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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Yo Theymos! DT2 members are liars and abuse their powers. on: November 09, 2019, 11:25:10 AM
I'm openly accusing Lauda, owlcatz, mosprognoz and suchmoon of falsely throwing out accusations towards a project named Denarius and his founder Carsen Klock.
When provided with proof and evidence against their false claims they do not aknowledge it, ignore the facts and keep going on with their own believes. I have reported this in a DM to theymos and also contacted the moderator of this section of the forum to please read the topic from start to finish and find out for themselves how these members behave.

They have all 4 giving various people in this topic who didn't agree with their false accusations negative reputation and put up flags against these people. This is a witch hunt and just being trigger happy accusing everyone not agreeing with them. I've seen this behaviour too in the White House for the last 3 years, it's not healthy for either the community or the people in charge of it. These members are a disgrace to this forum imo. If these are the people who have to warn others about potential scams I'm saddened. These people may pick out alot of scammy ICO's and coins who do no good and I respect that. But for the ones they do attack who did nothing wrong it becomes a hell, ruining their entire reputation on bitcointalk without ever looking back when proven not guilty by facts. They don't agree with facts not prestented by their own DT2 members. Anyone disagreeing is in their eyes 100% an alt account of the person they accuse of scamming.

So anyone standing up for their developer or coin project they like is a scammer, a supporter of scams and a untrustworthy person. These kind of bullies should be taken away their powers and even be permanently flagged themselves as very untrustworthy people of this forum. Not as they self-proclaimed themselves with giving eachother positve rep and the feedback "well respected member o f the bitcointalk community".

So once again I ask the community to read up on the topic I provided in this post, come to your own conclusions and give us some support in here or in that topic to get attention from officials so this get's cleared out. This false accusation of Denarius should be undone, negative rep given by these corrupt wannabe police guys should be undone as well and damn it I hope bitcointalk start using some standards for appointing people with such responsibility. Becuase right now it seems to be doing more harm than good to have thes high up their ass police guys running the streets.

Good day!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][PoW/PoS/MN][FPGA SECURE ALGO] Project SONO [SWAP is ACTIVE] on: June 22, 2018, 01:43:25 AM
SWAP IS LIVE, read blog.
2.0 is Live

Windows Wallet: Download

Linux Wallet: Download

Source Code: Github

1.4 Wallet for Swap: 1.4 Version Download

Windows CPUminer: Download

Linux CPUminer: Download

Windows GPUminer: Download

(Russian - Use automatic Google translation)

3  Local / Alt Coins (Nederlands) / [ANN] GPLAY -Decentralized Gaming Marketplace⚡POW/POS⚡🚀FREE Airdrops 1 on: October 15, 2017, 04:07:45 PM

Invoering Gplay [GPA] - Gedecentralizeerde Digitale Gaming Marktplaats.
Persoon tot persoon handelen in complete anonimiteit zonder de nood voor enige 3rde partij service (middelman).
Koop of verkoop digitale games, accounts, in-game items, skins via een zelf-besturend, gestribueerd netwerk !

Munt Specificaties
Gplay is een simpele PoW/PoS munt opgemaakt uit het Scrypt Algoritme met een eerlijke lanceringsverdeling zonder ICO's of crowdfunding !
40% van het totale aantal munten zijn gepremined bij de genesis blok. De overige 60% zal te minen zijn door het publiek. De meeste gepreminede munten zullen gratis verdeeld worden aan de community via 2 ronden van airdrops. Applicaties zijn nu open voor Airdrop #1
Om in aanmerking te komen voor de Airdrop klik je op de volgende link Alle airdrops zouden gestort moeten worden binnen de 24/48 uur.

Scrypt Info

★PoS Percentage: 1ste jaar Promotie 20% Jaarlijks ! (-5% elk jaar tot een minimum van 5%)
★Laatste PoW blok: 10000
★Totale Voorraad: 26.600.000 coins
★Coinbase maturity: 20 blokken
★Transactie bevestigingen: 6 blokken


★60% Mijnbaar Door Het Publiek
★20% Airdrops - Bounties - Beloningen
★15% Marketing En Product Ontwikkeling
★5% Ontwikkelaar Bonussen

Sociale & Portemonnee Links
    Windows Portemonnee:!JOQGBCjY!ofVJstaEBIPe5JRZmMRRUlMz-mm0cGMq8TIXZ9U4xno
    Linux Portemonnee:!0DJ1SIxL!2peSpTJpcXD1HREOm170BVtLds7bWOotrBLXPHZIuE4
    Mac Portemonnee: Binnenkort
    Official Site:
    Facebook: Binnenkort
    Cointmarketcap: Binnenkort
    Reddit: Binnenkort
    Whitepaper wordt geschreven - En binnenkort gepubliceerd op onze website

Bounty & Beloningen

★Sociale Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs) - PM de Ontwikkelaar met een screenshot als bewijs.
★Designers & Programmeerders die willen bijdragen aan dit project mogen emailen naar
★Stemmen voor Beurzen - PM de Ontwikkelaar met een screenshot als bewijs.
★Vertalingen & Moderatie - Bitcointalk Reserveer je taal in deze thread & PM de Ontwikkelaar.


Toekomstige Beurzen
We hebben ons aangemeld bij verschillende Beurzen - Zouden goedgekeurd moeten worden in de komende dagen. Blijf Kijken
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