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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / SafeDice admin missing on: June 12, 2019, 04:09:37 AM
The new "flag" system says:
You must create a topic describing the specific acts which damaged you. It must not be self-moderated.
So figured I would make a topic since people should be warned about SafeDice.

TLDR: SafeDice is an investment dice site where the admin/owner is missing for almost a year and people with stuck funds, including myself, can't withdraw.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=396610

I will just leave the message I made last April here as it sums up the situation:

I say the above based on personal experience.  If you have a disagreeing opinion based on something other than personal experience, I wouldn't consider it relevant.  The problem here is that one person says something without a basis in fact, and then a hundred other users repeat it as fact, and so on and so on.  I'm not saying this guy isn't in prison.  I have no idea.  I'm not saying Monero withdrawals work.  What I AM saying is that Bitcoin withdrawals from this site are working.

My own feedback was the following:

There are rumors that the owner is in prison (for unrelated things.) I do not know if this is true, but I do know the owner has not been active for a long time. Therefor I would stay away from SafeDice.

It seems like the BCH/XMR is stuck and BTC depends on the hot wallet. It is unclear whether a trusted third party (who is close to the owner) is still available to top up the hot wallet or what's going on. I hope anyone who knows more can post in the topic.

Of course this is a pity, because SafeDice has been around for a long time and was legit so far. So I do hope (and TBH expect) the owner will come back and I will be happy to remove my negative trust by that time.

As you can see, it says "BTC depends on the hot wallet". XMR/BCH both had hard forks, so they really don't work any more, but the BTC hot wallet is still functional. So yes, if you are lucky enough, the BTC withdrawals could work.

Naturally more players lose money than win money. And there are still people depositing/playing (see charts.) So this means the hot wallet still goes up from time to time with funds. You can actually follow the hot wallet here: (it has a delay - so your 0.5 BTC WD will be there tomorrow Wink) Still looks like there are ~5 BTC in it (so any investor with stuck BTC could withdraw a bit now.) Specifically someone deposited 3x 1 BTC on different accounts and lost all 3 BTC at March 26-30, this can be seen both in the hot wallet and profit charts.

Overall a few points:
- Several of us (including myself) has been emailing the admin (both emails) since ~Sep 2018 without any reply
- Cold wallet funds haven't moved since ~Aug 2018: - even at times when the hot wallet was empty for a long time
- XMR and BCH has been broken since they had hard forks
- SafeDice bitcointalk account hasn't been active since Mar 2018:;u=396610
- Domain will expire at Sep 2019 - let's hope he has funds in Namecheap account (obviously the same question can be asked about the server.)
- From my view, the BTC hot wallet is only topped up by players
- Hunterd63 claims a previous staff member helped him with a withdrawal (for a reward.) In SafeDice chat, Hunterd63 said the previous staff member said the owner was in prison. This is where the rumor comes from. TBH I don't really care about this rumor, the point is that the admin is inactive.
- The admin has been gone for weeks/months in past too (which is why I still have hope), but this gotta be a new record

So should you deposit/play at SafeDice? Obviously not. It's fine that you share your experience, but we are not making things up. The prison part is speculation, the rest are facts. It is extremely risky to deposit/play at SafeDice (the hot wallet can get empty and/or be less than your winnings, the site can go down all of the sudden, no support whatsoever, etc.) and all the warnings in this topic are justified.
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Overview of all airline & flight ticket sites that accept bitcoin on: March 07, 2018, 02:39:38 AM
I made a "bitcoin flights" overview, pretty sure these are all of them. Disclaimer: no idea about the reputation of them, use on own risk, etc.

SiteRemarksProcessorBitcointalk topicOther cryptocurrencies
abitsky.comhas 20 local domains too, like,, etc.Mistertango (adds 1%) (broken?)-?topicLTC/DOGE (GoCoin) (not anymore?)not sure if they still accept it?
fluege.comenglish pageBitpay/Ypsilon
nurflug.deenglish pageBitpay/Ypsilon
future.travelalmost no references to it, be careful?
agenciadeviajesvirtual.comhave to select 'e-wallet', check their topic?topicLTC, DOGE, ..
xceltrip.comfrom some ICO, be careful?

airbaltic.comLatvian AirlineBitpay
flypeach.comJapanese (down?)Indian flights?topic Airline?
cebupacificair.comFilipino Airline - needs verified

Gift cards
aa.comAmerican AirlinesBitpay
delta.comDelta Air LinesBitpay
southwest.comSouthwest AirlinesBitpay
aa.comAmerican AirlinesBitpay
delta.comDelta Air LinesBitpay
southwest.comSouthwest AirlinesBitpay
giftoff,, etcBitpayShapeshift
lastminute.comOnly for flights and/or hotelsBitpayShapeshift
flightgiftcard.comFlightGiftCard-LTC, bcash and soon ETH
flightgiftcard.comFlightGiftCard-BTC/LTC Lightning, LTC, ETH, Dash, Doge
aa.comAmerican Airlines-BTC/LTC Lightning, LTC, ETH, Dash, Doge
southwest.comSouthwest Airlines-BTC/LTC Lightning, LTC, ETH, Dash, Doge
delta.comDelta Air Lines-BTC/LTC Lightning, LTC, ETH, Dash, Doge
aircanada.comAir Canada
flightcentre.caFlight Centre
aircanada.comAir Canada-lot of altcoins
aa.comAmerican Airlines-lot of altcoins
delta.comDelta Air Lines-lot of altcoins

surfair.comAll you can fly membershipCoinbaseETH
cheapbizclass.comBusiness/First class - no search?
ionlyflyfirstclass.comBusiness/First class - no search?topic
tripwitz.comTravel agency - no search?
luxurytraveldiary.comPersonalized booking service - no search?"Around the world" ticketsBitpay"Order anything" service, so order any flight, but 7-12% feeOwn processortopicETH, LTC, Dash, XMR travel management - no searchBitpay

Private jets
privatefly.comPrivate jetsBitpay
tapjets.comPrivate jets?
private-jet-charter-flight.comPrivate jets?
jettly.comPrivate jets?
premiumjet.euPrivate jets?
m2jets.comPrivate jets?LTC
monarchairgroup.comPrivate jets?
vegasexpressjet.comPrivate jets?
priorityonejets.comPrivate jets?
simplecharters.comPrivate jets? jets?
flyzuum.comPrivate jets?
avionejet.comPrivate jets?
privatejethiredirect.comPrivate jets?

If you know any other (local) ones or if you have experiences with some of these, please share it here Smiley

PS, it seems like disappeared overnight. This is a good example of how any of these sites could be a scam. Do your own research in finding the reputation of these companies!
3  Other / Meta / New "Gambling discussion" forum.. awesome! on: September 04, 2016, 06:54:28 AM
Thanks to the team for adding it! I am sure it will improve the Gambling forum Smiley

Anyway, I am now wondering what the specific rules are. I actually made an userscript before just with as reason dividing gambling sites and non-sites here (got 1,500 topics ignored :X) But my "criteria" might be different, so before I report all those 1,500 topics.. I rather know the exact rules Tongue I personally like "real sites with domain" in Gambling and "the rest" in Discussion forum, since it's an easy rule. But tipsters might just get a $10 site to have their topic in "main forum".

I reported like 30 topics now and it seems that the rule is "discussion which is not about specific sites" go to Discussion forum. Is this correct? Personally I think the endless "suggest me a site" or "what is best site" are pretty worthless too (and better in Discussion forum.)

Would be great if hilariousandco, Cyrus or others can share their view.
4  Other / Meta / Ignore threads - user script on: April 26, 2016, 09:53:15 AM
As someone who is mostly active in the Gambling forum, the extreme spam of signature campaign spammers is really annoying. These guys managed to make almost 1.300 replies to a question "Can gambling be profitable in long term?" while there should be literally only 1 reply with "No, unless it's a skill-influenced P2P game like poker." Almost 1.300 of useless replies is just insane. I believe that separating "Gambling/overview sites" with a new forum "Gambling discussion" would be a good solution, see this topic. But unfortunately this new subforum hasn't been added yet. So I decided to make a simple "Ignore thread" user script.

Ignore threads
After installing, you don't ignore any thread yet. You can can ignore them with a simple + button next to the title in a thread overview (new posts, forum, etc.) You can also unignore them with a - button. This actually doesn't remove a thread from the overview, it just applies the same style as a "Moved" thread. This way you can still see them and reply if it happens to be an interesting thread, but they are easily separated from the "quality threads" that you didn't ignore. There is also an extra link "Ignored threads" where you can edit the whole list (although Chrome has some issue if the list is too big.)

Example - before:


How to install

Firefox - Install Greasemonkey:
Chrome - Install Tampermonkey:

Install my user script by clicking this link: (you can check the source too)

Gambling discussion threads
If you want to ignore the "gambling discussion threads" like me, add these threads at the popup after installing:
List last updated: April 28, 2016, 01:52:28 AM - you will have to add new threads yourself

5  Economy / Scam Accusations / - Do NOT use their website. on: November 27, 2015, 06:46:52 PM
I didn't follow their announcements etc. so I don't know much about them. But just by looking at 5 of their top 8 ads:
links to instead of
links to instead of
links to instead of
links to instead of

Obvious scam is obvious.

Owner at forums:;u=525055

And promoted by ~50 ppl in his signature campaign, PM-ed them.

edit: seems like they also have 1 ad on this forum... - but gone now.
6  Local / Nederlands (Dutch) / VPRO Tegenlicht: Het Bitcoin-evangelie on: October 30, 2015, 08:57:15 AM
VPRO Tegenlicht documentaire/aflevering over bitcoin "Het Bitcoin-evangelie".

zondag 1 november om 21:05 uur op NPO 2

>> Uitzending terugkijken op <<
>> Watch episode on Youtube (in English) <<

Promo video:

Maker Hans Busstra over 'Het Bitcoin-evangelie'

Roger Ver geeft ~120 euro weg tijdens de uitzending Tongue

Tegenlicht Meet Up
Woensdag 4 Nov 20:00
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

bitcointalk topic voor meeting
7  Economy / Gambling / 🎲 - List of dice sites w/ statistics, graphs & verifiers on: November 29, 2014, 03:13:14 AM
I like to introduce my website

On there is:
- an overview of dice sites
- statistics of these websites (updated automatically every 15 mins)
- graphs to compare the websites
- provably fair verifiers for most popular dice sites
- more features later Smiley

Basically it should give you a way to compare dice sites without reading subjective reviews. And just checking out the activity of several dice sites.

Any feature requests or feedback is welcome. I personally still have a lot of ideas/plans too.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Provably fair for investors? on: September 08, 2014, 08:55:50 AM

I am aware that current off-chain dice sites are provably fair for the users (if implemented correctly) but not really for the investors. This means if anyone (for example dice site owner or hacker) has the server seed they could fake bets (adjusting the server/client seed/amount/hi-lo/etc) to make sure they can win. I am wondering if there could be theories or methods to make this risk lower or a method so the investors would need less trust in the site owner for the "fake whale problem" and "hacker has server seed problem".

Only thing I could come up with is a third-party audit server. Basically:

Dice site sends hash of: (bet ID, client/server seeds, nonce, chance, amount) in advance to audit server, audit server returns extra seed. Audit server only has hashed server/client seed so doesn't know outcome. Final result will be calculated with that extra seed so in advance dice site doesn't know outcome.

Afterwards everyone could verify all bets to see the dice site didn't change the server seed to a winning one. Or if there are any missing bet IDs or changed amounts. So:

- House cannot cheat with "fake whales" (as long as you trust audit server.)
- Hacker that can get the server seeds will have to hack the audit server too, therefor this is less likely to happen.

- This only works if the dice site and audit server are from different persons and don't work together. So it still requires trust. Also it only focuses on this specific "abusing server seed" problem, not stealing the BR etc.

- For performance it requires an extra external request per bet, although this should be possible.
- Transparency is important, should be easy for investors to verify. For example a weekly output of all bets from both the dice and audit servers + script to verify. Or more easy: dice+audit could both generate a hash of all info in same format of today's bets, then compare if it's the same.
- The user probably wants the hashed audit seed in advance, but this could be possible I think.

A trust-less, decentralized method would be better, but the bet results should be ready in 1-2 seconds and I think that will be difficult that way. Would be cool if someone has ideas for that though.

I expect the reply to this will be "not worth it since it's still not 100% proof." But still I am interested in alternative ideas or if this idea would be reasonable and at least better for investors? And if there is a flaw in my theory (besides trusting audit party to not work together), please tell me :>

edit: I think this would btw also work for sites that skip nonces, but that was not my intention or goal.


9  Economy / Exchanges / Gamblers, be careful with Coinbase! on: August 20, 2014, 02:26:19 AM
On Reddit someone claimed yesterday to be blocked from Coinbase because he used the Bitcoin poker site Seals and/or Betcoin:

    Upon review of your Coinbase account, we have determined that we can no longer provide you access to Coinbase Services. Please understand that Coinbase is a regulated Money Service Business under the FinCEN division of the U.S. Treasury Department and as such, we are required to review accounts in order to ensure compliance with regulations.

    Gambling is illegal under US law even if you live outside of the US we cannot provide services to your account for the purpose of any type of gambling activity.

    Please note that we have not blocked access to the bitcoin balance currently in your Coinbase account; while we can no longer process transactions of this bitcoin via our banking relationship, you may send this bitcoin to a local wallet or another bitcoin address.

    In the event that your controls change and you are able to prevent such activity from occurring on your platform please let us know and we’d be happy to review your compliance program and evaluate your account to see if we can support it in the future.

Seals uses unique deposit addresses and AFAIK pretty random withdrawal addresses, so I am not sure how they could recognize that.

Betcoin seems to use 1 main hot wallet according to the comments: so that is more obvious.

So it seems Coinbase is at least tracking known hot wallets from gambling sites. Generally gambling sites will use unique random withdrawal addresses or other users' deposit addresses, but some obviously not. If you use Coinbase and you gamble, ideally have a normal desktop or wallet in between and don't deposit/withdrawal immediately from/to Coinbase.

edit1: Confirmation from another site than Seals or Betcoin:

In the last day we have had players who found their Coinbase account closed because they withdrew coins from to their Coinbase account.

We heard similar stories from other gambling sites (Seals with Clubs, Betcoin, ...)

Switch to folks.

If anyone has more information it would be great to hear it.

TL;DR: coinbase is blocking accounts that get withdrawals from gambling sites.
10  Local / Nederlands (Dutch) / Nederlandse rechter: bitcoin is geen geld maar ruilmiddel on: May 17, 2014, 02:18:15 AM
Bitcoin is geen geld, maar een ruilmiddel. Dat heeft de rechtbank in Overijssel geoordeeld in een zaak tegen iemand die beloofde tegen betaling bitcoins te leveren, maar slechts een deel van de bitcoins daadwerkelijk overhandigde.

De klager die de rechtszaak begon betaalde 22.000 euro voor 2750 bitcoins, maar kreeg er slechts 990 geleverd. Nadat de in de rechtszaak niet bij naam genoemde man of vrouw die de bitcoins zou leveren geen gehoor gaf, begon hij een rechtszaak. In die zaak was een belangrijke vraag of bitcoins wel of niet als geld kunnen worden bestempeld.

Meer @
11  Local / Nederlands (Dutch) / Betalingsprovider Mollie accepteert bitcoins on: May 15, 2014, 09:16:38 AM
De Nederlandse betalingsprovider Mollie accepteert vanaf nu bitcoinbetalingen, zo heeft het bedrijf bekendgemaakt. Daarbij wisselt de betalingsprovider de bitcoins voor de winkelier om in euro's. Ook eBay denkt na over het ondersteunen van de virtuele valuta.

Doordat Mollie bitcoinbetalingen accepteert, krijgen duizenden webwinkels ondersteuning voor bitcoins, stelt het bedrijf. Onder meer The Phone House, TNT en Videoland maken gebruik van Mollie als betalingsprovider, evenals veel kleinere webwinkels. Overigens moeten webwinkels de bitcoinondersteuning wel eerst zelf aanzetten.

Webwinkeliers hoeven geen eigen bitcoin-wallet te hebben; Mollie rekent het bedrag in bitcoins om naar euro's, waarna dat op de rekening van de winkelier wordt gestort. Welke wisselkoers wordt aangehouden, is onduidelijk. De betalingsprovider rekent 25 cent provisie per bitcointransactie.

Ondertussen zegt de ceo van eBay, John Donahoe, dat het bedrijf nadenkt over het accepteren van bitcoinbetalingen via zijn betalingsprovider PayPal. "We denken dat de bitcoin een zeer belangrijke rol zal spelen in de toekomst", zo zei Donahoe volgens The Wall Street Journal tegenover aandeelhouders. EBay hintte eerder al op bitcoinondersteuning.

Eerder introduceerde Thuisbezorgd al ondersteuning voor bitcoins en in sommige fysieke winkels kan in Nederland ook al met de virtuele valuta worden betaald. De Nederlandsche Bank is desondanks sceptisch over de cryptocoin; volgens de toezichthouder schommelt de koers te veel en is de munt ongeschikt als rekeneenheid.

Meer (Nederlandse) webwinkels die bitcoins accepteren, altijd goed Smiley
12  Other / Meta / Topic locks on: March 12, 2014, 10:46:36 PM

I find it unique that people can easily lock their own topics here. I can imagine this can be great, but it also helps scammers a lot.

Just look at these topics:

Obviously this is just 1 guy trying to scam on multiple accounts.

Shouldn't we be able to post to these topics to warn others? Can there be like a limit of member group before you can lock your own topics? I would be also happy to report these for removal, but I think "possible scams" are not really removed here either. Or would "report for unlock if obvious scam" be an option? Or "Lock" could be enabled only in some forums? (doesn't really make sense in Currency exchange)

Perhaps no one is stupid enough to fall for these scams.. but I am not sure about that. Would be good if we can help the naive.

It is btw great that Tomatocage is adding negative trust as warning. I could also add neg trust but no one would notice as I am not on trusted lists, so I would prefer to reply instead.
13  Economy / Service Discussion / [POLL] So what is the REAL cause of the problems with MtGox? on: February 27, 2014, 05:25:20 PM
There are a lot of theories and speculation on this forum and within the bitcoin community about the current issues with MtGox. Most do assume that the money is gone since MtGox is so quite about everything. Let's have some overview and see what most people think at this moment.

According to the MtGox Situation Crisis Strategy Draft 750K BTC is lost. Different theories for that:

- "Gox was robbed of a massive amount of coins (800k+) at some prior point in time, possibly June 2011, and has been operating a fractional reserve since." - Kraken CEO theory
- 750K BTC was stolen from MtGox because of the transaction malleability problem

There are several theories that the cold wallets cannot be accessed but that there is still at least 200K+ BTC in it. Either by losing private keys or frozen cold wallets because of the goverment. Arguments / articles / topics:

- I bet that Mark lost the private keys and is crying theft out of embarassment
- Proofs that Gox have at least 200k BTC - lost keys most likely not theft
- <MagicalTux> Well, technically speaking it's not "lost" just yet, just temporarily unavailable
- Mt.Gox being subpoenaed = freezing of withdrawals and site shutdown?
- Mark is locked out of the bank, due to an investigation that he is fully cooperating with
- The US Government has control of Gox's cold wallet

Others think that Mark is not just incompetent but a thief and (probably) stole the BTC.

- Mt Gox is bankrupt, and Mark Karpeles is a thief!

What do you guys think? And tell me if I missed important theories / arguments.

Personally I have no money @ MtGox, but I really hope that somehow the problem is that the cold wallets are currently not accessible - but will be in future - just so ppl won't lose their money and/or life savings. Even tho it does look like the money is gone. All arguments/theories are both ridiculous yet theoretically possible IMO.
14  Bitcoin / Project Development / Overview of Bug Bounty Programs for Bitcoins on: February 23, 2014, 02:22:29 PM
In this topic I would like to make an overview of (all) vulnerability reward programs within the bitcoin community (and/or programs with bitcoin rewards.) If you are aware of a security bounty which is not yet listed, please share it with us Smiley

Not allowed on probably all websites:
  • DDoS / DoS
  • Using automated software (including brute forcing)
  • Sharing the vulnerabilities without disclose first (some do allow after fix)
  • Exploit the vulnerability in a malicious way / steal private info / etc

Make sure to read the specific terms for each program first !!

Bitcoin related websites
WebsiteBitcointalk topicPlatformReward in bitcoinsSince
bitcointalk#309785nginx/PHP/MySQL/SMFBTC0.2 - BTC20 (based on XAU)10-2013,#290799..BTC1+04-2013,#290111,
okcoin.comBTC1-BTC10004-2014$20-$2000 (in BTC/XCP)03-2014
Non-BTC related sites with BTC reward
WebsitePlatformReward in bitcoinsSince$200+2013€50+$250-$5000

* all websites are linked to the program info because you should read the terms first
** the "since" date is NOT the date since the site exists, but an estimation since when the bounty reward was officially announced in public
*** I am not vouching for any of these programs, your "time investment" is your own risk

Please share other websites that are running security bounties for bitcoin rewards. You may also share your experience with any of these programs. Have fun with hacking and be responsible Smiley

Are you a website owner?
If you own a website, consider running a vulnerability reward program too! This way your website will be more secure and there is a much bigger chance that a whitehat (non-harmful) hacker helps you with the security instead of a blackhat hacker who abuses vulnerabilities. Look at these example websites for information how to run a program like that. Making a page on your site + topic here should be enough.
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