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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Some good news / updates for XRP, NEO or EOS? on: August 18, 2020, 08:22:49 AM
Hi, when I am looking into my portfolio, I am considering if XRP, NEO and EOS are a good choice or it would be better to exchange them for more progressive altcoins because I didnt hear any crucial update that is coming in the next months.

While Ethereum is going to develop ETH 2.0, Tron has Tron 4.0 update, Cardano is close to mainnet, also IOTA and ICON in someway good performing, but XRP, NEO, and EOS seems to be passive, what's your opinion?
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / USDX - is it really a stable coin? on: August 27, 2019, 08:33:31 PM
Hi, I am watching USDX since ICO and I am not sure if USDX is really a new stable coin or why the price is 10 times cheaper? Currently trading for 0.1USD on Exmarkets.
They claim to achieve 1USD in the future, would it mean a guaranteed 10x profit? Or it would mean that stablecoins can't be pegged to worthless tokens? The second answer looks more true, right?  Cheesy
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / No more stable coins and centralized garbages on: June 20, 2019, 05:44:43 PM
With recent hype of Facebook coin. Are not you afraid of disaster what could happen? Now Facebook knows who you are, where you are, what are you doing and with recent Globalcoin they will know even more, they will know everything about you. Now it seems as a reality that Facebook is really a product of FBI to track all people over the world and what is the best? People want that! It is free and cool!

And about stable coins.. the average inflation rate is around 2%. If you save up your money for 30 years ,you can be sure that after 30 years you will have only half of the original amout, respectively you will be able to buy only half of what you could afford 30 years ago. Is it really the stability what we are looking for?

4  Other / Serious discussion / Received more cryptocurrencies than I should on: June 11, 2019, 10:39:53 AM
Hello, I received cryptocurrencies that do not belongs me.

First of all, I send a transaction to an exchange wallet, but it didnt come, than I wrote on support and it takes around 10 days to solve it. But I received 10 times more than the original amount was. Since I passed KYC on this exchange I do not have many options what can I do, only report that case and return money.? But could I claim some % for kind behavior, or not? What should I do? If I do not report it, it is a criminal activity?

Just asking, I really do not know what is the best thing what I can do now.

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / EOS - big announcement on the 1st June on: June 03, 2019, 12:53:38 PM
Hello, what is your opinion about new social platform Voice  that is going to be launched by (creators of EOS).
Do you think that they can succeed? Even Google wasnt successful with its Google+. And do you see any use case of EOS on this platform?
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Self developing network - automatic updates - no hard forks? on: February 11, 2019, 01:19:29 PM
Hi, I recently read about this cool feature:
Self developing network - the protocol will be constantly updated without any hard forks needed.

Republia is probably the first one cryptocurrency ever with this feature.

And I am asking why there are not more cryptocurrencies that support it?
Because if you want to make an estabilished coin better  (Bitcoin or Ethereum for example) you have to hard fork it or create second layer solution and still you will have a real problem to competite with new created coins that offer faster and cheaper transactions. I am afraid that many of top coins now will be replaced by new and better technology coins.
This feature will help Republia to fight with competitors.

Or do you think that is not good? That could make this coin more risky against attacks?

Tell me.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Republia ICO your thoughts? on: February 03, 2019, 02:10:52 PM
Hello, recently I found out that Republia reached its hard cap, they raised 50 million dollars mainly thanks to Paxnet. There are not so many ICOs that reach even softcap in their presale. What is your thought that they are so successful? Wink
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Grin or Beam? What is the good entry price? on: January 18, 2019, 10:50:38 AM
Hi guys, recently these 2 coins were listed on exchanges and we can finally buy them. But when to buy? A lot of hype, so I think the price is still high, even the market cap is only 1 million USD.
Please tell me your suggestions.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Yobit Invest box, Liquid lending on: November 23, 2018, 01:21:43 PM
Hello, please, I have found on Yobit and Liquid exchanges these two features: Invest box on Yobit and Lending on Liquid.
Do you use it? Could you kindly tell me more about it? It seems that Lending on Liquid is 100% safe and you can easily earn some small profit, but what about Invest box, how does it work?
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Trading bots? on: October 26, 2018, 02:08:05 PM
Hello, I would like to know your opinions and experiences with trading bots.
Do you personally use some good bots? Can you recommend me some? Are they really profitable?

I look forward to your answers!

11  Economy / Scam Accusations / Islapdonkey scammer, blackmailer and extortionist on: January 18, 2018, 10:06:36 PM
This is the transcript of Islapdonkeys attempts to extort the Droxne management team and damage the reputation of Droxne coin. The FUD has gotten so out of hand, we consulted with a cyber crimes attorney today to discuss our options.  

Islapdonkey in case you are unsure about extortion and interstate communications, here is the definition as supplied by our cyber crime legal counsel.  "Whoever, with intent to extort from any person, firm, association, or corporation, any money or other thing of value, transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to injure the property or reputation of the addressee or of another or the reputation of a deceased person or any threat to accuse the addressee or any other person of a crime, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both."

This is the first private message received by the old Convery from Islapdonkey. Islapdonkey alleges that he owned 50,000 Droxne shares and was requesting compensation for his losses. If I invest in a random alt coin and lose money because I bought at the peak price of the summer altcoin frenzy over an OTC transaction, can I write to the lead developer and expect reimbursement for my trading losses? Its naive and preposterous for Islapdonkey to expect a payment. Market losses on investments are the investor's responsibility. This is the starting point of Islapdonkey's scam as if he had god given right to get reimbursed for his losses.

And then Islapdonkey follows up with second request for compensation to "make me whole" and supplies his Droxne address.

Now this is where the detective work starts, and we the dev team that controls the Convery account verified Islapdonkey's claimed balance as per the blockchain address provided. And we discover that Islapdonkeys balance was zero! We can see that he owned 27,500 shares for about 3 days until August 2nd and 47,304 shares for one day until August 4th.  We discovered the 47,304 shares were sent to another Droxne wallet controlled by Islapdonkey with the address posted below.  

In the next message, Islapdonkey is still expecting a payment from Convery. From the context it appears that the old Convery did not send him a payment which may have been promised. And here is where Islapdonkey makes a specific threat that is hurting the reputation of this coin to this day. " In such a case I won't sit quietly while you scam more ppl, and I will make sure my post stays current on this thread for however long this coin stays active"


Islapdonkey writes again supplying a second Droxne address. This is the address where Islapdonkey sent his 47,304 Droxne coins.

We checked the balance on this account and noted he received 29,999.99 shares on September 7th.  its not clear if he bought them or extorted them from the old Convery. As of January 18th, the balance of Droxne coins on this address is 81984.82074853. Our worst suspicions are confirmed. Islapdonkey is spreading rumors and FUD for his personal benefit whether for him or his friends to manipulate Droxne prices as they see fit.

And on September 8th Islapdonkey makes another request for compensation from Convery. At this point it looks and feels and smells like extortion since he posting multiple times a day attempting to disparage Droxne and hurt the brand.

Here is the smoking gun where Islapdonkey makes yet another threat to damage our reputation forever, never mind that we are a new dev team and have nothing to do with the previous Convery who refused to bow to his extortion demands. His language appears to be a personal vendetta and crusade "regardless of how many thread you create, i will always be present on each one and even if we have to play tag i.e i post, you delete, i repost, then so be it."

Islapdonkey's FUD continues to the present day. Here is a sample of the cobweb of lies that he weaves. 1) He accuses the new dev team to be the old dev in disguise. 2) he claims that we own giant pre-mine stakes. 3) He conveniently ignores that fact that several dev team members have bitcointalk forum accounts older than his including @tross and @Anhtatsu.

Islapdonkey also ignores the development since we took over the Droxne coin including the website (, two block explorers, Discord channel, Twitter, Instagram and the price increase since we took over. We encourage investors to add Islapdonkey to your ignore list.

Islapdonkey's trust page is a sea of red. One or two users reporting him to be a scammer could be a case of bad apples, but 7 independent members of the BCT forum suggests a business model dedicated to extortion and other unsavory business activities.    

Reddit users have also identified Islapdonkey as a scammer, not just the Droxne dev team. In this message he is attempting to compensate Reddit users $15 to defend him on the BCT forum and he has been tagged as a scammer.

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [DRXNE] [Tiếng Việt] Nền tảng Blockchain dnh cho Tr chơi v Bi bạc [PoS] ⭐⭐ on: January 16, 2018, 07:29:40 AM

Cho mừng đến với nền tảng Blockchain cho tr chơi v game cờ bạc



DROXNE l một nền tảng chơi game peer-to-peer với đồng tiền m ha được k hiệu l DRXNE

Chng ti tin rằng việc p dụng crypto với nền tảng cng nghệ Blockchain vo ngnh cng nghiệp game sẽ l bước đột ph tạo nn cuộc cch mạng thay đổi cch m chng ta vẫn thường chơi game.
Việc sử dụng một cryptocurrency như một phần thưởng trong tr chơi sẽ gip việc phổ biến DRXNE trở nn rộng ri, tiếp cận được nhiều thnh vin hơn, nhu cầu sở hữu DRXNE để chơi game v mua cc vật phẩm trong game sẽ đưa nhu về DRXNE tang cao từ đ gi trị v gi cả của DRXNE sẽ tăng ln. Điều ny sẽ rất c lợi cho cc nh đầu tư sở hữu DRXNE

Nền tảng DROXNE dnh cho những người chơi khng bao giờ ngủ v thch
thử nghiệm với cc thể loại tr chơi khc nhau.

tưởng đằng sau DROXNE l gip người chơi tham gia cc game trn nền tảng DROXNE v kiếm được tiền xu DRXNE, từ đ c thể tạo thu nhập cho bản thn.

Tại DROXNE, chng ti muốn trở thnh tổ chức đầu tin kết nối cc game thủ trn ton thế giới để gip họ c thể sống với chnh đam m v sở thch với game.

Tại sao nn tham gia DROXNE?    

-   Chủ đầu tư thn thiện  
-   cộng đồng pht triển nhanh v mạnh      
-   Đội ngũ pht triển ti năng  
-   Phần thưởng cho việc giữ DRXNE l 40%  1 năm    
-   pht triển lin tục    

Coin Thng số kỹ thuật:
   - Cung cấp / Số lượng: 83 triệu
   - Thuật ton POS
   - Phần thưởng cho việc giữ DRXNE 40%
   - Thời gian block: 2 pht
   - Kch thước khối: 8 MB

V cho windows

Cc sn giao dịch
https: / / /

Webseiten v Hỗ trợ:

Trang chủ:
Discord Chat Einladungslink:
Telegram Chat: Bộ sưu tập

Web dnh cho CPU:

Explorer 1: http: //www.droxne .network
Explorer 2:

Droxne Media:

Quỹ Pht triển: (địa chỉ nhận đng gp)

LTC: LTayBqe8ibPGhjPjD2o4HTgLrYViDzsbgD
DRXNE: DX7QJ3d8fEskuEib1gnWuqFmKBZcKLpk7q

Tham gia vo discord để nhận miễn ph 20 DRXNE.


13  Local / Announcements (Deutsch) / [ANN] [DRXNE] Blockchain Plattform fr Spiele und Glcksspiele⭐⭐[PoS]⭐⭐ kein ICO on: November 19, 2017, 01:38:46 PM
Willkommen auf der Blockchain Plattform fr Spiele und

Spiele und verdiene DRXNE
Benutze die DRXNE Whrung im Spiel - Die Spielergemeinschaft

Was ist DROXNE?

Globaler Paradigmenwechsel in Richtung Blockchain.
Wir glauben, dass eine Kryptowhrung im Zusammenhang mit der Spieleindustrie die nchste bahnbrechende
Revolution sein wird, was die Art und Weise verndern wird wie die Menschen Videospiele spielen.
Die Verwendung einer Kryptowhrung als Belohnung fr das spielen von Spielen von Spielern,
die die Chancen sehen riesige Spielergemeinschaften fr das Kryptowhrungs kosystem zu erschaffen,
die dann in der Lage sind Belohnungen fr Ihre Aktivitten zu erhalten whrend sie
die Spiele spielen die sie mgen.

DROXNE ist eine Peer-to-Peer Kryptowhrungs Spieleplattform auf welcher DRXNE Mnzen
in Spielen verwendet werden.
Die DROXNE Plattform ist fr Spieler gedacht die niemals schlafen und es lieben gerne
mit verschiedenen Spielgenres zu experimentieren.
DROXNE basiert auf einem "Proof of Stake" (POS) Algorithmus.
Die Idee hinter DROXNE ist, dass Spieler DROXNE nutzen und verdienen DRXNE Mnzen
indem sie Spiele von DROXNE Entwicklern spielen.
Wir bei DROXNE wollen das erste Unternehmen sein,
was so viele Spieler wie mglich fr sich begeistert.

Warum DROXNE ?
   - Investorenfreundlich
   - Proof of Stake (POS) Algorithmus
   - Belohnungen fr das Halten von DRXNE Mnzen 40% im Jahr
   - 8 MB Blockgrsse
   - stndige Weiterentwicklung
   - starke Gemeinschaft

Coin Spezifikation:
   - Versorgung / Menge: 83 Millionen
   - Proof of Stake
   - Belohnungen fr das Halten von DRXNE Mnzen 40% im Jahr
   - Blockzeit: 2 Minuten
   - Blockgrsse 8 MB

Schliessen Sie sich der Spielerevolution an...
   - Spieleplattform
   - DRXNE Verteilung
   - WAGER Spiele
   - Strategiespiele
   - Actionspiele
   - Abenteuerspiele


Team und Biografien:

Use Cases:

Wallet und Source Code:
Desktopwallet Windows / qt-wallet:!c4Z2iDoA!LGgStQH7R-geHjPOXzLAHYxdnSdvmnSy5tlkfBLlJzE
Current wallet:

Exchanges / Handelsbrsen:

Webseiten und technischer Support:
Discord Chat Einladungslink:
Telegram Chat:

Web Pool fr CPU Mining:

Explorer 1:
Explorer 2:

Droxne Medien:

Entwicklungsfond: Einzahlungsadressen fr Geschenke:
LTC Address: LTayBqe8ibPGhjPjD2o4HTgLrYViDzsbgD
DRXNE Address: DX7QJ3d8fEskuEib1gnWuqFmKBZcKLpk7q

Bitte noch etwas Geduld, es ist in Bearbeitung...

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN]⭐[DRXNE]⭐[DROXNE] ⭐⭐GAMING ON THE BLOCKCHAIN ⭐⭐[AIRDROP]⭐⭐[POS] on: July 27, 2017, 03:44:03 PM

Droxne Overview:

- Droxne is a crypto currency and blockchain tool for any one playing or building in the gaming sector  
- 8 MB block sizes, 2 min block time + very low transaction fees (0.01 DRXNE)
- Launched 07/23/17 and development restarted by a DRXNE community takeover in September 2017  
- 40% staking with Proof of Stake consensus methodology, 82M shares as of November 2017
- Distribution of shares: 3 rounds of airdrops, OTC sales to investors and bounties paid to developers


Team and Biographies:


Use Cases:

Wallet and Source Code:
Current wallet:, Code:

Vote for us to be listed at
Vote for us to be listed at

Community and Tech Support:
Discord English:
Discord Japanese:
Facebook channel:
Instagram channel:
Reddit channel:
Telegram channel:
Twitter channel:

Web Pool for CPU Mining:
Currently offline

FAQ Section
What is Droxne?
How to purchase?
How to stake?
How to add nodes?

Explorer 1:
Explorer 2:
Rich List:

Droxne in the Media:
Droxne Tweets:
Droxne CryptoFacto Review:
Portuguese Staking Guide:

Development Fund Donations:
BTC Address: 1MqWz9xHGeiLtdj2aJCZSCXnHHVDujSW2T
LTC Address: LTayBqe8ibPGhjPjD2o4HTgLrYViDzsbgD
DOGE Address: DAzRXyaM14hCYYDzuzmEK29G31aCQQqPuu
DRXNE Address: DX7QJ3d8fEskuEib1gnWuqFmKBZcKLpk7q


Mac OS Wallet  - 5500 DRXNE, must show proof with virustotal or other tools to verify there are no bugs or phishing malware in the wallet

Linux and Raspberry Pi Wallet - 10,000 DRXNE, as above for the MacOS

Exchange Listing at Decentralized Exchange - 3500 DRXNE, support and test atomic swaps integration at Next.Exchange, BarterDEX or other exchange to achieve a second listing outside of Cryptopia

Staking Enhancement - 0.01 BTC, 10K DRXNE, create v2 windows wallet with staking enhancement as follows: revert logic to Novacoin algorithm upon which Droxne is based with 5% minimum staking, 40% maximum staking and add reward subsidy of 20% for ongoing development: game development, social media promotion, hosting.

Payment API - 0.01 BTC, 10K DRXNE, create API which allows game developers to accept payments in Droxne or LTC for in game purchases of weapons/game equipment and or payment of subscriptions / games fees / table stakes. An example of an API is RESERVED

All deliverables will be checked for quality prior to payment.

Campaign Signatures:
Junior Members
[center][url=]|$| DROXNE : Gaming on the Blockchain |$| [/url][/center]
Full Members or Higher
[center][url=][color=#000077][b]DROXNE[/b][/color] [/url] | [b]Gaming on the Blockchain[/b] | [url=] [color=#000077][b]DROXNE[/b][/color][/url]
[url=]Github [/url]40% Proof of Stake returns [url=]Reddit [/url]
[url=][b]Follow us on Twitter[/b] [/url][/center]

Airdrop Details
Volunteers that support the ecosystem are eligible for airdrops, contact us at the Discord or Telegram for details. We need support for social media moderation, web development, retweets, translations, blog posts, signatures.

International Announcement Threads
Korean: TBD
Russian: TBD
Spanish: TBD
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [Pre-Ann][DRX][DROXNE] GAMING FOR EVERYONE [ AIRDROP ] [SCRYPT] on: July 21, 2017, 08:42:07 AM

What is DROX ?

DROX is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency gaming platform which uses DRX was it's ingame currency . Drox platfrom is made for gamers who never sleep and love to experiment with different game genres . DROX is based on SCRYPT Algorithm the idea behind DROX is that gamers use and earn DRX by playing games made by DRX Developers .



Per Air Drop 100 Users
1 User = 1,000 DRX

16  Economy / Marketplace /, a scam? on: December 06, 2011, 09:56:52 PM

so a few weeks ago I sent about 25BTC to my BTC-e account using a redeemable code and everything worked as it should. Though a week after that they removed the support for MTGOX redeemable codes and for some reason also removed the funds transfered via it and all history (trades and transactions).
I did send an email to their support over a week ago where I included the redeemable code and the date it was used. Still waiting on a response.

So, have anyone else experienced similar 'problems' or is the whole site just a scam where they take money of their users?
17  Economy / Marketplace / [CLOSED]Looking for a loan/investment to buy another GPU. on: May 21, 2011, 09:07:58 PM
so with skipping the usual boring wall of text about my life and how I've always paid back on time we got this;

I'm looking to buy another 5850 or alternatively a used 5870 which would be roughly 130-140 in Sweden. As for my capabilities to pay back the loan, I get about 50 a week from my school to cover food and such. I do however get roughly 25-30 over each week so that could directly to whoever can help me out.
I also have a rig with another 5850 mining about 1.5 BTC a day (420Mhash) so that would also go towards the payment, not to mention what the new GPU would pull in.

As for interest I was thinking about 7-17% due to the size of the loan but everything can be changed..

As for rep I couldn't get that GNU thingy working on the IRC but I've traded with the coinpal lad and Keefe on multiple occasions. Also, I've been at a staff position for over 7 months over at if anyone knows about that project..

So, would anyone want to help me out?
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