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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / F2pool-mining empty blocks on Electroneum on: November 01, 2018, 06:16:18 AM
This garbage/filth/criminal pool should be IP banned hard coded into every blockchain. They are criminal because I guarantee you when there is legislature written for blockchain in the future this activity will be 100% criminal. They are the only pool doing it and the other pool from China (Poolin) is only mining 10 transactions so they are actively acting to destroy the coin transactions. These pools are acting like inbred insane cockaroaches. IP BAN hardcode China miner pools in to all future blockchains, they will destroy your coin no matter how good your project is.

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How should we regulate ICO's? Let's discuss. on: September 29, 2017, 11:33:11 PM
In light of the recent ICO bans in China and S Korea I think it's time that we discuss how we should regulate ICO's.

I have a lot of ideas, a lot, but I'm not going to post them all yet. We'll just start off with a few.

My 2 primary ideas are:

OCR - Office of Cryptocurrency Regulations. There would be one in each country and they would coordinate via a secured forum and there would be one internationally or Int OCR and they would moderate that forum to prevent collusion and corruption. No OCR staff would be allowed to buy into ICO's that were in their jurisdiction all communication between them must be through the secured forum. Large countries with provinces or states could have an OCR for each state or province and so there would be a hierarchy for purposes of appeal the international one being at the top.

ICO insurance - There are two parts to this. The first part is ICO failure and the second part is all the dangers that the insurance agency will require including manmade and natural disasters and probably centralization risk. The ICO failure would be determined either on a case by case basis or it will be a set rate determined by the OCR. An ICO failure is the rate of ICO sales reached compared to your funding goal and the OCR would approve the funding goal so that you can't set BS funding goals to be 100% you don't fail. So if the OCR sets the failure rate at 40% of your funding goal and you only get 38% you have failed and have to give back all the investors money but you could file an appeal. The Insurance would cover all the operating expenses that led up to the ICO sale and the premium would increase should you file an appeal but OCR would control the maximum amount allowable that the premium could be increased.

The OCR has a set of guidelines and requirements that they will use to judge your ICO submission for approval and would be openly published on the OCR website and printable. You will either be accepted as "in consideration of approval" and if after 2 weeks if no other OCR from another couintry objects or has strong concerns an official approval and "good luck ladies and gentleman" letter is written to you by the OCR or your ICO submission will be declined and what needs to be corrected will be pointed out. If the ridiculous factor is just so high then OCR does not need to take the time to read submission thoroughly. At the end of the month the OCR will issue letters to all candidates that are in consideration of approval and will make a list for all other country OCR's to see what is being considered for approval for feedback or any objections.

I'm kind of new to Cryptocurrency but I can see there needs to be a gatekeeper that stops the ridiculousness. If we go about this some other way like only investment firms are allowed to invest in ICO's that takes away the decentralization part of investing and centralizes large pools of money in a small number of places that are vulnerable to attack  the way Mt Gox happened.

There are rules in place for crowdfunding, there should be rules in place for ICO's, the OCR would exist to protect the small investors without removing the decentralized method of obtaining funding for creating a new cryptocurrency.

What are your ideas? I have a lot more but I think it's time we diuscuss this.
If you have any regulations ideas post them and we'll vote on them as a community and the second post will be reserved to summarize what we do agree on.

If you like my idea of OCR's and ICO insurance let me know and I'll go more into how that should all work.
3  Economy / Economics / Could California make a regulated digital currency? on: July 28, 2017, 01:16:34 PM
Hi guys, I'm kind of new to digital currencies so you guys know more than me about this subject. I'm a follower of the Yes California Calexit facebook group which is a group that wants to separate from the US and become our own country.

The only problem with doing this is that as soon it looks like we are leaving the US the US dollar will plummet in value hurting both us and them so I'm writing an essay on creating a digital currency for California that we could eventually bring the mining to a halt and then give a month grace period for it to settle and then switch it to a printed currency.

It would be regulated - the servers for the wallets and mining pools would all be in California and it would be written in the legal agreement in the mining software that this is the case but everyone in the world could mine or trade it.

It would have an advisory board that would consist of economic experts from California 50%, 30% voted in from our top 10 trading partners, 10% cryptocurrency experts and 10% cyber security experts. This advisory board would issue all the recommended regulations which would then get adopted by whatever agency in California.

I'm trying to piece how all this would come together but I need to know from you if this is possible to regulate a digital currency like this and also which coin should we model it after. Right now I'm thinking we should model it after litecoin because of its speed in transactions and how its block chain doesn't grow at a fast rate like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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