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1  Economy / Computer hardware / Selling 27 Antminer S1 units, USA conus delivery only on: September 03, 2014, 07:47:27 AM
I am in Abilene TX, and am selling all of my S1's, 27 total.  They have been sitting on a storage rack the past couple of weeks while I was installing new equipment in a new building.  I had started a post to sell them back in June, but my new equipment came in several weeks early and I did not bother with them.

I will be boxing the S1's up in their original boxes to move from the old building tomorrow.  

All of the S1's are boxed up and sitting in the warehouse ready to ship using USPS or UPS.
If I can sell them, great.  If not, then we will see what the future holds.

I will ship only within the continental US.  Messing with customs just adds another failure point that I have no control over.

Asking .13 BTC for each miner.

Buyer pays shipping.

I have a good trade history.  If you have been around here a while with a good trade history, then we will work out the trade specs.

If you do not have a lot of trade history or are new here, I will probably not agree to a trade for more than a couple of miners, if at all.

If you want escrow, it will need to be someone here with great history, like ognasty, but you pay the fees.

Here are some older pics of the S1's that I posted just now at imgur.  This was before and during the teardown and move.

EDIT: Here is a link to the miners currently sitting in the warehouse.

I had some on ethernet cable and some on wireless as you will see in the pics.

I also have three v2 blades (10GH/s) left over and six Jalapenos that run from 6.8GH/s up to 7.9GH/s if anyone is interested in them.

Since others selling miners have had jerks trying to scam potential buyers, I will only use 19duKAQ7cJRU227U2mfkD4iszFR2fww7ap for the sell of my S1's.  I will not pm nor email a different btc address.  If you receive any such pm or email, please let everyone here know about the scammer. 

2  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Antminer S1's in the USA only, shipped from Texas on: June 26, 2014, 07:12:30 PM
Hey all.

I have a total of 27 Antminer S1's.  With these miners running and normal work in the building going on, I am using over 12,000 kWh a month.

I need to make room (lower power usage) for some new miners so I am selling my current S1's.

I am asking .38BTC per each S1 shipped from Texas in their original shipping boxes within the continental US.

I have six of the S1's setup and mining using wifi.  If anyone needs wireless S1's, I can sell these pre-configured for your network with the attached antenna.

The rest are all using the wired ethernet port to mine.

If you want a specific IP configuration on the miner, I can change the IP/netmast/gateway/broadcast/DNS/hostname/timezone, etc., to run on your network.

If you want a fresh defaulted firmware installed, I can also do that.

I will post some pics once I get to the office later this evening.

I have been here and traded with a lot of users from these forums, so I have good trade history.

I can do escrow with a proven trustworthy source from these forums, but you pay the cost.

3  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] 3-Month XBox Live Gold Cards on: February 08, 2014, 06:17:56 AM
I have some 3-month XBox Live Gold Membership cards that I want to sell.

I will sell each card individually for 0.0263BTC

I have some trades behind me so if you want escrow, you pay, but it must be with a hero member that we both agree upon. 

The pics are of the front of the cards and the back.  The back pic is to show that the silver over the pin number has not been scratched off.

Once I receive the btc, I will scratch off the card and pm you the code.  Please be able to verify the code right away.  I just tested one and it was applied to my account, so the rest should work just fine. 

If there are any problems I will try and help you out. If we cannot get the code to work with help from XBox support, then I will send you another code or your btc back.  This is to protect me from others using the code then claiming that it did not work.  Xbox support will be able to tell me if the code worked or not.

I have two xbox's on a clearwire 4g router that sucks for on-line FPS games. We just play local co-op games since early last summer, that is why I have not used these last few cards.

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