been plagiarized and modified from bitcoin's whitepaper. Some minor modifications from the wordings were done.  

Copied content:

17  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] GamingProfits - Ponzi Scheme on: March 19, 2021, 02:29:10 AM
What happened: Ponzi Scheme

Discord channel creation date: March 09, 2021

READ: Project requires a minimum investment of $50 in order to receive daily profit of around 5-7%. They do not have a working website but they do have a discord invite in which the information about the said project is posted.


18  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] BITKINGZ - Ponzi Scheme on: March 11, 2021, 01:05:59 AM
What happened: Ponzi Scheme

1 days old
Created on 2021-03-09
Expires on 2022-03-09
Updated on 2021-03-09

READ: Project offers up to high daily returns (5-10% daily) with a minimum invested requirement. Stay away from this ponzi scheme as there is a good chance to lose money.

19  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] Pleather - FAKE TEAM on: February 09, 2021, 03:34:22 AM
What happened: Fake team using stock photo

Profile Link:;u=3112405
Pleather ANN:
Pleather WEBSITE:

READ: All of the team members are taken from the internet. 4 out of 6 are stock photos and the remaining 2 are different from what is stated on their website.


2 days old
Created on 2021-02-06
Expires on 2022-02-06
Updated on 2021-02-07


REAL IDENTITY: Bartosz Plewa

REAL IDENTITY: Stock photo

REAL IDENTITY: Stock photo

REAL IDENTITY: Agnieszka Kuehn


20  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] Crop.Finance - Plagiarized Contents on: February 08, 2021, 11:31:46 AM
What happened: Plagiarized Contents

Updated Date: 2021-01-26T20:40:38Z
Creation Date: 2020-11-27T14:46:12Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2022-11-27T14:46:12Z


READ: After checking the contents of the website, I observed that it copied exactly the contents from APY.FINANCE's contents and to another website as well. Though I do understand that YFI websites may be similar to each other, this one clearly plagiarized its contents without giving any credit.

Copied contents:

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