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1  Economy / Collectibles / [WTB] MS68/69 Cas 2013 1 BTC Gilt on: May 22, 2019, 03:51:18 PM
Feel free to PM me with a price. Reasonable offers only please.  Smiley

Also open to ungraded coins if they look like they could fetch a MS68-70 grade.
2  Economy / Collectibles / Tarnish on brass Casascius coins, what to do? on: April 08, 2019, 03:00:23 PM
Hi, I have been looking at a few 2011 brass Casascius coins that appear to have some tarnish on them but otherwise look to be in pretty good shape. Is it possible to use a brass cleaner (like Weiman Brass polish, or Brasso metal polish) on the front of the coin at least (not anywhere near the hologram) to clean them up, or is this just a Bad Idea that will cause issues?

Are the brass coins (and silver coins for that matter) prone to tarnish in general, if not kept in an airtight storage container?

Thanks in advance for all guidance here!
3  Economy / Collectibles / [WTB] Casascius .5 and 5 BTC coins on: April 07, 2019, 10:24:02 PM
UPDATED: got a nice 1 BTC cas. Looking for .5 and 5 BTC cas coins in very good shape now.

Looking for 2011 error coins, UPDATE: they don't have to be ANACS graded, but looking for ones that are in really good condition (something that would get a MS 66+). PM me please. Escrow required. Thanks!
4  Bitcoin / Armory / SOLVED - MADE SCRIPT: signing raw transactions from bitcoind with armory on: February 04, 2014, 08:25:32 AM
Quick question:

I was wondering if it was possible to sign an unsigned transaction (hex encoded) essentially produced by bitcoind's createrawtransaction (i.e. long hex string starting with 010000000) in offline armory, assuming that my offline armory wallet has the necessary private keys of course.

I tried producing one using and pasting it into armory's Sign and/or Broadcast Transaction text box, but it says "Unrecognized", along with "Transaction data is invalid and cannot be shown". The txn is valid (if signed in bitcoind it will broadcast fine, and it decodes properly with I've noticed the format that armory appears to produce for its raw transactions has header and footer lines, as well as _TXDIST/_TXINPUT, and the hex encoded transaction is wrapped at a certain line width. Do I need to somehow encode the raw bitcoin transaction to match this form for armory to be able to work with it?


EDIT: So I figured it out and wrote a script to do this, which will take a bitcoind hex raw txn and convert to an armory style txn, which should be good for signing and/or broadcasting (if already signed) I would think. I couldn't get the system path hack to fully work... it still complained about not being able to import a module in the jsonrpc folder. That being the case, you could just throw this script in /usr/lib/armory on the online armory box (with a full or watch-only wallet) and run it. Starts armory up, loads the blockchain, and spits out the armory-formatted txn.

Any suggestions to the script are welcome (and feel free to add this to the armory extras folder):

import sys
from armoryengine import *


if len(sys.argv) != 3:
    print "Please pass wallet file, followed by hex encoded unsigned raw txn"

walletPath = sys.argv[1]
hexRawTxn = sys.argv[2]

wlt = PyBtcWallet().readWalletFile(walletPath)
# Register wallet and start blockchain scan
TheBDM.setOnlineMode(True)  # will take 20 min for rescan
# Need "syncWithBlockchain" every time TheBDM is updated

#Translate raw txn
pytx = PyTx()
print("Encoding raw txn: %s" % hexRawTxn)
binTxn = hex_to_binary(hexRawTxn)
tx = PyTxDistProposal(pytx)
print("\n\nOutput is:\n%s" % tx.serializeAscii())


5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Namecoin has overtaken Peercoin on coinmarketcap on: November 28, 2013, 03:28:25 PM
Wow, Namecoin and Litecoin are blowing up....definitely looking like a bubble.

Wondering what people are thinking of this recent price action.

Is this due to Litecoin going on Chinese exchanges?

Also, Namecoin may be being manipulated:
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Mastercoin 'fee for service' discussion on: November 26, 2013, 03:39:16 PM
In the main mastercoin thread, I had brought up the idea of charging a small fee for certain Mastercoin services (such as creating a smart property).

Before submitting any proposed spec changes (as I said I’d try to do), I’d like to bring this up as a separate topic and get people’s opinions of it, as it is a very important and major part of Mastercoin that can hugely affect Mastercoin adoption (or the lack of adoption). Given this, let’s have a discussion on:
  • the pros and cons of fees
  • what fees should be charged for
  • how fees should be sized (e.g. constant, like with Peercoin, or variable)
  • how fees should be paid (e.g. destroy the MSC, send to Exodus)
  • and more…

As some background for this thread, here's relevant parts from my initial post (taken from
From the spec, it looks like the unique factor used to differentiate one property from another is the Property Name, in which one may put up to 21 characters, correct?

What’s to stop people from spamming new smart properties? This could be like the domain name system, without any pricing required to reserve a name. Someone could reserve a smart property like “dog”, or “House Deed”, in perpetuity. Is any MSC required to be consumed to create a property, or is it just the BTC transaction costs to send the transaction?

[..] If MSC is required (or you are considering this), you could have two options here: pay to the Exodus address (further enriching that, although I don’t know how necessary that is), or destroy the funds, similar to Peercoin transactions.

edit to the above: as I understand this more, I think I confused this string name with a currency ID. Am I right in saying that the currency ID (not the 21 byte string name), is what will need to be allocated and unique?? Whichever one it is, we still have necessary allocations among a finite resource, which is where a fee would make sense to prevent clutter

JR’s response to this was:
Adding some sort of cost to reduce spam is a great idea. Thanks for bringing that up.

To which I responded:
Having a fee is about much more than just reducing system abuse. If done right, it can also be about encouraging the growth of MSC, by requiring people to trade and vest into MSC before using the features of the systems. Doing this I believe will have a huge impact on enlisting long term support of Mastercoin, because it makes anyone that wants to use Mastercoin features have to be vested into the system to some extent, even if it's only a bit, in order to consume finite platform resources (e.g. smart property namespace and currency IDs in this case). It's also an area where I wonder how Mastercoin clones (such as Mastercoin2, where no Exodus-style funding and no inherent coin worth) will handle. To deter namespace spamming, requiring something beyond the minimal BTC transaction value to be spent on a valuable service with finite addressing resources makes logical and economic sense, to me at least, and keeps the system un-bloated and useful. And it is also something to consider from a systems perspective...i.e. if Tachikoma or someone needs to implement a smart properties feature to the site, parsing out and caching each smart property for quick look-up takes time and memory space.

So that all being said, I agree with you on some kind of fee (which I think should be reasonable, able to adjust/change possibly, and made with the foremost intention of reducing spam while preserving usability and desirability of the feature-set). Also agree that it should not go to the Exodus address. It should be done in a way that doesn't bias one participant over another. However, the problem if we did that alone, is that Mastercoin would become a deflationary currency, possibly even more than bitcoin is (where supply slowly reduces due to constant max and people losing wallets, etc, but transaction fees do not destroy BTC). Not inherently a deal killer, but it would reduce the supply over time. Not entirely sure about what the exact consequences of this are, as the annualized deflation rate could become significant, depending on the exact fee structure and service use volume.

JR’s response to this, favored the deflationary approach:
Mastercoin has a fixed supply, and I'll gladly destroy them as an anti-spam feature. You'll notice that distributed e-commerce destroys MSC to avoid gaming the feedback system. I think it makes sense to destroy MSC to avoid spam feedback, and spam property creation, and spam anything else. Deflationary = Good Investment = Bigger Mastercoin Community = Faster progress = Even better investment

For instance, as a starting point, say we charged the following fees on the following services:
  • Simple send, guardian address, rate limiting: No fee
  • DEx operations: No fee
  • Selling/buying MSC for other MSC currencies: No fee
  • Registering a data stream: no fee
  • Offering a bet: no fee
  • Accepting a bet: 0.0025 MSC
  • Creating a smart property: 0.01 MSC
  • Paying dividends on a smart property: 0.0025 MSC
  • Listing something for sale: 0.001 MSC
  • Initiating a purchase, accepting a buyer, leaving feedback: Has its own proposed fees already it seems like
  • Creating a new escrow-backed currency (is this different than creating a smart property?): 1 MSC

Is this absurd, or does it make sense? What does everyone think of these ideas, and these fees themselves? (Being constant, these fees above could be a problem if the value of MSC went up by a ton, or was very volatile... but say in Peercoins case, it has constant fees, but reserves the right to adjust the spec in the future to adjust the fee if needed.)
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / mastercoind proposal to speed development: Please read, vote, and comment on: November 23, 2013, 06:16:57 PM
ripper234 has asked me to create a thread to investigate the creation of a “mastercoind” program to help lower the bar to entry for the mastercoin development community. This is an idea I put forward on bitcointalk earlier1.

The Problem

The basic idea is that Mastercoin transaction processing even today is quite involved and is going to get much harder as new features continue to be added to the spec. Currently, we have multiple efforts at creating a parsing framework for the stack, which both must be able to parse the various types of Mastercoin transactions (Class A, B and in the future, C transactions), as well as be able to apply the rules of the spec -– which itself is still quite nebulous in places -- to these transactions.

In the words of killerstorm, "Different implementations might implement it in different ways, and getting it right is very, very tricky."2 For proof of this today, we can look at the frequent regressions and incompatibilities we are witnessing between the various implementations (e.g. mastercoin-explorer, mymastercoins, masterchest). For example, there have been several times when I put an MSC-containing address into these three tools, and got two or three different balances reported back. This is absolutely no fault to the developers themselves, who have been doing an excellent and admirable job of building something in quite a short timeframe (working part-time, too). However, it does reflect both the current ambiguous nature of the spec in areas, as well as the base complexity of the Mastercoin concept itself.

This situation will only become orders of magnitude more complex as additional features are layered on, and I believe we need to be proactive now and come up with a way to head this off at the pass, or else we will pay for it painfully later, in dealing with regressions and confusion instead of blazing forward with innovating new feature implementations.

The Solution

To this end, I believe Mastercoin needs a “reference-client” front-end API provider implementation, which, similar to bitcoind, would take care of implementing the “guts” of the spec and take it out to a higher level interface which would focus on things that have actually happened, after all of the Bitcoin and Mastercoin parsing and rule validation have been taken into effect. The daemon would start up, stay resident, and as new bitcoin blocks were processed by bitcoind, would parse and interpret any Mastercoind-transactions and make them available to its clients via an asynchronous (callback-driven) streamed event API, or a request-based synchronous API.

Then, instead of having to write their own parser and spec interpretation logic from scratch, Mastercoin developers could simply hook into mastercoind by spending 10 minutes writing the code to connect to mastercoind, subscribe to events, and decode the JSON-based responses for what they were interested in. Psuedo-code for an example event feed may be similar to:
•   "address A sent address B 50 MSC"
•   "address C put out an offer for 50 MSC @ .50/ea. offer ID is 1234".
•   "address D bid on offer 1234 for 20 of the 50 MSC"
•   "address E created a smart property named 'foobar' with currency ID 4567"

The first example, taken out to the JSON text that mastercoind may actually return, would be:

{“operation”: “sendmsc”, “from”: “1CE8bBr1dYZRMnpmyYsFEoexa1YoPz2mfB”, “to”: “1EcpemQkcq9Dit7yF9hxEKZzGVkAScwDrP”, “transactionID”: “3f0bcd2930[…]”, “amount”: 50, “block”: 23849202, “when”: “20101117T09:42:00“}

Like bitcoind, the daemon could be made available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

The Benefits
The advantage of this approach is that instead of forcing each new potential Mastercoin developer to essentially write their own parsing and spec-interpretation logic, they could skip that and get started with the actual application they had in mind immediately. Suddenly the bar to Mastercoin development is drastically lowered, and participation by the majority of developers out there is now possible (where before, one would need to have domain-specific knowledge of Bitcoin and Mastercoin inner workings to participate – as most developers are not comfortable with bit twiddling and/or writing implementations to a spec).

This would bring Mastercoin development inline with Bitcoin development, where 90%+ of developers just hang-off of bitcoind and interact with it via its API interface. For the remaining 10% or less of devs that want or need to create their own parsing interface, they are totally free to do so, similar to how Bitcoin has the ‘sx’ toolset as an alternative to bitcoind.

Conclusion and Logistics

The result is an environment where the bar to new Mastercoin development is greatly lowered, and new developers can focus on writing applications that innovate and add value to the effort on day one, not after having to spend 3 months jumping through the hoops of hacking together their own block parsing and spec interpretation logic.

Mastercoind could be created and maintained by a 2 to 4 member development team employed by the foundation, and made available to the community. The community could then be leveraged (via bounties) to create solutions, most of which would be on top of mastercoind (however, alternative mastercoind implementations could still be created as well, as stated earlier). The result is a drastically larger and healthier ecosystem, with a drastically lowered bar to entry, and minimal reproduction of work.

Thanks for your consideration of this proposal. Please feel free to comment on any of these points, and I would be happy to answer any questions. And, if the community favors this, I would be willing to produce the skeleton for a 'mastercoind' in Python, which I can do in a 1 week period.

1: The original postings where I proposed this:

2: See
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Should MasterCoin have its own forums? on: November 21, 2013, 11:29:39 AM
Hey guys, ripper234 asked me to post this topic. Wanted to get everyone's opinion on Mastercoin getting its own forums.

My view is that it would be good for better coordination among the Mastercoin group, without flooding the Project Development forum (which may be the case if we undertake a community PR movement to the awesome extent that Peercoin, for example, has, where they have a separate activist section even, with plenty of traffic - However, I can understand the view of some that, while that makes sense, it's a bit premature at this point.

Based off of what folks think, we can make the best decision for both the Mastercoin and Bitcoin communities. Thanks!
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Dwolla stops support for virtual currencies on: October 10, 2013, 07:36:03 PM
I received the following email from Dwolla today:

Dear Dwolla Account Holder,

As you know, Dwolla does not sell, accept, mine, value, take possession of, or hold Bitcoin or any other virtual currency product, and none of Dwolla’s users transact business with Dwolla using Bitcoin or any other virtual currency product. However, recent interest involving virtual currency and its exchanges has created uncertainty and confusion around virtual currency, and Dwolla's relationship with a small number of its exchanges. This has forced Dwolla to reassign resources, funds, and services.

As Dwolla gears up for a new stage of growth, we recognize that we can no longer sustain this merchant base (.1 percent of Dwolla merchants) and its unique needs, and that attempting to do so jeopardizes both of our communities' starkly different, but similarly ambitious, vision for improving payments.

Effective October 28, 2013 at 4pm CT, Dwolla will be withdrawing its service offerings to virtual currency exchanges and virtual currency related services.

What does this mean?
•   Your account, and its functionality, will remain unaffected. However, you can deactivate your account from within your Dwolla dashboard, if you so choose.
•   Dwolla aims to provide its users and the few affected merchants with the guidance necessary to ensure a smooth transition. To do that, we encourage users to over-communicate with our support team, report any suspicious activity, and revisit our terms of service to ensure uninterrupted services.
What is the timeline of events?
1.   October 10: Only existing users with a 30-day history with Dwolla will be able to send funds to merchants affected by this change.
2.   October 15: Affected merchants will be limited to sending money only, and will no longer be able to receive funds from customers. They will be able to issue refunds to customers at this time.
3.   October 28: Affected merchants’ accounts will be suspended. No further activity will be provided.
4.   October 29: Provided no security or fraud concerns, Dwolla will transfer any of the remaining funds inside the affected merchant's Dwolla account to its linked bank account.
The decision to remove anyone from the network -- no matter the circumstances -- is not something Dwolla takes lightly. We are grateful for the opportunity to service and learn from these users. We wish the community and its pioneers the best.

Dwolla Support
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / PPCoin and Litecoin top 100 richest addresses? on: September 24, 2013, 02:44:21 PM
Hi guys,

Does anyone have a recent listing of the top 100 richest addresses for PPCoin and litecoin?

I'm trying to find a list of both for some due diligence I am doing on both currencies. I'd be happy to try to compile a list myself, but I'm not sure what blockchain analysis tool would be used to do this.

11  Economy / Trading Discussion / auto-buy/accumulation bot? does one exist? on: September 18, 2013, 02:51:20 PM
Anyone know of a bot that can make buys (on btc-e), buying up all coins offered (to a max balance) below a certain value? This differs from trade bots that will buy and sell...I want to accumulate a specific coin or two below a fixed bid price. I could use something like the HaaS simple trade bot (in the buy-low-sell-high mode), but it doesn't seem that is well suited to this purpose.

12  Economy / Service Discussion / First time BTC investor's experience w/ CampBX...frustrating as hell on: August 20, 2013, 10:39:00 PM
Well, first experience in investing in bitcoin (instead of mining it), and it has been a giant pain in the ass. It's clear to me now one of the major things really holding BTC back at this time.

I sent in personal checks to campbx fedex Back on July 30th. Money was just created to the account today (3 weeks later).

Next I try to buy some bitcoins, and notice how shallow their order book is. I finally buy some bitcoins, and then when I attempt to send them out to BTC-E to buy LTC/PPC, I get the notice that withdrawals are disabled on my account for 31 days. (This was the reason I avoided Dwolla deposits in the first place…I thought being KYC verified and sending in a check would allow me to withdraw immediately!)

So then, fed up with Campbx, I try to initiate an ACH transfer back to my bank account, and see the amounts are limited to 10K at once, and I can only have one active at once. Holy shite.

I know Gox takes the cake, but these guys aren't that far off. I’ll be taking (what’s left of) my money, once I can wrest it back from them, and heading over to Bitstamp or Coinbase.

(As an aside, anyone have any bad experience with bitstamp’s handling of international wire transfers?)
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Buying up to 50K YAC at 24LTC per 1k YAC on: May 10, 2013, 03:39:26 PM
Will buy it in batches of 5K or more. PM me

Reputation: I've been active in the forums and was a primary donor to both the bitbar and YAC giveaway threads.

After the trade, please leave feedback in my reputation thread after the transfer:
14  Economy / Reputation / rbdrbd Reputation Thread on: May 10, 2013, 03:36:56 PM
Please leave transaction feedback below.

15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / BitBar network breaks 1GH/sec! on: May 09, 2013, 08:50:21 PM
For those who care:

According to

Network hash rate (Gh/s): 1.052 (estimated)
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [YAC]: YaCoin Information Thread on: May 09, 2013, 03:21:30 PM
I wanted to put together this info thread on YaCoin to help others learn about it and centralize all info on it in one place. Please feel free to reply to it and suggest anything that could be added or modified. I've modeled this page after the LiteCoin information thread here.

If this list if helpful to you, please consider sending a donation to Y2e1VP9ZpwYCbVMk7RRhGDLwRKyuQwjzGQ. Thanks!

The [YAC] YaCoin Information Thread

What Makes YaCoin different than other AltCoins?

* Currently the only CPUMined coin (with all other altcoins, CPUMining has become unprofitable as GPUs, FPGAs and/or ASICs can do it much more efficiently.
  * Means that anyone can get involved with mining YAcoins. You don't need a fancy AMD video card, and a complex miner program with a lot of technical know-how
  * This may also mean that the YaCoin coin distribution is and/or will be more widespread, and thus more democratic (this is speculation at this point)
  * Also means that YaCoin could see a larger, more sustainable network hashrate, as miners can co-mine it along with GPU-based coins
* PoS and PoW (long-term power efficiency)
* Ultra-fast confirmations
* A reasonably good developer (pacopaco) and an enthusiastic community

The creator of yacoin (pocopoco) states the following about any potential move of GPUs over to mine YaCoin:
"it is possible to develop OpenCl or cuda miner for scrypt(N, 1, 1). But the CPU / GPU hashrate difference will be less than 10 times and will decrease over time. So GPU's contribution into miner's total hashrate (even in case somebody will implement this) will be like one or two additional CPU cores. This is because scrypt will need more and more fast random access memory with N increased." (Source)

General YaCoin Info
      YaCoin Announcement Thread -
      YaCoin Homepage -
      YaCoin Forums -
      YaCoin Network Stats - NONE? (Who can make one?)
      YaCoin @ Reddit -

      YaCoin Block Explorers

     YaCoin Charts
         Coming soon...

     Client Downloads
          Windows (zip): Megashare
          Linux: Compile from source (see above)

          Win x64 Miner: Thread
          CPUMiner (Linux): Source  /  Instructions
          Using CPUMiner provides a better mining experience for many, especially those accustomed to cgminer-type features and functionality. It also makes use of mining pools possible.

     YaCoin mining calculators
          Coinchoose (NOT YET)

YAC Exchanges - Here

     (OLD) Google Docs: Spreadsheet  / Discussion

     YAC Financial Sites
          None yet.

YACoin Mining Pools (Pushpool/mmCFE)

YACoin Mining Pools (P2Pool)

YACoin faucets
      YACoin Giveaway Thread - Here
      YACoin Faucet - Here[url]/
17  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] 9 Bioshock Infinite + Crysis 3 Game codes for PPC or LTC on: May 08, 2013, 02:12:09 AM
Would like to sell for 120PPC or 9LTC each. Would consider an offer for the entire bunch. PM me if interested, thanks!
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [BTB] The BitBar Information Thread on: May 05, 2013, 06:24:09 PM
I wanted to put together this info thread on BitBar to help others learn about it (note, I did not release the coin). Please feel free to reply to it and suggest anything that could be added or modified. I've modeled this page after the LiteCoin information thread here.
The [BTB] BitBar Information Thread
    What Makes BitBar different than other AltCoins?
    BitBar is a cryptocurrency designed to be extremely rare and thus hold a larger store of value per unit than conventional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin.
    It is based upon the Novacoin codebase which uses Scrypt as the hashing algorithm and the fast continuous exponential difficulty adjustment/reward of PPCoin. This makes it highly ASIC resistant, meaning specialist mining equipment built into chips is very costly to manufacture efficiently. (thanks mr_random)
    * Proof of Stake + Proof of Work (based off of Balthazar's Novacoin code as well as the RareCoin and Fairnova projects)
    * No premine like Novacoin has been accused of having
    * Dynamically adjusting difficulty and reward calculation
    * Ultra rare
    * Is the first altcoin that is trading at a higher value than BitCoin per unit (correct me if I'm wrong)
    * Novel "bar" concept -- breaks from the "coin" idea. Bar concept holds meaning in people's heads as inherently more value than "coin", i.e. "gold bar" vs "gold coin"
    General BitBar Info
          BitBar Homepage -
          The BitBar Forum -
          BitBar @ Reddit -

          Windws QT wallet -
          Source code -

          Beginner's guide to mining Bitbar

          BitBar Block Explorers
         BitBar mining calculators
    BitBar Exchanges
         Cryptsy - - Exchange / Deposit / Withdraw
         Google Docs: Spreadsheet  Discussion
         BTB Financial Sites
              None yet.
    BitBar Mining Pools
         ispace -
         P2Pool Support - Will be possible after block #9689 - See here for more information.
    Mining "Hardware and HowTo" Guides
         Consolidated Litecoin Mining Guide for 5xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx GPUs (applies to BTB as well) -
         Mining hardware comparison (from LTC) -
     Other Interesting BitBar threads
            Coming soon...
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Ideas for speeding bitbar (BTB) adoption on: May 04, 2013, 01:38:20 PM
I think BitBar is more novel than most of the other altcoins (and I'm not just saying that because I own some). Why?
* It has Proof of Stake, as well as proof of work
* It has a dynamically adjusting difficulty and reward calculation
* Uses scrypt - ASIC resistant
* It was not premined
* The 'bar' concept is analogous to gold bars and I think has a surprising amount of psychological pull on people
* The ultra rare status - a different approach to most all the altcoins...and rarer than "rare" coins like mincoin

I'd like to brainstorm around what we can do to speed BitBar adoption, along with people stepping up to the plate and volunteering to take on roles if they wish. We're already at the 1BTB to 1BTC level with trading, but bitbar circulation is still low. The main key to adoption will be spreading interest and getting fractions of bitbars in as many hands as possible.

The main, overarching goals in my mind are:
* Get network hashrate up to at least 250MH-400MH or so to show community health. Total hashrate may be around over this already, but it's hard to tell. Is there any stat anywhere that shows total network hashrate?
* Get bitbars into more people's hands (e.g. more giveaway threads, and contests)
* Get on an exchange like bter and/or vircurex

Here are some possibilities:
* Contests: Any ideas? I can throw a few bitbar at this as a sponsor if the idea is good.
* Evangelization efforts: btc-e trollbox, additional forum posts. There are some folks here that are pretty good at that. Maybe get fontas on retainer. Smiley
* Google docs exchange tweaks: Enhance the google docs exchange in use now to show trades history...this is important so that folks can see the health of the trading network (I have a decent template we could use for this at
* bitbar block explorer: do we have one? if not, we need one
* bitbar forum: Probably not too wise now, so we can keep most of the bitbar chatter in bitcointalk and not fork it off. At some point though in the future, it may be good. I believe that's where is headed to
* Bitbar stats page is a great start:
* An additional giveaway thread may be useful
* ADDITIONAL POOL! Additional bitbar pushpools, once the one at has been proven ...we need at least 2 so if one goes down, things dont just stop for folks that are not or cannot solomine.
   * sido adds total network hashrate to his pool at -- will help get a better idea of the total network health

Any feedback on any of this? Any one want to take point on any of these items? Any thing I missed?
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ANN]: BitBar Exchange (Google Docs): NEED ADMINISTRATOR on: May 04, 2013, 03:16:50 AM
EDIT: Ignore this thread, exchange already exists over at

I've created a BitBar exchange over at Google Docs:

The spreadsheet is ready to go, but is empty for now. I need someone to administer the spreadsheet (I have a growing business and am real low on time unfortunately). Any takers?

We also need 1 or 2 users with higher posts that have been around for awhile to serve as potential escrow users. PM me if interested and I'll get you added to the spreadsheet.
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