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21  Economy / Economics / Culture drives markets not supply / demand not psychology on: May 12, 2011, 09:30:35 PM
Don't take the precious!

They all want my precious!

/dodging shitstorm in 3... 2... 1...
22  Economy / Economics / Proposal for structured digital economy (UPDATED) on: May 10, 2011, 04:14:44 PM
To all the fixers and tweakers and priests,

Get the hell out. Or realize that you are insane. And then get the hell out. By 'fixing' bitcoin you deny others the opportunity to use it as it is. What is it you people have against diversity? Free 'speech' software means you get to make your own. It does not mean you get to impose on others.


A list of bitcoin-like currencies:

For those that remain,

Fundamental to problem solving are reusable units. LEGO blocks are better than pieces with random shapes misfit together in some kind of new age orgy of imposed unity. The personal computer is better than myriad of incompatible systems of the 1950s. Eli Whitney and his interchangeable parts, remember him?

I propose a total of four levels of units.

The first is bitcoin:
Bitcoin - allows interchangeable standard which even an idiot can adapt to his own uses

No changes to the inherent limits.

The second level of fundamental units which can be pegged to bitcoin but do not require the 21 million limit because they are anchored to physical limitations:
Diskcoin - exchange storage space
Bandwidth - exchange transmission speed
Cyclecoin - exchange processing capability

None of the above will be allowed to be rented because they are fundamental units of the digital world.

The third level is a bridge between the second level and the fourth:
Servcoin - a basket currency that is a mix of whatever you choose to throw in from the fundamentals or the imitations.

These may be rented because they are fundamental to the interaction between the real world and the digital.

The fourth level is the crazy, hysterical, paranoid, experimental, and gonzo currencies a few people want to distort bitcoin into being:

the ones i like

the ones i don't like
everything else lol
23  Economy / Economics / Intellect is not property on: May 04, 2011, 10:18:17 AM
Intellect is not property for the same reason gas in the tank is not velocity.

The fact that you invested time and effort grants you nothing. You need to put your foot on the gas for there to be any useful work done by your vehicle.

There's a million things I'm INSPIRED to do without pay. The profit is in the accomplishment of the task which gives me and millions of others instant benefit. Benefit I'm doing it for in the first place.

The most important reason to be against intellectual property is the surreal precedence and phenomenal power the IP cartel has in comparison to those who actually create tools and implement ideas.

If you want money for your ideas, convince someone who builds things to hire you. Implementation gives value. That idea you had on the john is not valuable in and of itself.

Your investment of time is only as valuable as the value you demand versus what others are willing to provide.
24  Economy / Economics / Incentive destroys change | Leave BC alone create sister currencies pegged to it on: May 04, 2011, 10:03:38 AM
Two of the biggest problems in getting people interested in doing anything are:
Blowhards who turn productive people into catatonic cheerleaders
Blowhards who turn create creative problem solvers away with their never ending dissatisfaction

Blowhards are unpredictable. The creative problem solver, the very person who does not need to be incentivized, cannot get their community conscious solutions through. There's no telling how much tweaking and distortion blowhards are going to do to the currency. This sabotages their work.

Blowhards are hysterical paranoid emo twunts who need constant confirmation (while denying most criticism). They will never be satisfied that their improvements are working. They will keep tweaking the system. Eventually they make so much noise that the productive people will wait for the advice of the loud ones before they do the simplest thing.

They are like FEMA. I called the American Bus Association during Katrina to get them to send buses. They said they would do nothing until FEMA asked them to. So instead of taking action when the people (whom supposedly FEMA was intended to protect) ask, they wait for the bloated panopticon to act.

Keep these people out. They will intrude into your shower to get information. They are intellectual parasites, info stalkers, who need a relationship with you to be temporarily comfortable in their existence.

Let bitcoin be a reference currency. Leave it alone.

What part of I am my own bank don't you get?

We are done with the pyramid of authority. Go away.
We can inflate bitcoin and deflate by merely dropping bitcoins and scooping them up without any blowhard panopticon.

Create something akin to bitcoin and pegged to it like the following:
Diskcoin - Storage oriented - you can deflate it by compressing storage and inflate it by renting out the space.
Bandcoin - Transmission oriented - you can inflate or deflate it by traffic shaping and synchronizing broadcasts.
Cyclecoin - Work oriented - you can inflate or deflate it by applying a cycle fee to all orders of work.
Servcoin - Basket oriented - a mix of the above at a better price than individual

Do whatever you like with those.

You blowhards are not the only ones who have solutions. One set of your solutions prevents others from coming up with their own lifting themselves and each other up. And I, and I'm confident most proactive bitcoin users as well, will not stand for that.

Solutions interfere with each other. That's unacceptable.

Welcome to the wikipedia of currency. Get out of the way.
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