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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / GoldMint CEO Dmitry Pluschevskiy about GOLD mining and future of the project. on: May 23, 2019, 12:21:04 PM
Dear friends!

I am proud to announce the launch of a full beta testing of PoS mining in the MINT blockchain network. This will allow the owners of MNT (P) tokens to launch the master node and receive a remuneration in GOLD. This is something we have all been waiting for and now, finally, it has arrived.

Before revealing the details of testing, I would like to remind you of what the GoldMint project is, what the project team has already achieved and why the MNT (P) token has great prospects.

A general description of the project:

GoldMint is an innovative Fintech project with the main objective of issuing and administering the turnover of crypto asset GOLD tokenized pawn shop loans secured by gold.

The project includes the following components:

• crypto asset GOLD, with a price equal to the current value of a 999 sample troy gold ounce on the CME exchange.

• utility token MNT (P), which has various applications within the GoldMint ecosystem.

• MINT high-speed blockchain network, using a Proof-Of-Stake algorithm for consensus.

• CUSTODY BOT robotic repository, equipped with a diagnostic system for jewelry items.

How it works

1. When a person receives a loan at any of the partner pawn shops around the world secured on his gold product, it enters the Custody Bot repository mounted in this pawn shop or separately in other place. At the same time, the product passes through an automatic diagnostic system built into the Custody Bot. Information about the weight and gold standard of this product is recorded to the MINT blockchain network.

2. Based on the information received, an appropriate amount of the crypto asset GOLD is automatically emitted in the MINT blockchain.

3. The crypto asset GOLD is sold at the current exchange price of gold. The transaction of the crypto asset GOLD is also recorded in the MINT blockchain.

4. All changes in the MINT blockchain are recorded during the mining process by master nodes that can only be launched by the owners of MNT (P) tokens. Master nodes receive commissions from each transaction in the MINT blockchain.

5. Proceeds from sales of the crypto asset GOLD are invested in gold assets by the GoldMint company. More information about the structure of investment is written below.

6. The GoldMint company undertakes to buy all crypto-assets GOLD (either instantly or within a certain period that is required to replenish liquidity) in the investor’s personal account. This will take place on company’s website at the current price of gold and without any additional fees.

Crypto asset GOLD

GOLD is the name of the digital financial asset, the rights to which are protected by cryptographic keys. It is therefore called a crypto asset.

All crypto assets are tied to specific addresses within the MINT blockchain network. In order to send the crypto asset from one address to another, one must have a crypto key that corresponds exactly to the address where this crypto asset is located. To transfer a crypto asset, you need to send the address of a transaction signed with the crypto key to the blockchain network. Once that is done, the balance of the sender and recipient addresses changes.

The cost of 1 crypto asset GOLD is equal to the cost of 1 troy ounce of 24K gold on the LME London Stock Exchange. Emission of crypto assets GOLD does not exceed the amount of gold held in partner pawn shops as collateral for loans and recorded in the MINT blockchain network.

The GoldMint company undertakes to buy out crypto assets GOLD on its website from any user who has undergone the KYC / AML procedure at the spot price of 999 rate gold on the LME.

The proceeds from the sale of crypto assets GOLD are divided into 4 parts:

• Up to 70% is invested in the pawn shop business through the buying of portfolios of gold-backed loans, as well as bonds or shares of partner pawnshops.

• Up to 10% is invested in the purchase of hedging financial instruments, which is necessary due to possible changes in exchange rates.

• Up to 10% is used to buy / sell real gold in the form of scrap of unclaimed items from partner pawn shops.

• The rest of the funds remain in the company’s accounts in the form of cash and in the form of cryptocurrencies to provide immediate liquidity.

GoldMint’s income and balanced financial policy prevents the company from taking commission from the buyers of crypto assets GOLD and to ensure the redemption of crypto assets GOLD at the price of gold — even when the cost of gold rises/increases.

We will stop the turnover of crypto assets GOLD that was launched by us in 2018 on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain and that was secured only with physical gold. We will do this by buying all the ERC-20 GOLD at the price of gold. As the study of demand shows, people don’t really mind how the gold the crypto asset is backed and whether it is bought on the stock exchange or stored at a pawn shop. It is important to receive additional benefits, such as buying /selling without commission.

We will launch a full-scale sale of GOLD after obtaining the appropriate permits and licenses. We will begin to actively advertise crypto assets GOLD and list them on cryptocurrency exchange. After that, the turnover of crypto assets will grow significantly and the owners of the master nodes will receive more and more remuneration.

The bulk selling of crypto assets GOLD is currently difficult due to the fact that there is no regulation of such activities in any of the countries. It is therefore still impossible to make transactions of money received from the sale of crypto assets GOLD through banks. The GoldMint legal team carefully monitors legal changes in different countries. We are not just waiting for the revision of the legislation, but have already been launching the test turnover of crypto assets GOLD in the MINT blockchain, the work of the master node, the exchange of GOLD to ETH.

In some countries, the turnover of basic cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and utility tokens is already regulated. Secured crypto assets will become the next step in the development of cryptoeconomics. And we are fully prepared for leadership in this segment!

The reasons for people to buy crypto assets GOLD

Investing in gold as the most reliable asset has not lost its relevance and is still used throughout the world by individuals as well as large financial institutions.

But due to the complexity of logistics as well as the need for verification and tax-specific features in several countries, commission for buying/selling gold is sometimes more than tens percent. That makes it almost impossible to use it as a short-term investment instrument or as a mean of payment.

Numerous gold derivative financial instruments, such as ETF (Exchange Trading Funds) or DMA (Depersonalized Metal Accounts) also require a significant commission for buying/selling or servicing.

The GoldMint project will allow investors from all over the world to invest in gold-backed crypto asset GOLD without commissions for buying/selling. This is possible by minimizing the cost of accounting for owners of crypto asset GOLD due to blockchain technologies, and due to the fact that investing in chattel mortgages will bring the GoldMint company additional revenue to cover commissions.

Crypto asset GOLD also has great prospects in cryptoeconomics as a stablecoin. The widespread disappointment in the USDT and the emergence of new stablecoins offer significant prospects for the crypto asset GOLD.

Obviously, the role of gold in the global financial system is strengthening again. This is due to the change in the general geopolitical situation in the world as well as the need of performing universal calculations in international trade. According to various initiatives since March 29, 2019, such as the adoption of the Bazel-III document, physical gold in bank assets was made equal to cash.

The total world portfolio of gold-backed pawn shop loans is more than $ 90 billion. This is about 70 million ounces. This gold is issued through more than 100,000 pawn shops around the world. This is enough for GOLD to become the main stable crypto asset.

MINT blockchain

This is the most important part of our project. We spent a lot of money and time on the development of our own blockchain network MINT. But it provides very good benefits to our project.

We need our own blockchain network for the following reasons:

• Legislation requires that you must have a software license that records the turnover of secured crypto assets to issue these assets.

• Increased security due to the implementation of its own logic of work in the master nodes without the use of smart contracts.

• Higher transaction speeds through the use of a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.

• Fixed commissions for the transfer of crypto assets.

• Implementation of an economic model according to which the revenue from transactions is shared with owners of MNT (P) tokens.

At the ICO stage, we planned to implement a blockchain network based on Graphene. But after we have studied the market of possible offers, we realized that, due to several reasons, the solution from the Sumus team is better for us. This article describes the mathematical principle of solving the problem of the Byzantine generals, laid down by the Sumus team in the MINT blockchain.

In the current version of the MINT blockchain, there are two entities:

• Crypto asset GOLD — emission and burning are centralized. The volume of the issue depends on the number of pawn shop pledges stored in the blockchain.

• Token MNT (P) — it is determined that there will be no more than 10,000,000 tokens.

The MINT blockchain has three main types of transactions:

• Crypto asset GOLD transactions from one address to another. The commission in GOLD is charged for the transaction. The amount of commissions is automatically calculated based on the number of MNT (P) tokens on the sender’s wallet according to the rules.

• MNT (P) token transactions from one address to another. A commission fee of 0.02 MNT (P) is charged for the transaction.

• Recording information of any type on the MINT blockchain can be paid for in MNT (P) tokens at a rate of 0.004 MNT (P) / byte.

Now we have a guaranteed blockchain data bandwidth of about 600 transactions per second. This is a very high data bandwidth and that’s enough for us. In the future we will be able to increase this figure.

All MNT (P) tokens received for data recording and as a commission for transactions, as well as GOLD crypto assets received as commissions go to the system wallet, and 75% of the total amount of these proceeds is distributed among the active master nodes that are ready to participate in consensus.

The distribution is in proportion to the MNT (P) tokens frozen at the address tied to the master node. MNT (P) tokens go to the same address.

We have launched the test MINT blockchain network in the summer of 2018. The blockchain kernel continued to be developed during the entire autumn and winter — master nodes and the development of additional infrastructure elements:

Goldmint Lite Wallet — extension for Chrome browser
Web — scanner of transactions, blocks, nodes, wallets
Pool for MNT (P) tokens based on Ethereum ERC-20 standard
KYC / AML procedure for buyers of GOLD crypto assets
Monitoring blockchain network system (login “guest”, password “12345678”)
API for service integration — third-party wallets or data loaders (sent by request)
Developing a new blockchain is a very time-consuming task. Errors can be found after the launch — even in projects with a development budget hundred times larger than those of the GoldMint company. Therefore, we carefully tested the blockchain for vulnerabilities. We have not published and do not plan to publish the source code of the MINT blockchain in the public domain. There are several reasons for this:

• Most users won’t receive any information — are there many people who have ever seen the source codes of the Ethereum or EOS networks?

• This will make it easier for hackers to attack at the early stages of project development.

We may publish some parts of the source code later. Next, we plan to continue developing the main MINT blockchain code.

• All the information about the MINT blockchain is collected in the WiKi.

• The running master node instruction you can find here.

• List of commands in the MINT blockchain

Custody Bot

This is the unique invention of the GoldMint team — a fully automated pawn shop. It automatically checks the gold item, places it in a separate cell for storage and returns the item after repayment of the loan. Verification is carried out using a spectrometer and hydrostatic weighing. Money is transferred to customers’ bank cards.

Each partner pawn shop whose stocks, bonds, or loan portfolios will be purchased by GoldMint must be equipped with a Custody Bot automated repository. It is necessary to automate the process of auditing the pawnshop loan portfolio. In fact, a Custody Bot is a GOLD issuer and the custodian for our MINT blockchain — crypto assets GOLD are emitted based on the data received from it.

Pawn shops will buy a Custody Bot on lease so that GoldMint can lend it to them. In addition, pawn shops will be able to develop their network using Custody Bot versions to work autonomously with clients.

In addition to pawn shop activities, a Custody Bot can also carry out buy-ups activities — the process is the same. This allows substantially expanding the use of this device. It can also work as a normal vending machine or a delivery machine — free cells can be filled with products that can be sold via the internet or directly from the Custody Bot screen.

The Custody Bot demo was launched in September 2018.

Now the serial product is getting ready to production. In the serial product the diagnostic system has been significantly upgraded, the case protection has been enhanced, etc.

Members of the pawn shop community from different countries, banks and jewelry stores showed great interest in this device. In June 2019 we are going to test the device in a real retail jewelry network in Moscow.

We plan to allocate the development of the Custody Bot project into a separate subsidiary and to attract a financial investor, since significant investments are required for the mass production of large batches of the device. A partnership agreement on the development of a Custody Bot has recently been reached with one of the world’s largest fintech holdings.

Two things are important for owners of MNT (P) tokens:

• A Custody Bot saves each loan operation in the MINT blockchain and uses MNT (P) tokens to record information. That is, the more Custody Bots are installed in the MINT blockchain, the higher the demand and the price for MNT (P) will be.

• The Custody Bot franchise is planned to be developed as a separate direction — private entrepreneurs will be able to receive and use a Custody Bot on the basis of revenue sharing, by paying a franchise fee in MNT (P) tokens.

We have submitted an application to fintech sandbox of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to change the legislation regarding the work of a Custody Bot offline. We are waiting for results in August 2019. We expect real mass sales and start of the Custody Bot operation no earlier than 2020.

MNT (P) token

The MNT (P) token is required for the following actions:

• Information recording to the MINT blockchain is paid for in MNT (P) tokens. Accordingly, all pawn shops using a Custody Bot need MNT (P) tokens to record information about pledges in the blockchain.

• Having a certain amount of MNTP allows a discount when sending GOLD. The more MNTP there are on the sender’s wallet, the lower the commission will be. The fee for sending GOLD is paid in GOLD

• If you have more than 10,000 MNTP tokens, you are allowed to run the MINT blockchain node on your own server, connect it to the MINT blockchain and receive remuneration from each transaction in GOLD and MNTP.

• There is no commission for buyers/sellers of crypto assets GOLD on the GoldMint website who have more than 1000 MNT (P) tokens.

A total amount of 10,000,000 MNT (P) tokens are issued in the Ethereum blockchain. All of them have already been released and are either with us or in circulation. We plan to correct the information on the CMC that only 20% of tokens are in circulation.

So far a total of 8,500,000 MNT (P) tokens are still under the control of GoldMint. We have several options on how to deal with them:

• To burn them. This will lead to very few tokens and we will not be able to get a sufficient number of master nodes. Also, we need funding for further development.

• To sell part of the tokens on the stock exchange — this will result in the loss in value and lower user confidence.

• To distribute them to the current MNT (P) holders — this will lead to a further loss in value. We have studied the experience of Airdrop shares — all of them ended with a drop in price.

Therefore, we decided that the best decision is to sell part of the MNT (P) tokens through a specially created smart contract. We have frozen 2,000,000 MNT(P) tokens in this smart contract, and as a result only tokens bought in it for ETH can be sold back to it for ETH before the expiration of the smart contract. In addition, it has a referral marketing system built into it — each buyer of tokens receives his personal link and can earn money by inviting other users. The smart contract is managed through the website, which looks like an over-the-counter launch pad. We will not sell the remaining tokens for at least a year. It will be impossible to sell MNT (P) tokens purchased on the exchange or during ICO in a smart contract. They can only be sold through exchanges or used for mining. However, it is possible to sell tokens purchased in a smart contract on the exchange.

Very often people ask why the MNT (P) token price falls. Of course, I would prefer the price to grow constantly. However, I can not influence this process. If someone is ready to give away his MNT (P) tokens almost for free, it means that he either really needs some money, or he simply does not understand the prospects for the project. In my opinion, any startup that received funding would have such problems if it were possible to freely sell or buy its shares at an early stage of development. Any startup, which is exactly what GoldMint is, has to prove the benefits of its product in order to be popular with investors. GoldMint is a very complicated startup. It includes several brand-new inventions, and we are making the entire infrastructure for ourselves. Actually, we are creating a new market — just like Western Union has been doing since 1851, Paypal since 1998 or Bitcoin since 2009.

An additional impact on the cost of MNT (P) tokens were made by a large number of scam blockchain projects for which all the funds were spent, and a long drop in the cost of Bitcoin. Rightly so the year 2018 is now called “crypto winter”. I am glad that the team and I were able to use this time to our advantage and create real innovations.

I consider that the main reason for the growing interest of the community to the MNT (P) tokens is the possibility of using them for PoS mining. Unlike PoW mining, in PoS mining the decisive factors for profitability are not the amount of equipment and access to cheap electricity, but the existence of MNT (P) tokens. As there are only 10,000,000 MNT (P) tokens with an increase in the GOLD crypto assets turnover or the development of the Custody Bot network, the size of the commissions for 1 MNT (P) token will increase and the price will go up significantly as well.

What’s more, people often ask me why the MNT (P) token is not represented on the major exchanges. The answer is simple — it is very expensive and does not give any guarantee of the high cost of the token. We studied this question very carefully. There is no connection between the price of the token and its listing on any exchange. As the project develops, we will definitely make a listing on major exchanges, if there is an appropriate budget for this. The only platform where we precisely plan the listing is the CMC analog for projects with master nodes.

Today, MNT (P) tokens are represented on a sufficient number of sites:

• Bancor

• YoBit


• LiveCoin

• ForkDelta

For almost the entire 2018, we held marketing activities aimed at increasing the interest of the crypto community in the GoldMint project. Unfortunately, this did not lead to an increase in demand for the MNT (P) token, as the owner of the token would not receive any direct benefit. And it was already useless to advertise promises against the background of the fall of Bitcoin and the wave of scam projects. However, now, after the launch of mining, we will begin to actively promote our project. The problem is that publications in crypto media, direct advertising on social networks or participation in events don’t work anymore. Therefore, we will focus on referral marketing through the platform.

In 2017, MNT tokens (pre-launch) were released on Ethereum and their full migration to the MINT blockchain into MNT tokens was planned after the launch. However, we changed our plans and decided to leave the MNT (P) tokens in the Ethereum blockchain, and the MNT tokens in the MINT blockchain. By doing that, the total number should not exceed 10 000 000 tokens. This is due to several reasons:

• Ethereum tokens are easier to integrate into numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. Full migration will destroy the distribution of tokens on existing exchanges, and new listings take a long time.

• We must be sure that the MINT blockchain is reliable before the final migration. If network vulnerabilities will be found after migration, users may lose their MNT (P) tokens.

Therefore, the migration is implemented as follows: to participate in the mining of ERC20, MNTP tokens must be held on the Ethereum pool contract, and, at the same time, the user is given the appropriate number of MNT tokens in the MINT blockchain at the rate of 1 MNT (P) = 1 MNT. Reverse migration of purchase is carried out manually at the user’s request. If there are any problems in the MINT blockchain, all users will be able to get their MNT (P) tokens back in the Ethereum blockchain.

Our plan for the coming year is as follows:

• To choose the jurisdiction to start sales of the crypto assets GOLD

• Launch of the MINT blockchain with mining in open beta mode

• Listing on

• Referral marketing campaign for MNT (P) token

• Testing Custody Bot in retail

• Preparing for the launch of Custody Bot 2.0 and taking orders for it

• Connection of a new pawn shop networks to the blockchain

• To ensure after the legalization of the crypto asset GOLD its advertising and listing on cryptocurrency exchanges and in the list of

Testing details

The pawn shops chain MosGorLombard is currently connected to the MINT blockchain network. It is not equipped with a Custody Bot, but we emulate their work, keeping all information about real loans, returns and non-purchased products in the blockchain. The recording of this information is paid, as intended, with MNT (P) tokens.

Based on this information, we are starting to issue crypto assets GOLD and emulate their movement to investors’ wallets. Along with this, the commission will be charged in crypto assets GOLD. To receive part of this commission, you need to run your own master node. Few steps to launch the master node:

1. Buy more than 10000.1 MNTP tokens on any exchange from the list.

2. Hold purchased tokens in the Ethereum Pool smart contract.

3. Create a Lite Wallet in the MINT blockchain, setting the extension for the Chrome browser.

4. Swap 10,000.1 MNTP (ERC20) to MNT (MINT) tokens and receive them to your Lite Wallet.

5. Deploy or rent a dedicated server with CentOS and run a master node on it.

6. Register your Lite wallet and your own master node in the MINT blockchain.

7. Receive rewards in crypto assets GOLD

The received remuneration can be exchanged at to ETH or sent to any other wallet in the MINT blockchain.

More information you can find here.

P.S. Easy way to receive your first GOLD tokens is just to repost this article. More information here.

ATTENTION! Testing has no restrictions on the time or amount of remuneration paid. In case of emergency situations, the blockchain can be restarted. When this happens, information about the wallets may be reset. We are not responsible for any losses due to abnormal operations of the blockchain during the test period.

P.S. Easy way to receive your first GOLD tokens is just to repost our article about GOLD mining launch. More information you can find here.
2  Local / Vos sites et projets / [ANN] Moon Forum - Le Forum Ultime de Crypto on: September 14, 2018, 12:33:45 PM

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / EOS ETHER.. THE NEVER ENDING FIGHT .. on: July 05, 2018, 08:51:28 PM
I think this is not healthy the fight between eos and ether hodlers for the crypto space soon the fight will be more intense with the join of cardano and neo. i think our ecosystem required them all we need some inflationary platform and some deflationary and with pos and with dpos to simulate successfully all the applications of the real world in the blockchain some application like facebook if we assume to tokenize it there is no ways to do it in ethereuem even with sharding because a simple interaction will cost fees and this is absurde and the natural architecture that can hold it is eos others like marketplace can be run smoothly and with a maximum decentralization in ether and the list go on and on.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Monero fork on: April 03, 2018, 08:51:03 PM
hi guys is there additional information about monero fork can anyone kindly provide us more information about the fork mechanism thanks Smiley
5  Local / Annonces / [ANN] [TOKEN] eFL (FAN) - Ligue des sports Pro contrôlée par les amateurs on: November 21, 2017, 12:47:13 AM



Le programme de récompense de FAN Token a commencé dans la plate-forme Bounty de Bancor, fournissant des récompenses à plusieurs niveaux sous forme de jetons

Lisez plus

Un nouveau paradigme pour la gestion du sport

Alors que la gestion des équipes sportives professionnelles a traditionnellement été un processus insulaire, la prolifération de l'accès mobile permet une approche holistique de la construction d'une équipe. Toute personne ayant un appareil photo et du temps libre peut offrir un dépistage de première main ; Toute personne ayant une connexion Internet peut regarder un film d'un adversaire à rencontrer et offrir son point de vue pour la préparation du jour du match. Le jeton FAN sert de mesure de ce que vous savez, un différenciateur tangible qui élimine l'ambiguïté à grande échelle. Le pouvoir de décision des amateurs est pondéré en fonction de leurs antécédents éprouvés. L'eFL tire parti de la puissance et de l'intelligence d'un vaste réseau de contributeurs plutôt que de compter sur le temps et les ressources limités de quelques-uns.

Contenu adapté au 21e siècle

Les ligues sportives traditionnelles continuent de présenter leurs jeux sur le terrain grâce à une diffusion unique et hautement organisée, mais l'eFL sera à l'image de la production vidéo, offrant une myriade d'angles (y compris la technologie expérimentale comme les drones et les cameras). Au bout des doigts des amateurs à travers l'application et nos réseaux partenaires. Nous sommes en train de finaliser un partenariat de distribution avec une grande société de médias numériques pour aider à amener le contrôle de nos équipes au plus grand nombre possible d’amateurs, et notre fonctionnalité de prise de décision sera directement intégrée dans l'expérience.


Nous avons passé les deux dernières années à peaufiner notre plateforme et nos opérations. L'année dernière, nous l'avons présentée au public avec les Screaming Eagles de Salt Lake dans la ligue de football intérieure (et oui, ce nom a été le résultat du vote des amateurs). Les Screaming Eagles ont fait leurs débuts en février 2017 en tant que première équipe sportive professionnelle contrôlée par des amateurs sur la planète, et le pilote a non seulement 100 000 amateurs de plus de 100 pays diffusant activement nos jeux et appels via notre application, mais aussi une équipe de football réussie. Avec des partisans à la barre qui ont appelé tous les jeux offensifs, les Screaming Eagles ont eu la troisième attaque de la ligue, et le quart Verlon Reed a été nommé recrue de l'année. Grâce à des partenariats avec Twitch, la plate-forme de vidéos en ligne eSports de Sports Illustrated et Amazon, nous avons amassé des millions de vues, dont la plupart provenaient de téléspectateurs de l'IFL.


Notre travail préliminaire a attiré l'attention des principales publications médiatiques comme le premier véritable effort pour donner aux amateurs un coup de main dans l'action et de fusionner les mondes du jeu vidéo et de l'athlétisme réel.

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