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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Giant - Hidden Gem in MN's space on: January 29, 2019, 08:25:39 AM
LAST week i received confidential report based on ML algorithms and Giant coin was TOP 20 MN across all nodes (500+ Total)
Was pretty happy with outcome, and it's made my confidence increase even more in this project.

So today masternodes have currently bad reputation due to massive scams in there, however there is some real projects with innovative technology and use-cases.
I have been in crypto for 2 years and Giant project is one of the hottest project that i discovered since i am in crypto. I love Masternodes, but what excite me most is usecase & shared economy models.

So their USP is : Smart Contracts Binary Options
If you know Binary Options you will olso know that this space is full of scams & trades aren't transparent.
Giant mission is to change Binary Options face and bring more transparency and shared economy mecanics.
So basically your nodes is : Voting Power / Share ( due to receiving dividends from exchange activity )
Nodes gonna receive 3% / TRADE  no matter if it's win or Lose
Means that if there is :

100K Volume daily nodes gonna recieve 90K$ /months as BTC payment in form of dividends.
1M$ / 900K$
10M$ / 9M$

This is really huge since Binary Options market is big old mammoth to disrupt with blockchain technology..
Team is de anon ( NO ICO, Initial consensus PoW/ MN switched to PoS/MN due to PoW insecurity )


2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / My 2018 x100 Coin on: November 24, 2017, 11:42:09 PM
Since august i was looking for a coin who can have special specs as :

- Good IDEA
- DAO Gouvernance
- Pos/MN

And i found it !
The name is $ALQO, amazing team a lot in developpement just check it out.


What do you think
3  Local / Бayнти и aиpдpoпы / Что думаете на счёт RMC ICO ? on: August 20, 2017, 11:52:43 AM
Активно наблюдал за развитием RMC он же Russian Mining Company. Cool

Дам своё краткое заключение :


- Дмитрий Мариничев, он же и Маркетинг компании он же и Инвестор  и Гарант.
- Поддержка со стороны Mainstream RUS Media.
- Упоминание о близком человеке к В.П Cool


- Не качественная подготовка к ICO который собираеться собрать 100M$
- Не правильный подход к ЦА ( я считаю )
- Конкурируют с Китаем фокусируються на Россию
- Не показан прототип в работе.
- Заявили что через 10 месяцев майнер будет майнить в 35раз лутче по сравнению с существующими решениями или с теми которые будут через 10 месяцев. ?
- Конкурент BITMAIN  Shocked

Выдавать желаемое за действительное на практике приведёт к разочерованию со стороны инвесторов.

Я хз может я ошибаюсь и Маринчев через свои связи уже нашёл 100M$ и это будет отличной лозейкой для отмыва средств Рус ченовников ?

Как вы думаете ?
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Who Created Bitcoin ? on: August 19, 2017, 04:00:10 PM
I know you will tell me is Satoshi Nakomoto, in fact it`s not true. The only true is the username.

All technology what ordinary people use today was designed for military purposes.

EG : CPU, Digital Camera, GPS, Internet....

Maybe Blockchain was designed for this purposes olso ?

What do you think about that ?
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