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1  Other / Meta / User spaming with ads in every post on: May 24, 2018, 05:47:17 PM;u=1715816

This users just bumped a post from last year that has very little to do with the discussion, just so he can advertise the project.
He seems to be doing this in all of his posts.
2  Other / Meta / 2 accounts probably promoting malware on: April 23, 2018, 12:43:19 PM;u=2027208;u=2027217

These 2 accounts, that were created minutes from each other and post same posts, seem to be instructing people to redeem their Bitcoin Cash.
I assume they instruct people to download a wallet that steals your private keys.
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / What if 0 value SHA256d block is mined? on: February 05, 2018, 02:57:43 PM
I've been wondering about this for a while. It might even be impossible due to hash value of block being SHA256 value of SHA256 value of the block data, as far as I know (or is this only for Bitcoin addresses?) and there simply might not be a SHA256 value that produces 0 when it's hashed again, unless SHA256 outputs are very well distributed, which they might be in this case.

I have seen on some blockchain explorers that for the genesis block the previous reference block is 0. I thought that perhaps this would mean that Bitcoin blockchain might loop unexpectedly, but I figured out that coinbase transaction has 50BTC as an output, which would I guess make it invalid now that the block reward is bellow that.

Would there be any special problems with this?
Obviously if the difficulty gets too high, block hashes will start overlapping which could create these loops, right?
But I do understand that it is very likely that difficulty would have to grow quite unreasonably high for this, which it never might.
4  Other / Meta / [Merit source application] Serbian local thread on: January 27, 2018, 10:30:46 AM
As far as I am aware we don't have any merit sources as our active local thread users.
It would be good if we had multiple of them to avoid centralization and award only certain types of opinions on the thread.
In my opinion merits should be liquid and not being given extremely rarely.

That being said, I would like to apply as one.

I don't want to just quote local thread posts here, as I don't think most would understand what it was being talked about, but local posts are the main reason for this application. I also tried to be unique with the posts I picked.

Pozdrav ekipo. Jel zna neko mozda koliko se isplati skupljati BTC i altcoine preko fauceta, igrica i slicno? I preko kojih sajtova mozemo da unovcimo to sto skupimo? Jel binance radi za nasu drzavu i kad se krene preko njega (tj. napravi neki dinar tamo, poveca stanje racuna) da li moze preko njega biti isplacen na paypal ili slicno i na koji nacin? Hvala unapred.

1. Za faucete nisam siguran ja sam odavno probao ako si zadovoljan za par dinara dnevno onda moze ali moje misljenje da se nemoze ziveti ali bicu iskren nisam 100% siguran mozda ima neki koji dobro placa.
2. Ako za nasu drzavu mislis Srbiji onda Binance moze jer su mene verifikovali poslao sam sliku pasosa Eps i info stan i dali mi verifikaciju mada pise da moze 2BTC dnevno skidanje bez verifikacije. Samo budi oprezan meni su 20tak hiljade verge ukrali na binance.

Za ostalo neka ti drugi ovde odgovore.

Thanks.  Ok, here is the fix:

Just make sure to forward port 9735 to the host running lightningd and add --ipaddr <your public ip> to the lightningd command line.

If necessary add rpcport=8332 to bitcoin.conf and reboot.

As fees are high right now and have been this way for quite some time now, it seems like Bitcoin is becoming very expensive to use for everyday stuff.
My worry is that it will stay this way at least until Bitcoin Core starts fully supporting segwit, which is supposed to be in May in version 0.16, if I am not mistaken?


I am personally using it for 2 months already, the fee is usually $10 for amounts $1-$4,500 (haven't sent more), and I am always getting 3 confirmations within 15-40 minutes (the first confirmation is usually not later than 10 minutes), so Segwit is a GREAT solution, if all of us migrate to segwit wallets, btc transactions would become quick and cheap again! Though $10 minimum fee is sure not for micropayments, but it is a very nice fee for payments over $1,000.

Guys, a lot of us make money on trading and sometimes there's an excess that you don't need. Do you think it's a good idea to donate part of the profits to charity? Whom would you suggest helping first?

I'd say help people in your local community, charity organisations often are not what they seem. They either have their own agenda, take huge cuts on what they receive in donations or are simply running a scam.

Correct me if I know wrong.

I know the reason like this,

If some programmer want to revise the bitcoin source and after done, for test, he need to compile revised source to make new running file, -qt.exe

Is this right?


Not only for a test... It's also possible an individual doesn't trust the person who compiled the binaries. In this case, the individual can pull bitcoin's source from github, effectively vet the sourcecode completely, then compile his own binaries, not for testing purposed, but for real live production usage.
As a matter of fact, i usually compile the binaries myself....
Hello folks, got a small question.

Let's imagine I create a PoW coin, there jump in 50 miners (so 50 nodes). What would happen if I want to update the code?

- Miners can refuse to update? (that would create a fork?)
If the code update doesn't require a hard fork, nodes can choose not to update and don't really lose anything because it will be backward compatible.
If it's a radical change that requires a hard fork (eg increasing the block size), then ALL nodes need to update or else they'll be cut off from the network and will be running a different blockchain entirely.

And what if my cryptocurrency updates automatically? [/quotes]
Updates to the code are implemented by updates to the node software, so people running nodes need to choose whether they'll update or not.

would this be correct? why isn't bitcoin doing this? (to avoid that miners refuse the update, or even remove the reward for nodes that are outdated, could this work?)

If you force nodes to update or be kicked out of the network that is equivalent to a hardfork.
Updates are usually backwards compatible so a person running an old version of a node can be interact with new nodes without great loss of functionality.
How do you equate the value of women today?

Many women degrades womanity, how about you? how do you value a woman/yourself?

Being a female, I would say that the males usually respect the women who are having self-respect. I have hardly ever faced any sort of discrimination from the males. If you have the talent, then no one will be able to stop you. But if you don't have the talent, and is dependent on the affirmative action quota for the female gender, then not many males may be happy about it.
8 )
With only 20% left there's only so much that miners can mine with present day mining hardwares and it'll get slower and slower to mint new Bitcoins as the block rewards get smaller. This will eventually make Bitcoins rare to procure, making new coins less avialable to traders / buyers. Now this could eventually drive the price up sharply cause this would make Bitcoin like gold where there's limited supply of gold and more demand. Miner could hence profit just as much as they are now. This trend will continue till all Bitcoins have been mined and then they can only earn from fees for mining the blocks.
"The director of German's central bank believes that bitcoin should be regulated through an international set of rules rather than on a national scale."

Does bitcoin need to be regulated in a global scale?

No, as that will remove one of the most important parts and principles of Bitcoin which is decentralization. Once you introduce a set of rules to Bitcoin, you have to have some kind of organization or group of people regulating those rules. When you have that, it's essentially a government that controls bitcoin's moves. Bitcoin was made so that people could use it anonymously and without having to worry about inflation/deflation from a centralized agency. In fact, if that agency ends up being scammers or people who are not true to Bitcoin, you'd end up with a true mess in your hands.
As far as charitable giving in the crypto space, thereís the Pineapple Fund, but he has disabled new applications at the moment. Itís good to see that someone is donating massive amounts of Bitcoin to charities, and Iíd like to see more acts like this.

There are also several altcoins that were solely created for charitable giving, such as CoExistCoin and KrossCoin. Iím sure there are a few others.

I think the major problem with charities, not just ones who would potentially accept crypto, is the lack of transparency. I, myself, will never again donate to Red Cross because of it.

Not a plug, but I am on the board of a non-profit in the third world country that I live in, and we publish financial statements every single quarter and every single year. Iím currently in the process of creating and integrating crypto wallets into the website, and hope to use blockchain technology and historical data to be able to provide transparency for every crypto donation, as well as every time the crypto is exchanged to fiat in order to use for the charity. There are some tax implications that is slowing the process down, but I want to ensure that we are by the book, so until the day comes when we can legally accept crypto, I wonít be sharing any addresses for donations.

I really do wish more charities will step up, but if I may be honest, I feel that if charities are savvy enough to accept crypto donations, then they are probably inclined to pay for the web developerís services for including crypto donation options as a method of receiving funds. Just another unnecessary expense, in my opinion, that detracts from using funds for their intended purpose of the charityís mission.

OP, please let me know what you discover. Iím looking for a charity (besides my own) to give back to for 2018, and am interested to see what you come up with!

There are a lot of local posts I wanted to add, but there would be no reason to overflow this topic with the language that not that many of you speak.

I hope I get accepted and that we get more sources in many parts of this forum Smiley
5  Other / Meta / Local thread that should get it's own board on: January 27, 2018, 12:41:18 AM
In last few months it became very hard to keep up with many different topics in our local thread as it steadily became quite active.
It is a Serbian local thread.

Is there any chance that we could finally get our own board? We would be incredibly grateful Smiley
6  Other / Serious discussion / The scaling solution on: January 10, 2018, 06:30:59 PM
As fees are high right now and have been this way for quite some time now, it seems like Bitcoin is becoming very expensive to use for everyday stuff.
My worry is that it will stay this way at least until Bitcoin Core starts fully supporting segwit, which is supposed to be in May in version 0.16, if I am not mistaken?
I want to hear serious objective opinions on this situation, without any finger pointing.

Primarily the issue I am seeing is that very dedicated users who tried to build Bitcoin into a widespread standard currency used in everyday life are now perhaps dependent to some extent on Bitcoin being used for such purposes., as some are selling their products for Bitcoin so they can increase the adoption.
Also some might be buying certain products in Bitcoin exclusively, but they are likely to be able to switch more easily, unlike merchants.

I do like Lightning Network and segwit as solutions for the scaling problem, but it seems to be taking some time and that is probably hurting our most dedicated users. Perhaps having a quick solution that is simple to implement is not that bad. May is still 4 months away and it is always possible for deadlines to increase.
7  Economy / Speculation / Bitcoin Cash's price during a Segwit2X fork on: October 09, 2017, 10:52:39 AM
What do you speculate will happen during a Segwit2X fork?

Will people go to BCH as a safe haven until they see will the fork happen and which blockchain will win.
There is a lot of uncertainty about the fork, like will the signatories keep their promise and if they will implement a last minute replay protection like they did in BCH?

On the other hand I heard that altcoin prices dropped during a BCH hardfork, so will it be similar? Will the market treat BCH as an altcoin, or will it treat it like a safe haven as an Bitcoin alternative, since it is the forth crypto by market cap right now (even tho I wouldn't count ripple as a crypto).
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Stealing Bitcoins from online wallets with 2FA on: September 19, 2017, 10:53:04 PM
I see people calling for 2FA as a safety mechanism for their accounts even tho there is a huge vulnerability in the mobile networks known for years now.
2FA just increases the complexity of the attack, it doesn't stop it at all. Here is an article from The Hacker News that came out today about using 2FA on Bitcoin online wallets like Coinbase, although they say that it isn't a vulnerability in Coinbase at all but in the mobile system design flaws instead.

The conclusion here is that you shouldn't consider a mobile network safe.
9  Economy / Speculation / Short term investment on: September 16, 2017, 04:00:56 PM
Many traders agree that Bitcoin is a great long term investment, but what about all the short term traders?
There is a value in short term trading of course and these months seem as they were and will be turbulent, making short term trading at higher stake.

When do you predict a bottom and top range of the market in these couple of months?

Due to the upcoming of a serious hard fork that has a major economical support these times seem very risky for Bitcoin. A major split of the community is more likely than during a Bitcoin Cash fork and we saw some price drops before the Bitcoin Cash fork and could possibly expect an even bigger drop during this one. Or maybe people gained more confidence in Bitcoin since the survival of that fork? Are the big investors confident that big companies that signed the NY agreement will make a successful fork and insure the value of their coins with their economical importance or will they bail due to uncertainty? If they are confident in those companies, are they wrong to be confident? Will the users reject the fork and would it make a very drastic effect on the price?

Also due to the bad clarity in China's new ICO ban, it is maybe possible for the government to clarify it's stance on crypto/fiat trading?
If their stance is supportive, we could experience a huge bull and if it is not, we might experience a perhaps medium or high decline in price?

Many things could affect the price in next 2 months and because many miners and other people who pay the bills from crypto it is important to know for them should they sell and when or should they wait and for how long.
10  Other / Meta / Server questions: server downtime, onion address on: September 06, 2017, 09:07:00 PM
I see that the bitcoin address for donation to this forum holds 190 BTC, which makes me wonder lack of possible improvements to these forum servers.
I assume that most of it is savings for the future costs of running these servers and bug bounties, but I still have some questions.

1. Why does this server regularly experience downtime?

I noticed that the forum was giving 5XX errors every now and then, which are server errors. That makes me wonder why is there not a backup server for the times maintenance is being done on the main one. Seems to me like bitcointalk gets chocked up every now and then, like it isn't prepared for the traffic.
Is there some specific reason for these server failures?

2. Why does bitcointalk not run it's own hidden service?

It would be useful for all the users that want to be anonymous if bitcointalk to had a onion address, since anonymity is higher if it stays inside the Tor network.
This would give people the alternative to use in case of governments shutting down the known servers of this forum as well. It would also remove the trust in DNS and Certificate Authorities, which btw for some reason is not a free and open source Let's Encrypt CA. It seems only natural for a Bitcoin forum to integrate private and secure anti-censorship technology. After all, Bitcoin Core client already shows it's support for running the node on the Tor network.
11  Other / Meta / Weird posting behevior on certain new accounts on: August 09, 2017, 03:34:18 PM
I noticed accounts with username raykingtom;u=1097572
created 3 days ago and theobicanas;u=1098837
created 2 days ago, that post similar posts on different topics that are unrelated to discussions in the topic, but with different smilies with each post, all in close time frame from each other.
Seem like some bots to me. Is this usual? Any idea why they would be doing so? I guess signature campaigns would notice this so that shouldn't be the case.
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