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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Infinex - PoW & Masternode - Lyra2Z (True DEX over MN with Profit Sharing Soon) on: February 10, 2018, 08:59:00 AM
Screenshot of Actual InfiniDEX Upcoming Trade Platform
"Infinex" title="Infinex"

Infinex Coin is an innovative digital cryptocurrency programme. Our main goal is to create a decentralized network
to run applications which do not rely on any central body control.  By having a distributed system, thousands of users will
be responsible for maintaining the application and data so that there is no single point of failure.  Our vision is to develop
social networking over Infinex and enable live streaming and classic multiplayer gaming over Infinex.  We will also be
collaborating with other project owners who share the same vision and can add value to the chain.  Infinex starts off as a hybrid of PoW
(proof of work) and Masternode system and will gradually move towards a fully Masternode network.  Miners and Masternodes will be rewarded
to safe-keep the network and so it is in the interest of Infinex to ensure a stable return on investments for miners and Masternodes holders.

Masternode1,000 IFX
Exchange***LIVE***Cryptobridge & CoinExchange
Block Explorer
Source code repository

"Infinex Coin Specs"

Proof of Work (PoW) & Masternode

PoW algorithm: Lyra2Z.

High efficiency, low power usage, ASIC resistant.

Difficulty readjustment every block through "InfiniLoop".

Chain Protection through "InfiniGuard"
Customised Infinex "TextSpork" Technology

Maximum coins: 26,280,000 (over 10 years).

Block time: 90 seconds.

Block     Period     Reward
1     Pre-mined     40,000 coins
2 - 4,800     ~ 5 days     11 coins (Miner 10; Founder 1)
4,801 - 350,400     ~ Year 1     11 coins (Miner 5; Masternode 5; Founder 1)
350,401 - 700,800     ~ Year 2     10 coins (Miner 4; Masternode 5; Founder 1)
700,801 - 1,051,200     ~ Year 3     9 coins (Miner 3; Masternode 5; Founder 1)
1,051,201 - 1,401,600     ~ Year 4     8 coins (Miner 2; Masternode 5; Founder 1)
1,401,601 - 1,752,000     ~ Year 5     7 coins (Miner 1; Masternode 5; Founder 1)
1,752,001 - 3,504,000     ~ Year 6 - 10     6 coins (Miner 1; Masternode 5; Founder 0)
Beyond     Year 10 and beyond     Miner & Masternode reward through txn fee & network income (TBA)

Premine Coins Allocation:

Airdrop - 10,000 coins

Balance 30,000 coins as bounties, articles rewards, etc.

Developer will be rewarded through founder reward.

0 coin for developer from premine.

"Infinex Wallet"

Please download your Infinex wallet today as you will need an address for Auction, Airdrop, Masternode and/or Mining.

"Infinex Mining"

Tutorial on how to setup a Masternode with Infinex can be found below

"Infinex Mining"

Mining Pool   - 0.5% Pool Fee
Mining Pool   - 0.5% Pool Fee
Nvidia GPU Mining Tool   - ccminer
AMD GPU Mining Tool   - sgminer
Intel / AMD CPU Mining Tool   - cpuminer

Pool operator looking to list Infinex, kindly patch stratum code with link as below

ccminer settings:

ccminer -a lyra2z -o <pool-address:port> -u <username or wallet address> -p <password or extra parameter>

sgminer settings:

sgminer -k lyra2z -o <pool-address:port> -u <username or wallet address> -p <password or extra parameter>

cpuminer settings:

cpuminer -a lyra2z -o <pool-address:port> -u <username or wallet address> -p <password or extra parameter>

Translation (all translation rewards closed - 17-Feb-18)
French translation - - paid 20 IFX
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