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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Sports betting : SA vs SL 2017 ODI series - Predictions - Analysis - Discussions on: January 28, 2017, 06:32:31 AM
Share your betting predictions and experiences on SA vs SL 2017 ODI series here.
My prediction on team to take this series would be South Africa as they are always strong in home (but just concluded T20 series produced different result).

Man of series would be AB De villiers.

Looking forward to hear more predictions and tips for this 5 match series. So excited !
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / jtipt trying to scam with his lies on: March 29, 2016, 11:17:12 AM
I came accross this guy, he was trying to get a loan and tryin to sell stuff then he opened a thread on service asking people to do something and he will pay 0.001 BTC.
When I asked him why he needs a loan if he has the money to pay the people for the service he replied that e got monwy from his broter already. He delete his comment right after before I even replied to it then he posted tha his accout was hacked and now he got access.

I checked his trust feedback and saw no warning that his password was reset so he is telling a lie.

user profile:;u=501333
service thread:
him sellig a coc account cheap!
his loan request:

He moved all threads to archival.
The guy was obviously lying and trying to put up a scam.
I also noticed he change password two times when I caught him red haded.
His account never chaned password when he posted the loan request.
3  Economy / Lending / 0.025 BTC loan short term on: March 24, 2016, 01:06:35 AM
I need it for a few hours. If you're curious, I use loans to do some quick ALT trading. It's pretty fun and I leave with some profit for you and I.

With collateral, I can use my account or you can take my word.
Repayment with collateral: 0.027
Repayment without collateral: 0.0285

Thanks. Same address as before. 164DH2uWvrdvRs4cFpjGC8ffo46t1f4zmW

4  Economy / Lending / 0.025 BTC loan on: March 23, 2016, 07:31:36 AM
I need a quick 0.025 BTC loan. It'll be paid back within a week, top.
I can offer 0.029 BTC as repayment.
Thank you!
5  Economy / Computer hardware / auctioning & selling 60-80 GH/s ButterflyLabs (BFL) Single (price changed) on: March 30, 2014, 07:28:14 PM
Tried to post this on eBay (my first eBay sell), after some time trying, got sick of their additional rules, premium charges, and stuff like that. They do not allow me to sell it worldwide as my account is new. Fine. So I'm auctioning / selling it here.

Auctioning / selling a BFL Single.

This machine has been mining non-stop flawlessly since it arrived 5 months ago. Selling it because with price of electricity in Spain rising, and difficulty too, it is not long till it will make small profit. Selling it to whoever has cheaper electricity costs.

Mint condition. I opened it for better refrigeration, and also upgraded stock fans with better ones. Will sell it open or closed in original case as customer requests, adding stock fans. Works flawlessly registering around 69ºC on chips die, with bfgminer.

Working 24/7, very stable. The hash rate varies, but never goes below 60 GH/s. At some point has reached and sustained 80 GH/s. It has never been overclocked (not sure if it is possible, or how to).

Auction : 12 days from now. Reserve price.
Instant selling : 890 US$ or 650 €uro

- Paypal accepted, but really not like it much. Prefer BTC

- within Europe (EU), no customs will apply. Will send it by regular parcel mail, expedited, or UPS, as customer requires. Customer pays shipping fees.
- out of Europe: customer pays shipping fees and also any customs that might proceed.

- only return available if machine is not working or doing consistently less than 50 GH/s, within the first two days.
- do not accept any other return, because shipping it back, maybe paying customs (if comes back from out of Europe), etc., is a pain in the ass, a lot of days not mining, and a big loss. Plus the machine works perfectly, has been working perfectly for 5 months. It's much more stable than the other miner we have.


6  Economy / Computer hardware / 2,5 GH/s BitBurner on: November 27, 2013, 10:53:16 PM
Hi all,

I have a BitBurner board with 10 Avalon chips standing on top of the shelve doing nothing (as I mine with another setup).

This is a board that nominally has 2,5 GH/s, and can be theoretically overclocked well at least to 3 GH/s. The board comes with a heat dissipator and a fan, so only thing you need to put it to work is a power adapter. For more info please read the board thread by "burnin", its creator.

I will put it for sale or auction here to the best offer in the next two weeks, or for 0.85 BTC to get it right away.

Shipment expenses should be on the customer (will be shipped from Madrid, Spain).

Auction offers please post here or PM.


7  Bitcoin / Group buys / KnC Neptune buy on: November 27, 2013, 10:25:05 PM
Hi all,

I got a Saturn from KnC that is working fine 24/7. Even though, given the crazy augment in difficulty, it might take time to hit ROI - if it does!

Anyways, KnC seems a reputable company to me. They delivered the Saturn on time (and also two more chips I got from them) and they are working ok after some minor tweaking.

I'm interested in getting a Neptune for me, but US$ 10,000 is quite a sum, even though it's guaranteed at 3 TH/s (3000 GH/s) and it might deliver more. Delivery is Q2 2014.

As a previous KnC buyer, I can order Neptunes from them now. So I'm looking for someone to:

- either contribute 90% of capital (I will contribute the remaining 10%) to get a Neptune, which would be 80% - 20%, or
- buy Neptune(s) through myself, leaving me 10% of them (ideally, someone buying 10 Neptunes, of which 1 would be mine)

I am open to other options though. I want to continue in this mining thing with the Neptune. Even so, if difficulty continues to raise geometrically, we might not get ROI with the Neptunes (unless raise in BTC/$).


8  Bitcoin / Hardware / Partial share sell (50%) of KnC miner Saturn (200 GH/s) on: July 03, 2013, 05:04:31 PM
Three weeks ago I purchased a KnC Saturn miner, with order number # 23XX. According to KnC, it is supposed to be delivered in October. At the time of the purchase, the option for a less expensive miner ("Mercury") was not available, so for me personally, it required quite an effort ordering the Saturn, and the idea of selling 50% of it has been on my mind since.

Finally I have seen the other group buys from KnC and I have decided to sell 50% of this machine.

Currently, according to the last newsletter from KnC, the specs for the Saturn are that it will be at least a 200 GH/s miner (two 28nm chips).

The machine will be divided in 400 shares (each one giving theoretically 0.5 GH/s, according to KnC - but these cannot be garanteed till the machine is in production, and we see how reliable & fast it really is), of which 200 are to sell.

The cost for each share will be 0,23 BTC, as long as the BTC/US$ ratio keeps above US$65. If it falls below this mark, this figure will be updated, and until then, no share sells might be produced.

The 0,23 BTC includes operating costs.

The mining benefits will be sent to your BTC address weekly, proportionally to the number of shares.

The machine will be operated within this rules for at least 24 months. After that, whenever the machine is no longer beneficial to operate, my initial idea would be to do a lottery amonth all the shareholders (that includes my 50%) and send it to whoever wins, previous payment of shipping.

I'm copying the following paragraph from other share sells:

I take no responsibility for the possibility that KnC Miner does not deliver the miner. There is a certain level of risk which is taken on by shareholders, you can never 100% guarantee anything when it comes to pre-orders. By purchasing shares, you agree that you understand the risks involved and agree that the organisers accept no liability in the case of non-delivery. I will do everything within my power to recover the costs and reimburse our shareholders, but if KnC fails to deliver, this cannot be promised.

Payment address: 13h4DTc8fFZAJzYyVHDvg2xEihzPStfqMy

Important : Please send payments from a BTC address that you manage, so you can sing messages with it, in case some further voting is required by shareholders.

Why trust me: I have been around the forum for some time. I have been mining GPU in small scale since several months and I'm in a Avalon chips group buys (zefir). I guess you can confirm with KnC that I have indeed bought a Saturn from them. Apart from that, no idea. Being sincere here.

If you decide to buy, please send a message to this thread with the following:

<username>;<number of shares>;<BTC address from which you purchased>;<BTC address to which payments should be made> [if different]

If there are any doubts please feel free to either contact me, or post in this thread. I'm new to this (I mean, share selling), so if I've done any obvious mistakes feel free to point me. Thanks!
9  Other / Beginners & Help / q: transactions with bitcoin-qt, and choosing the sending address on: April 28, 2013, 06:11:18 PM
I already asked this but got no solution (or not one that I understood) so I'll try again. I also have a new question.

1 -------------------------

From my address 15sJQqE2dEGi5dLQi4MyDw5ZQ4HKzT7P3d, I transferred 0,86 BTC to 162HWpt9njiDsk5nwGixw7fDPuNy55Kh9X with a commission of 0,001 BTC.

Here is the transaction:

At the time I had 0.9531 BTC in total. And surprisingly (for me at least!) it sent the remaining money in my wallet (0.0921 BTC) to some unknown address 1Nu8Y6krpe31Snu7fW8TJHcAkDHKc1onQ1.

Anyone knows why is this?

2 -------------------------

Also with bitcoin 1.8.1b-Qt, how do you choose the address from which the money is going to be sent?

10  Other / Beginners & Help / Q: transaction commission on: April 26, 2013, 06:19:02 AM

I just sent 0.86 BTC to one address and offered 0.001 BTC commission for the transfer fee.
Nevertheless, I do not understand how, I have been charged much more (0.0921 BTC) for the transfer fee.
Details can be seen here:
How is this possible that it has been charged 92x times as offered?


What actually seemed to have happend is that bitcoin client has sent the "remaining" BTC to this address: 1Nu8Y6krpe31Snu7fW8TJHcAkDHKc1onQ1.

But this address is not mine, as does not appear in my wallet. That is why I'm confused.
11  Other / Beginners & Help / temperatures for GPUs VRMs (voltage regulator modules)? on: April 25, 2013, 11:53:38 PM

I have an HD5870 which VRMs do not usually go under 80ºC unless unplugged. Meaning even with high under-clocking that is the temp.

This guy ( does not recommend that temperature, he says:

30 to 68*C -> Nice and stable.
69 to 72*C -> VERY MILD RISK of: Unstable Machine Errors in F@H with some WUs
73 to 75*C -> MILD RISK of: Unstable Machine Errors in F@H with some WUs , sluggish desktop performance, and “Display Driver Stopped Responding” errors.
76 to 79*C -> MODERATE RISK of: Unstable Machine Errors in F@H with ALL WUs, sluggish desktop performance, and “Display Driver Stopped Responding” errors.
80 to 89*C -> HIGH RISK of: Unstable Machine Errors in F@H with ALL WUs, sluggish desktop performance, and “Display Driver Stopped Responding” errors.  MILD RISK of BSOD.
90 to 95*C -> MODERATE RISK of BSOD

If I mine a full speed (stock speed, not overclocking) the VRMs go up to 110ºC +.

Is that my VRMs are faulty or this guy is bananas? Any other temps of your GPU's VRMs?


12  Other / Beginners & Help / which pool is best for poor-mans mining? on: April 25, 2013, 11:47:56 PM
Hi guys,

I'm currently at 250MH/s, and was wondering which pool gives better revenue, if there is any significant difference. Thanks!

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