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1  Bitcoin / Hardware / ASICMINER: start selling your ASIC chips on: May 08, 2013, 12:10:51 AM
Now here's an idea.

friedcat/ASICMINER: if you really are serious about Bitcoin and decentralization of the network, now would be the perfect time to show that. Forget those way overpriced USB toys which, when people actually do the ROI calculations, look like a blatant BTC grab. Instead start selling your ASIC chips with specifications so other people can design and build competing devices.

At the moment I understand you have to withhold quite a bit of your hashing power. If you powered it all on, you would probably "own" the network if not now, then quite soon (in a few weeks?). I recall friedcat saying that your competitors' delays have upset your plans already.

So this is my proposition: let other people design and build a competing project around AM chips, just like people are already doing with Avalon. IF (and this is a big if) Avalon fails to deliver their chip orders and/or batch 2/3, then what? You still can't deploy extra hashing power in any big quantity since we get back to the "too large" problem, and crashing BTC price would also hurt your profits.

Should you agree in some way with this plan, please price your chips competitively. Not this "2 BTC for 300 MHash/s" nonsense. You will cut into your profits somewhat, but I would hazard a guess that dip is less than upsetting BTC price completely by being too large and causing a panic sell and the corresponding mess.
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