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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [AIRDROP] AFIN COIN - The Diverse & Powerful Utility Token with Co-Blockchain on: January 14, 2019, 03:38:16 AM


Introducing Asian Fintech

Asian Fintech (Afin) provide online business platform for various business entrepreneurs and companies and bring them on Blockchain platform to applications for business platforms in those fields..

Afin will provide “Afin online Platform” to facilitate trade and negotiation between business entrepreneur and companies from various countries, also enhance the connectivity, and provide accurate and up to date information and data on a fast track.

Afin is incorporating Blockchain technology to expand and diversify the business of Afin and its partners. It is cost effective and convenient for both the sellers and the buyers.

Event End

Total 100K Afin available for 10K people (10 Afin each)
We will distribute the reward to your ERC20 wallet starting May 15th, 2019

1. Fill in the airdrop form
    Then follow the instruction on Google form
2. Comment your social media account name for proof of authentication

Terms and Conditions:

● Using multiple accounts or cheating of any kind won't be accepted. We will remove your entry without confirmation & no further complain will be accepted
● All of your social media account must be at least 1 month old for this campaign. This is to prevent bot accounts from joining and spamming up the channel.
2  Bitcoin / Hardware / How to upgrade TPLINK TL-MR3020 firmware to technobit openwrt on: February 20, 2014, 07:30:22 AM

The following guide use openwrt image compiled by technobit team for their line of product.


1. Use same power source that your miner use to avoid problem.
2. Upgrade firmware if critical operation that need more concern. Do it on your own risk.
3. Do not use wifi connection to do the upgrade, use ethernet cable.
4. Do not power off the unit while upgrade the firmware & or close the browser tab.
5. Do not close your browser while the system applying setting after you click save & apply.
6. I am not responsible for any problem cause by the upgrade.
7. Feel free to PM me if you need more information.



Official Technobit Release Firmware

The following firmware availabe on technobit download page. Please check the site regularly for new update.

01. 0.1.0  with cgminer-3.8.3
02. 0.1.3  with cgminer-3.8.5
03. 0.1.5  with cgminer-3.10.0
04. 0.1.7  with cgminer-3.10.0
05. 0.1.8  with cgminer-3.11.0
06. 0.2.0  with cgminer-3.12.3
07. 0.2.2  with cgminer-4.0.0
08. 0.3.0  with cgminer-4.2.1
09. 0.3.1  with cgminer-4.2.2
10. 0.3.2  with cgminer-4.2.3
11. 0.3.4  with cgminer-4.3.4
12. 0.3.5  with cgminer-4.4.1
13. 0.3.6  with cgminer-4.4.2
14. 0.3.8  with cgminer-4.5.0
15. 0.3.9  with cgminer-4.5.0
16. 0.4.0  with cgminer-4.6.1
17. DICE  with cgminer-4.9.0

In case you want to restore original firmware, download this original firmware from tplink. Do not download other firmware with boot in the file name.

Kindly PM me if some of the link is unreachable. I had the collection on my hard drive  Smiley

Unofficial Firmware

1. By 2GOOD 0.3beta
    Feature: Wifi enable, Failsafe working


The default ip of TL-MR3020 is So you need to set you PC ip address to prefix 192.168.0.xx.
No need to set gateway.


Connect TL-MR3020 to PC using ethernet cable.
Then type on your web browser, fill the username & password(both is admin).


Go to System Tools - Firmware Upgrade then choose image downloade from technobit. Use factory.bin file
Click upgrade & let the process finish, the unit will auto reboot. Yoa can see the LED off then on again.


The new default ip after upgrade is
Now open new tab & type then login


Now go to System to set timezone, do not enable ntp client. Save & apply.


Go to System - Administration to set password & enable ssh. Save & apply.


Go to Network - Interfaces to set new ip address if you need. Click edit then change the value. Please use static address. Save & apply.


Now you can re access the TL-MR3020 on your new ip address.
Go to Status - Cgminer Configuration to set pool & miner.

All miner setting(voltage, chips, frequency etc) must be fill & can not left blank , Cgminer won't start. Save & apply.


To upgrade / downgrade current firmware to any openwrt image, go to System - Backup / Flash Firmware

Choose keep setting if you want to use same setting like network & cgminer then use sysupgrade.bin.
Do not keep setting if you want to use factory.bin.
Then hit Flash image.., then Proceed

Do not closed your browser until router restart !!!

If you choose to use sysupgrade.bin, after whole process finish & router restart, ssh to the router & run command:

This will disable unnecessary process that not needed.


To access cgminer screen, you can use ssh client on your PC.

Then fill username as root & use your password

Then type screen -r

To exit screen without killing cgminer, use ctrl a - d

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