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1  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] KNC Titan Batch 2 Mining Cubes on: November 13, 2015, 08:34:07 PM
Hey there, i'm selling my personal shipments of KNC Titan cubes. $1500 for cubes that have all 4 dies working at 325 MHz. $1000 for cubes with only 3 dies working at 325 MHz. $600 for cubes with only 2 dies working at 325 MHz.

**Note**, the dies aren't actually dead (0v 0amp) on any of the cubes, I just didn't care to go through all the steps of trying each voltage to see if it activates an unresponsive die. Controllers for 1 BTC if you buy 5 cubes or more. All cubes have the Y cables. Also have platinum and some gold power supplies for $200 separately.

I'm in Canada, so canadians can get free shipping, but USA has to pay (keep in mind customs as well).

Pictures available upon request, same as my BFL thread. PM me if you want to be secret.
2  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] BFL Monarch SHA-256 Mining Cards on: November 13, 2015, 08:21:22 PM
I've got the biggest shipment of Monarchs in Canada! Woo! I don't want them. They take up too much space and I don't like having all my eggs in one basket. Selling for $100 each @ 600 GHs/700 GHs in BTC / PayPal.

I'm based in Canada, so if you're in USA the customs won't be much of a big deal. Shipping included if you're from Canada, otherwise you pay for shipping. These Monarchs are liquid cooled bitcoin miners that Butterfly Labs started offering last year.

First 5 people to order will get the overclocked versions for free (extra 100 GH/s). I'm also selling the BFL recommended EVGA 1300 Watt power supplies with them as well for 200. If you buy in sets of two i'll give you the power supply for 175.

I don't have time for escrow but i'm open to it if you are a quick responder (I sell a lot of tech daily that I get in bulk).

Couple of pictures of them in-hand:

I'd show some pictures of the massive amounts of 1300 W PSUs I have but i'm sure you don't need proof of those existing.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / - Crypto Minesweeper! on: January 06, 2015, 07:46:49 AM

Here is an app i've been working on for a while now and just finished it! It's a Paycoin minesweeper game! Win XPY by tapping the boxes that don't have bombs in them! I would appreciate it a lot if some of you could test it out, if it gets populated then I can justify expanding it's feature set. It has 0% house-edge! meaning I do not impose any advantages from the server. Entropy increases with more people playing by using a rolling UUID code that splices with the pseudo-random server UUID with almost no lag (between rolls)!

To allow for easier betting, a single paycoin = 1000000 bits (one million bits). No minimum deposit, 0.001 (transaction fee) minimum withdrawal. To get 10000 FREE bits (0.01 XPY), simply message me outside of hashtalk (email, im, etc..) by googling my name.

This app is currently for Android, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux (I'll be working on an iOS version if wanted).
This game is currently for Paycoin (XPY). I know how some of you feel about Paycoin, but I will definitely allow more cryptocurrency in the future.

- 0% House Edge
- 0% Deposit/Withdrawal Fee
- Rolling client/server UUID code
- Best odds compared to any other coin game!
- Highest reward for your risk!
- Multi-platform
- NEW Update 1.1 - Two-Way Referral System! Refer your friends to play and you all can benefit!
- NEW Update 1.1 - Powerups! Use powerups increase your chances of winning! (Powerups will be credited every hour, starting with Update 1.2)

Full Changelog will be @

Play Bitsweep here:

Coming Soon?:

- Multiplayer (think battleship, where each player tries to find the bombs that their opponents place)
- Android Wear / Google Glass Support (not sure if anyone would want this, but i'd like to see if I could do it) The website will be just like the app once I make the app feature complete and I get an SSL certificate all set up with
4  Economy / Service Announcements / [ANN] - Anonymous Coin Exchange (0.10% Trade Fee!) on: September 09, 2014, 12:01:36 PM
Whaletrading is a new multi-platform app based exchange trading platform for crypto-currencies that allows truly anonymous trading without even needing an account! I've been developing this for quite some time now and I feel it's ready for the public to test out.

- Minimalist Design
- Optional Anonymous trading
- Native apps for major platforms (Android / iOS has highest priority)
- Push notifications of a specified price
- Fair Voting system (Votes with the highest balance every week get automatically activated instantly)
- One of the lowest trading fees (0.10% for EVERY coin)
- One of the lowest withdrawal fees (0.0001 for EVERY coin, + any transaction fees that the coin requires)
- Uses Authenticated API's (Instead of having a CPU heavy website load every time, every native app handles the graphics and rendering)
- Purging (Allows you to completely erase your account at any moment immediately withdrawing all coins to their respective withdraw addresses)
- Win Coins! (A couple of my side projects for coin games will be seamlessly integrated without touching the ecosystem of the trading platform)


Google Play

I've currently submitted both iOS and Android apps to their own app stores and am awaiting their publications. The Android App is currently in BETA and is available right now at
In the event that Apple doesn't approve the iOS app, i'm looking for testers (100 maximum) to test out the iOS build.

The iOS and Android clients are 100% complete and I am now working on the Windows/Mac/Linux builds which should be available very shortly.

Web Platform:
Why is there no website for trading you ask? Very simple. Speed, and stability. Having each native app use API's to gather ONLY the data they need, minimizes bandwidth usage by a great amount and speeds it up. Running the service this way also makes it stable as it cannot be DDoS'd in the traditional sense. If one API goes down, there's about 12 others as a backup on different servers!

I mainly started this service because I was tired of dealing with a million differently featured exchanges for trading coins. If anyone has any suggestions to improve this service, please let me know I'm open to any new innovative ideas.

Thanks for reading.
5  Bitcoin / Mining / massAPI (deepbit & slush) on: May 02, 2011, 04:36:38 AM
Hi, i've developed a program that manipulates API's specifically for deepbit and slush.

Uses for this application (Windows only for now):

- Monitor mining status
- Make your own events

Now this application was designed for a global API in mind, meaning that I would like this application to expand on the available API's. For it to do so, it needs to be tested. I also need people to give me more API's they would like to monitor using this desktop application.

Here's a look.
Main Screen

Config Screen

Download 1.0 (Windows) - About 1.5 MB

The main OS targets for this application are Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and Android.

Depending on how popular this is, I will try my best to expand on it.

There are many bugs right now, but every function works as it was made.

I would like feedback for new API's and different layouts (current one is very minimalistic). This program actually doesn't have a refresh rate yet, but I want to know if a good amount of people would use it before I continue development on it for other platforms.

Current Bugs
- Slushs API is off
- graphic glitches

Things to do
- Add more API's not just bitcoin related. (MtGox, Mint, etc.)
- Add refresh rate
- Add events

- Make this into a GUI based miner with a smaller footprint than any existing GUI based miner.
- Bitcoin Poker (I will definitely be making this if atleast 5 people want it. 5 Player per table minimum Cheesy)
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