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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / sVault Finance : Possible Scam/Fake Project? Please Check it on: December 19, 2020, 07:37:57 AM
So it was Saturday Morning and it was an Good time to search some bounties and get some Side Income on this Weekend and i found this campaign (sVault.Finance). Before i Joining this campaign i was do some simple Research and found an strange thing on the thread and their website which i Suppose it was Indicate an Fake Project (?). You guys can see and judge some details below.

1. Possible Same Team/Bounty Manager with BlockSafe Technologies?
On the sVault.Finance Bounty thread on the Article Section, You guys can see an rules "The blog/article must be focused on the relevant topic. It must convey positively about Blocksafe technologies." which i think the bounty manager was same with BlockSafe Campaign that have an red Trust that endorsing & Managing an Project with Fake Team (See The Trust), beside that it's also have an same word + Structure with the BlockSafe Bounty Thread, Not sure if it just an Copy Paste or Same Person.

BlockSafe Campaign:
BlockSafe Bounty Manager:;u=2409101

2. Fake Team
So far i'm trying to use Google Search Image and they are using Another Person Image/Profile for their CEO Position. Beside that some linkedin was also newly created but still not find an same image on the google search engine.

Fake CEO Name: Gun-woo 건우
Fake CEO Linkedin:

Real Person name that used by sVault.Finance was Yuko Takeuchi's or Higashiyama RinTaro, not sure which one is his real name since i can't understand Japanese.

Some Useful Links about Yuko/Higashiyama Real Profile/Person.

It's just my result from my simple Research and maybe you guys can check and do more deeper research about this one so we can make an Conclusion, Cheers!

Some Useful Archived Pages for future refrence
1. sVault Bounty Thread:
2. sVault Website:
3. Blocksafe Bounty Thread:
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / ASK - Which one do you think more durable and profitable? (CPU or GPU) on: February 04, 2020, 01:20:48 PM
Hi guys, I have a question about mining some altcoin. So i planning to try some mine a coin but still confused which one it's more profitable especially for Life Expectancy for each hardware (GPU And CPU).

After Doing some searching and research before i confused to choose Between GPU And CPU. I want to mining ethereum with GPU (RX 570 4GB) 20mh/s++ and for CPU i want to mine monero (Ryzen 5 3600) 5,000 H/s++.

Here some details.
-My country electricity cost around $0,05/kWh
-My country have mid temperature around 20-27
-My budget was around $500++ for next month
-Which one more durable?

With assuming i can buy 4 RX 570 With $80 Each (I buy secondhand GPU, really hard to find the new one) and buying PSU, motherboard, cpu and ram later did you think it's good decision (With cost around $500-$600)? Already see some alternative too like radeon RX 5700 XT But it cost more on my country, around 1.5x-2x from other country price.
By mining it i can get around 80mh/s with profit around $0,50/day (Ethereum) from calculating on website below.

And for buying Ryzen 5 3600 from my calculating before it's give more low profit, only $0,22/day (Monero) but costing less than GPU (Around $400-$500).

An important point that I want to ask is to prioritize life expectations which one it's have more durable and profitable for a long term? I read the GPU Can easily broke while CPU not (By assuming use some good CPU Cooler from Noctua, Deepcool, etc) Already try to search this but didn't find good answer, Maybe you guys have experience with this?

Sorry for my bad english and Thanks!
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / My Ethereum Was Stolen, Please be careful guys! on: January 29, 2020, 10:57:20 PM
First sorry for my bad english and hello, My name is putra from Indonesia and i was college student right now. So here the summary, it's night here and i already received payment for working on blockchain-based project for about 1 month, I always use my eth address for about 2-3 years now and never change it which this one 0x2D923A09Bf3110b21381A528552700531dE83F63, Yes it's my mistake and I thought it was safe since i never submit my private key anywhere, Only through metamask and MEW (I really sure always checking the domain twice) and after that when receive the payment my Eth was suddenly gone! Sended to this address 0xf6727b084444e5d8ebd4e3ad18552b9985a700de, Not really sure how did he even get my private key or anything, After that I checked some procces on task manager and didn't find any suspicious proccess (Windows 10) and after tracking some address looks like some yobit user (From the address you can see) Was also hacked, This is really embarrassing for me because it's been a while in crypto and doesn't take any precautionary steps by changing addresses all the time and making me very stressed out now.

Anyway though I think all of you here already understand about some prevention step but I want to remind to always be careful guys!

Just want share some my experience that happen today and maybe i get some way here.

-Always install your windows regularly and activate windows defender if use windows 8 and 10
-It's better to buy some hardware wallet if have some extra money (My biggest mistake so far because didn't buy it)
-Prevent any download suspicious software, etc
-Always use different email address in case you store your data on the gdrive, onedrive, etc.
4  Other / Meta / Unknown merit received? on: December 04, 2019, 09:19:19 PM
Hello guys, So i just received unknown merit from unknown source and unknown post too and lately i didn't make any good or constructive post so it's little bit strange. Is this normal or maybe someone have same case with me? Any answer Very much appreciated

Note: Will lock the topic if found the answer
5  Economy / Reputation / Misunderstanding/Unclear acquisition (Faba Bounty) on: May 23, 2019, 10:08:27 PM
Hello, After some advice from other members on the meta Section to write it on this section about my problem then i will try to explain it here because this is risking the reputation of my account.

So in March or April I joined a bounty from FABA Invest (Content Campaign) My content was approved before and was passed my kyc too and everything went smoothly until yesterday when I was banned because it indicated that I had the same address with this account;u=1231909.

Then I asked why I was banned and he said that I used the same address but with a different username When I asked him the proof, it was all private because of security reasons, I understand. But for this case I ask for a valid proof to ban me from the campaign, Like Response from google form and from which e-mail the form was sended or anything else that makes this all valid.

Spreadsheet link: (FABA Original Spreadsheet)
Backup Spreadsheet for future refrence: (Stored on my gdrive and pc)

My Bitcointalk account that was registered on the campaign: dhemasm
My Eth Address That was registered on the campaign and also KYC: 0x2D923A09Bf3110b21381A528552700531dE83F63

Suspected Bitcointalk that admin think i was same with him: Mymikagab

I am ready to receive negative trust because multi account (?) from the DT members here if I am proved guilty.

This post was archived here:

Edited 1: The post was archived again after some discussion, The link was here:
Edited 2: The post was archived again after some discussion, The link was here: 24 May 2019 00:18:36 UTC
Edited 3: The post was archived again after some discussion, The link was here: 24 May 2019 00:47:47 UTC
-Zip File Before "24 May 2019 00:47:47 UTC"
Edited 4: The post was archived again after some discussion, The link was here: 24 May 2019 11:27:55 UTC
6  Other / Meta / Need an answer on: May 23, 2019, 09:16:52 PM
Hello, I want to ask something. So I have a problem with a bounty that I follow because of a misunderstanding and want to straighten it out, Is making the thread in this section (Meta) allowed? Thank you!

Note: I want a transparent discussion with threads that can be archived, etc, Because on the telegram group they have too many distractions that make the discussion messy, and their thread bounty is full of report links so I'm not sure I'll get an answer there.
7  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / Sedikit Saran&Tips Dari Newbie Untuk Mendapatkan Merit on: January 28, 2018, 02:53:43 AM
Pagi Gan , karena kayaknya lagi hot-hotnya Merit di forum ini , saya mau coba kasih sedikit Trik supaya bisa dapet merit lebih cepet gan. So ini beberapa step yang udah saya & teman saya coba!

1.Karena Sistem merit emang baru diimplementasikan tanggal 24 kemaren (Kalau gak salah) nah seisi forum lagi heboh kan ya ada pendapat positif maupun pendapat negatif, Dan section yang lagi rame-ramenya dari kemaren adalah section Meta. Nah agan bisa coba post di section Meta ini dengan post yang positif dan constructive dijamin dapet merit gan (Sudah di test)Hahaha.

2.Agan bisa coba jadi agen dadakan. Semisal kaya ngelaporin akun tuyul , orang yang curang di campaign (Pake 2 akun tapi orangnya sama dalam 1 Campaign , ngelaporin spammer ataupun sejenisnya. Nah agan buat thread baru deh di section Meta itu dengan bukti-bukti yang agan dapet tadi sedetail mungkin. Cara ini dipastikan agan bakal dapet merit gan. (Buat cara ini terserah agan mau dipakai atau enggak)

3.Cara ini sebenernya masih rancu ya gatau legal atau illegal. Kalau agan punya temen mungkin bisa saling bertukar merit gan dengan catatan postnya yang constructive dan positif. (Tidak direkomendasikan) Do At your own risk

Mungkin segitu dulu gan cara lain masih diulik haha. Gausah sedih gan bagi yang meritnya masih sedikit , saya juga kalau sistem merit gak diimplementasikan mungkin minggu depan atau minggu lusa udah Sr.Member gan haha. Tapi gapapa gan Ini juga buat masa depan forum yang lebih baik

Oke terimakasih gan sudah baca thread saya , maaf kalau acak-acakan postnyaa.

Beberapa tips &saran lainnya dari agan-agan sekalian
4. Sering sering memberi merit kepada post yag menurut agan bermanfaat (khusus yang punya merit) dan jangan lupa membalas merit yang telah diberikan kepada pemberi karena saling berbagi itu indah
agan mending mikir bagaimana cara posting yang berkualitas secara stabil. dengan begitu mungkin mert nanti akan bersarang sendiri di postingan agan tersebut.
benar gan berbagi itu memang indah,tapi tetap utamakan postingannya itu memang pantas mendapatkan merit,jika tindak ingin terkena indikasi curang.
Kunci sebenarnya sangat sederhana, yaitu:
1. Membuat post yang informatif, konstruktif, dan fresh. Sehingga orang yang membaca postingan kita, akan berguman "Oh, iya ya!", atau: "Oo... ternyata begitu", artinya mereka mendapat pengetahuan baru.

2. Cobalah untuk membuat postingan itu menjadi "terlihat". Caranya bisa dengan menulis PM pada moderator dengan menyertakan link dari postingan yang agan rasa layak untuk diberi penghargaan.

Ini minimum merit buat naik ke rank selanjutnya gan
RankRequired activityRequired merit
Brand new00
Jr Member300
Full Member120100
Sr. Member240250
Hero Member480500
LegendaryRandom in the range 775-10301000

Buat agan-agan yang pengen coba dapet merit bisa check di thread ini gan. Sebelumnya mohon baca Q&A nya dulu. (Untuk thread bahasa indonesia) (Untuk thread bahasa inggris/Global)
8  Local / Jual Beli / Jual BTC Receh BRI/Escrow/Cod bandung [SOLD] on: November 17, 2017, 01:52:48 PM
Malem gan karena kebetulan triv minimal withdrawnya 0.003 dan saya gak pakai vip. Jual BTC 0.001940=190k Buat beli oli mobil.
Fee kirimnya saya tanggung. Via BRI/Escrow atau rekber/Cod bandung juga bisa.
Wa : 0822 1460 7708
Facebook :

Hatur nuhun
9  Local / Altcoins (Bahasa Indonesia) / Mari Saling follow dan upvote steemit Gan. on: November 03, 2017, 02:07:23 PM
Selamat malam gan adakah disini yang main steemit juga? Kalau ada ayo saling follow & Upvote biar kalau sekiranya ikut bounty article diterima.
Follow & Upvote gan : .

Kalau sudah reply disini entar saya follow back dan upvote post punya agan.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Sell MINEXCOIN Cheap on: August 21, 2017, 03:19:18 AM
Hi all , i want to sell my minexcoin , coin its already on my wallet.
1MNX = 0.0006 BTC , pm me for lower price.
Accept escrow thanks ,sorry for my bad english  Grin
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