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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Play The 1000 Idea Emercoin Contest and win EMC (with 5000 EMC prize pool) on: March 28, 2016, 10:51:29 AM

«EmerFund» s a global organization consisting of the creators of the Emercoin blockchain and investors wishing to invest in Blockchain-based products and companies. The goal of the fund is to invest capital in commercial projects which use Emercoin's blockchain technology or promoting these technologies within the market.
Contest Description
We expect to see from you ideas of projects or campaigns aimed at increasing the popularity and usage of the Emercoin cryptocurrency; or projects with a viable business model which use Emercoin's blockchain technologies.
There are no other limitations or rquirements! Any ideas are welcome (modalities and submission format requirements are listed below)
For your idea you can receive prizes (in EMCs).
The prizes are distributed to those who are the first to submit the idea. The prize is paid only for non typical ideas, which have an element of uniqueness and novelty.
The contest is open for a period of 1 month. The contest will close on April 30th or when the number of received ideas reaches 1000.
The contest judges are picked by the Fund and comments and feedback will be published along with references to the transactions which contained the prizes.
5000 EMC – Total prize pool

500 EMC – Prize for ideas which have been accepted for execution (the prize is paid out the moment the decision to execute the idea is made by the committee. Decisions to execute on ideas may take place during or right after the content closes)

50 EMC – Prize for an idea judged as potentially interesting for future implementation (the prize is paid when the contest closes, please don't forget to include your wallet addresses)

10 EMC – Prize for an idea that shows the contestants "best effort"  (the prize is paid when the contest closes, please don't forget to include your wallet addresses).

10 EMC – Incentive prize, paid for placing a link to this very content thread in your group, blog, forum, facebook, twitter or anywhere else that will be seen in the cryptosphere. Paid once for each linked resource, assuming the referrer proposes at least one relevant idea (as determined by the committee). The more you share and promote the contest itself, the more EMC you earn!

The prize pool will be distributed regardless of the number of ideas received. Example: If we receive 10 ideas total then each submitted idea will receive 500 EMC
Criteria such as the quality and feasibility of the idea remain at the sole discretion of the committee. Winning ideas are considered as those which require minimal investment, greatest potential, low implementation costs and a high probability of success.

Ideas which are variations of each other, or improvements upon existing ideas shall be treated as a single idea.

The contest does not accept ideas on wallet modifications or new functions for installation of Emercoin systems. Emercoin developers have a great  number of innovations, some of which will be put into practice in the next wallet release. Nevertheless, the fund is not participating directly in Emercoin development. If you have ideas on Emercoin wallet improvements, please, email us
Basic Guidelines for Ideas

- Can be implemented within a realistic time frame (From 1 hour to 2 months time)
- Can generate revenue and can become self-sustainable
- Increase the sphere of Emercoins applications or increases the use of technologies related to Emercoin.
- Non-refunable investments for implementation of your idea should be up to a maximum of $2000 USD (i.e. investment which may never be recovered)
- Total investment required for your idea should be below $20,000 USD.
- Increase the popularity of Emercoin or Emercoin-related technologies.
- We are also interested in large-scale projects. If you have a business plan already prepared and your project matches the goals of the contest, please contact us
- The only ideas which will be considered as inappropriate are ideas which contradict local laws.

How to Participate

Come up with an idea which will increase the applications of Emercoin and/or the Emercoin blockchain.
Post a message in this thread with the following content
Short description of your idea
Your EMC wallet address (where we will send your prize)
A re-post to this topic (optional, if you want to receive a bonus)
2  Local / Идеи / EMCSSL – Система логина на базе blockchain on: May 12, 2015, 06:05:03 PM
Предлагается масштабируемая инфраструктура для беспарольной авторизации на неограниченное число независимых серверов сети.

Инфраструктура базируется на блокчейне криптовалюты, используя последний как децентрализованное доверенное хранилище хеш-сумм клиентских SSL-сертификатов. Сами сертификаты могут быть сгенерированы клиентами локально, без участия каких-либо внешних сервисов авторизации, и быстро заменены по мере необходимости, что делает эффективными как плановую замену, так и быстрый отзыв скомпрометированных сертификатов.

Также предложена система InfoCard — децентрализованных распределённых «визитных карточек», с возможностью организации информации в иерархическую структуру, что может быть полезным для быстрого обновления содержимого карточек членов компаний или других организаций.

Совместное использование предложенных сервисов позволяет быстро, буквально в один клик, создавать и обновлять учётные записи, а также иметь беспарольный логин и защищённое соединение с неограниченным множеством серверов.

Новизна предложения заключается в полной децентрализации системы, то есть отсутствия некой группы серверов авторизации под единым управлением, что имеет место в системах Kerberos, OpenID, TeddyID и им подобных. В результате, становится невозможным блокировка пользователя посредством административного ресурса, или же одномоментного отказа в обслуживании всей системы авторизации из-за технических сбоев или злонамеренных атак на серверы авторизации.

Подробнее тут -
3  Economy / Service Announcements / .COIN domains FOR FREE!!! on: October 06, 2014, 08:54:33 PM
Preliminary registration is now open for domain records in the domain zones "*.coin" and "*.emc".

Сlick here for details -
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / New domain zone *.coin Pre-registration is opened on: September 22, 2014, 10:14:54 PM
Currently we have started preliminary registration of domain records in domain zones “*.coin” and “*.emc”.

So, if you wish to pre-register your domain(s), please send the request to for preliminary registration. The request should contain domain names(s), and EMC-address to which we could transfer ownership. The ownership address can be any EMC-address from your wallet program.

We reserve right to deny any request if consider it to be squatting or malicious action. Any email from public e-mail services (,, etc) will not be honored.

Pretty soon, in the mid of October, we are going to release new version of EmerCoin wallet 0.3.0. The new version will contain an important improvement, the fundamentally new infrastructure subsystem - Name-Value Storage. The subsystem will provide bunch of services (watch further updates), including distributed DNS, like it is implemented in NameCoin, but with more advanced features.

The ownership will be transferred in 1 week since new version of wallet will be released. After official release anyone will be able to register domain(s).

Initial domain registration will be free, and issued for 120 days.

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Implemented STUN protocol for cryptocurrency on: August 13, 2014, 05:24:33 AM
For the first time in the history of cryptocurrencies, is used STUN protocol to obtaining an external IP address, instead of WEB-service.

  This problem is already discussed in the cryptocurrency community, for example, here:

But, without any positive outcome.

Problem description:

  Bitcoin and it’s descendants (PPC, QRK, etc) – all of them uses same public WEB-server for obtain external IP.
There is two public servers, hardcoded into a wallet program:

For source code, see, function GetMyExternalIP()

  What is interesting: 2nd server is out of service nowadays. So, all Bitcoin and altcoin networks currently
dependent  on single WEB-server: If this server will gone, then coin network will not died, but dramatically lost stability.
This will happening, because of peers wouldn't able to advertise  (represent) another peers into network, and peer network
connectivity will be decreased.

  Moreover, current WEB-mechanism for obtain external IP is based on non-standardized human-oriented text protocol.
Therefore, if site owners will modify output format, (for instance, for better reading), then all coin wallets will be unable
to parse and understand answers, and results will be as same as server down.

  In addition,’s owners able to analyze WEB-server logs, and collect list of IP addresses, where is running coin wallets
and request timestamps, if is not doing this right now (request signature is hardcoded and well known, and easy to distinct).
If we remember, users usually runs wallet just before start some transactions, then we aware:
analyst can correlate wallet start and transaction time, and link it to IP address.
This is serious compromise of coin users anonymity.

Our solution:

  We substituted current non-standard, hard-weight (based on TCP/HTTP) protocol to protocol, based on mature standard RFC3489 (STUN),
designed especially for this purpose. See: . This is lightweight, UDP-based protocol, used in SIP-based
applications (VOIP, IP-video) for 10+ years. And since it is standardized, we can use unlimited list of  servers for request, and always be
sure: EmerCoin wallet can parse/understand answer from anyone.

  Currently, new EMC-wallet for obtain IP address uses 47 STUN-servers, distributed worldwide, and request sequence is random. Therefore,
nobody can collect significant list if our wallets. Moreover, we performed some steps for randomize signature request, and for server is difficulty
to distinct EMC-wallet request from request, sent by IP phone or softswitch.

Therefore, we reached our goals: removed dependency from centralized server, increased network stability and provide real  anonymity.

EmerCoin team.
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / KnC! Return our money! on: June 05, 2014, 11:07:32 AM
KnC - bring back our money!

1) Order #13333 wait refund since May 16 - BTC not received!

Who was fooled by this company- write in the comments of your situation, I will update the post.

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Emercoin for Minecraft on: May 23, 2014, 06:01:29 PM

Emercoin (
now is default currency for iBank/iConomy/Bukkit/Minecraft game

We happy to inform you, our partners developed and
published a new free Emercoin application.

That application allows minecraft players to fill up game's iBank
account with Emercoins.
Of course, real Emercoins, sent to game wallet, accumulates in the
Minecraft Server owner's wallet.

For create use this application, you need to run bukkit Minecraft server,
with installed modules iConomy and iBank.

Recommend exchange rate: $100 game dollars per 1 EMC.

You can download these products for your server free: - bukkit minecraft server - iConomy - iBank

This is our "address copy page", contains short instruction for players:
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [EMC] EMERCOIN — Blockchain Service Platform. PoS&PoW | BTC merge-mined on: December 08, 2013, 05:42:00 PM
Emercoin (EMC)
Cryptocurrency and blockchain service platform
with Proof-of-Stake + Proof-of-Work mining + Name Value Storage

Emercoin began as a hybrid of NameCoin and PPCoin. The software was released on December 11, 2013 without any premine.
Emercoin is more focused on the production of coins by PoS than PoW. The mining has a bonus on the interval 1-512 difficulty for high initial issue of coins.
Further difficulty will gradually increase, increasing the focus on PoS mining.

The Emercoin Name-Value Storage (NVS) feature for storing name->value pairs in the blockchain, is a key component in many of the Emercoin services.
Quick Facts
PoW Algorithm: SHA-256.
PoS reward: approx. 6% pa
PoS coin maturity: 30 days
PoS max stake-weight: 90 days.
Total Supply: Algorithmically increasing at approx. 6% per year.
Block speed: 10 minute average.
Initial PoW block reward: 5020 EMC, decreasing depending on difficulty.
PoW difficulty is recalculated each block.
Confirmations for new block: 32

Emercoin official resources list
Emercoin resources list

Latest release V0.7.10

Emercoin Blockchain Engine on the Microsoft Azure Platform
Emercoin's Blockchain Engine is offered within the Microsoft Azure platform where it can be deployed using CentOS or Ubuntu in the cloud.
It can be managed with the easy to use JSON-RPC as well as a web interface.
Blockchain Engine is a functional and robust, yet simple to use system for designing applications and services based around the Emercoin blockchain.
It contains an expansive suite of tools that can be used to create an entirely new project, or to improve upon an existing application already in operation.
More Information on Microsoft Azure Website

Infrustructure security partners
Mergemining | F2Pool | P2Pool

EmerAPI project

Release History

v 0.7.10
1) Added PoS spam protection to the testnet.
2) Sped up blockchain loading by optimizing the NVS database.
3) Fixed an API bug for the name_scan_address method.
4) Added more STUN servers, to a total of 701, allowing clients to anonymously find out their external IP addresses.
5) Removed PoW miner code, which some antivirus programs identified as malicious software. You can turn on the miner in the debug mode.
6) Brought back the safe mode, which can be activated by a special developer message. You can turn off this option by adding “disablesafemode=1” to emercoin.conf, but we do not recommend doing this.
7) Fixed a formatting bug for the TXT field in EmerDNS.
Cool Removed the custom “EMCSSL” root certificate from the *.p12 installation package.
9) Disabled the broadcasting of banned peers by the wallet.
10) Completely rebuilt PoS spam protection, making it more reliable and accurate than ever

v 0.7.9
1) Fxed another bug in PoS filter. Upgrade required!

v 0.7.8
1) Security: Improved PoS spam filter and checkpoint sync function.

v 0.7.7
1) Fixes PoS spam vulnerability. Upgrade is mandatory.
2) Fix wallet locking.
3) qt: updated EasyRabbit exchange interface.

v 0.7.6
Minor release. Upgrade is optional.
1) emercoin-qt: some fixes to minting table, so that it updates when receiving new transactions.
2) emercoin-qt: added CoinSwitch and EasyRabbit exchanges.
3) rpc: names can be signed with signrawtransaction.
4) rpc: walletpassphrase can now have unlimited timer by setting timeout to 0.

v 0.7.5
A minor release (upgrade not needed).
1. emercoin-qt: can now execute with s-bit (SUID) in linux systems.
2. emercoin-qt: misc gui fixes.
3. rpc: enabled randpay commands.
4. emerDNS: added IPv6 support.

v 0.7.4
1. Added switch RPC server on/off.
2. Added gui for minting propabilities.
3. Added support RFC6891 EDNS0 in built-in DNS server.
4. rpc: Fix createrawtransaction when using data field.
5. Added interface to for "Pay in another crypto".
6. Added Randpay engine.
7. Fixed bug with Randpay.

v 0.7.3
Security & GUI update release. It is recommended to upgrade if you constantly run your node on some server.
Client will reindex itself 1 time upon upgrading to this version.

1. Fixed potential proof of stake spam.
2. Increased -reindex speed significantly.
3. Added buttons for Trusted Diploma and Digital Proof of Ownership widgets in emercoin-qt.

v 0.7.2
1. Fix crash bug with duplicate inputs within a transaction (from btc 0.16.3).
2. BIP68 transactions (tx.nVersion=2) are created by default.
3. config: fixed -disablewallet option.
4. rpc & config: fix settxfee and other options where you can set fee.
5. rpc: replaced gettxlistfor with scantxoutset (from btc 0.17)
6. rpc: added name_indexinfo that prints checksums of nameindexes similarly to gettxoutsetinfo.

v 0.6.2
1) Added GUI for exchanges.
2) Added -alertpubkey and -checkpointpubkey config options.
3) Switched to QT 5.5.0.
4) Fixed 2 bugs when disconnecting blocks.

v 0.5.2
1) Merged with bitcoin 0.10.4. This allows to create transactions that cannot be spent until certain time/height.
2) QT and CLI now has unicode support by default (Univalue lib). This will display Unicode symbols in name value, but please note: do not use it for binary data.
3) RPC can also enable unicode, but you need to specify "-legacyrpc=0" in your emercoin.conf.
4) Name commands now have parameter for binary input/output as a hex or base64 encoded strings.
5) Some minor bugfixes (emercoin-cli could crash client during client startup).
6) More info about wallet lock state in getinfo ("encrypted": true, "mintonly": true)
7) Added ENUM support.

v 0.5.1
A new bitcoin 10.2 core

v 0.3.4
Added alternative seed search mechanism, based on emcDNS system. Improved PoS minting. Added and activated config option -walletnotify

v 0.3.3
Added improvements PoS - reduced load on the CPU

v 0.3.2
Added DNS NVS Subdomain control system, add new domain zones - * .lib, * .bazar

v 0.3.0
Lot of changes, read about - DO NOT POST SESC LINKS

v 0.2.4
add comand:
deletetransaction <Tx ID>
gettxlistfor <from block> <to block> <address> [type=0] [verbose=0]

v 0.2.3
Fixed a bug (stop downloading the chain) in a 32-bit version of Linux

v 0.2.2
Advanced dynamic IP protocol STUN added

v 0.2.1
Fixed SSL vulnerability (Heartbleed)

v 0.2.0
If you have any problems with synchronization on 19080 block - download and install version 0.2.0 -
All data will be saved, none of the coins will not be a loss.

v 0.1.5
Add QT Debug window

v 0.1.2-0.1.4
Now payment links open correctly as in qt-Bitcoin client.
You can integrate EMC reception on their sites using the links format emercoin:EMCAdress?Amount=x (where x - number of coins).
Also available in the source code of the payment gateway -
Test Gateway -

v 0.1.1
add comand:
+    { "getrawtransaction",      &getrawtransaction,      false},
+    { "listunspent",            &listunspent,            false},
+    { "createrawtransaction",   &createrawtransaction,   false},
+    { "signrawtransaction",     &signrawtransaction,     false},
+    { "sendrawtransaction",     &sendrawtransaction,     false},
+    { "decoderawtransaction",   &decoderawtransaction,   false},

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / EmerCoin on: December 08, 2013, 03:35:47 PM

10  Local / Альтернативные криптовалюты / Голосуем за PPC на MtGox! on: June 13, 2013, 06:02:21 AM

Если вы желаете введение PPCoina на MtGox - голосуйте!
11  Local / Майнеры / Текущий блок у всех пулов одинаков? on: May 12, 2013, 06:25:39 PM
Пул раздаёт участникам текущий блок и ожидает получения шар. Как только один из участников присылает шару, которая оказывается меньше текущей цели, пул объявляет о генерации подписи блока. Приз за генерацию блока распределяется между участниками, владелец пула берёт себе некоторую долю.

Но для конкретной сети, например Битконин, в данный момент времени этот "текущий блок" одинаков для всех участников?
Если да, то вырисовывается интересный вариант.

Допустим мы изменили программу майнера таким образом, что она получает текущий блок от одного пула, а рассылает решения нескольким. Решение корректное, даром что бесполезное, все пулы зачитывают шару. А когда блок будет найден, вознаграждают такого хитреца на каждом пуле за участие в раунде!

Или даже так, пропускать транзитом все шары через Соло режим, а дальше - пулам. Если повезет найти решение блока, вознаграждение останется в своем кошельке, а пулам никогда ничего не достанется, только оплата за участие в раундах.

Что скажете?
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / [PeerCoin Pool] 0% fee [Stratum, Share diff - 8, quick payouts ] on: May 10, 2013, 02:19:06 PM
Warning! domain pool temporarily changed to
Accordingly, change the settings miners!


Pool for PeerCoin:

0% - fee

0% fee, vardiff.

Extended statistics for each block, for example:

Now everyone can see who is where and how much. No shares, no one of PPC is not lost - crystal clarity.

The system of payments PPLNS. Importantly, no PPS! (So ​​far)

We did a quick payouts!
Only 6 confirmations (instead of 520!) And a pool adds your balance!

Current speed ~ 20 000 Gh / s

Cloud hosting, DDOS Steady
Working on introducing a Stratum.

How to connect?

For CGminer:

cgminer-o 8437 -O UserName.1:x
cgminer-o 3333 -O UserName.1:x

For GUIminer:

port: 3333 or 8437
user: UserName.1
pass: Password
(default - x )

If you have questions or suggestions, post them here or on the, will try to solve quickly.

Attention beginners! The system PPNLS, does not pay the fee for every ball, as in PPS (Pay Per Share). While the pool of young and there was little power rounds durable and profit can take a few days. In fact, in the beginning, it Mining in Solo mode. But as new participants, rounds will be shorter, and the regular and predictable income.
13  Local / Альтернативные криптовалюты / [PPCoin Pool] 0% - 300 Gh/s [Stratum][Faster payout] on: May 10, 2013, 01:53:40 PM

Мы установили Statum протокол. Сложность шар = 8. Настройки майнеров прежние.

Заметил, что работающих пулов для PPC практически нет, Coinotron фактически стал монополистом. Ситуация на мой взгляд неправильная.
Поэтому мы решили создать новый пул для PPCoin:
Комиссия 0% - продлевается еще на два месяца! Возможно и останется нулевая, если будет достаточно сознательных участников, которые настроят добровольные взносы для пула (Donation % в My Account)

Система выплат PPLNS. Важно! не путайте с PPS (где оплата за каждую шару производится моментально)

PPLNS - платит когда пулом найден блок и он подтвержден сетью (520 для PPCoin). В отличие от пропорциональной системы выплат, PPLNS делает невыгодным пулхопперство, но поощряет постоянных, расчетливых майнеров.
Параметр N = 125 000 шар

Пока перевел туда все свои мощности, чтоб пул не был одиноким ~7.5 Gh/s
Хостинг облачный, DDOS Устойчивый
Пул работает через протокол Stratum.
Быстрые выплаты - после 6 подтверждений найденного блока (вместо 520)

Как подключиться?

1. Зарегистрироваться на пуле
2. Скачать клиент-кошелек для получения PPCoin
3. Скачать программу майнер для добычи монет

Для CGminera (последняя версия командная строка

cgminer  -o -O UserName.1:Password
cgminer -о -O UserName.1:Password
- запасной вариант

создать start.txt, вбить строку, переименовать в start.bat

Для GUIminera (последняя версия

port: 8437
user: UserName.1
pass: Password

Если есть вопросы и предложения, задавайте их тут, или на, постараемся решать оперативно.

Внимание новичкам! Система PPNLS, не выплачивает вознаграждение за каждую шару, как в PPS (Pay Per Share). Пока пул молод и на нем мало мощности, раунды длительны и прибыль может появиться через несколько суток. Фактически, в самом начале, это майнинг в режиме Соло. Но по мере появления новых участников, раунды будут короче, а прибыль регулярной и предсказуемой.

14  Local / Новички / Украли копию Wallet.dat? on: April 29, 2013, 08:34:35 AM
Что будет если у меня украли копию валета?
Валет под паролем  Cool, за него  не беспокоюсь, зубы обломает.

Но злоумышленник запускает мой валет на своем компе, в чистом клиенте Биткоина.
Тот скачивает базу, и выходит в сеть.
Злоумышленник теперь видит мой баланс, историю транзакций, но не может вывести средства.
Что при этом происходит у меня? Возможна ли корректная работа моего клиента, не смотря на наличие в сети его близнеца-копии?
15  Local / Майнеры / Сколько кВт в одном биткоине? on: April 28, 2013, 06:45:09 PM
Понятно, что эффективность разных способов добычи различается, но так-как основной метод добычи GPU карты 5 и 6 поколения AMD - энергозатраты не малые. Учитывая, что сложность будет только расти, затраты на энергию только увеличиваться.
А насколько эффективна ваша ферма? Чтоб добыть 1 биткоин, сколько вы расходуете электроэнергии в киловаттах?
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