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1  Bitcoin / Hardware / Review: Bitmain Antminer S15-28TH/s on: January 31, 2019, 02:59:33 AM
Original (Chinese):

Bitmain is a technology company specializing in high-speed, low-power custom chip design and development, successfully designed and produced a variety of ASIC custom chips and integrated systems. Bitmain was founded in 2013. In the same year, it launched the first generation bitcoin mining machine of the ant mining machine series - Antminer S1. After more than five years of development, the antminer series bitcoin mining machine passed S1, S2, S3, S4 Iterations of multiple models of S5, S7 and S9, the latest bitcoin mining models are S15 and T15, which will be sold on November 8, 2018.

The Antminer S15 adopts a new 7nm chip process. The official evaluation of the S15 is durable, energy saving. Emphasizing the characteristics of "high performance, more durable, and more power saving". From the officially announced parameters, the Antminer S15 is built in. Standard and low-power mining modes. The officially announced parameters have a unit-to-power ratio of 57J/T in standard mode, and the unit-to-power ratio of low-power mode has reached 50J/T. Compared to the products in the current market, in terms of Bitcoin miners, this unit power consumption ratio has set a new record.

Antminer S15 official parameters,

Recently, the Antminer S15 has sent to Cybtc for testing. Please see the third-party independent review by us.

I. Unpacking:

Because the Antminer S15 adopts a new all-in-one and parallel fan design, the packaging box has changed from the previous generations. The previous cuboid has changed into a square-like style. The packaging material is still packaged in an industrial carton, and the box is marked manufacturer information, logistics warehousing logo, mining machine specification model and strip identification code, outer box size: 486*388*265, weight about 8.7kg.

The interior of the two pieces of styrofoam is firmly packed in the box from the upper and lower sides to ensure the safety of the mining machine during transportation. There is also a gap around the pearl foam for easy access.

Take out the styrofoam on one side to see the main body of the mining machine. The mining machine is wrapped by an anti-electrostatic bag. Compared with the box, the mining machine looks very small and only takes up about half of the box space.

The Antminer S15 changed the style of single-tube with double cooling fans as S1-S9 models, and became a dual-fan parallel single-side air intake and adopted the integrated machine design of the mining machine + power supply. The whole machine size is 279*175*221mm, weight 7.13 kg.

The Antminer S15 is small and neat, the air inlet side and the mining machine interface side are on the same side, the fan is removed from the air outlet side, and a honeycomb-shaped baffle is used.

The advantage of the all-in-one design is that the wire connection is reduced. The appearance of the mining machine is more compact, and the use and operation and maintenance are more convenient. The connection between the Antminer S15 mining machine and the power supply uses a clip-connected design, and the controller and the power board are still connected by flat signal cable.

The nameplate of the mining machine body is marked with the model number, hash rate, and identification bar code. If the bottom part can increase the anti-slip mat, it is better to strengthen the stability of the mining machine when it is placed horizontally. The mining machine supports the erect and horizontal two ways. On the rack, the miner can choose the placement method according to the size of the mine rack.

Antminer S15 infrastructure.

Note: The new mining machine is affixed with fragile stickers when it leaves the factory. Do not disassemble it by itself. The disassembly of the mining machine during the warranty period may affect the warranty!

First, remove the fan and connecting cable.

The Antminer S15 uses two cooling fan, the model is DFB380012000Ts, with a power consumption of 3.14A provides heat dissipation for the mining machine. The parallel design not only shortens the cooling air path but also reduces the wind resistance and further improves the heat dissipation efficiency of the mining machine. For the sake of appearance, the connection between the fan power cable and the control board to the power supply is fixed together with the cable tie. When the fan is removed, the connecting wires should be removed together, and Then remove the 4 connection cables of the control board and the mining board.

Second, remove the power supply.

Use the Allen key to remove the connecting piece of the power supply and the mining machine, then press the iron piece under the power outlet, and push the power module forward, compared to the 6-pin interface of the previous series of Antminer. For the power supply that needs to be plugged in, the design of the all-in-one machine provides greater convenience in operation and maintenance. The Antminer S15 is also connected to the control board to control the power supply voltage regulation line to achieve the standard and low power mode mining conversion.

The Antminer S15 is equipped with Bitmain's first 7nm BM1391 chip, which integrates 1 billion transistors. In addition to the performance improvement, the BM1391's chip package eliminates the traditional over-molding plastic package method and adopts the Exposed Die package solution. In this solution, the wafer back surface is directly in contact with the heat sink, and the heat transfer efficiency of the chip is greatly improved. It can be seen on the board that the Antminer S15 mining board is only equipped with a heat sink on the back side of the chip.

The advantage of the heat transfer efficiency of the power board is that it reduces the area occupied by the board, and more chips can be placed per unit volume. The reduction of the heat sink also makes the machine smaller and lighter. The S15 has 4 built-in power boards, each of which contains 72 BM1391 chips, for a total of 288.

Antminer S15 is equipped with a new high conversion rate APW8 power supply, which reduces the loss during power conversion during use, and uses the mining machine to save energy. The APW8 power supply provides a 16.32-20.04V output, and the power supply works well. It uses two 40BH-12E 12V 0.35A fans for power supply.

The area of ​​the Antminer S15's control board is further reduced to 115mm*95mm compared to the previous series.

Antminer S15 dismantling full picture.

Antminer S15 and S9 size comparison.

II. Antminer S15 installation:

The design of the Antminer S15 all-in-one machine reduces the link of the power line of the plugging and unloading machine. As long as it is placed in the rack, plug in the power cable and the network cable to complete the hardware installation.

Find the mine IP address. Antminer S15 mining machine is automatically assigned IP mode, you can enter the local router to view the IP address named "antMiner".

Or use the ant official mining machine management software BitmainMinerTool to scan the IP address of the current mining machine. You can also use the management software to set the mining pool address and worker name, update the firmware, etc. When the number of mining machines is large, you can also use the mining machine. IP report button to find the IP address of the mining machine.

To view the real-time status of a single mining machine, you need to enter the mining machine control page. First, enter the mining machine IP into the control page home page, and then enter the default user name and password (the default is root) to enter the mining machine control page.

The new mining machine needs to modify the name of the mining pool and miners, click on the “Miner Configuration” page to modify the main mining pool address and worker name, and modify the two alternate mining pool addresses and miners' names as needed. Antminer S15 has built-in standard and low-power mining modes, so you can easily select any mode mining on this page according to your needs. After each setting is completed, click “Save&Apply” to save the settings and apply.

After saving, the miner will restart the mining procedure. After about a few minutes of normal operation of the mining machine, you can enter the mining operation interface “Miner Status” to check the operation of the mining machine, including running time, hash rate, Chip status, operating frequency, PCB board and chip temperature, fan speed and other parameters information.

III. Review:

The Antminer S15 has standard mining mode and low power consumption mode. Therefore, we tested the two modes for 24 hours respectively. The test environment temperature is about 17 degrees, and the noise value is around 36 decibels.

After the mining machine is turned on, the fan runs at full speed, the power consumption of the boot is about 25W and further increases slowly, and the noise level is up to 81.2 dB.

Standard mode test

Power consumption: The miner's chip is fully operational, and the control page power is 28T. The measured power consumption of the miner is 1610-1620W, which is in line with the officially announced 1596W ±7% level.

Noise: Due to the low ambient temperature, the number of fan rotations is basically stable at around 3120 rpm. The noise value of the operating environment is measured to be 76.5 decibels. The distance of the mine is 27.7 meters, and the noise level is properly controlled.

Temperature: Antminer S15 has a total of four mining boards. There are four temperature-sensing modules distributed on each calculation board. The chip temperature is at least 44 degrees and the highest is 78 degrees. Thanks to the Exposed Die package, the outlet temperature is about 42 degrees. The power outlet temperature is about 28 degrees.

Because the Antminer S15 adopts the one-piece design, We also test the contact temperature of the power supply and the mining machine's power board. It can be clearly seen that the temperature values ​​of each point are different.

Hash rate: After 24 hours test in the mining pool, the average hash rate of the Antminer S15 in 24 hours was 28.56 TH/s. Thus calculate the unit energy efficiency ratio = 1620W / 28.56 ≈ 56.72W / T, and the official published data 57 J / T consistent.

Low power mode test

Power consumption: After checking the option behind “Low Power Mode” on the Antminer S15 Pool Settings page and saving the application, the miner can run in low power mode. After the power of the mining machine control page reaches 17T, the measured power consumption is up to 836.6W, and the running data meets the official data of 775W ±7% - 900W ±7%.

Noise: As the power and power consumption are reduced, the fan speed is basically stable at around 2400 rpm, the measured operating environment noise value is 77 decibels, and the distance measured by the mining machine is about 66 decibels at a distance of 2 meters. The noise level and the standard mode. At the same level.

Temperature: The four mining board chips have a minimum temperature of 25 degrees and a maximum of 62 degrees. The outlet temperature is about 30 degrees, which is slightly lower than the standard mode. The temperature of the power outlet is about 20 degrees.

Contact point temperature value between the power supply and mining machine mining board.

Hash rate: After 24 hours of testing in the mine, the average 24-hour power was measured at 17.5TH/S. Thus calculate the unit energy efficiency ratio = 836.6W / 17.5 ≈ 47.8W / T, lower than the official published data 50 J / T.

IV. Summary:

Two built-in mining modes. The power consumption per unit of power in low-power mode is lower than 50W/T, which is better. The lower the power consumption ratio, the lower the price of the shutdown.
One machine design reduces the wire, beautiful and convenient.
Exposed Die package improves heat dissipation, increasing the number of chips per unit volume and reducing heat sinks, reducing overall weight.
The new AWP8 power supply is used, easy to assemble and disassemble.
The machine noise is lower and the temperature is lower than other mining machines.
The calculation power of the whole machine is stable and fluctuating.

Finally, exposed power connectors may cause problems if touch the iron on the shelf. Maybe it can have improvement.

The Antminer series mining machine has evolved from S1 to S15, and the computing power has evolved from S180's 180G/360W to S15's 28000G/1600W. This is not just a digital evolution, but also the ups and downs of the Bitcoin industry. The mining machine is upgrading. Bitcoin is advancing, leaving many stories in the chain, the currency circle and the mining ring than the ten-year journey of holding the currency. In the two-year life cycle of S9, S9's bitcoin mining machine market share is far ahead, and currently in the market background of the rising bitcoin computing power, the depressed bear market and more new mining machines, Whether the ant S15 can create a new benchmark for the bitcoin mining machine, time will give us the answer.

More miner and crypto reviews on:


2  Economy / Computer hardware / Group buy Whatsminer M10 USD 885/set on: January 11, 2019, 03:31:27 AM
Cybtc 2019 New Year Sales Whatsminer M10

Whatsminer M10, Hash rate: 31TH/s, Power consumed: 2100 W,
Mining Machine Price: 25mbc (The btc amount depended on exchange rate)

Participation mode

1. Direct overseas offering

Minimum amount: 1 set
Price: USD 885/set
Ordering mode: contact sales staff for ordering
Delivery mode: FEDEX, DHL or UPS, with freight charge borne by customer
Cost: cost of mining machine + freight charge
Payment mode: BTC

2. Mining machine hosting

Minimum amount: 1 set
Price: USD 885/set
Power consumption for Calculation: 2.1KW/H/set
Electric charge: 575 Chinese Yuan monthly(0.38yuan/KW)
Guarantee deposit for electric charge: USD 510/set
Delivery charge :USD 15/set
Initial Cost: cost of machine + Delivery charge + Deposit of electricity(for the first 6 months) =USD 1410
Follow Cost: Including potential maintenance cost + Electricity fee, from seventh month, the customer needed to prepay the 6 monthly = USD 510/set
Ordering mode: contact sales staff for ordering
Service: mining farm hosting directly after purchase of mining machine.
Revenue settlement mode: BTC. (Revenue is not calculated in case of shutdown/power failure)
Payment mode: BTC

More details see

Customer Services,

Chinese Channels,

WeChat subscription:彩云区块链
Official wechat:caiyun3250
Official Weibo:
QQ Group:283569493
Customer service QQ No.:313688150

Find us on,
English Official Web
Chinese Official Web

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Pinidea Dr Series Ver2 Dash X11 Miner Christmas Promotions on: December 08, 2016, 09:39:44 AM
1 BTC each,include shipping cost,Limited 60 units

power wall:≈307W

Cybtc evaluation:Pinidea Dr2 X11 DASH Miner:

4  Economy / Service Discussion / Where is the Friedcat Co founder of ASICMINER? on: March 13, 2015, 09:15:40 AM
   In the start of 2015, bitcoins are not going well. Bter and KipCoin had been stolen, there is no processing scheme until now.Years later, the Friedcat lost again, complicated plot.

    Friedcat is one of the myths of bitcoin world in China .It  used  to monopolize  30% of the whole network power.the  stock of Friedcat is highly recommended by a Genius in the network, he claimed that :you can purchase the stock arbitrarily when the price below 7 BTC .Though, The stock seems to be was a real lie, but  it can prove Friedcat is very hot the  from one side. The whole story:...

5  Local / 挖矿 / 怎么样能在文字背后加超链接,而不是直接显示链接地址? on: October 12, 2014, 04:07:41 AM

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / 55nm Gridchip GC3355 LTC miner on: December 03, 2013, 09:29:49 AM
55nm Gridchip GC3355 LTC miner:

7  Local / 挖矿 / Gridchip USB矿机价格有奖竞猜 on: December 01, 2013, 06:09:05 AM

8  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / Gridchip专区开放 on: November 29, 2013, 05:05:17 AM

彩云比特一直致力于打造中国最新、最全的比特币矿机信息平台,经过与Gridchip沟通确认,Gridchip 将在彩云比特论坛开放交流专区:


9  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / The auction of official AVALON miner ( generation two) on: November 13, 2013, 04:10:46 PM

Starting price: 8000 yuan / station

96 chips of 55nm Avalon asic  / station

Total hashrate:140GH/S / station

the auction is here:
10  Local / 跳蚤市场 / 烤猫BOX 1999元38G,现货 on: November 11, 2013, 03:45:16 AM


11  Local / 跳蚤市场 / AVALON官方原版全新4模组,还有最后几台(不带电源、机箱)4000还最后三台 on: November 09, 2013, 02:42:35 AM
不包邮,顺丰到付,重量15kg  体积 450X380X140
12  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / Bitfury美国、欧洲400G比特币矿机开始发货,预计最后发货量将超过400T .. on: September 04, 2013, 01:00:49 AM

Bitfury Begins Shipping 400 GH/s Bitcoin Miners to US and EU Customers

Bitfury’s resellers have begun shipping their 400 GH/s “Full Kits” to customers. After initial accounts of prototypes successfully mining on August 2nd, full production units are now ready. Over the last year Bitfury, a Russian ASIC bitcoin mining manufacturer, has been quietly developing a 55nm ASIC chip that runs around 3 GH/s. Bitfury sold bulk quantities of chips to US and EU distributors who partnered with “100 TH/s”, a publicly traded mining company, to develop fully functional units. The ASIC chips must be set in printed circuit boards (PCB) and are controlled using a Raspberry Pi.

Bitfury’s 400 GH/s next to Butterfly Lab’s 60 GH/s Miner. Taken by Leo.

The first batch of sales were initially projected to arrive at the end of August and commanded a significant premium over October deliveries. Full kits consist of a master board (“M board”) and 16 hashing boards (“H boards”) that plug into the master board. Additionally, the controlling Raspberry Pi and an ATX power supply are included in the Full Kit. Starter Kits include everything listed above but only 1 “H board”.

The boards and chips were manufactured in China before being distributed to Bitfury who resells through Metabank in Russia, MegaBigPower for the US region, or Bifury Strikes Back for the EU region. Russia was the first to receive chips and begin mining, and have gradually adding hashing power before passing 130 TH/s this weekend in the Bifury mining pool

Russian chips used their own proprietary boards, while the US/EU customers received boards developed in conjunction with 100 TH/s (which has now become 200 TH/s). This public company has a deal to receive 200 TH/s of the early production Bitfury chips, and has already begun receiving dividends from test units. Dave Carlson, in charge of US region sales, reported that around 200 Full Kits were sold for both the August and October deliveries, with August representing about 50 units or 20 TH/s.

Bitfury will clearly have a large impact on the network, but the full amount has not been disclosed. Over 400 TH/s are likely from their pre-assembled units over the next two months, but it is likely that any large-scale orders would be through their bulk chip orders. Bitfury sold lots of 3,000 chips (around 9 TH/s total) for $330,000 on August deliveries and $60,000 on October deliveries. Amid Avalon’s two-month delays with few pre-orders arriving out of the 800,000 chip backlog, Bitfury could emerge as the dominant ASIC mining chip manufacturer until companies like KNC, HashFast and CoinTerra release their 28nm at the end of this year.

转自:   作者:Phillip Archer





    在发送给Bitfury前,电路板和芯片都是在中国制造,然后再在俄罗斯通过Metabank经销,在美国通过MegaBigPower销售,在欧洲通过 Bifury Strikes Back销售,俄罗斯订购者近水楼台先得月首先开始挖掘,他们已经在这周末之前向全网贡献了130T的算力通过Bitfury的矿池

    俄罗斯芯片用他们自己设计的运算板,然后欧洲和美国将会用他们自己的电路板,厂商已经为100T算力准备好了电路板(现在已经变成200T),这些公司已经在之前定了Bitfury200T算力的芯片,甚至有些已经开始发放用测试机挖掘出的股息,Dave Carlson美国经销商的负责人说:大约200套400G的全套件已经售出包括8月和10月发货的订单,其中8月发货的订单有50套约20T


13  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / 瑞士Bitmine系列报道:28nm的狂野西部 on: August 28, 2013, 08:38:10 AM


Bitmine’s Representatives Will Be Holding a Series of Press Conferences and Answering Chinese Customers’ Questions on Dedicated Bitmine Forum in Real Time using Usernames Bitmine1 and Bitmine2



Bitmine to drop 4PH/s of ASIC power onto bitcoin network
Published on August 27, 2013 at 16:25 BST | By Danny Bradbury | Companies, Mining, News, Technology
A Hong Kong-based investment company is ramping up an ASIC mining hardware business that will drop four Petahashes (PH/s) of computing power onto the network by the end of March.

Massive Luck Investments, domiciled in Hong Kong but registered in the British Virgin Islands, has taken a 50% stake in Swiss mining hardware manufacturer Bitmine, (formerly Exion Networks), which has been designing Avalon-based mining hardware. The new venture spans ASIC hardware sales to individual customers, hosted mining, and its own private mining pool.

Massive Luck Investments, which has offices in places including Manila and the UK, is a relatively new entrant to the bitcoin space. The firm, which also has operations in traditional gold and copper mining and rare earth metals, decided to get into digital mining after evaluating new market opportunities earlier this year. With Bitmine, it is buying existing ASICs from other manufacturers while also preparing to fabricate its own through a partnership with fabrication giant Global Foundries.

A senior spokesperson for Massive Luck, who asked not to be named, said:

“We had a board meeting which put together a small research group, tasked with making an initial assessment of business opportunities in the fledgling digital currency area. The team presented its report in early January, and the report identified the digital currencies as a potential area of disruptive technological breakthroughs, and a very promising investment opportunity.”

betcoin dice
Image: Betcoin Dice
In February, Massive Luck decided to pursue digital currency as an opportunity in three areas: mining hardware, gaming, and the integration of digital currencies and traditional financial infrastructure. It has already started its bitcoin gaming operation, BetCoin ™ Dice, separately to its Bitmine venture. It hopes to steal significant market share from Satoshi Dice with the gaming operation.

The Bitmine ASIC mining hardware venture is pursuing three broad areas: retail equipment sales, hosted mining, and a private multi-Petahash mining operation. It will progress through three generations of ASIC chips in relatively rapid succession, starting with Avalon chips.

The Avalon OEM community has been a small but frustrated one. BitSynCom, the company behind the 110nm chip, has been promising supplies for months, with significant delays. However, last week, it said it is now shipping 40,000 each day. Tens of thousands went to Zefir, a Swiss party who organized a group purchase. Bitmine CEO Giorgio Massarotto drove to Zefir to pick up between 37,500 and 40,000 chips over the weekend – that equates to around 16TH/sec of capacity.

This is just the first in three generations of chips that Bitmine will use, however. The second generation of ASICs on its timeline come from BitFury. They are built to a 55nm process and selling for $20 per GH/sec, and are designed using a process called fully depleted silicon on insulator (FDSOI). These chips will provide 2.5-3GH/sec per chip at 0.5-0.75W/GH. It will put 16 on a board.

“We plan to deploy it in four different configurations: 5, 10, 20, and 40 cards per unit, or roughly 250, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 GH/sec,” said the Massive Lucky exec.

The third generation ASIC, labeled CoinCraft, will be a 28nm in-house effort. It has been co-designed by a number of players, including Synapse, Innosilicon, and Verisilicon. The chip is built to scale with bitcoin network difficulty, by operating in three modes.

“When the difficulty level is relatively low (the first 4-5 months of the life cycle) it can be set to TURBO mode, mining at 40GH/chip, 0.75W/GH,” said the spokesperson. “As the difficulty increases, it can be adjusted to the REGULAR mode, mining at 30GH/chip, 0.5W/GH.” Finally, as difficulty scales, the chip can throttle back to a 20Gh ultra-low power mode at 0.35w/chip.

This chip will cost $6.8/GH in fully assembled boxes, which like the Avalon and Bitfury boxes will be available directly to end-users. Bitmine will take delivery of 100,000 of these chips from Global Foundry in November, giving it 4 Petahashes of power (not including the BitFury chips).

It expects to ship 1-1.5 Petahashes of power to customers who want to run the boxes themselves. However, this is really a chip for the cloud, as it enables the firm to dynamically adjust power consumption in a large-scale computing operation, and that’s where the other 2.5-3 Petahashes of power is going.

That’s where the Asian datacenter and a $14m, 1.8 Megawatt supercomputer comes in.

computerMassive Luck Investments and Bitmine are jointly building a data center in China that will host mining power using the third-generation chips. That facility, which will cost just under $1 million for basic physical construction, will be finished around February, although it will start hosting CoinCraft processors in small quantities in December.

Massive Luck may mobilize the entire 5,000 workforce of one of its companies, Cutting Edge, to work in three shifts around the clock to assemble all mining units within a week or so in January. Around 0.5 Petahashes of CoinCraft computing power will be hosted for customer use.

The supercomputer comes later. Actually, there are two of them, built under an agreement with the Shanghai Supercomputer Center. One of them, to be delivered in Q4 2014, will cost $12m to build, and will offer CPU power designed for data modeling tasks (the normal things that academics do with supercomputers). Massive Luck Investments gets “certain subsidies and exemptions” in return for its help, because the Chinese government badly needs supercomputing power.

“The Chinese government provides preferential policies to attract FDI [foreign direct investment] in certain high tech areas that benefit the Chinese economy,” said the Massive Luck exec. “They require traditional CPU-based traditional computing power to address the acute shortage of it. Shanghai supercomputer center will be responsible for the overall facility design and staff training.”

However, the other supercomputer is scheduled for installation in March at the Bitmine/Massive Luck data center, and it’s where the firm’s 2PH of remaining ASIC hash power will go. This will cost $14m including the cost of the building, and the materials and labour for installing the equipment in the datacenter. However, the spokesperson says that Massive Luck owns and controls all of that power, promising that the Chinese government won’t be able to begin manipulating the market with it.

It isn’t clear whether the firm will fabricate more CoinCraft chips after this. A lot depends on market variables such as bitcoin pricing and what other ASIC vendors are doing.

“We’re following the CoinTerra developments very closely,” said the Massive Luck insider. “This is a dark horse, so a lot will depend on what they deliver.”

In the meantime, the 800,000 Avalon chips due to hit the market in the next few months are only the start, as mining becomes an increasingly cloud-based venture. Get ready to watch those difficulty charts spike even more this fall.

Image credit:

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 Massive Luck投资公司,在香港办公,在英属维尔京群岛注册,拥有瑞士矿业硬件制造商 Bitmine(官网:的股权,在今年二月, Massive Luck决定从以下三个方面进军数字货币领域:采矿硬件,游戏,数字货币和传统金融基础设施的整合。

    “我们不要玩中本聪的日本骰子,要玩中国人自己的骰子”Massive Luck的发言人说:,他们已经运营的比特币游戏网站包括:


    Avalon的OEM是该公司业务中的一小块。 Avalon使用的是110纳米芯片,看好这个产品几个月,但发货存在明显的延迟问题。不过,上周该公司宣称现在正在以每天40,000片芯片的速度发货。数以万计的芯片都发给了Zefir,他在瑞士方组织了一批购买。Bitmine CEO Giorgio Massarotto开车到Zefir的公司在本周末拿到了37,500至40,000片芯片,算力相当于16TH左右。


   “我们计划将部署四个不同的配置:5片,10片,20片,和40片运算卡的不同级联方式,即大约250,500,1000,2000的GH /秒的不同级联产品” Massive Lucky的exec说。

     芯片功耗可调整“当难度水平比较低时(第4-5个月的生命周期)可以设置TURBO模式,挖掘在40GH/chip,0.75W/GH,”该发言人表示。 “随着难度的增加,它可以调整到普通模式,开采在0.5W/GH 30GH/chip。”最后,困难时,该芯片可以进入20Gh超低功耗模式,在0.35瓦特/芯片。
    这些芯片将会组装成Bitmine第三代产品,整机定价为6.8美元/G,就像Avalon和Bitfury 的机箱类似,用户到手后插电即可使用,Global Foundry(译者注:马来西亚的一家晶原厂)将在今年11月分交货给Bitmine 100,000 28nm芯片,这些芯片将带来4P的算力(不包括Bitmine之前的Bitfury的芯片算力)
    预计出货1-1.5P的算力给客户,那些想要自己挖掘的公司或和人。其他2.5-3 P我们将自己部署,功耗的动态调整是一件专业的事情,这就是亚洲的数据中心和1400万美元,1.8兆瓦的超级计算中心的用武之地。

    Massive Luck投资公司和Bitmine共同建立一个数据中心,在中国将采用第三代28nm芯片。该设施将花费100万美元以下的基建费用,将于明年2月左右完成,在12月将开始使用少量的CoinCraft处理器。
    Massive Luck 集团将调动整个公司约5000名员工,工作三班倒日夜​​不停组装一个星期左右,在1月内所将提供0.5P左右的CoinCraft芯片算力矿机为客户托管。
     这个超级数字货币计算中心将位于上海超级计算中心,在2014年第四季度交付,将耗资1200万美元打造。Massive Luck投资公司将得到一定的补贴和豁免,“提供帮助的回报,因为中国政府欢迎超级计算能力”,“中国政府提供的优惠政策,以吸引外国直接投资,外国直接投资在某些高科技领域,有利于中国经济”Massive Luck的exec说。 “他们需要传统的基于CPU的计算能力来解决技术短缺。上海超级计算机中心将负责整体设施的设计和人员培训。”
    然而,其他的芯片将部署在Bitmine/Massive Luck自己的超级计算机中心,预计在三月开始安装,这将是公司剩余2P算力将去的地方。这将花费1400万美元,包括建设成本,设备安装、原材料和劳动力。不过,该发言人说,Massive Luck拥有和控制所有的权力,并承诺,中国政府将无法通过上海超算中心操纵整个比特币市场。

    “我们一直紧跟比特币发展的大环境”Massive Luck透露​​。 “这将是一匹黑马,这很多将取决于他提供什么。”

14  Local / 跳蚤市场 / 现货25台avalon4模组出售 on: August 14, 2013, 01:16:50 AM


同时,我也是 QQagent 山寨阿瓦隆矿机客服:

15  Local / 跳蚤市场 / 今天上午刚到货4模组,新鲜出炉!3批阿瓦隆4模矿机 现货 on: August 03, 2013, 09:22:38 AM
3批阿瓦隆4模矿机 现货 80000 稳定运行110G



16  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / 7月26日到货Avalon3批3模组彩云评测 on: July 31, 2013, 01:23:22 AM


2、 扩展模块位置也多加装一块铝板,改善了风道
3、AVALON模块的间隙比一批的更宽 等等

17  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / 中国比特币业内主流矿机牌价 on: July 24, 2013, 03:01:46 PM
彩云比特 中国比特币业内主流矿机牌价,详情见:


18  Local / 挖矿 / 比特币矿机市场,彩云比特, on: July 03, 2013, 07:57:39 AM
19  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / 云南地区比特币爱好者群,283569493 on: May 12, 2013, 02:49:15 AM
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