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1  Economy / Auctions / [WTS] 370 Avalon chips from Zefir and SebastianJu (Full Escrow Provided) on: August 14, 2013, 12:17:45 AM

370 Avalon chips for sale:

I did not anticipate a 6 week delay on the shipping of my early group buy chips. Thanks to my brutal summer electricity bill and sudden lack of funds (long story) I can no longer afford to buy the burnin boards for the assembly of my chips. I have 170 chips from the zefir group buy and 200 chips from the SebastianJu group buy for sale today. I will offer full escrow on the sales from either batch.

From the zefir chips 120 are from group buy #7 (April 30) and 50 chips are from #8 (May 1). The SebastianJu chips are from batch #2 (May 18). These order dates are early enough to put you in the front of the line for burnins proven assembly process.

I thought I would have some warning before the chips from my batches shipped out. But now it looks like there might be no warning at all after reading this post today:

It looks like Yifu is now shipping again, but without tracking or updates this week. Is he in stealth mode now? As of today Im worried that the chips will just show up and I won't have my sale done or money for boards either. For this reason I want to end the auction and transfer ownership as soon as possible. Im worried this will be my last chance to transfer ownership and I don't want to get skipped on shipping this week.

For the Zefir chips:

The buy it now price per chip is 0.14btc. I am only going to sell the 170 chips at once in one sale. I could sell the 120 chips(batch #7) and the 50 chips(batch #8) seperate but I cant split them up further due to the transfer process. Back when I bought these chips the bitcoin price was ~$140 on gox putting this price today in line with what I paid almost 4 months ago.

For the SebastianJu chips:

The buy it now price per chip is 0.098btc. I would like to sell all 200 of these at once but I will sell them in blocks of 40 chips minimum.

The escrow process:

For the SebastianJu chips its easy. He'll send you a PM with an escrow address to pay. Then he will transfer ownership of the chips to you. After this is done I will get my funds.

For the zefir group buy it is a little different. You will send funds to an escrow address provided to you by an escrow provider like SebastianJu or John K. You will give them the address or manufacturer (like burnin) you want shipped to. You will also provide the new ownership details. I will lock this info as permanent and get a receipt from zefirs website and the blockchain as proof this was done. After this process is confirmed the chips are yours and I will receive my funds from escrow.

A buy it now bid is considered final and payment is expected asap (within 12 hours). Please only by it now if you have the funds available.

Accepting Offers:

I will consider offers with the following minimums. 0.12 per chip from zefir (170 chip minimum) and 0.086 per chip (40 chip minimum) from SebastianJu. You are welcome to place an offer in this range now, but I will leave a 24 hour window for buy it now only before I consider offers.

Offers of this kind are not binding like the buy it now bids are, but please respect my minimum bids listed and only bid if your are serious about paying. If I do decide to accept an offer I will contact you. Thanks everyone!

If someone wants to buy all the 370 chips at once I will offer a 5% discount! This special discount is only good untill I get my first buy it now bid.

2  Bitcoin / Mining / Poll: How much does it cost Butterfly Labs (BFL) to build a Jallapeno? on: May 04, 2013, 06:34:29 AM
This is the total cost involved including:
* 65nm Chips (x2 per jallapeno)
* PCB Fully Assembled (just the way you see it in the video)
* Custom heatsink
* Fan
* Metal Case (Including all screws/hardware)
* PSU (with cords and wiring)
* Employee costs per unit to hand build, test, and pack (1/2Hr wage?)

I just made a thread asking this question in detail. If you would like to answer the question in detail, search for the topic by the same name as this poll.

There was a video posted this week showing a jallapeno being torn down to basic parts:

Thanks for your answers everyone!  Grin
3  Bitcoin / Mining / How much does it cost Butterfly Labs (BFL) to build a Jallapeno? on: May 04, 2013, 06:22:54 AM
I could go on about BFL for days. Lets just say I am a skeptic. Not they they don't have a product, they have one. But I don't think they can make much of a profit per unit is the problem. I wanted to address this today. I don't want this topic derailed with everything B.S.L so lets keep this thread about just this one topic only. The costs involved with building each jallapeno. Thx in adavnce.  Grin

There was a video made on youtube this week where they take apart a Jallapeno down to the PCB:

What would a smaller company like BFL be charged per item:
* 65nm Chips (x2 per jallapeno)
* PCB Fully Assembled (just the way you see it in the video)
* Custom heatsink
* Fan
* Metal Case (Including all screws/hardware)
* PSU (with cords and wiring)
* Employee costs per unit to hand build, test, and pack (1/2Hr wage?)
* Over the top designer packing/boxing
And your total estimated cost for parts per unit

* Monthly R&D costs for new cutting edge 65nm asic tech, case design, ect.
* Monthly costs of failed wafers, PCB boards, case designs, PSU design ect.
* Monthly overhead costs for the buildings/utilitys
* Mothly employee costs
* Monthly shipping costs for large expensive parts shipments from overseas
Your total estimated cost per month

The last thing I want to know is how hard is it to get good high yeilding wafers of a newly designed 65nm chip and PCB board. This seems to be BFLs problem. How much more will each 65nm chip cost to produce if they keep getting bad batches and can only cherry pick a few worthy chips per wafer?

The main reason I ask this is obvious. There is a simple equation we can plug the above numbers into to find out how many units BFL would have to ship per month to make a profit on Jallapenos alone, if it is possible. Lets keep this one thread mostly about the numbers above if we can. I know they will make money mining during the test period. I know they will make money back on shipping charges. The responses to my questions above will be long enough already without digression into other details.   Roll Eyes


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