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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / ETH2X.COM | ⭐Multiplayer ⭐ Ethereum Gambling (ETH) ⭐Roulette ⭐Low House Edge on: June 09, 2020, 01:34:42 AM
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / AION to top 10? on: April 30, 2018, 04:09:03 PM

I'm a fan of AION. What I see from others, most of people still don't know that the biggest thing of AION is smart bridges that will allow users to create Dapps which will be able to move between different blockchains.

People confuse other interoperable projects with AION. But be aware that others will be able only move their own token between blockchains but AION will allow different all projects built on AION to move between blockchains. I think AION has best team among others which are  working on this.

First bridge will be between AION and ETH blockchain.

And this reasons makes me to think AION definitely deserves to be in top 10
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ICO][Flash SALE] INVACIO - Blockchain meets Artifical Intelligence on: February 22, 2018, 05:50:33 PM

A Complex of Solutions Grounded in
Multi-Agent System Artificial Intelligence

After five years in development, Invacio reaches ICO having evolved eleven distinct company divisions, each an expression of the capabilities of our core multi-agent system Artificial Intelligence.

An ICO unlike any other before
     -Invacio Coin (INV) is a utility token that not only allows you to access the range of Invacio’s market-ready systems, from our Zero-Knowledge endto-end encrypted communications to our groundbreaking data repository and financial offerings, but also comprises the doorway to TAMIUS, Invacio’s decentralized blockchain banking system.

      -At the time of (INV) ICO, Invacio Coin is a token developed to ERC20 standards.
      -The launch of INVACIO COIN will serve several purposes, raising the capital required to begin launching our many solutions to market, quickly and robustly
      -Invacio’s AI technologies are extremely resource hungry, and our biggest overhead currently is the expense of running the powerful servers that support our system (Jean) and her infrastructure. As we scale out this will become an increasingly pressing issue. How the funds resulting from this coin-sale will be put to use — including the scaling of the company’s infrastructure, the recruitment of appropriate staff, server upgrades, data centres created, and stringent systems testing to ensure performance — is detailed clearly in the company forecast sections.

Who or What is Jean?
‘Jean’ is the name we have given to the full operational capacity of our multiagent system artificial intelligence, a convenient way to express the capabilities that emerge from our complex of collaborative autonomous learning nodes, machine learning systems and artificial neural networks.

   - Tamius is Invacio’s complex of AI-driven integrated crypto-banking solutions; Invacio’s decentralized blockchain banking system. COMPLETION - 70%
 Projected Rollout - Q2-3, 2018

TS transactional solutions effectively integrate crypto and traditional fiat currencies, making cross-currency and cross-border transactions simple and intuitive for all users. The following is abreakdown of Tamius:
    - What Tamius Will Achieve?
Tamius and its offerings function to unite crypto- and fiat currencies in a single secure, user-friendly multi-channel platform that offers all of the expected conventional banking services in addition to a number of very important innovations.
    - Currency Management Application
A free cryptocurrency management high speed app that holds both fiat and cryptocurrencies. This app will have the ability to exchange an exhaustive range of currencies, and will offer interbank rates of exchange. This to our knowledge is the first offering of its kind to come to market.
   - Desktop UI Application
A simple and intuitive desktop and online user interface that will allow fast and secure exchange and transfer of cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies.
   - IntegratedFunctionality of Services
Tamius has all the functionalityexpected of conventional fiatbased banking facilities, such as card services, bank transfers, direct debit, current/sorting and savings accounts, IBAN, etc., with the added functionality of automatic currency conversions at interbank rates of exchange between all supported fiat and crypto-currencies.
   - Ease of Use
Our Invacio Coin banking platform allows all necessary exchange and conversion calculations to be performed instantaneously, which means that at long last the currency holder can make cryptocurrency transactions without having to transfer exact currency amounts to a vendor, making the process as simple and effective as traditional fiat card transactions.
   - Short-Term Fund freezing capability
A trial short-term ‘INV-account freeze’ capability that will allow you to freeze the value of your Invacio Coin for up to a week at a time.
   - One Wallet/ Application For Everything
Tamius’s wallet Application (INV Wallet) allows the user several holding accounts across multiple currencies (both fiat and crypto), each with a unique account ID. A solution that simplifies the previously complicated management of assets across all currency platforms. The INV Wallet will launch with the following: • INV • BTC • LTC • ETH • USD • GBP • EUR • Fiat Exotics • Crypto Altcoins
The wallet will release in stages according to licensing, legal and capability requirements, and will comply with Anti Money Laundering / Know Your Customer rules and regulations where required.
   - Credit, Loans, Savings, Bonds, Investments and Trading Services
Supported by Aquila, Tamius will offer credit services at market-beating rates. Aquila is likewise an important part of the power behind Invacio’s savings, bonds, investments and fintech services. With a minimum interest cap of 2% regardless of fund performance, Tamius will offer rates that track the profitability of Invacio’s products and company revenue growth, allowing customers to be able to benefit directly from Invacio’s success
   - Long Term Funds Securing Option
   - Unhackable Communications Channels
   - Off-grid Secure Transactions

Summary: Invacio Data is a massive resource of streaming, historic and proprietary data ceaselessly enriched by our AI’s dedicated and exploratory analytic work.
Completion - 95%; Projected Rollout - Q4-1 2018/2019

-  Developed in consultation with experts from institutions including NASA and Facebook HHVM, as well as world-experts in IT and security, predictive analytics, statistics, and trading, Invacio Data is a truly groundbreaking achievement.
Already far in excess of two billion data sets and ever growing, Invacio Data is the richest resource of organized real time and historical data of its kind.
To learn more about Invacio Data, please visit link: Invacio Data

Invacio API
Summary: API offers users access to certain of Invacio’s AI-driven analytic and funtional components. Completion - 90%; Projected rollout - Q4-1, 2018/2019
-  Invacio API (Application Programmer’s Interface) is the result of our having isolated certain key functional components from the machinery of Invacio’s solutions, and making these components available for your own use.
To learn more about Invacio API, please visit link: Invacio API

Invacio Archimedes
Summary: The Archimedes Experiment is a live test of certain feaures of out fintech. After a successful test period, its tech will be incorporated by Aquila..
-  Begun in late august 2017 the Archimedes fund is an experiment intended to test and help refine the interaction of certain features of Invacio’s financial technology.
To learn more about Archimedes experiment, please visit link: Archimedes experiment

Summary: Agnes is an AI-driven fintech solution providing market
intelligence and entry signals. Completion - 100%; Projected rollout - Q2-3, 2018
-  Powered by Invacio’s live and historic data resources, and by Jean, Invacio’s groundbreaking Multi-Agent System Artificial Intelligence, Agnes is a flagship product of Invacio’s fintech division offering analysis and projections for every major currency pair and equity.
To learn more about Agnes, please visit link: Agnes

Summary: Aquila is a hedge fund governed by human equity management and employing the full power of Invacio’s multi-agent system AI, Invacio Data and fintech divisions. Completion - 100%; Projected rollout - Q2-3, 2018 Currency Accepted:INV&Fiat, other cryptos (min 500k)
-  Hedge funds allow investors to increase holdings in both up and down markets, and are the secret behind the largest fortunes made and kept growing in the investment world.
To learn more about Aquila, please visit link: Aquila

Summary: TOMAHAWK is a service offered by Invacio’s hedge fund Aquila that trades options in a way that maximizes profits and limits risks. it is given only as an example of service. Completion - 100%; Projected rollout - Q2-3, 2018
-  Tomahawk is Invacio Aquila’s implementation of the TOMIC framework, combining its strength with our proprietary stock and index analysis for selecting trades, and our equity management protocols.

Summary: Invmail is a Zero-Knowledge, end-to-end encrypted email service. One example of our Zero-Knowledge communications. Completion - 90%; Projected rollout - Q2-3, 2018
-  Zero-Knowledge and a commitment to privacy sit at the very heart of Invacio’s design.
To learn more about Invmail, please visit link: INVMAIL

Invacio Network
Summary: An AI-powered social-network, web desktop and relevancy technology that provides all the features of a social network you have come to expect, in addition to Zero-Knowledge encrypted communications and an array of AI and data-driven instruments, indicators and services. Completion - 90%; Projected rollout - Q4-1, 2018/2019
-  Invacio is a complex of integrated systems woven around secure communications, the groundbreaking live and historic data resource of Invacio Data, and the power of multiagent system artificial intelligence.
To learn more about Network, please visit link: Network

Summary: Alise pulls in and analyzes all data relevant to your target organization or product. Completion - 90%; Projected rollout - Q2-3, 2018
-  Assisted by Jean’s spiders (bots which trawl the webs) and Invacio Data, Alise pulls in and analyzes all data relevant to a targeted organization or product and returns the results to you clearly, via dynamic charts and reports. This enables detection of problems or opportunities far in advance of what would otherwise be possible. Alise will tell how an organization or products stands in public opinion, allowing reputations and brands to be finessed and the actual market position to be determined.
To learn more about Alise, please visit link: Alise

Summary: CONSUMER allows customers to have out AI gather in and analyze all the data it can find about all products and services targeted.. Completion - 90%; Projected rollout - Q4-1, 2018/2019   Currency Accepted: INV Coin
-  The corollary of Invacio’s Alise, Invacio Consumer does for the customer about companies and products what for companies and products Alise does with the consumer opinion. Consumer is a free service from Invacio that allows you to enter the names of products and services and have our AI gather and analyze all the data it can find pertinent to your search.  
To learn more about Alise, please visit link: Alise

Summary: A selection of Invacio’s M.A.S. AI cyber-security and intelligence solutions. Completion - 70%; Projected rollout - Q1-2, 2019  
-  Led by a number of security specialists — experts in areas such as “white hat” hacking, cryptography, automated threat intelligence, penetration testing, threat analysis, and vulnerability management — and growing directly from the research done at Invacio Labs.  

Summary: Labs is Invacio’s think tank and research and development division. Completion - 50%; Projected rollout - Q2-4, 2018 (Applied AI); Q4-1(Internal); Q1 2019(External)  
-  Invacio Labs is an independent research and development institute and think tank, whose work will have important implications for applied-AI, applied-tech, politics and business. Labs falls into several departments: - APPLIED AI DIVISION; - INVACIO RESEARCH DIVISION; - APPLIED TECH DIVISION

February 26th at 01:00am UCT time will mark the beginning of a 1 Week Flash Sale. Coin price will be 30 Cents per coin with 20% bonus coin allocation and the same gifted equity as we offered. The sale will end as soon as Invacio reach 18 million coins sold so get in quickly to secure the last of the 30 cent coins!

February 26th and 27th Invacio will have three representatives, Daniel Brace, Jen Buakeuw and David Forster at the Blockchain Forum India event, held at the five star Novotel Juhu Beach in Mumbai. We will have a booth where you can come to chat with us in person and meet the team and Daniel will be giving a talk on the future of AI applications for business. This will be streamed live on Facebook, exact time to be confirmed.

We will take a recess for 4 days on completion of the flash sale

Shortly therafter, an airdrop from Williams own INV holdings. Details to be announced

Meanwhile, the marketing campaign gathers momentum.           This currently includes news articles which will appear in The Times and Russian media, videos including a release outlining InvMail, our zero knowledge email system, YouTube videos and reviews which are abundant and we have several still in the pipeline with more under negotiation. Invacio are now listed on most ICO sites and have received very favourable reviews. Our executives are attending several high profile conferences and trade shows, many which include speaking slots. Invacio will be orchestrating an email marketing campaign. Jean was utilised by a 3rd party media startup to secure 3.5 billion email addresses. This will be fired up around the time Invacio begins appearing in the international press. On top of all this we have ongoing Google ads, Twitter ads and occasionally Facebook ad campaigns when Mr Zuckerburg is kind enough to accept our content.

Pre-Sale reopening and ICO sale are now to be rolled into one beginning on 5th March 2018. Depending on the success of the Flash Sale this date MIGHT move by few days in either direction.

Sales will commence in these stages with the coins priced at $1 throughout, and bonuses to be allotted as follows

50% = 1 week
40% = 1 week
30% = 1 week
20% = 1 week
10% = 2 weeks
0% = 2+ weeks

Any unsold coins will be burned

- Option for early termination : Yes, upon reaching 100m USD (hardcap).
- Further token issues : No. A single token issue within the ICO
 - Secured methods of token purchase
 - Our Process uses MultiSig addresses that require two signatures for every transaction, the sender’s and’s. In some cases this can cause issues with payments sent directly from exchanges. For this reason Invacio cannot accept payments from exchanges. Please make all cryptocurrency payments from wallet addresses only.
 - In order to correctly allocate gifted equity, INV Coin can only be purchased in whole units.

ICO payment options
Crypto based: • Bitcoin (BTC) • Ethereum (ETH) • Litecoin (LTC) • Blackcoin (BLK) • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) • Dash (DASH) • NEM (XEM) • Dogecoin (DOGE) • Vertcoin (VTC) • Shapeshift (Altcoins Built in)
Fiat based: Excluding US, US Territories (AM, UM, MN, GU, PR, VI), Singapore, Thailand Citizens Credit/Debit Card and Paypal as SEC rules are ever changing.
• Credit/Debit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, etc.) (USD) • PayPal (USD) • BanContact (Euro) • Giropay (Euro) • iDEAL (Euro) • SOFORT (Euro)
• Przelewy24 (Euro) • SEPA Direct Debit (Euro)

Points to note:
• Available payment options are determined on a country by country basis, as per regulations.
• Specific countries have currency options restricted due to uncertain regulations.
• Fiat payment options will include a transaction fee. Transaction fees are variable and are determined by
the volume of coins purchased and the external merchant used.
• Token distribution supported no later than : Completion of ICO | Pre-Launch on Exchanges.
• Token activation date : Completion of ICO | Pre-launch on Exchanges.
• Tokens Purchased and Bonus Tokens become active if purchased via fiat methods on the completion of
the ICO, and in Batch releases to Purchasers wallets subject to fiat transactions being confirmed via the
Transaction Confirmation popup.
• International Interbank-Rate Bank Transfer is restricted to a minimum $100,000

Planned Escrow and Coin Burn

Invacio will escrow rather than distribute a small portion of the coins initially created, for release over the next few years. This release will be conducted by Invacio’s legal and auditory chosen corporation HBL International and accounts for (i) rewards based on team performance and commitment, and (ii) an instance of our Effective Altruism commitments.
 - 10,000,000 INV Coins Team Reward Distribution
 - 1,500,000 INV Coins Invacio’s Effective Altruism commitments
 - 20,000,000 INV Coins Invacio’s operations
 - 3,500,000 INV Coins Invacio’s Investors from Seed-to-ICO

Referral Bonus:
5%   A referrer will receive a bonus allocation equivalent to 5% of the number of Invacio Coins purchased by each referred party.

Minimum Purchase Amount : 34 Coins per offer

Holding Bonus Coins*
Invacio will offer coin purchasers rewards for holding Invacio Coins over the course of the first 12 Months as our operations are brought online. Run quarterly, with the first bonus allocations rolling out 3 months from INV Coin’s initial exchange listing, each user that holds their INV Coin each quarter will receive an additional 15 INV Coin sent to their wallet from the Invacio Hold escrow. Invacio will also draw three winners per quarter in an automated draw. The following prizes will be allocated:
1st prize:
INV 1500
2nd Prize:
INV 700
3rd Prize:
INV 350
Please note;
• Coins spent on Invacio products and services WILL NOT disqualify the holder from this promotion.
• Coins exchanged or spent in live markets WILL disqualify the holder from this promotion
• Registration required.

Equity gifting and Bonus Structure

     Invacio’s founder and CEO, William James Dalrymple West, has chosen to offer to qualifying participants a gift of shares inthe company as part of this coin sale.  Three percent of the company equity has been set aside for this purpose, to be distributed manually via British Companies House, Invacio’s Seychelles division, and our legal team, following the completion of the ICO, to those who choose to accept this offer.

 - Total C-Class Stock units to be offered as a gift during Presale and ICO: 44,900,000

The following EIGHT points should be noted:
• To safeguard Invacio, a minimum of 334 Coins must be purchased on
the account to qualify for equity gifting.
• No Bonus Coin will be counted when calculating the gifted equity.
• Should you choose to accept equity in the course of this ICO, you may
be liable for taxation. It is your responsibility to determine and adhere
to all applicable tax regulations.
• Invacio Shares are registered and managed by British Governments
Companies House and Invacio Holdings (UK) Ltd and can be publicly
• Terms of Equity can be viewed at Companies House UK under “Invacio
C Stock.”
• Gifted Equity cannot be sold or transferred for 2 Years after allocation,
unless for reason of a strategic sale of Invacio, a merger, or in the
event of and IPO. After these two years have elapsed, transfers must
be requested in writing at the following address: Invacio, Kemp House,
City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX. Special circumstances will be
considered and should be discussed via
• Gifted Equity is on a nearest share basis. This will mean allocation is to
be rounded to the nearest whole share.
• Invacio have diluted our class C shareholdings in order to supply
enough equity to gift to our member

Launching to Exchanges

  - INV Coin will be launched to exchanges as soon as possible following ICO. We aim to be on at least one larger and four smaller exchanges in the short term, each exchange covering a geographical region.

4  Economy / Economics / What makes Bitcoin to move this fast? on: December 07, 2017, 10:35:15 PM
Guys I'm wondering why BTC is moving this fast to up? With logic there should be  a huge amount of money flew into BTC market but I don't see any reason to  make this happen.

Is there any economic reasons about this massive flying to up? What are your opinions about this happenings? Huh
5  Economy / Micro Earnings / Best Android Apps for claiming satoshi on: September 21, 2017, 10:14:23 AM
I have been using some android apps before. But I saw that most of them are scam or very high limit for withdraw.

I think this are most paying android apps. Not seen any other giving this much yet.

For me best apps are Claim Bitcoin Network Apps.
They have 2 Apps for Android:
1. Claim Free Bitcoin
2. Wheel of satoshi

Balance is one and your claims counted together.
Withdraw limit is 20.000 satoshi wothout any fees and have good Ref bonus(5% from each payout user made).
Sometimes they have crazy hours which gives 200-300 satoshi per claim (every 15 min.s)

Using it for 2-3 months. Always paying in time directly to wallet.

By the way they give free up to 1000 satoshi for logging in with any Ref  ID. I would be glad if you get some using my Ref code (FQF46)

You can enter Ref code only once when signing up.

If you know any other useful apps for earning please share with us.
6  Economy / Micro Earnings / Google ReCaptcha problem on: August 29, 2017, 10:02:25 AM
Hello everyone.

Last 2-3 days I'm having problems with Google ReCaptcha. After Choosing asked pictures on screen carefully most of the time I get error "wrong solution". After 2-3 try its OK. Before it was Okay. This problem accured last 2-3 days. Most of the sites which asking Recaptcha for login or claim gives error even if after you completed the captcha it says captcha not correct. Having big problems with mellowads that after hardly comleting captcha and clicking claim it says captcha not verified. Most of the time you should close it and open 2-3 times.

Do you have same problem too? Or this is only me facing with this problems nowadays Huh
7  Economy / Micro Earnings / Is there anyone using Buster Faucet? on: June 20, 2017, 01:57:01 PM

I want to know if there is anyone used or using ?? Is it spam or normal faucet?

It gives 0.0001 BTC for day and withdraw limit is 0.003. That's why I have some doubt that this site is also spam

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