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1  Local / Бayнти и aиpдpoпы / [ANN] Новая перспективная баунти компания «Planet Assets»!! on: October 30, 2019, 01:49:27 PM
Всем привет сегодня на проекте спустя долгое время стартовала новая классная баунти кампания «Planet Assets»,  кто раньше там участвовал  знает что там  было не много но хорошие компании и эта  не будет исключением.

Кратко о проекте:
Planet Assets (PAS) – это блокчейн проект, целью которого является создание системы оборота оцифрованных активов с помощью сервисов, предлагаемых многофункциональной платформой проекта «Assets Market». На средства, собранные на PRE IEO, будет создана платформа, организовано масштабное продвижение проекта с целью привлечения инвесторов, владельцев недвижимых активов, трейдеров, команд стартап-проектов. Кроме того, планируется открытие филиалов компании в нескольких странах и городах.
Компания «Planet Assets» стремительно развивается. Надежность и стабильность проекта  подтверждаются тем, что каждая инвестиция обременяется недвижимым активом, а каждый актив компании обеспечен цифровым аналогом в виде токенов. Деятельность Planet Assets максимально прозрачна — система блокчейн позволяет каждому участнику проекта через личный кабинет наблюдать за всеми операциями и действиями внутри платформы.
На пред IEO выпущено 1 200 000 000 токенов
5% компания баунти   10% основатели и команда   85% продажа
Стоимость 1 токена составляет 0,03$
Telegram:  @planetassets |
Telegram Chat:

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Automatic participation in the bounty. on: June 24, 2018, 06:53:47 PM
Good afternoon I want to share with you sites for performing bounty in automatic mode.
Many may know, but suddenly someone will be useful.
If reports are required somewhere, this is written.

1) (There is no referral system, No reports required) - A good playground is a lot of bounty, steaks are counted every day. Payments already received.
2)  (There is no referral system,No reports required)-  Also a good platform, the rates are counted every day. There were no payments, I participate for a week.
3) (There is a referral system, No reports required) - An excellent and convenient site, a lot of bounty. Coins are counted at the end of the company, payments are fast, payments have been paid many times.
5) (There is no referral system,Requires reports.) -  This is not only crypto-exchange, it can also participate in the bounty. The stock comes directly to the exchange where they can be sold.I did not receive the aw ard, I only take 2 weeks.
6) (The referral system is, Requires reports.) - Also a good site, I received the Award.
4) (There is a referral system,No reports required) -  Also very comfortable area, Excellent and generous bounty. Bets are considered instantly after the tasks are completed. I received paymen,ires reports.) - A good platform for doing bounty. I received payments.
7) (There is a referral system) - A platform for performing in automatic mode airdrop. On the site only qualitative airdrop.

If you register using the ref link, I will be grateful. I hope this was useful, good luck and big rewards.BTCBTCBTC

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The best is ico 2018! on: June 21, 2018, 04:47:01 PM
Good afternoon, I present to your attention a unique project ico Liqnet ( ) - Cryptocurrency exchange platform with a unique liquidity pooling system. It allows users to unite different platforms and solve the problems of scattering of users, trading request and orders thus forming a unified book with better market depth.The platform use promotes the expansion of the cryptocurrency market enabling users to easily exchange different cryptocurrencies with the provision of liquidity pooling system.
The LIQNET exchange with the combined liquidity of top-end crypto-exchanges will allowtrade with greater profit and attract large traders crypto-currency, and traditional financial markets.
What makes the LIQNET exchange unique is the LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network) tool, which allows to collect and combine orders of our exchange's clients and orders from third-party platforms into a single order package and make them available for trading by all LIQNET's clients.
ICO WITH A FINISHED PRODUCT: — test product right now. The trading is accessed through a unique professional web terminal that comprises: A graph with a multitude of tools for technical analysis, All types of orders and their execution policies, Tools for scalping trading, marketmaking, etc., high level of security.
The finished produkt already contains the core withthe len technology.

                                                  The Len mechhanism(LIQUIDITY EXCHANGE NETWORK)

Thus, orders are combined and users can now make deals with best prices and minimal spread.

As a result, our users get access to the single order book, in which they see both the orders of our exchange and orders relayed from other platforms. Due to the platform aggregating sufficient amount of liquidity of various tools, it is planned to implement trading of deliverable futures and options for those that have the highest liquidity.

Other advantages of LIQNET:
Desktop apps (own desktop app, MultiСharts, TradingView, and MT5); Fully functional mobile trading apps for Android and iOS;
An online-wallet project that provides the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat money by th epress of a button. Additionally, it has the easy cryptocurrency investment service with free and paid built-in strategies; Acquiring service for receiving payments in cryptocurrencies that provides sellers with many capabilities and protects from many risks.

The advantage of LIQNET over the Traditional Exchange: 1) Ability to execute a big order at the best price (large market depth) 2) Minimal spreads 3)Ability to trade large volumes without the risk of shifting the market 4) Best prices, minimal spreads, and the biggest volumes all in one place.

Ratings ico:
1. 5/5
2.     5.2/7
3.    4.1/5
4.    7.4/10
5.   4.6/5

Token sale description:
Token - LEN
Price - 1 LEN = 1 USD
Bonus -  Available
MVP/Prototype- Available
Platform - Ethereum                                                      
Accepting - ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, ZEC
Soft cap - 20 000 000 USD
Hard cap- 50 000 000 USD
Country - Singapore
Restricted areas – USA

Benefits of the token holders:
1) Purchase a discount on fees: one token gives a 0,5% discount on the sum of fees for one day. The discount if activated for 24 hours in the personal account immediately after the withdrawal of tokens or at a particular time. Increment size is 0,5%, the highest possible discount is 90%. The timing of the discount can be chosen in the personal account.
2) Get access to the voting service to make decisions on the following matters:
- Choice of the trading pairs offered at the exchange: at first, one or two pairs will be available in the system, the token holders choose the first 20 pairs that will be added to the system after the ICO;
- Choice of the ways of spending 50% of attracted funds;
-Choice of trading pairs to be added in the future in addition to the pairs that will be added by the LIQNET developers;
- Increase of the exchange’s marketing budget;
- Increase of deposits on other exchanges to provide better liquidity for the LIQNET platform;
- Choice of additional sources of liquidity for LIQNET in addition to the ones added by the LIQNET developers;
- Buy-out of the tokens on our platform at current prices to support the demand for them thus evading low price token sales and, therefore, the access of users to ultra-high discounts in large volumes, which can lead to a drastic decrease of the volume of the exchange’s fees.

Summing up, It is worth mentioning the professional team, which qualitatively work on the project.
This project is one of the best in 2018 and has a great future. I recommend paying attention to the project! !!

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The best is ico 2018! on: June 21, 2018, 04:42:23 PM

Sorry here for the full review   -
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The best is ico 2018! on: June 21, 2018, 04:37:27 PM
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Trade on the news! on: June 12, 2018, 05:56:38 PM
Hello everyone, I have been trading for a long time. I want to pour my experience. trade on the news. Perhaps many already know, but this post is for beginners.
To begin with, what news can affect the price growth of the coin?

Such as: hardfork, airdrop coin holders, coin burning, listing on large exchanges, important partnerships, network launch, product release, rebranding, road map updates, interviews with the team...
t's important to know that news is just manipulation.
And if you decide to bargain on the news, you must understand that the closer the date of novosti, the price grows less, or even begins to fall.
The main growth occurs on the first day, it rarely happens that growth continues until the news date.
Your task is to buy a coin as quickly as possible and sell +10 - 30% of the profit.  Do not be greedy otherwise risk becoming a long-term investor with the exception of super news.
You can also put a stop loss, for example, if the price has reached 10% of profit and move the stop when the price grows.
In the case of hardcore, I do not advise you to wait for it in 90% of cases to get shitcoin and become a long-term investor.
And remember that not all news affects the price increase.
There are news that negatively influence the price, but we are not talking about this.
The main thing do not be greedy and do not buy when the news has already worked.

the most famous sites for crypto currency events -

That's mine strategy and I do not force anyone to repeat it!
I hope it was somehow useful, good luck and big profit.BTCBTC
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Service of the best airdrop! on: June 10, 2018, 06:04:50 PM
Hello everyone can someone it will be useful. Found such a new platform for getting airdrop. On this platform only qualitative airdrop, from ico with a good rating without scam. Very convenient and fast, you just need to hook up your social networks, and perform airdrop directly on the site without google forms.
Not advertising. just share it can be useful for someone!

Coins are sent after the end of ico.BTCBTCBTC
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / 5 tips for cryptotraders! on: June 06, 2018, 09:14:08 PM
Hello, I would like to give advice to beginning traders, perhaps many people know this, but not all, especially they are relevant for today's market.

5 tips for cryptotraders!

1. Do not buy up everything that see!
Presently very much tokens and every day them to become yet more. Even to the professionals difficult at times to recognize scam tokens, that to talk already about novices. If you begin the way of trader only, trained first on stable currencies with large capitalization.

2. Do not spend too much time on trade!
Many people think that after sitting as long as possible while looking at the charts, they will find a potential gold deal. First, the crypt market is so dynamic that if you miss one opportunity, you will have 5 new ones. Secondly, to trade tired very bad idea, which usually will cost you a lot of money.

3. Not panic!
Fear and panic are the two biggest enemies of every trader. Remember that cryptocurrencies are too volatile and be ready for it.Do not rush to do something, think well  and remember patience is the golden rule..

4. Don't get fooled by tricks!
New altcoins-this is what lose money a lot of beginners. The desire to recognize the new bitcoin has already destroyed many cryptotraders. A lot of altcoins that enter the market are absolutely not suitable for long-term investments or are pacifiers at all.

5. Choose the right exchange!
No less rapidly growing and the number of exchanges. Many people want to lure you with attractive terms, but you have to understand that for them there are certain risks. It is better to start working with already proven exchangers which are used by most people.

I hope someone was useful. Good luck and big profits! BTCBTCBTC
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Why long-term trading! on: May 26, 2018, 03:59:54 PM
Hello all, I am engaged in trading and I am often asked by beginners how to trade long-term or short-term strategy.
For beginners, I would advise you to trade long-term, but such trade does not suit impatient people, sometimes you have to wait a very long time, a couple of months, and maybe a year, and sometimes even more.
This strategy has a number of advantages, especially for beginners.
1. Compared to intraday trading, you do not need to be in front of a computer and watch the price 24/7, so the trader experiences less emotional stress.
2. Only when using long-term trading, it is realistic to take above 100% of the profit from 1 deal. With intraday strategy, this is hardly possible (except that a miracle will happen).
3. Unlike intra-day trading, you do not need to be a professional, enough to have basic knowledge.

Why I recommend this strategy. Based on personal experience, I often sold coins for example + 30% and literally in a week could sell + 100%.
You can also put a stop loss when the price is + 30%,and move the stop as the price increases.

This is my opinion, I do not force you to adhere to this strategy, study trading if it interests you and find your strategy.
I hope someone helped, If you have any questions, ask always happy to help.. Good luck!BTCBTC
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