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1  Other / Off-topic / The Bitcoin Boomdeyada! on: April 20, 2011, 11:55:43 AM
I just had to write it!
Turn on the video in a seperate tab for maximum effect!

I love Sathosi, I love the open code,
I love the network, I love the people's nodes.
I love the Bitcoin, and all it's memberbase.
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, BOOMDEYADA!

I love the freedom, I love the namelessness,
I love to trade things, I love to speculate.
I love the whole net, and all it's userspace!
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada,

I love GeekNet inc, for slashdotting us.
I love cryptography, I love when blocks get found.
I love the forums, It's such a brilliant place!
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada,
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada!

What do you guys think?
2  Economy / Marketplace / (Linux) programmer/sysadmin for hire (small project?) on: April 20, 2011, 11:13:34 AM
Instead of "flipping burgers", I'm gonna be using my skills to earn bitcoins.
If you hire me, I'll program for you and I'll sell you the source code.
You can use the source code for whatever you want, I don't care as long as you pay! Tongue

So, here's what I know:
Advanced in C/C++ (limited OOP knowledge), know some perl/HTML/CSS/PHP/lua.
(Don't expect me to make huge websites or anything, but a small page shouldn't be hard.)

Anyhow, if you need a small hackish script that does something, I won't over-charge you.
Prices will be negotiable.

Either PM me or write in the thread!

If you want windows code, you can modify it yourself, the C/C++ code I'll give you will run on POSIX systems, but don't expect it to run on Windows without modification.
I use HTML5/CSS3, get with the time already man!
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / First planned IRC meeting! Sun, Oct 24th, #bitcoin-meeting on Freenode on: October 13, 2010, 02:41:25 PM
Well, that failed miserably, meeting scrapped guys, unless people have something to say or talk about and are actually coming.
People who wanna chat can come to #bitcoin-dev on Freenode.

Well, last time I checked people were for the idea of IRC (chat) meetings.
And since no planning took place while I was gone, I'll just pick a date and see if anyone shows up for a chat, speaking, etc.

The meeting will be on Freenode's #bitcoin-meeting channel.
In case you don't have an IRC client, you can always go to

The meeting will be held on Sunday, October 24th at 1:00 pm (13:00) GMT.Timetable on the wiki page!
I picked what I think will be an appropriate time for all Bitcoiners.
Only thing is the Australians in Sydney will be up late and the Americans on the west coast will be up early!Laptop in bed is recommended! Tongue
Unless this is a real bummer and half the people can't come because of this, I'd reschedule it to another time/date.

Other than drawing people from the forum to the IRC channel I have no idea what to discuss during the meeting!
I hope you guys can make something up, type out an article and just copy paste it while everyone else is muted.

Here's the wiki page with the time table and other information:
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is an hypothetical "chance" attack possible? on: October 12, 2010, 10:13:19 PM
People discussed that there is an element of "chance" or "luck" involved in generating a block.
So, one day I might generate two blocks while another day I might generate none.

Now the network is build around people generating blocks which seals in the transactions etc.
And since a double spending attack is possible by 'reversing' the block -- which requires significant CPU time --,
is the 'double spending attack' based a bit on chance, or not?

If so, then an attacker wouldn't just need half the network, or more.
The attacker needs just 40 percent of the network? more or less, right?
It all depends on chance if reversing the block has a chance element to it.

So I ask my fellow Bitcoiners: Does it?

PS: Sorry for being away, I'll be on the forum from now on again!
5  Economy / Marketplace / List of honest traders. on: July 19, 2010, 06:48:52 PM
We have some scammers on the forums here, so if you do not know if you can trust a person?
Just check in the list here.

If you got scammed? Please post here: Scammer Accusations
Please also post the traders you trust.
If you've traded with someone before and everything went okay?
Post his/her (nick) name here. (ofcourse, websites that accept Bitcoin payments are good too!)

Anyhow, I'll start:
  • BitcoinMarket
  • Theymos

edit: I trust Theymos and BitcoinMarket!
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / Beware of scammers! on: July 19, 2010, 06:42:22 PM
Recently, since we've been slashdotted, we've had a few scammers lurking on the forums here.
Now, I want to warn everyone trading here, that there are scammers around here.
Please take some time and ask someone to be the middle man in your trade if you trade with a person you don't know or trust.

So please people, watch out for scammers.

PS: Report any scammers in this thread.
7  Economy / Marketplace / World's SECOND Bitcoin lottery, Slashdot edition, this time stock markets! on: July 14, 2010, 02:54:38 AM
Well, I'll be holding world's SECOND Bitcoin Lottery. (Unless someone beat me to it!)

I'll still manage everything myself, like I did last time:
This time, we'll use the last 3 numbers of stock index closing prices, that is one number before (left of) the comma, and the two after (right of) the comma.
All lots will be checked against all of the stock indices, they're listed below.
We will have 3 winners, and the jackpot will be split in 3 for them.
When someone wins, that person's lots are removed from the game, so there will be 3 individual winners.
To enter, you have to have at least 15 10 posts.No spamming, I'm a forum moderator! Tongue

To buy a lot, post the lot numbers you want to buy in this thread and send me a message through the forum's message system.
I want you to post your lots you want to buy in the thread because I don't want people asking me to buy the lot.
I'll message you back with a Bitcoin address to send me the money to. (So don't send it to my address I have in my signature!)

  • 50 BTC per lotp Scrap that! Since the Slashdotting alot of users picked up their own free 5 Bitcoins, so the lot price is lowered to 5 BTC!
  • 10% of the money is my profit, and the rest goes into the jackpot. (Which is quite small, usually lotteries take atleast 40%)
  • The jackpot will be split in 3 for the 3 winners
  • A winner cannot win again
  • You need 15 10 posts to enter This is to avoid cheaters who buy more lots than allowed.
  • 5 lots per person maximum, any cheaters will have all of their lots taken away and will be banished from the next games.
  • No refunds to the cheaters!
  • Winning lots will be drawn on Wednesday the 28th of July2010 :p closing prices of the indices
  • If no one wins, the next day's closing price of all stock indices will be used, until 3 winners have been selected.
  • The winning numbers are gathered from
  • The stock market that 'selected' the winner can also select another winner, (until we have of course 3 individual winners)
  • If no payment received upon one hour before the 'drawing'? Lot is not valid and the Bitcoins will be returned, if sent, of course..

Indices we use to select the winners:
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • NYSE Energy Sector Index
  • NYSE Composite Index
  • NASDAQ Composite Index
  • Note that this list will still grow with Indices I select!, expect another 6 or so...
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / People, we have a wiki! on: July 12, 2010, 05:11:29 PM
That's right, we have a wiki.
So if you have any questions, I recommend you go to the wiki here: and try and look for your answer there.
Theymos and I wrote a great getting started article which should cover almost everything, available here:
For the headless client (bitcoind), there's information about that here:, and also on the JSON-RPC/API here:

Also, feel free to register and edit the wiki, the documentation is quite scarce right now.
9  Bitcoin / Project Development / IRC meetings on: July 12, 2010, 01:58:32 PM
As discussed before here:
But since that thread has died and no one really got any wiser of it, I'm creating a poll.

Holding IRC meetings would be quite handy in discussing, maybe an hour or so per meeting?
Anyone wishing to speak would just drop me a message.

So, what would be a good time to hold the meetings?
Do not forget to note your timezone! Tongue

Edit: People, please post a time which is convenient for you.
It helps a lot knowing when people are available.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Getting started on: July 12, 2010, 01:27:42 AM
I've written this great (well, to my knowledge) wiki article for getting started here:

So please read through it before you ask any questions.

Also: Any questions can we asked in here.
(Note: We have an IRC channel on , It's #bitcoin-dev)
11  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Hashes per second as bitcoind/JSON-RPC command on: July 10, 2010, 02:01:12 PM
It would be handy to see how many hashes per second are being performed by bitcoind.
So a command like "gethashespersecond" or "getkhashespersecond" would be great.
(If we add a "kilohashes per second" command, I suggest we return a floating point number, not an integer.)

So, what do you guys think?
12  Economy / Marketplace / 1250 BTC for Osmos on: July 06, 2010, 07:28:57 PM
Hi there,

I'd like to buy Osmos ( ), but I don't have a creditcard and don't like using paypal.
So the person who will buy it for me, will make the transaction with their creditcard or paypal, and I'll send that person 1250 BTC.
I know this doesn't add up to the 10 USD that is the price, but hey! You get Osmos with it for free!

Who wants to buy it for me?!

PS: I wanna download it myself from their site, if that's possible.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin clients getting k-lined from the IRC bootstrapping channel on: June 25, 2010, 08:20:16 PM
At 21:11 dutch time (CEST), around 10 minutes ago from when I made this post, the Bitcoin clients are getting k-lined.

(note, times are CEST.)
--- SNIP ---
[21:11:36] * u4euc453wZ599zQ has quit (K-Lined)
[21:11:37] * u4mZRTtQwC6NskZ has quit (K-Lined)
[21:11:37] * x398030675 has quit (K-Lined)
[21:11:37] * u4m5AmvGVaM8MNU has quit (K-Lined)
[21:11:37] * x92119461 has quit (K-Lined)
[21:11:38] * u4iQ9mpGopGTd6D has quit (K-Lined)
[21:11:39] * u4iqow5D1WqBmPH has quit (K-Lined)
[21:11:39] * u4qsjyU6VRAtfRD has quit (K-Lined)
--- SNIP ---

Anyhow, this leaves the bitcoin network unable to operate.
I see some clients getting back slowly.
But this worries me.
I suggest we apply what ever other bootstrapping mechanism we have right now, and release 0.3 ASAP.

Someone in #freenode suggested this:
<gwillen> Xunie: as a potential user of bitcoin, I would suggest that if your project is going to connect to IRC in the background, you should document that fact somewhere. I'm suddenly much more wary of using it now that I know that it does this.
This does make Bitcoin seem a bit... malicious to say the least...
14  Economy / Marketplace / World's FIRST Bitcoin Lottery! on: May 30, 2010, 11:25:08 AM
I've been thinking and I'll be hosting world's first Bitcoin lottery!

We'll be using the last two numbers of a real lottery, which one I do not know yet. (Maybe one that we can check online?)
When you'll buy your lot, you'll "bet" on a number between 00-99. (including 00 and 99 ofcourse!)

So, who's in for it?
What real lottery should we pick for our random numbers, or does anyone have a better source?
What price of the "lot" sounds preferable? 50 BTC? 25 BTC?
And what's the maximum amount of lots I want to let people buy? 3? 5 at most?

Please note that if the "jackpot" doesn't "fall" (no one wins), I'll keep hosting rounds until there does win someone, and I wont play myself.
So I want like a lottery that draws numbers every week if we can't get one that draws every day.
15  Economy / Gambling / Playing a few rounds of chess for bitcoins? on: May 24, 2010, 04:59:27 AM
Anyone interested in playing chess against me for bitcoins?

(ps: I wanna play as black! Tongue)
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / We need a wiki! on: April 14, 2010, 03:28:20 AM
As the title says, we need, or at least could use a wiki. (in my opinion, that is)
I don't have the resources to host one myself, maybe you (Satoshi) can host one on here?!
Any how, I will defiantly do some editing myself.
So, what do you guys (and gals, if there are any) think?

Edit: I can help administer the thing!
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