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1  Economy / Services / [HIRING] Developer to implement Multi-Sig payment system on: June 05, 2014, 01:50:24 AM
We are looking for a developer (OR) a company well versed with the bitcoin protocol to complement our existing development team. This will be a time and material model / Fixed price project model with the option to have you as a continuous back-end developer for our product.

We are working on a e-commerce platform which requires multi-sig integration. We intend to implement bitcoin's inbuilt (2 of 3) Multi-Signature method for payment processing. There is a opensource script already written for it and we need it integrated into our site with whatever modification that might be required to suit our needs.

Skills Required :
PHP, MYSQL, JS, JQuery, AJAX, bitcoinjs (with secure coding concepts)

If you are interested, PM me with the responses to the below questions.

1) Where are you located in?

2) Do you have any experience working on bitcoin development projects.?

3) Any multi-signature implementation experience.?

4) If we decide to move forward, we might need an NDA and confidentiality agreement, would you be willing to sign one.?

5) What are you charges. Do you charge by the hour.? If so, then what are the rates.?

6) Finally, send me your portfolio so that we can have a look at it before we proceed.
2  Local / India / Partners With Coinbase And Starts Accepting Bitcoins As Payment on: January 09, 2014, 08:48:57 PM
This is a huge and a fantabulous news. Atleast this should take the rates across 1000 mark.

Next would be their competitors like Home Depot, Lowe's and finally Walmart (probably).!
3  Local / India / A New wallet which helps against volatility and to some extent Govt Regulation. on: January 08, 2014, 08:39:01 PM
I came across this wallet which is quite different from others (atleast the ones i know).

What it does is whenever you send or receive btc's, it converts it to fiat and holds the appropriate amount of fiat (Euro) in your wallet.
When you try to send, it app converts the amount to btc at the prevalent rates and sends it to the recipient.

I feel this is good for 1 reasons:

1) If there is a huge crash, you won;t end up losing money in your wallet. This can help people to laymen to adopt into bitcoins who always cry about volatility. You can take advantage of the benefits of bitcoin like instant transfer, less transaction fee etc. However, this is not a good wallet for making money by holding either.

2) Government Regulation : I somehow feel, by doing so this might get approval from regulators as the wallet is held in fiat rather than bitcoin. Only the process of fund transfer happens in bitcoin similar to wire transfer however in this case we need not pay intermediary bank fee and other allied bank fees and the best part is it is instantaneous.

4  Local / India / Bitcoin Phishing Scam - BEWARE on: January 07, 2014, 09:02:32 PM
Read this. Your greed might get your machine infected.
5  Local / India / Extensive Server Shortage reported by Web Hosting Industry. on: December 16, 2013, 09:11:10 PM

I thought i will share this with you all.
People in the web hosting industry are facing acute shortage of server hardware in datacenters due to miners leasing it in bulk.

Bitcoin is indeed affecting other industries as well.

Link to the discussion from the webhosting talk forum below.
6  Local / India / BTC is out of stock at Coinbase as well.! on: November 18, 2013, 08:01:34 PM
Where are all the bitcoins..? Is btcchina making such a difference.?

Coinbase is out of stock as well. They are not honoring any instant buys.!
7  Local / Marketplace (India) / [Bounty / Tip] Tata Sky DTH on: October 29, 2013, 05:14:03 PM
Hello All,

Does anyone here has TataSky DTH with online account access.?

I need online account access for a couple of days. If you are willing to share it with me, then am willing to pay / tip you in BTC for that.
Recently, they came out with Everywhere TV to watch TV on your iOS device and i want to test if that works outside India as well.

PM me if you are interested.
8  Local / India / Paypal refunds from BFL Labs on: September 18, 2013, 04:23:52 PM
Hey Guys,

If any of you have an outstanding order from BFL and would want to get a refund (since most of their products don't ROI now). Shoot me a PM and i will advise you on how to proceed and whom to contact.

I was successful in getting a full refund within 16 hours of emailing the concerned person.
9  Local / India / ## >> Happy Independence day << ## on: August 15, 2013, 11:58:01 AM
Hello All,

Wish you all a very happy Independence day.!

P.S : Excited to see Empire State Building lit up in Indian Tri-color today.!

10  Local / Press & News from India / 22 Companies get Subpoenaed By New York's Financial Regulator on: August 14, 2013, 08:25:59 PM
Looks like U S Govt is trying too hard to get hold of the bitcoin transactions but unfortunately they are not able to do anything due to de-centralized nature of the currency.

P.S : Most of the companies don't matter to bitcoiners in India except Butterfly Labs. Am sure many of you have pending orders with them.
11  Local / Press & News from India / US Congress asks FBI to launch Federal Investigation against Bitcoin. on: August 13, 2013, 07:37:25 PM
A lot of things is going to happen soon.

Another article that i read yesterday in news here is that after the crack down on Liberty Reserve, criminals have started using Perfect Money which is why, FBI has already started cracking down on them.

P.S : If you have PM, then its time that you reduce your stake in it. It is not decentralized as bitcoin.
12  Local / Marketplace (India) / [SALES] USB Block Erupters - New Price of 0.55 BTC / USB on: July 28, 2013, 03:36:29 AM
My Price : 0.55 BTC

Product Description:

Each one mines at more than 330MH/s, powered only by the USB port.
It serves as a replacement of GPUs for mining hobbyists.
Your GPUs could be freed from calculating hashes and resume rendering for you.
It is also a perfect gift for getting people to learn about Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining.
The Sapphire Batch:
This is the first batch under production in quantity.
Color of PCB changed to blue
Adding a LED which blinks when a share is found
Fixing the cgminer compatibility problem
Reducing the heat generated and the current to <500mA

.55 per unit, shipping extra. See Shipping options below.

Shipping Options. All rates mentioned below are per shipment with Tracking Number. Each order shipment may contain more than one USB device.
1 - 20 Units - International Express Shipping ( 3-5 days delivery) : 0.95 btc
1 - 10 units - Priority Shipping ( 6-10 days delivery) : 0.35 btc
10 - 20 Units - Priority Shipping ( 6-10 days delivery) : 0.80 btc

Want to buy more than 20 units? - Contact me for a custom quote.
Please note, none of these include Shipping Insurance. Please request custom quote for Shipping prices with Insurance.

Payment Options:
Primarily BTC. Willing to accept paypal and NEFT for bulk purchases. PM me for exact rates.

How to Buy:

Make the payment to the following address 1CuoXyWJL1sXEdujXr98KQD3HV2wPeFk94
Send me a PM with the Shipping address, your email address and your phone number as a signed message using the btc address that you sent the payment from.

Please Note:
Only send payments from an address you control (i.e. you can sign with it). If you send from MtGox or other exchanges, you risk loosing your funds since you can't prove you sent them. Please send from a wallet you can sign a message with.  You will send your shipping address via this method.

The USB miners will be shipped to you within 1 day of me receiving them. Usually ASICMINER ships within 7 days of making the payment. I will wait for orders to accumulated to have bulk order placed.

Refund Policy:
Refunds: Your orders are binding after your funds have been used to pay for an order.

I live in New York (EST time zone: UTC/GMT -5 hours) and have a day-job that allows me ample time to devote to this endeavor. I do sleep at night, so if I don't answer at night, please be patient.  I'm pretty open and transparent with info.  I post it as soon as I have it, I do not withhold from anyone.  Please respect everyone's time.
13  Local / Marketplace (India) / Gauging interest for USB Block Erupter Sales. on: July 26, 2013, 06:44:46 PM
As you are aware, ASICMINER USB block erupters are one of those novelty btc miners which any bitcoin newbie can afford to invest to experience the fun of mining btc or any alt coin without the need for heavy investment.

Each USB is capable of running at 333 Mh/sec (without OC). Minimum Qty required to place order with ASICMINER : 1000.
At present, the USB's are priced at 1.00 BTC / USB . They are capable of mining only SHA 256 based coins.
The new pricing announcement is 0.6/USB. However, this pricing has not yet gone into effect.

With the reduction of rates, I have had quite a lot of enquiries and so i thought i will throw this on the public forum to guage the interest of the members within the Indian sub forum towards USB Block erupters.

We have a number of Groups Buys happening here in USA with shipping within USA. I can buy it through one of them, then re-pack and ship to India through USPS or any other carrier of your choice with Tracking.

Payment method will primarily be BTC. But might be willing to accept Paypal / NEFT for bulk orders on a case to case basis.

Do post your views on this.

P.S : I can arrange for hosting of these as well.
14  Local / India / Avalon Chips boxed up and all ready to be shipped out. on: July 10, 2013, 03:31:11 PM

Look at the avalon chips boxed up and all ready to be shipped out to buyers.
Its just a matter of time until the difficulty crosses 100 mil.

Am expecting about 150 mil in sept / oct. What is your take on it.?
15  Local / Marketplace (India) / ## Buy /Sell BTC, LTC, ETH and Ripple for ICICI / NEFT - Now Buying ## on: July 08, 2013, 01:16:57 AM
Hey All,

bitcoin seems to be in the upward trend again. Why not make some quick cash out of it.?
I have funds readily available in few exchanges. Am willing to buy btc / ltc and sell them to you.

Or if you have BTC / LTC that you want to sell, i can buy them from you through ICICI Fund transfer / NEFT / IMPS.

Payment Method :

New Customers : ICICI Cash Deposit, NEFT upon receipt of verification documents / PAN Card.

Old / Regular Customers : Cash Deposit / NEFT.

Pricing :

Below rates are provided (if any) are merely an indicative price only. PM me or email me at americandesi4btc @ for exact pricing before initiating the transaction.
Special pricing available for return / verified customers.

All prices provided in this thread or through PM during transaction will be valid for up to 4 hours after which the quote will be null and void. So to be safe, please contact me for exact pricing just before initiating the transaction.
16  Local / India / Problems that we foresee when using NEFT / RTGS / IMPS on: July 05, 2013, 04:47:26 PM
Hello All,

I wanted to start a thread to discuss the views on whether NEFT / RTGS or any other RBI approved fund transfer method is safe to use during bitcoin trade.

Some of the issues that come to my mind are outlined below. Please feel free to discuss and give your thoughts. If i have left out any issues that you or someone whom you know has faced in the past, then throw it out here for discussion.

1) NEFT / RTGS transaction can be reversed by the originating person.

I did some research and skimmed through the RBI guidelines and found that before the amount is debited back from the beneficiary's account, the beneficiary's bank will have to take an authorization from the beneficiary. As per the RBI Guidelines, it is against the law to debit his account without his / her authorization eventhough the originating bank has made a request.

This is one of the reason, RBI advice banks to do a maker-taker check which includes parameter match like Name, Account Number, IFSC Code and the Branch before processing the transfer. This has been put in place as reversing the transaction is difficult if the amount is credited to a wrong account.

If this is the process, then doesn't this make NEFT and RTGS safe against reversing of transfers.?

2) NEFT / RTGS can be sent from a Hacked or a compromised account.
This is again a completely different story, though some of the banks have 2FA, there is some possibility that a transfer is made through a hacked account.
Again, this risk is implied when using any payment gateway.

So any thoughts / expert advise on why we cannot rely on NEFT / RTGS fund transfer for BTC trade.?
17  Local / Press & News from India / Fiat to Bitcoin ATM on: July 02, 2013, 03:32:23 PM
This is interesting.!
Hope this comes out soon.

P.S : Posted on FB page as well.
18  Local / Buyer/ Seller Reputations (India) / REVIEW : Dealing with dashingriddler / on: July 01, 2013, 06:54:46 PM
Hello All,

This is with regards to the post and dealing with dashinriddler in trading btc's.
The reason am making a new thread is because the above topic was locked from posting by the author (dashingriddler).

As you can read from the thread, it all started when he posted saying he is looking to buy 100 btc's.
By the time we decided that we can trade with each other, he had already procured 70 btc's and was waiting to fulfill only 30 btc's.

I showed interest in selling him the balance of 30 btc's for which he accepted the offer.
However, he requested my confirmation on that so that he need not keep searching for sellers. I confirmed him the same and in the process i told him i have 20 btc's readily available and the balance 10 will be available by Monday or latest by Tuesday. I also agreed to pay the escrow fee as he looked genuine and was sticking to his word of Rs 6200 INR even though the btc rates had come down slightly.

This all happened on Sat, 29th June 2013. After this, I started working over the weekend towards procuring the remaining btc's to fulfill his order.

Fast forward to Monday morning (USA time). My bank cleared the payment and i sent him a personal message at 4:37 PM (server time) saying the all the 30 required btc's are ready to start the transaction and later at 4:52 PM, he updates the thread saying that he procured it somewhere else since the BTC prices has fallen way below and locks the thread.

He didn't even have a courtesy to send me a PM stating that he got another offer with a lesser price. He didn't even have a little bit of courtesy to inform me that he already brought the BTC's after receiving my PM.

I agree that BTC trading is a free market, anonymous and again whoever offers a better rate wins. But whatever happened to something called mannerism and business etiquette. Din't we study that in school?

As a matter of fact, i was monitoring the BTC rates over the weekend which was now at around 93 BTC and since he sounded like a gentlemen initially by honoring the price of Rs 6,200.00 INR per btc even though the BTC rate was hovering around $97 when we froze the deal, i had procured 31 BTC's for him instead of 30 BTC's and had decided to send him all the 31 for the same agreed INR price as I didn't feel quite right because the delay was from my side.

1) If you had just PM'ed me before making the deal with someone else requesting to re-negotiate, then i would have been more than happy to do that. Am not here to get rich overnight. I have other businesses / startup companies that make me one.

2) I have been a heavy investor in ASICMINER Shares and after the recent review by fellow members of the community on coinmonk including some of them whom i trust the most in this community, i was actively watching the topic to invest heavily to the tune of hundreds of btc's in coinmonk to diversify my investments in bitcoin related securities. I thought why shouldn't i invest, after all it is a group from my own town. But i don't think it would ever happen now since you as a main promoter of coinmonk lack the basic quality required to carryout a successful business i.e the "proper business etiquette".

I feel some of us should really learn from people like Narayana Murthy and other successful entrepreneurs. Or for that matter friedcat.

All the screenshots are posted below for the community.

His post with the rate confirmation on June 29th, 2013

My PM to him today saying that all the required 30 btc's are ready. Please note the server time 4:37 PM

His final post saying he already procured the BTC's from someone else. The server timestamp shows it as 4:52 PM. It also shows my acknowledgement to his reply on June 29, 2013.

If anyone wants to see the entire thread, then the screenshot image is available here.
19  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] ASICMINER Block Erupter Blades. on: June 13, 2013, 03:54:15 PM
Hello All,

Am looking to buy a couple of ASICMINER Block Erupter blades (not USB) at the earliest
It will be a BTC Payment through Escrow.

Should be willing to ship to New York (pref DHL express)
PM me your rates

20  Economy / Auctions / [WTS] 2 X ASIC Block Erupter Blades - in hand in USA on: June 06, 2013, 11:13:10 PM
Timer removed. End time: 2013-06-09+18:00:00EST
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