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1  Other / Meta / Thank you from a fool (April fool I mean) on: April 02, 2021, 03:36:41 PM
It was hard to beat the roleplaying like gimmick, but I think this fNFT thing succeeded in shattering all previous April fools. It's the best of them all!

The idea of bitcointalk user tied NFTs is entertaining, current, and most of all, instructing. I took it as a lesson in illiquid shitcoin markets. Only, this time we knew it wouldn't last longer than a butterfly, and no one had any expectation of riches. But still, we could all experience that bitter bag holding feeling and the "but but... my bitcoinz gone? Where are bitcoinz?" aftertaste. Dodgy emission... "Satoshi NFT ffs!?". Market fuckery with bots scavenging the book for valuable tokens - OK, the bots are just a SOMA hunch I have, but it was impossible to trade with friends at under-market prices: someone would scoop up the good tokenz as soon as you listed them. If this isn't a multi-faceted lesson, then what is?

The only problem I see with this? It's going to be quite a feat surpassing this April fool come next April. You set the bar a bit too high for your own good  Tongue

Thank you theymos!
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Old blocks changed on: September 11, 2019, 08:27:31 PM
My bitcoin node runs on a linux box. I've been away a few weeks, and I kept it switched off. When I got back, I found the main drive had some problem, so I replaced it and reinstalled the system and some of the software, including bitcoind. So far so good. After this, I proceeded to restore the latest daily backup of the .bitcoin directory. I then left the node running to verify and sync.

The surprise came when the catching up was done, and I launched the new daily backup. I use rsync, so only files that have actually changed do get transferred. Well, apparently about half of the blocks need uploading to backup, which was never the case during my previous daily backup routine. Why have older block files changed?

I'm talking about blk0XXXX.dat files. The latest is blk01790.dat, so I expected the backup to begin well after blk01000.dat, but rsync's output begins like this:


Why the change in all these old blocks?
3  Other / Meta / A useful user statistic to show - Magic Dust or Emep? on: April 23, 2018, 11:58:47 PM
If I could get heard by the mighty Theymos, I would very much like to ask if we could get more statistics. We need something like "Imagination", "Magic Dust" or "Emep", which might stand for "Earned Merit per Eligible Post (ratio)".

The first has been implemented, but we saw it didn't work out. Could we have the other two? Or just the last, maybe? It actually could give us a useful view of someone's history here.

Or some other number/bucket system like that, perhaps. I'm sure several tweaks could be twoken to fuzzy it up a bit if deemed appropriate.
4  Economy / Exchanges / XAPO or...? on: August 04, 2017, 03:10:22 PM
Hello, I've done my share of homework researching the available debit cards, but it's hard to find reliable information from people actually using such cards.

EU citizen, currency EUR. My ideal would be a totally anonymous debit card, which as I understand it, is impossible nowadays Sad Unless you want to be limited to 1000-2000 EUR per card/street address. Or is it?

Second best: a normal debit card in my name. I am interested in Xapo, but I'm not sure it actually works well. Are there any alternatives with strong points? Xapo commissions look sane on paper, but how about the exchange rate, for example?

One last issue is taxes. Since I never sold a single BTC, I've had no need to mention BTC in my taxes. How does it work when I spend from a debit card? Am I going to find friendly mr. Smith (the taxman) knocking at my door?

Any advice from actual debit card users will be welcome as useful help.

Thank you!
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