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1  Other / Beginners & Help / For newbies when you are using new exchanges on: December 09, 2020, 04:41:18 AM
Newbies - Read before using exchanges or investing

The old scam in 2018: [QUESTION] Altex Exchange Down ?
A quick headsup from us: We have been experiencing issues with two of our listed coins (they were still affected by the double counting bug recently found in the monero codebase, even after updating the software). That bug caused a big loss in coins for the exchange and we have put our main currency under maintenance so the people who exploited the bug can no longer withdraw. After a really long investigation we found out that we still lost a big amount. This was caused by the coins software, it was not a bug in our system. We already contacted the developers and we are trying to find a way to solve this. Furthermore our main developers have been on holiday for the past week. We are still a small exchange and cannot afford to offer many developer jobs yet. We will suspend trading for now and keep writing updates on our twitter. We are trying to resolve this situation ASAP, we hope you understand.

I lost my money on the Altex exchange in 2018. It is my bad and my sad story and I don't want you newbies repeat my mistakes.

Bull market means scammers will be more active. Scammers can be scam developers or scam exchange operators. Scam developers create scam projects with scam altcoins or scam tokens. They can create their scam exchanges or can cooperate with scam exchange operators to list their coins and pump the price with listing news.

At the ends, only newbies will lose money.
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / Youtube scam channels. Please spend your time to report them and take them down on: June 09, 2020, 12:28:52 AM
The idea is from Kakmakr
So who is going to start the thread under the scam accusations section? --->
I had my thread long before that but I made it for newbies in the Beginners & Help. Scammers on Youtube. Don't fall into this scam trap and lose money, guys

With the idea and the latest threads on the forum about scam youtube channels, I came to this thread. As the title presents, I wish the thread will become a hub of scam accusations on scam Youtube channels. Together, we can report them here, then report them to Youtube and take them down.

Let's report them whenever you see them here or everywhere else, take them down, and help to keep the crypto space as cleanest as possible.

That's it for now but I am going to create a list for OP (with links to scam channels and their status).

[Scam] Youtube Channel Fake Giveaway
[YouTube SCAM] Please report these Live BTC Giveaway Scams
Stay away from this kind of giveaway!! Scam alert!!
[SCAM ALERT] Fake 50000 ETH Giveway - Running Youtube Advertisement
Give away again.
Breaking down the anatomy of a fake giveaway scam
3  Other / Meta / I self-quarrantined. Do your social distancing now on: April 01, 2020, 03:12:35 AM
Because of these:

"The virus is now s̴͜͠p̶̰͝r̷̰̅e̶̦̽a̵̼͂d̴͉̑ỉ̷̖n̸̙̏g̷̬͝ even online; practice social distancing!"

One infected user spred the virus in one of my topic:

To avoid the spread of the virus, start from my topic, to other places on the forum, I decided to do serious things:

- Self-quarrantine myself one day.
- Lock that topic.

Let's see that I will be fine next days or will be infected. You guys should practice social distancing too, and stay safe.

I also lock the topic too.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Password changed / Woke up recently. Good signals to know potential scammers on: November 26, 2019, 04:39:03 PM
I read many topics created last two weeks, on phishing, passwords, emails but I don't see anyone discussed or gave information on the available and important signals of very potential scammers.

Password changed!

I knew it by myself when I changed my password (directly after logging in my account), then mis-wrote it down and I have to changed it again through my emails.
Different displayed signals of password change/ reset. (I did it in August this year).

There are two types of signal for password change.

The first one (first line, in Orange) is for: password changed through email.
The second one (second line, in Black, and smaller fontsize) is for:  password changed after logging in account.

The first one is a stronger early signal of potential scammers because scammers or hackers can buy or use hacked accounts (with emails too) to reset passwords.

There is another important signal: Woke up.

If you see one account (in Trust page) shows both of:
- "This user's password was reset recently."
- This user recently woke up from a long period of inactivity (Thanks @SFR10).

I warn you to be highly careful to deal with those types of accounts.

You will rarely see accounts with two lines in the attached image. In contrast, you will usually see accounts with two lines above, in Red and in Orange.

They are very basic things but newbies don't know it and easily get scammed.

They don't have to hack your accounts to steal your money if you blindly give them your money.

Q & A:
1. How to see Trust page?
Click on the trust page, under the avatar of user or at the very bottom in profile page. You will see all of what I mentioned in OP.

2. What does woke-up mean?
Woke up means a user is inactively (not logs in account) for at least 6 months, then suddenly woke up and logged in account.

My main question is, what is the criteria for this to show up?
It shows up if a user has logged in with their last login time being at least 6 months ago.

3. What are meanings of different things I see in Trust page (+ / = / - trusts; flags; feedback)?
They are more addtional details so if you are curious to know more, please read that one: LoyceV's Beginners guide to correct use of the Trust system

4. How long those warnings will be displayed?
A reset will be shown for 30 days, while a password change will be shown for 3 days.
You're considered to have woken up if your last login time is 180+ days ago, and the message remains for 30 days.

I am thankful to all of the users who contributed valuable information and details; some of their contributions help me to improve OP.
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Scammers on Youtube. Don't fall into this scam trap and lose money, guys on: November 04, 2019, 08:16:21 AM
There is a type of scam, on Youtube, in particular that channel:

Ethereum celebrates a new Ethereum DEX & upcoming network upgrage "Istanbul"
In order to be eligible, users must have minimum 2 ETH during the competition period.

Address to send: 0x0132946103eFFfa43337128CF65F0B3531378e87

Competition rules:
To participate you just need to send between 2 ETH to 200 ETH to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back between 20 ETH to 2 000 ETH to the address you sent it from

 If you send 2 ETH, you will be airdropped 20 ETH back.
 If you send 10 ETH, you will be airdropped 100 ETH back. +10% bonus
 If you send 20 ETH, you will be airdropped 200 ETH back. +20% bonus
 If you send 50 ETH, you will be airdropped 500 ETH back. +30% bonus
 If you send 100 ETH, you will be airdropped 1 000 ETH back +50% bonus
You can use any wallet or cryptocurrency exchange.
If you are late, your ETH will be instantly refunded.
All persons are able to participate, including the users in the United States.
The competition will last until all the 100 000 ETH are airdropped

Note: You can participate only once. The competition will last until the entirety of the 100 000 ETH held in the airdrop-funds have been released. If you are late, your ETH will be instantly refunded.

Address to send: 0x0132946103eFFfa43337128CF65F0B3531378e87
The scam address has already scammed more than $23k, check it here:
Fortunately, there are people reported that address and it has already been tagged with this warning:
Warning! There are reports that this address was used in a Phishing scam. Please exercise caution when interacting with this address.

Litecoin holders, be watch and be careful with that scam.

As I thought days ago, now we have a scam video that aims at Litecoin holders.
Please check it and report to Youtube that channel:
The scam address is:

The same channel but another scam video, this time, with Ripple:
Scam address: ramYnRi2WFLgK79KBExkqjZPcuqVYhQLpg

I believe that guy will come back with other scam efforts on other coins with same method, and maybe other guys will apply that method to scam.

Just be highly cautious and be careful to protect your capital.

When you see my topic, please give your hands to stop that scammer ASAP by reporting that channel - - and that address - 0x0132946103eFFfa43337128CF65F0B3531378e87.

Scammers in previous days, applied the same method for their fake 'Ripple' channel.
These lazy scammers never stop to reinvent their scamming tactics. So, their strategy is like that.  There's also this channel "Ripple" that I've found.

The strategy is the same, I think the people behind these channels and scam giveaway are one.

Other types of scam on Youtube

{Warning}:Please stay away from this Youtube Channel (Baofeng).

How to report scammer(s)?
A general guide from Google is here:
In short, you have to do following steps:
- Log in your account
- Visit that scam channel
- Click on About tab
- Click on the Flag of Report user
- Choose Report user
- In the list of "What is the issue?", I suggest to choose: Spam or scams
- Choose "Scams/ fraud"
- Click on Continue to finish.

List of scam Youtube channels need to be more reported by community. Please help.
Thanks to all users who reported scam channels in my topic. Please keep doing this if you find new ones.

Update on 20th Dec. 2019:
There are some scam videos found by the others in that topic: Beware: fake XRP airdrop scam currently going on

Update in July 2020:

Update in August 2020: (the report topic is Give away again
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Draft page - Pros & Cons on: September 01, 2019, 04:18:51 AM

Announcement: Drafts (theymos)
A draft is now saved whenever you post or preview a PM or post. You can see your saved drafts here:

By the way: Even if your post fails with some error, a draft is likely to get saved. The draft is saved before most errors can occur.

Let's begin with this one. There are still some users incorrectly understand about how draft page works, me too (minutes ago). This is why I put my thread under testing for a while to see how my draft page shows.
Each time you click "Preview", a new draft is saved.
There are some incorrect understandings like above quote as I used to. After testing with the draft version of the thread, I can confirm that users don't have to click on Preview button to save draft version of their posts.
Forum automatically save your posts or (not must) preview PMs/ posts.

If you click "preview" once, there will be an immediate backup of the current version of you post (good as backup).
And another backup of the final version after clicking "post".

  • Getting recent deleted posts back, when you rethink that its contents are helpful
  • Getting previous version of your thread, when you wrongly edited it and clicked on save button
  • Your drafts, in draft page, will not be replaced with newest versions (you can get different versions of your posts in draft page, if they are not yet deleted)

  • Limited to only last 100 posts and drafts will be automatically deleted after 7 days
  • Unable to recover your deleted posts to where it initially posted
  • Almost unable to see where you post it (post ordinal number). Exception: You can only get which thread you post it, when you quote posts of others when reply them
  • Unable to know when you post it

I know would be useful for users, but as a moderator I hope this doesn't happen with deleting other users posts as it would be a nightmare.

- Using external text editors (Notepad, Microsoft Word, etc.) to save your drafts, especially you plan to reply someone else with long posts, or compose your own threads.
- Paying attention when you see a pop-up window, which ask you to confirm before deleting your posts

Older threads on drafts
Are there methods to move backwards to previous version of OPs in the forum
Request for additional confirmation window before deleting the post.
Drafts don't include where and when you initially posted
[SUGGESTION] Drafts Page
7  Other / Beginners & Help / Newbies - Read before using exchanges or investing on: August 25, 2019, 04:09:48 PM

People say:
"Not your keys, not your bitcoin"
"Not your keys, not your crypto"

This is true not only for bitcoin, but also right for altcoins.

From that, I will give you some points, that will play vital roles to keep you safe in crypto.

[1] Don't store your coins on exchanges for too long. It is the most stupid mistake
[2] Don't use wallets that you don't have full control of wallet's private keys.
[3] Do your own research on your interest coins, to find out about their wallets, and choose best ones in case you buy them and withdraw coins from exchanges
[4] Read tutorials on how to verify wallet (if possible), backup seeds, private keys, wallet backup; and steps to recover wallets
[5] Testing seeds, private keys, wallet backup first, and only deposit money in those wallets when testing results are good
[6] Don't use masternode / shared masternode hosting services
[7] Don't store your coins on mixing service platforms for too long. Withdraw them immediately after mixing process finished
[8] Check KYC requirements on exchanges that you have plans to buy coins on their platforms
[9] Pay your attention on very early signals of scam exchanges

[1] Don't store your coins on exchanges for too long. It is the most stupid mistake
Risks of hacks, exchange scam exits. Big exchanges can be hacked, big exchanges can do scam exits. Take care of your coins is better.
At least, if I do research on exchange reputation and its current situation (deposits, especially withdrawals); then I have likely been safe in very short term. You are right that exchanges can turn into scam or can be hacked within seconds, no one knows.
Investigate first, have detailed plans to withdraw after buying coins on exchanges (preparation on wallets on your devices), and set up plans to withdraw, 5 minutes or longer.
BTW, I want to add one more point:
- After buying, it will be safer to withdraw small amount of coins to test withdrawal on that exchange for the coin you just bought.
- If small withdrawals get first confirmation, let's move all rest of your coins.
Depends on how small the withdrawal is. Most exchanges have a minimum and you can't withdraw below that minimum.
Also you will be paying double fees for 2 withdrawals. For example the withdrawal fee is 0.0005 BTC on Binance - more than $5. It is not exactly cheap if you are not dealing with a lot of money.
Their withdrawal limit is 0.002 BTC - more than $20. If it is a small amount the user might not be able to respect these limits to make two withdrawals.
I would like to give explanation: that point focuses on altcoins. Withdrawal fees with altcoins are cheaper.
BTW, you remind me that it is important point that I forgot to write in OP.
Read more:

[2] Don't use wallets that you don't have full control of wallet's private keys
You should read about custodial and non-custodial wallets.
I suggest you to choose non-custodial wallets to have full control of your private keys. No one can steal your bitcoins, ie. if you don't lose your private keys. It means you have to take care of your private keys, and your computer security, nevertheless.
Just a bit of advice for the people and mostly for the newbies out there who still use exchanges as personal wallets and are careless about the safety of their funds...

If you don't want to be a victim of another inside job from exchanges or even having your personal wallets hacked (malware), I highly suggest investing in a hardware wallet. You will sleep better at night.

This is more valid than before as the price is surging...

[3] Do your own research on your interest coins, to find out about their wallets, and choose best ones in case you buy them and withdraw coins from exchanges
This step will help you having good preparation for what you will do next after successfully buying your interest coins.
You will know which wallets to use, where to download, how to install, backup, recover, and testing all those steps on your computers.
How to search?
  • If your interest project already listed on (~ CMC) > Start from CMC to get official website, github, etc. of that project
  • If your interest project has not yet listed on CMC, and you know official website of that project > Start from official website to get other things
  • If your interest project has not yet listed on CMC, and you know official website of that project > Start doing your own research from Google, with higher risks. This is last option you should think of.

It will save your time. The more time you save after buying coins on exchanges, the more security and less risks you will have, because you can move your coins from exchanges to wallets under your control after a few minutes.

[4] Read tutorials on how to verify wallet (if possible), backup seeds, private keys, wallet backup; and steps to recover wallets
Using non-custodial wallets don't mean that you are totally safe, because it depends on your computer security, and wallets you download are official, and zero-threats/malwares or not.
Reading how to verify wallet (to check it is official or not) is very important and vital. Doing this before using that wallet for transactions.
Appreciated help from @DdmrDdmr to remind that verify wallet quality and functions is important to, in case wallet has poor quality, and bad functional operation, you don't lose your money.

Read more:

[5] Testing seeds, private keys, wallet backup first, and only deposit money in those wallets when testing results are good
After verifying wallets (if that feature is available), and installing wallet on your devices, and doing back ups (in the [4] step). Now, it is time to test those backups on same devices or on other devices.
Checking all of those backups to make sure that in case your devices broken technically, you will be able to recover your wallets (there is no mispelling on seeds, private keys, etc.)
Good practice is to turn off your internet connection when testing. Even its desktop or in mobile devices.
2. Turn off internet connection while generating your Bitcoin address

Itís also possible to create a vanity address when your internet connection is active, but for security reasons no internet connection is recommended. It would be even safer if you run the program on a computer that was never connected to the internet, but you can decide for yourself which security level is sufficient. It's always recommend to prefer high security standards to avoid any problems resulted by hacks because it's always possible that your device is compromised.
If you want maximal security you can generate your vanity address via split-key.
Read more:

[6] Don't use masternode / shared masternode hosting services
It is nearly the same as storing coins on exchanges for too long; and you don't have control of your money.
Read more:
  • GINcoin: Shutdown their masternode hosting service, without announcement in their ANN thread or on their website. They only announced it in their Discord.

[7] Don't store your coins on mixing service platforms for too long. Withdraw them immediately after mixing process finished
It is nearly the same as storing coins on exchanges for too long.
Read more:

[8] Check KYC requirements on exchanges that you have plans to buy coins on their platforms
This step is another must-do thing. It is ridiculous that your original aim to create accounts on exchanges is to buy your interested coins, and withdraw them to store in wallets you have control on private keys; but at the end you are unable to withdraw due to failed KYC.

It ensures that if you don't want to do KYC, you will not create account, and send your funds (bitcoin, fiats, whatever) to those exchanges; then you will have to mandatory do KYCs (that what you never want to do at starts).

In addition, it also ensure that on exchanges that KYC is mandatory to be able to withdraw money, you have to successfuly do KYC verification first, before send your fund to your accounts on those exchanges.
Sometimes, I saw people complain that they failed to do KYC verifications. There are some reasons:
  • ID cards, photos, ie. blurred
  • Their nations in which they live listed in exclusive nations of exchanges

[9] Pay your attention on very early signals of scam exchanges

I meant, when one legit exchange starts to turn into a scam one, it usually shows very early signals. They are sort of very strange requirements and abnormal responses to their customers' supports, something like that. When you see it, I believe it is very early signal of highly potential scam exit.

A legit exchange can turn into a scam one in a minute. They can do it instantly if they want (with so many faked, nonsense accuses).

There is a very good example for the point #9: the Crypto Bridge exchage:

I will give you a very brief summary on their scam progress.
To save space in OP, you can read more details on Crypto Bridge with my summary here
8  Other / Beginners & Help / Electrum wallet - Update safely and avoid phishing wallets? on: August 25, 2019, 09:51:45 AM

Electrum wallet is one of most favorite non-custodial bitcoin wallets. This wallet is light, high trusted, and has advanced features that some low-quality bitcoin wallets don't have.

It is natural that all wallets have to be upgraded by their developers and by users over time. Unfortunately, there is a fact
The more popular a software is, the more people have looked at it.
Today, I give you all - who have not yet known how to update your Electrum wallet safely - to know how to do it safely.

Let's get started by the first step to know when your Electrum wallet is outdated.
Help > Check for updates. (first image); then you will see this popped up windows (second image)

Now, what should you do to download newest version of Electrum?
I believe what most of you will do is clicking on the available link in popped up windows.
"You can download the new version from"
Is this what you should do?
NO! You will be under risks if doing this.
This is the first important step that you have to avoid.
There was attacks on Electrum wallets months ago, directly on links provide in their wallets.
Electrum vulnerability allows arbitrary messages, phishing
Such attacks might occur anytime in the future, so just be careful.
In reality, there are more other types of phishing sites, this one is an example, so you have to take care yourself by being very carefully download Electrum wallet.
Do you see that little fleck of dust under the domain name in the left screenshot? Actually not dust. Enable show_punycode in Firefox in order to avoid phishing URLs.

The correct way to download Electrum wallet is: Visiting their website, and check for newest version
Please type:, then you will be directed to
Please do neither trust given link in wallet nor link in your browser bookmark, google search.
Only trust in your memory with the site address:

You can see that Electrum provides a warning at their Home page:

To download, you click on Download button, then visit that page:
Next, just choose which ones are suitable for your need and your devices.

What to do next after finishing downloading wallet? Installing it instantly?
NO! You will be under risks if doing this.
You have to do two things:
  • Checking your seeds backup: Checking wallet seeds and compare to what your wrote in your seeds backup (on paper, whatever)
  • Verifying GPG signature that signed by ThomasV
Checking your seeds backup:
Wallet > Seeds > Enter wallet password (if you set password - of course you should set strong password - for your Electrum wallet).

Verifying GPG signatures that signed by ThomasV:

This step is to make sure that the wallet version you just download is official one, not phishing one and contains malwares. You will lose your bitcoin if you download and install fake Electrum wallets.
make sure to verify the pgp signature of electrum before installing (installer) or running (appimage) it.

Tutorials to verify GPG signatures
GPG signatures are a proof that distributed files have been signed by the owner of the signing key. For example, if this website was compromised and the original Electrum files had been replaced, signature verification would fail, because the attacker would not be able to create valid signatures. (Note that an attacker would be able to create valid hashes, this is why we do not publish hashes of our binaries here, it does not bring any security).

In order to be able to verify GPG signatures, you need to import the public key of the signer. Electrum binaries are signed with ThomasV's public key. On Linux, you can import that key using the following command: gpg --import ThomasV.asc. Here are tutorials for Windows and MacOS. When you import a key, you should check its fingerprint using independent sources, such as here, or use the Web of Trust.
Tutorials for:
After successfully verify ThomasV's GPG signatures, you are safe to use your Electrum wallet for your bitcoin.

[1] Check for updates from official website (can check from wallet first, then re-check on official website)
[2] Always type site address to visit it:
[3] Verify ThomasV's GPG signatures before installing new wallet versions
[4] Do all these three steps before doing bitcoin transactions in your newly updated wallet.

Read more, to have more fears on fake, phishing Electrum wallets, and being more careful.
[Warning]: Another Electrum Phishing site on the loose
⚠⚠️⚠~Beware on active phishing Electrum websites~⚠⚠️⚠ (Collection list updated)
Electrum vulnerability allows arbitrary messages, phishing
9  Other / Meta / thread has been likely pumped with promotional posts on: August 09, 2019, 02:50:49 PM
From the announcement of team, here:
People kept spamming in their ANN thread.
I suggested them to open threads in Games & Rounds:
I think such above posts belong to Games & Rounds.. I am not sure, because in fact I don't have too much experience in this one, but it seems already mentioned here:
To be specific, I'm referring to "Post in this thread for free x". That belongs in Games and Rounds. Though it isn't limited to that, in general you shouldn't be giving people incentives to post in your thread, it's disruptive to actual discussion.
So, how do you all think about that?
Personally, I do think it is safer to have a new thread in Games & Round for this promotion. likely agreed with my suggestion, but not yet started threads in Games & Rounds; and people kept spamming in that thread.

I see the point you are trying to make, and I don't disagree with it.

We want this particular promo to be eligible and visible to the users on this thread who have been here engaging with us and individually with each other.

Further promos down the track we may consider the link you provided.

Thanks for the question/suggestion.

I read the rule, and its seems that promotions/give aways in ANN threads are not allowed, right? I don't offend team, because I like them. Just want to understand more about forum rules a little bit, from this real case.
10  Other / Meta / Different displayed signals of password change/ reset. on: August 09, 2019, 02:07:21 PM
Early today, I changed my password, just regularly changed its after a few months. Then, I saw in my Trust page (in Black color) the message:
"This user changed his/her password recently."
Hours later, logging in a few times, and could not log in. Not sure what happened. Then, I had to reset password through my email.
Then, logging account again, and checking myips page: (nothing strange with recent log-in IPs).
Next, I visited the Trust page again, what I saw is different than previous message:
"This user's password was reset recently."
From my experience, I guess that the forum has different indicators for password change/ reset; with different messages, different colors; and different font sizes too.

Password change through email is likely marked with bigger font size and orange color, to show potentially higher risks of account change hands.

I remember that admin stated somewhere that those lines will dissappear after 14 days, right?
11  Other / Meta / Save your nice merit records, here. on: August 01, 2019, 06:51:14 AM
I hit my total merits at 333, that is a nice figure. I saved it, saved my date to remember.
From that image, I have ideas to open this thread for users whom want to save their merit records, and their unforgettable days.
Image loading...  
Image loading...

Merits are undestroyable, at least if you don't seriously abuse, and admin does not step in and revert your merit (sent/ received) history.
Of course, not all of users will hit these nice figures: 100, 111, 200, 222, 300, 333, 400, 444, 500, 555, 600, 666, 777, 888, 999, 1000, 1111, 2222, 3333, or 4444.
Our beloved admin might hit the figure at 6666 before the end of 2019.;u=35

So, let's join and save your merit records.
I will open this thread for at least one month. If no one have interest in, I will lock it after one month.

If someone have spare time, they might hunt for those figures:
- Most merited profiles: This page is useful for self-made users only.
- Profiles with most merits: This page is useful for general members, self-made and non-self-made, but of course less helfpul than the first page.
You can screenshot profile images or archive them
you can also archive the post (or thread) to preserve the unique merit count, activity number or etc
crwth hits 555
and his profile

From now on, I think using archive is better than profile's screenshot images.
Like this:
Who posted their figures among those ones mentioned above will have images displayed on top of each list. For the latecomers, I will only save archive of your profile page.
12  Other / Meta / Are there methods to move backwards to previous version of OPs in the forum on: May 11, 2019, 10:27:28 PM
I have two different topics:
1) Tips for newbies, who want to avoid over-quoting (created on May 12, 2018, 12:55:56 AM)
2) [TIPS] to avoid plagiarism (created on April 19, 2019, 01:48:25 AM)
Weeks ago, some one asked for permission to translate the second topic into Filipino (I accepted) and did it. Then I intended to edit OP of the second topic with link to Filipino translation.
I translated this thread into Filipino language which you may find here:

I'm supporting this topic to make awareness in order to help people to avoid being banned in this forum.
Unfortunately, I actually edited the first topic. Consequently, I have two different topics with same contents in the OP (like multiple posts). I just found my mistakes hours ago, and still don't remember how I did such mistakes.  Undecided
So, I would like to ask for help that are there automatic backup of topics in the forum, so I can get it and edit the first topic to previous version (before I mis-edited it on 29/4/2019)? Or staffs can help me with it?
If not, I have to write the first topic again.

Thank you all for your idea and help to come.


Issues solved by help from LoyceV and iasenko. I locked the topic.
13  Other / Off-topic / Some words from my journey on: April 25, 2019, 09:13:03 AM
Yesterday, I took the Ice Bucket Challenge from wwzsocki. Honestly, I took it just for fun, but behind it there are some reasons for this.
I had 244 merits in total, temporarily, and I am just lack of 6 more merits to become a Senior Member, that I would have been since months ago if merit system have not been here. I started with 100 merits and Full Member at merit system's beginning, and I almost finished my adventure to beat challenge from merit system.

There are so many topics about merit system, from forum members, so I don't think it is necessary to talk about it more. I simply wrote down a few words from my heart for someone whom still have negative thoughts about merit system:
- Despite the fact that merit system hinders your speed to rank up, it does actually help you to improve yourself.
- Don't work for merits, simply do your works here (read, learn, and write) and let merit system works for you.
- During your time to write a qualifying posts or topics, you have to collect documents for your posts, that obviously help you to better understand about things you intentionally discuss. Let's simply consider the forum as one of academic place, where you have to prepare yourself very carefully for your presentations in front of your forum-mates. Therefore, please don't feel tired and hesitate to collect documents before you start writing.

For example: When I started to write my topic on [TIPS] to avoid plagiarism, I actually knew something about plagiarism, forum rule on it, but due to quality requirements (I asked myself to do as high quality topic as possible), I had to search and read more. From which, I more comprehensive understood about plagiarsim in the forum. After that, when I published that topic, I got replies from forum members, some of their posts, links are valuable, some of them I did not know.

In a word, let's help and get help!

Some of my topics:
Collections for someone who would like to improve English skills
Tips for newbies, who want to avoid over-quoting
Guideline on posting images (with size adjustments), hyperlinks
Collection of comprehensive guides on identify and avoid scam projects
Tools for managers to check quality of posts (both merited & unmerited posts)
[TIPS] to avoid plagiarism
[Suggestion] Rules on Animated Images should be changed
[Suggestion] Should the forum have new rule on campaign
[6]: Reduces potential improvements on crypto knowledge: I meant by brainless spamming the forum, spammers will have less (or without) exposures to comprehensive boards, child boards, topics, posts, that in turn will result in decreasing chances to be exposed with knowledgeable things in the forum. Then, maybe spammers will spend years to spam in the forum without any improvements on their knowledge about crypto things.

I also run my own merit contest
1 merit per applicant who find qualifying posts or topics on Scam Related Issues

By the way, if The Pharmacist read the topic, and see my maturation, I wish he will remove my neutral tag with this feedback, that makes me like a rubbish-component of the forum. Grin
"This user is a garbage shitposter who writes redundant posts in shitty English."
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Be aware of phishing things to secure your fund on: April 23, 2019, 06:30:31 AM
It is just a minor warning!

Read the news, with huge amount of money in DASH stolen:
Then, I believe that you might and should start seriously thinking that secure wallets with strong passwords, and multi-level of security are not enough to protect your funds store in your devices. Another kind of dangerous threat come from phishing sites.
Please be aware of those phishing sites
Please be aware of emails from strangers
Please be aware of any announcements of wallet upgrades sent in your email
Please be aware of generous help from others that might disclose your passwords, private keys, even your best friends.

Locked to avoid spam.

⚠⚠️⚠~Beware on active phishing Electrum websites~⚠⚠️⚠ (Collection list updated)
Warning: There is an ongoing phishing attack against Electrum users
Protecting your email is of great importance
15  Other / Meta / New signature "Am I spamming? Report me!", made by theymos. on: April 22, 2019, 06:13:08 PM
129 users who were wearing a yobit signature and had at least 1 good report against them in the last 14 days are banned for 14 days. All yobit signatures are wiped. Signatures containing "" are banned for 60 days.

Some people were talking about neg-trusting spammers for spamming. This is not appropriate; report the posts, and if that doesn't seem to be working well, come to Meta with specific examples and suggestions.
Just made it to announce we should stop discuss about Yobit. Locked for now.
16  Other / Meta / Is it time to stop discussing about Yobit campaign? on: April 21, 2019, 04:19:50 AM
Yobit started their new campaign days ago, and the forum has went crazy with their campaigns, not only their supporters, bounty hunters, but also members whom are not their supporters. In my opinion, we've all known well about Yobit and their newest campaign, so it is likely right time to stop discussing in current threads as well as stop creating new threads to discuss about it. I hope that my thread is the last one open Yobit-related discussion (just hope).

The more topics, posts we discuss in Meta, the more free opportunities for their supporters to join and get legal posts to reach their post-quota, without fears or risks of being reported and deleted.
Just let them go, and staffs will act appropriately with the campaign, at the right time.
17  Other / Meta / [Suggestion] Should the forum have new rule on campaign on: April 20, 2019, 04:37:42 AM
Honestly, I have not joined the forum for too long, so I don't have too much experience with the forum. Firstly, forgive me please, if I say something incorrect.

I thought about it since yesterday, that what if old projects, that have their main head developer (whom started those projects' ANN threads years ago) actually left the forum for years. Then, years later, those projects still use the forum as the place to promote their projects with Newbie accounts.
It's always bad if projects are still been active, not dead, but their head developers are not active in the forum (or totally left the forum). And, their promotions run by newbie accounts, then what happen if those promotions end as scam ones?

Generally, it is bad for the forum if those teams freely used the forum as place for them to spam and scam, without punishments.

How about the new rule like this:
# New Rule:
Project that run promotions with newbie account (or below Full Member accounts), whilst head developer (the first account used to create the project's first ANN thread left the forum, and inactive in the forum) will be rejected, and bounty thread will be disabled/ deleted to trashcan. Something more like account of head developer will be nuked.
- The minimum inactive period should be considered.
- Another thing might occur: What if projects have different ANN topics (for swaps, rebrands, etc.): Solutions might be nuked all OPs.

Do you agree with this?
18  Other / Meta / [Suggestion] Rules on Animated Images should be changed on: April 20, 2019, 04:00:43 AM
In my perspective, Animated Images are cooly things of the forum, only if they were made at slow motion rates. I am not a graphic designer, so maybe I used wrong technical term here (please ignore such mistakes and correct me, if you find them).
Theymos disabled new APNGs around two months ago due to complaints from forum users that there are spam APNGs, mostly come from casinos' promotions.
OK, APNGs are now detected. Old ones are grandfathered for now, in part because people have ongoing campaigns, but in the future I might (or might not) go through and remove them.
I still thought of it, because I saw some really cooly, unannoying animated images used for avatars, like Vod's

Or some others:

I think it might be better if admin can write some codes to measure duration of motions or frame speeds of animated images. Images that have acceptable duration of motions / frame speeds should be accepted to use. I believe that forum members will support this ideas because slow-motioned animated images don't annoy our eyes (Maybe I am wrong). Somehow those cooly animate images help us to relax a little bit, and it's cool.

Stop animated images in FireFox / Tor browser / Chrome
Is it possible to remove old animated avatars?
19  Other / Beginners & Help / [TIPS] to avoid plagiarism on: April 19, 2019, 01:48:25 AM


Hi everyone,

Plagiarism is one of the worst things in real world, and in the forum, it is the thing that all forum members should avoid. It is not only because to maintain our moral values, but also to avoid strict punishments on plagiarism from forum rules. We should not steal other words/ documents to earn money, then simply saying "I am sorry" and think that everything will be fine!
There is the rule #33 of the forum, it states that:
33. Posting plagiarized content is not allowed.[e]
Introduction day of rule #33 (somewhere between May & November of 2016)
If I recall correctly, my curiosity was aroused when I checked the forum rules to see when rule 33 had been written:

- It was present at round November 2016 (rule number 33):
- But not in May 2016:

Of course, these rules are basically a privately applied based guideline, and obviously can apply to whatever timeframe the Forum wishes, with disregard to the fact that the rule infringement may have been committed prior to the rule being stated.

The fact that the rule on plagiarism (for example) seems not to have been introduced until somewhere between May and November 2016 could be controversial with regards people being banned for plagiarism committed before that period. On the other hand, we could understand that all rules are fully retroactive and thatís it. I personally would prefer a 3 year timeframe or so, but thatís all it is, a personal preference.  

Plagiarism, when found with proofs, by forum mods or by reports from forum members will result in permanent bans, definitely. The opportunity to get acceptance from admin or forum mods to lift perm-bans is extreme low. Such perm-ban users have to demonstrate a lot of things, their contributions to the forum, forum community, and their intention behind plagiarised posts (but in fact they have to prove not only plagiarised posts, but also through all their post history) to convince admin, or forum mods lift their bans. In a summary, there are less than five (I don't remember, but maybe not more than five users get such chances to lift their perm-bans).

Theymos' and staffs' statements:
In general, I'm all for being lenient. There are users who have been temp banned many times but still haven't been permabanned because their contributions outweigh their misbehavior. I actively disbelieve in the idea of a "rule of law" where hard rules exist and are strictly applied across the board as if we're all robots. Every case should be considered individually in the context of the forum's mission.

Plagiarism is what gets people permabanned, not just copying. Plagiarism is copying with the intent of passing the work off as your own. In essentially all cases, plagiarism deserves a permaban because it usually proves definitively that the person is here for the wrong reasons: to fill up space in order to get paid, not to actually discuss or contribute. If someone was able to convince us that they were plagiarizing just to eg. impress people rather than to fill up space, then a lesser ban of a few months might instead be warranted. But this has never happened AFAICR. (Arguments based on plausible deniability aren't going to work; we don't need to prove that you had the motive we see in your actions.)

If you treat posting as a job, a chore, then you must live in fear, since the forum is not made for you. In this case, you need to blend in as someone who actually cares, but plagiarism will immediately out you, and producing a mountain of useless posts will also eventually be noticed, if more slowly. If you do actually care, then this will be obvious in your posts (and probably your merit score), and you will have nothing to fear from moderators; even allegations of plagiarism will be doubted when seen in the context of your other posts.

in extreme cases could be copyright theft?

Plagiarism is almost always a copyright violation which could conceivably get the poster in a lot of trouble, but it's not a bigger legal issue for the forum than anything else. (Using the forum to violate copyright is never allowed, though.)

when copying and pasting from the net can it lower google rankings? and internal copy and past could do the same thing?

That's not a particular concern of mine.

even memes may soon constitute copyright theft

Only in the EUSSR.

  • Plagiarism: If you copy some text from somewhere, then you should have a good reason for it, and you must link to the source. Doing otherwise is plagiarism. Changing a few words around doesn't matter. If we find that you plagiarized, then you absolutely will be permanently banned, even if we find it years after you did it.

Warning: Anyone caught copying other users' posts or plagiarising content from elsewhere on the web will be immediately permabanned. You shouldn't need a warning to know that this isn't acceptable under any circumstances.

Updates from perma-bans in May of 2019:
You can't plagiarise yourself. Copying the same post into another or multiple threads would at worst get you a temp ban if it was deemed spam.
Posters who made multiple posts by copying and pasting their own posts do not obey that rule
12. No duplicate posting in multiple boards (except for re-posting it in the local language boards if it's translated).

What's next after reports of plagiarsims?
Posts are reported to moderators who check out the report. If the poster needs to be banned, the moderator sends a ban report up to a global mod or admin. The global mod or admin handles all of the ban reports they get at around the same time. Either the admins or global mods don't need to check every account because they trust the moderators to have already done so, or they check quickly because every such report contains references and links to the plagiarism post and to the source text so checking takes little time.

Second chance after get perm-banned:
Get ready for the grave jumpers:
You should not hope too much when your account get permanent ban.
There's been no policy change. redsn0w wasn't permanently banned due to several factors which made me think that permabanning him would be a net negative for the forum. Nobody is banned strictly because of "the rules"; it's always handled case-by-case, but almost always, plagiarists deserve to be permabanned.

If you think that a ban should be ended, make your case in a new topic from a "good for the forum as a whole" perspective.

Second chances can be given and you can argue that the punishment is harsh, but at the moment the rules are pretty clear that if you're caught plagiarising then it's a permaban. Once we start making exceptions for people it just opens up a huge can of worms and then everyone else who's had a ban will come out of the woodwork and complain it's not fair to them and people who are banned in the future will use this case as an example why they should be given another chance.

PM theymos or cyrus and make your case to them and maybe they will remove it. I'm not against second chances but there needs to be some consistency so it's fair to all. Hopefully signature bans could be issued in cases like this instead and people can keep their accounts, but at the moment I just wish people would stop plagiarising content so these bans aren't even needed in the first place and it's truly a sad state of affairs that they are.

A few people have their bans removed for numerous reasons. It's not plagiarism if it's your own work and if you can prove that then the ban should be lifted in those cases.

There is a discussion topic on Alternatives to Permabans for plagiarism, but once again, you should be a very constructive user and have a good reputation over long history to have second chance.

Contributive factors on second chances of perma-banned users
You actually can take your second chance with temporary ban and signature ban for one or two years. You can get it or not, depends on your past activities (things presented below are not mine, I describe perspectives of global mods that I read during the banwave in many appeals). There are some factors:
- Total posts that you plagiarised.
- Percentage of plagiarised posts / your total posts (more than half - 50% - will wipe out your second chance, surely)
- Time points of your plagiarism (before or after the rule on plagiarism applied in the forum)
- Your past contributions.
Everyone whom got permanent ban will feel happy with a reduced sentence for sure. However, whenever you are back from vacation, you can make the appeal better (that somehow increase your chance) by collecting and presenting posts or threads that you thought are most constructives from your past (before your ban day).
Updates from perma-bans in May of 2019:
Global mods were given the ability to ban signatures only yesterday. Do you think we can get through all the appeals in one day? Be patient.

Globals can now issue sig bans so it'll happen more often but isn't going to be a let off for everyone (so if half your posts are copy and pastes then forget about it but people who are getting banned for one or two posts from years ago will likely be shown some mercy).

Therefore, avoid permanent bans by plagiarism is the utmost things that all forum members should know. It is valuable for all ranks of users.

There are some reasons that lead to plagiarism:
  • Copying and pasting contents from other sources (outside the forum, such as articles, websites, etc.) without source links
  • Copying and pasting contents inside posts/ topics of other forum members without quotes or source links
  • Copying and pasting contents of projects' documents without source links [for developer team]

Now, let's move to method to avoid plagiarism. I will sort it out in orders of three reasons mentioned above.
1. Copying and pasting contents from other sources (outside the forum, such as articles, websites, etc.) without source links
It is very easy, you simply have to copy and paste the source link of the article, website, or anything from which you censored part of their contents for your discussion.
I give you an example when I want to use a definition on plagiarism from Wikipedia, but you can apply the same for anything else from internet sources.
The definition is:
"Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.[1][2]"
Please note that if I simply leave the definition like this in my post, I plagiarise and then perm ban will come to me later (even years later). So, how to avoid this?
There are three ways:
1.1. Leaving the source link behind the content (definition of plagiarism, in this example)
"Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.[1][2]"

1.2. Using quote block without exactly original source
Using this method when you don't remember exactly where is the source of the content you post, or you simple write it down from your memory but you doubt that you might plagiarise somehow.
"Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.[1][2]"

"Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.[1][2]"

1.3. Using quote block with source (author names, website links, etc.)
You always should apply this method if you know exactly where is the source.
"Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.[1][2]"

[quote author=]
"Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.[1][2]"

Another one, I remembered theymos wrote down somewhere that plagiarism will cause permanent ban, but don't know where it is. So, the following quote might help.
Quote from: theymos
Plagiarism deserves permanent ban

[quote author=theymos]
Plagiarism deserves permanent ban

Or when you want to quote something from locked topics.
OP forgot to describe that the 1.3 solution can be used when topics from which writers pick up a post were locked. Therefore, writers can not directly quote which posts they want to mention. This time, using author option is great alternative.
[quote author=link to post inside locked topic]Copy & paste content of referenced post here[/quote]
Long time ago, I did not how to quote such posts in locked topics.

2. Copying and pasting contents inside posts/ topics of other forum members without quotes or source links
To avoid this, you should use quote button to create quote block. There are some ways to quote a posts:

Official guide of forum:
Quoting a Post
To reply to a post by quoting it, you can either click the Quote button for the relevant post and add your own message to the quoted text or click the Reply button followed by Insert Quote from the relevant post in the 'Topic Summary' below, but note that:

Both these options add a link to the original post showing the name of the poster and the date and time of the post, whereas the Bulletin Board Code quote tag simply quotes the relevant post without this additional information.
You can also retain or add the 'author' attribute independently of the full Quote function, as demonstrated in the SMF Bulletin Board Code Reference below.

For example:
If you want to mention about my topic, how to quote just the first lines of the OP?
2.1. Leaving the link of my topic below contents that you copied from my OP
"Plagiarism is one of the worst things in real world, and in the forum, it is the thing that all forum members should avoid. It is not only because to maintain our moral quality, but also to avoid strict punishments on plagiarism from forum rules."

2.2. Using quote block without author names, or links (because you forgot where they are).
"Plagiarism is one of the worst things in real world, and in the forum, it is the thing that all forum members should avoid. It is not only because to maintain our moral quality, but also to avoid strict punishments on plagiarism from forum rules."

"Plagiarism is one of the worst things in real world, and in the forum, it is the thing that all forum members should avoid. It is not only because to maintain our moral quality, but also to avoid strict punishments on plagiarism from forum rules."

2.3. Using quote block with full link
"Plagiarism is one of the worst things in real world, and in the forum, it is the thing that all forum members should avoid. It is not only because to maintain our moral quality, but also to avoid strict punishments on plagiarism from forum rules."

[quote author=]
"Plagiarism is one of the worst things in real world, and in the forum, it is the thing that all forum members should avoid. It is not only because to maintain our moral quality, but also to avoid strict punishments on plagiarism from forum rules."

2.4. Using "[url block]Name of sites/ pages[/url]" to make a clickable name (I took this one from o_e_l_e_o):
You can also make the website name itself clickable using the following code:
[quote="[]Website name[/url]"]Text[/quote]

Which gives this result:
Quote from: Website name

3. Copying and pasting contents of projects' documents without source links [for developer team]
Methods to use are the same. However, please remember that even you are developers of the team, if you post your contents from whitepaper, websites, etc. to the forum topics, without sources, you plagiarise, and might get perm-bans.
So, please remember to apply those methods above if you don't want to see any kind of troubles, especially permanent ban, come to you later.

I give you a case of LOKI developer, whom opened ban-appeal days ago. I don't know the guy will get chance to see ban-life or not. Let's see.

Some stories from users whom got perm-bans lift. If I missed any case, someone who know it, please leave missed case here, and I will add it to the list.
1. ChiBitCTy
Even perm-ban lifted, signature currently displays as "Banned from displaying signatures until March 09, 2020, 08:24:44 PM"
2. Limx Dev
3. redsn0w
Remember that it is usually too late for you to say "I am sorry/ I don't know/ Can I have a chance? or whatsoever" when your account get permanent ban.

Update on unbanned users (from latest permanent banned users). OP already updated:

Plagiarism Classification
I will classify types of plagiarism into two main categories:
1. Unintentionally plagiarsim
It does not mean that people who plagiarise in any type of plagiarism listed here mean that they plagiarise unintentionally. It means they can not plagiarise, then use my topic, and the part of plagiarism classification in order to prove that they violate the rule on plagiarism unintentionally.
1.1. Copy & Paste without source link
1.2. Copye & Paste part of Whitepaper, Roadmap, Specifications, announcements from projects' documents, websites, other forums that totally managed by teams of projects without source link. This type is only for developer team, who post announcements on progresses of their projects in the forum, and sometimes they unintentionally plagiarise their own documents. In fact, they don't plagiarise based on theymos' opinion on plagiarsim, but when they get bans due to this, they have to prove their ownership of original documents and their roles in such projects. So, it's better to always leave source links, even you are developers, and owners of those documents.
1.3. Translating topics of others into your local languages without ask for permission
Personally, I think that it will be fine if translators translate topics of other members into whatever languages they want, with source link.
However, it will be better if they ask for permission of authors and actually get acceptance to translate. It is better for two reasons:
- In moral aspect: By asking for permission, they will show their respect to authors.
- In potential conflicts of interests: When such conflicts occurs, it takes time to solve, and I don't think anyone of us want to face with such problems, especially we start with good purposes.

2. Intentionally plagiarism
2.1. Fake Paraphrasing
It is a lowest level of plagiarism when people usually change just a few words from original texts/ posts.
2.2. Text Spinning
They intentionally use posts of others, and over paraphrase them using softwares.
Text spinning/disguised plagiarism
2.3. Translation Abusement
They intentionally use posts or part of posts of other members, such as from English, then using Google Translate in order to automatically translate those texts into local language, such as Russian or any local language they want; and vice versa.
New sort of plagiarism

Some tools:
1. Grammarly
2. Small SEO tools

Unofficial list of (official) rules, guidelines, FAQ (mprep)
Tips for newbies, who want to avoid over-quoting (tbct_mt2)
Some documents to edit the OP later (when I read them all, and have time to edit).
Alternatives to Permabans for plagarism
New sort of plagiarism
Text spinning/disguised plagiarism
Alternatives to Permabans for plagarism
is it plagiarism?
Report plagiarism (copy/paste) here. Mods: please give temp or permban as needed

I appreciate all kinds of valuable contributions from users below, whom help to improve my topic.

20  Other / Off-topic / 1 merit per applicant who find qualifying posts or topics on Scam Related Issues on: April 09, 2019, 02:48:35 PM
Because I created the topic, Collection of comprehensive guides on identify and avoid scam projects, weeks ago. Today, I have 13 sendable merits in total which I can send them to others. So, I have intention to help lower rank users with those 13 sendable merits. I hope that I can help you with 1 sendable merit for each qualifying applicant.

1. Finding or creating your own good posts or topics on scam finding/ investigation techniques or guides, and share links here.
You will have greater chance to get 1 sMerits if you applied with topics, but good posts might be counted some how. Don't worry about it, I will verify your application. To get what kind of topics I prefer, you should spend a little time to visit my topic above, to see all current listed topics in my collection.
2. I aslo check your post history to see the general quality of your posts, and your general contribution to the forum. If your posts have acceptable quality, it means you have higher chances to win the contest and get rewards from me.
3. Rules changed
I changed the rule again:
  • Maybe most of current available topics have been collected here, so next joiners should make own efforts to create their own posts or topics to apply the contest.

Only one sendable merit will be send to one qualifying applicant.

Acceptable ranks:
From Newbie to Junior Member ranks.
I focus on those ranks because crypto newcomers, and lower rank users are among the most vulnerable ones to scam projects. By finding good posts, topics on scam related things, they can help themselves first to avoid investing into scam projects, then help others as well.

Application form:
Please apply with the form like this:
[url=link]Topic title[/url]

Available sendable merit fund:
13 sendable merits. However, the fund might change if I have more.

Regularly check point
I will check all your applications and send rewards to someone who qualifying each seven-day period. So, feel free to leave applications here, and wait for results for each 7-day period.
Additional rule for past winners:
Rules changed:
- One participant who already win a merit from me, has to wait 30 days later to come back with new acceptable applications.

Please visit my topic, Collection of comprehensive guides on identify and avoid scam projects, in order to see all current listed topics before posting your suggestion. Your suggested topics will be wasteful if they already listed in my topic.

Good luck to you all.
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