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21  Economy / Speculation / Someone just purchased a few hundred thousand in bitcoins on: May 14, 2013, 08:08:53 PM
Price is on the lower side of steep hill... time to buy, if you are day-trading... quick, before they change the "sell" value back to 119... lol
22  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Forum "TOOL" request... "bitcoin-value" "usd-value" etc... on: April 29, 2013, 05:26:54 AM
I know this may be a little "difficult" to implement... (Well, not difficult, but difficult.. lol)
** NOTE, the "BTC" thing does not work, it just inserts the letters BTC not the BTC symbol... (Or does it just not work in this forum posting?)
TEST: BTC <-- I see "BTC" not the "B" symbol... Use an IMG... SOme people block "custom fonts", if that is what it is "trying to show".

Like the TAGS we use, B, I, U, S... But...

The "BTC" changes, but the USD remains the same, in the example below...
We put [USD-BTC]380.00[/USD-BTC]... and this displays the format...
{USD: $380.00 (BTC: 2.823)*}
*Estimated BTC value.


Selling: Old socks, worn by Bill Gates third cousin...
Asking: {USD: $380.00 (BTC: 2.823)*}
*Estimated BTC value.

Reverse if we want BTC to remain the same...

Selling: Old socks, worn by Bill Gates third cousin...
Asking: {BTC: 2.823 (USD: $380.00)}
*Estimated USD value.

Thus... the value is never, "crazy" or "old" or "wrong"... as the value changes over time...
(Like the ASIC mining rigs, seem to be selling for $8,000 now, because the BTC value changed, but the posts were never updated to reflect the desired $2,000 USD value wanted.)
23  Economy / Auctions / [WTS] Domains: on: April 27, 2013, 10:04:19 AM
I have two domains up for grabs...
First, checking to see if there is interest. Simply say which one, and throw-up an offer. (WAMPOW), WAM POW... You remember it, or else! It's the white-mans, "Boo-Yah"... lol. (DABIFY), If you dabble a little here, dabble a little there, then you dabify! Dabify yourself... (MYELIST), Get listed on "MYeLIST", share it with others, find it in MYeLIST... (CURBAY), Before you put it to the CURB, try listing it on CURBay...

Just trying to get another rig before the ASIC's come and leave me in the dust. So this is essentially a pity-donation, with the offer of my website-names. (Could even include hosting too, as they are already setup on my servers. As long as you don't mind shared-servers. Uses c-panel for access.)
24  Bitcoin / Project Development / DIY ASIC's... on: April 27, 2013, 07:10:33 AM
Seems that the technology for these specific chips is nothing new...

Oh, look... a real company, with actual contact information, with actual ASIC products to sell... Who would have imagined?

Why "develop" your own chip, when they already exist...

Hmmm... I smell future lawsuits here... Can anyone say multi-national copyright infringement?

So, who's game for laying down some generic schematics for a standard USB interface that uses standard serial-usb single-connect chips?

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