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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / BitVPS not very trustworthy on: October 28, 2012, 07:16:49 PM
I never wanted to write this thread, its very sad to write about being scammed in bitcoinland.

On 20 okt 2012 i got my monthly invoice from BitVPS

On 22 okt 2012 around (16.30 hour, Amsterdam TimeZone, or 14.30 GMT) i logged into BitVPS client site to pay my monthly (

BitVPS client site gave me this BTC address to pay BTC 2.13 to: 1BjzEH9v3CvsrGPjsW7e491KJdCBQF6wpw

On 22 okt 2012 16.32 hour, i paid BTC2.13 to 1BjzEH9v3CvsrGPjsW7e491KJdCBQF6wpw , (see my wallet picture)

note: i never received an confirmation email from BitVPS for the first time.

On 25 okt 2012 BitVPS sent me an automated email that they didnt receive my monthly Huh
I sent BitVPS an email asking whats going on; BitVPS doesnt reply, NO email from BitVPS.

On 27 okt 2012 BitVPS sents me again an automated email that they didnt receive my btc, with notice that my website will be deleted???
Again i sent an email to BitVPS asking for an explanation and again BitVPS doesnt reply, NO email from BitVPS

When i lookup the BTC address on, it seems that this BTC adddress didnt excist before 22 okt 2012 (16.32 hour, Amsterdam Timezone, or 14.32 GMT), and that must be right if its generated by BitVPS's website.
On 23 okt the BTC2.13 is even spent. (see picture)

On 27 okt i send rg a bitcointalk forum PM, again he never responded to my question.

I hardly use the vps, sometimes to test websites when i need an ip, but thats it.
I never have problems with Mullvad, BTCGuild, Intersango and im doing business for more than 1 1/2 year with them.

I do know that rg doesnt like my email address, but an vps provider that takes your money and says 'we didnt get it' and doesnt respond to emails (besides automated bills), is not very kosjer.

BitVPS can have my BTC2.13 for november, i will never use that VPS provider again. BitVPS can consider this as being fired.
A vps provider that makes their money this way, by scamming their own clients, is not my vps provider.

2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / wifihotspot to accept bitcoin payments on: May 17, 2011, 10:07:09 AM
I have a wifihotspot running on openwrt that accepts automated paypal payments for internet acces, but i would like to start accepting Bitcoins automated.

I have set Bitcoin payments as a new option, so if someone wants to pay with Bitcoins just email me, nothing automated yet.

I am looking for a php script to accept Bitcoin payments with the latest MtGox rates that i can build into the site or openwrt.

Anybody here with knowledge to bitcoin payment processing in php/html or others?

Edit sources:
Lets go for anonymous internet acces from any router, paid with bitcoin:

Router firmware with paypal/credit card payment:
Bitcoin payment processor:
Bitcoin payment processor:
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