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1  Local / 挖矿 / 数字资产挖矿超频指南-HCash超级现金超频教学 on: September 18, 2017, 05:38:48 AM




MSI Afterburner是微星开发的一款显卡超频工具,支持微星旗下的AMD和NVIDIA全系列显卡.该工具集超频、监控和风扇控制与一身,通过简单的操作即可提升将近15%的显卡性能,同时监控功能又确保了显卡工作安全,可谓方便实用.







币种           超频模式      超频频率       超频增加算力    超频算力增加比例   交易所
ETH   显存超频      550MHz       2.9 Mh/s   15.1%                   中国比特币
XLC           显存超频      550MHz       66 h/s           15.1%                   Cryptopia
CHC     GPU核心超频  150 MHz       0.54 Mh/s   6.11%                   Cryptopia
WHL   显存超频      550MHz       3.01 Mh/s   15.6%   
SIGT   GPU核心超频  150 MHz    0.97 Mh/s   7.57%                   Cryptopia
HSR   GPU核心超频  150 MHz    422.74 h/s   6.17%                   中国比特币






  里面有专业技术员耐心解惑哦~~v  Cool Cool

2  Local / 挖矿 / 家用电脑挖比特币?挖得到一个算你赢! on: September 18, 2017, 05:03:13 AM









   矿池推荐

里面有专业技术员耐心解惑哦~~ Cool Cool

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Starter - star Hcash super cash pool fool version of HSR mining guide on: September 17, 2017, 01:53:35 PM
Starter - star Hcash super cash pool fool version of HSR mining guide - N card mining version, and 1060 1070 1080 graphics speed comparison


Up to the current time 2017-9-16 20:13, the latest N Card mining software ccminer has been released, please visit the new star mine download

As of the time of 2017-9-13 23:12, HCash main network block height of 105941, according to the result of the Depth of Analysis - from the source code to see Hcash (super cash) mining guide and miners planning, including mining earnings forecast described, it is concluded that the HCash block’s speed should be 1-2 minutes, and then less than 2 hours from the hard bifurcation.

This article aims to inform the majority of HSR enthusiasts how to carry out HSR mining, as well as how to use the wallet, mine pool, mining software.

Step one: get the wallet address
There are two ways to get a wallet address:
1、The exchange obtains the billing address.
2、Download the official wallet to get the wallet address

The following describes how to download and use the official wallet:

First step:  download wallet
Note: Currently Hcash wallet only supports computer download, please do not use mobile phone or tablet download.

Login to the official website ( Switch to Chinese or in the browser directly enter Click the top right of the page "download wallet" and select for Mac OSX (for Apple System) or for Windows (for Windows System).

If you are in mainland China, due to the network firewall, we can not directly download the wallet from the official website. Please download with the Thunder, if you still can not download the wallet, please move Baidu cloud disk.

If you are from the Baidu network link to download the wallet, then in order to prevent Baidu network disk file is tampered with, please make sure that the proofreading file and the original wallet file hash are consistent after you download them. The value of the original Hcash wallet is displayed in the web readme document.

Here you can use the tool to calculate the Hash value of the file online.,verify the hash value of the downloaded file.

Second step: Run the software

When the download is complete, please unzip and run hshare-qt.exe (Windows system computer). (Apple computer please run HShare-Qt).

For Apple users, in the event of the following,

Go to System Preferences and find "Security and Privacy":

Click "still open", then that’s all OK.

Third step:Wallet sync

Advise everyone that you must wait until the wallet is synchronized. And then continue to other operations (such as: collection, backup, etc.)

Usually open the wallet, put 1-2 hours, and the wallet can be automatically synchronized. Persons who use the wallet urgently, please download the Hcash wallet in advance.

The time of the wallet synchronization is affected by the speed of the Hcash block network connected by the location of your area. The fastest speed is within few minutes and the slowest needs one day. Please be patient.

Fourth step: Wallet address

Click to receive Hshare, red circle is your Hshare wallet address. (This figure is only schematic)

Fifth step:password setting

Click Settings> Encrypt Wallet, according to the prompts set the password, and keep the password well. You will use this password when you are using the trading wallet Hshare / Hcash.

Please keep the wallet password in your mind and you should better to write it down or record it where someone else is not easy to find out. Forgetting the password means losing all of your Hshare / Hcash, no one can help you recover it unless one day you can think of your password again.

Sixth step:backup file

Click on the file, select to backup the wallet. Rename the file, and choose to save the path.

Please do not directly back up the backup file on the same computer for preventing to damage the computer, brushing machine, losing and so on. Advice that you can save your wallet on your U disk, your moving hard drive to burn it and save it.
The security of digital currency wallet is your own property security. And be sure to be responsible for your own property safety.

Step two: registing the mine account

Nova Mine is the first one who public release HCash. The pool is built by open source mpos system. 1% fee and full 1.0HSR can be automatic transferred. And it also supports manual transfer. The following is the star pool using process:

1, visit,  click on the upper right corner to register the account or click [Register Now]. Note the following example:

2, When the registration is completed, enter the mailbox name and password to login, and then click the left menu of my account -> account settings. Please according to the figure to illustrate the settings:

Then the basic work of the pond is complete.

Step Three: Download and configure the mining software

According to the result of the Depth of the analysis - from the source code to see Hcash (super cash) of the mining guide and miners planning, including the mining income forecast described, due to HCash’s unique algorithm, there is no ASIC mine. Our site will pay attention to Official dynamic and github mining software and the latest news will be promptly noted to our friends.

 Download ccminer hsr mining software, if you worry about the virus, you can go to github to download source code,
address: https: //

Decompress ccminer to the desktop, enter the folder, select startHsr.bat right edit key, refer to the following figure to modify your user name, miner number and miner password (you can fill casually, it will create the miner number and password automatically).

Double click startHsr to to run. If you see the following interface that is to say mining is starting.

The following figure is the power of the author ’s 1060 Miner machine and a 1080 graphics card. They are all not overclocked.

Step four: check the power and manual automatic transfer

As above steps, you must have completed all the mining process. Of course, someone will ask how to view the mining state and how to transfer the accounts.

 1, view the mining state
 Log into the Novice Pool and click on the left navigation [dashboard] as shown below:

2, how to transfer the accounts
If you had read this tutorial, you should know that the pool will be automatically transferred to your wallet if you satisfy the condition. But if the conditions are not satisfied, you can manually raise the HSR: Log into the Novice Pool and click on the left navigation 【Account settings and manual payment】, as shown below:

Here, the star Hcash super cash pool of fool version --HSR mining guide - CPU mining version is almost finished. Because of HCash unique algorithm, there wiil be no GPU mining software or ASIC mine temporarily. Our site will pay attention to official dynamic and github mining software.  The latest news will inform you in time.

In addition:
We recommend our website: Nova information - Global emerging digital assets (block chain assets) Information platform | Global emerging digital assets (block chain assets)

Information platform (Iridium (IRD)) (IntenseCoin (itns)) are long-term operations, the world's top three mines.

LeviarCoin (XLC) Mining Guide


4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Professional evaluation - Hcash super cash N card mining version released, the on: September 17, 2017, 02:33:38 AM

2017-9-13 23: 12, HCash main network block height is 105941. According to the conclusion of The Depth Analysis - from the source code to see Hcash (super cash) mining guide and miners planning, including mining earnings forecast described, HCash Block’s speed should be 1-2 minutes, then the hard bifurcation began mining less than 2 hours.

 2017-9-16 20:13, the latest N card mining software ccminer has been released, please visit the star mine pool download click into the mine pool to download HCASH super cash N card mining software.

Instant Excavation!

The following is the evaluation of the graphics card data:
Title                            data     
Super cash                  1060 graphics card
1060 graphics card:     7MH / S
1070 graphics card:     9MH / S
1080 graphics card      11.8MH / S
Other graphics cards     please look forward to ...

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Hcash Wealth Guide --Deep Interpretation on: September 16, 2017, 10:57:54 PM

Hcash Wealth Guide --Deep Interpretation
This is the first article of the world for digital currency algorithm and mining analysis of the HCash (Super Cash).

It involves many source codes analysis, the friends who more concern about the conclusions can be direct to jump to the bottom page.

2017-9-9, Hcash (super cash) official website ( released the latest wallet version (, and announced in the 106,000 block, it achieved hard bifurcation, and smooth upgraded to achieve POW + POS hybrid mining. Please consult the official announcement. (

According to the Hcash latest source codes (, this article makes a deep research for analysis of Hcash (super cash) mining trends and miners mining guidance.

Official Announcement Description:
Today (September 8, 2017), Hcash's main chain of the first hard bifurcation upgrade has been fully prepared to achieve Hcash's first important feature - POW + POS hybrid mining. Hcash will implement a hard bifurcation upgrade at the block height of the current backbone of 106000.

After the upgrade, it will be:
1、   Using POW + POS hybrid mining model, the two models each received half of the proceeds.
2、   At the beginning of each block to obtain 1.6HSR income, decreasing year by year, each year the yield of each block decreased by 0.016HSR for 100 years.
View the block version definition from the source code: src / chainparams.cpp
nHeightV1enable = 106000;
nLastPOWBlockV1 = 52560000;
nLastPOWBlockV0 = 1000;

That is, Hcash will be divided into V0, V1, Vc, Vf four versions. The specific definition is as follows:
Block height            version definition
0 ~ 1000                    V0
1000 ~ 106000            Vc (for the current version to upgrade to V1)
106000 ~ 52560000    V1 (has been defined can be POW and POS mixed mining version)
> 52560000            Vf (after V1 version)
As of the time (2017-9-12 10:15), the current block height is 105216.

View the block bonus definition from the source src / main.cpp.
   if (Params().IsVersionV1(pindexBest->nHeight + 1)){
if(pindexBest->nHeight < 52560000) {return 1.6 * COIN - 0.016 * COIN * ( pindexBest->nHeight / 525600 ) + nFees;}
else {return nFees;}
if(pindexBest->nHeight < nStakeMinConfirmations){return GLOBAL_MONEY*COIN/nStakeMinConfirmations +nFees;}   
else {return nFees;}

nStakeMinConfirmations is defined the value:
int nStakeMinConfirmations = 50;

Conclusion: The first 50 blocks reward another count (naturally the official in control), Vc version of the block reward only contains the sum of the transaction fee . V1 version of the block income of 1.6hsr down 0.016HSR by block, according to the official description it will continue for 100 years, then we can reverse each block time:     
 52560000/100/365/24/60 = 1 minute
That is, one block per minute, 1440 blocks per day, starting from 106,000 blocks, then 10600 pieces of reward for the 1.596773212hsr, the first day of the total block reward is about 2299hsr + block containing the sum of the transaction fee around.

The POW and POS allocation issues are described in the official white paper as follows:
After the 106000 block, each block determined by the POW model is to determine the attribution of the miners, and then converted to POS mode for signature. After a group of the authenticators’ Signatures of the block are confirmed, the block will be confirmed too. Finished this, the block contains the fee will be assigned to the discovery Fast miners and all those who sign the signature. Block rewards are equally assigned to POW miners and all identifiers of POS (50% each).
Conclusion: Starting from the 106,000 block, 1440 blocks per day, each award is 1.60hsr (block-by-block falling) + fee, 50% of bonus is allocated to miners (0.80 or less), and 50% to all appraisers who participate in POS. The total amount of daily issuance is about 2299 (each attenuation).

The following issues of earnings are miners' caring for:
From the above conclusion, it is not difficult to see that all POW miners can get the total profit not more than 1149hsr per day (this figure is really small). The unit of force * (total / total force) can be obtained the income per unit. Of course, the total force is closely related to the currency price, we can expect the total force of the Hcash from reversing the mining income of ETH.

According to the current difficulty, a 1060 6g 6 graphics mining machine (calculated as a unit) ETH earnings per day: 0.0243eth ( 2017-9-12 data), according to the current domestic market price of 1900 yuan (chbtc 2017 -9-12 12:00), that is, the unit output is about 46.17 yuan.  According to Hcash market price of 82.08 yuan (chbtc 2017-9-12 12:00), received 46.17 yuan output, a mining machine need to dig 0.5625 hsr can be flat.

According to the total Hcash POW 1149 of the first day, and assuming that miners’ incomes of eth and hsr are flat, then calculate the total force. It is demanded for 1149 / 0.5625 = 2042 unit.

Conclusion: if eth miners participate in hcash mining, assuming that eth and hsr’s exchange relationship unchanged, then the total force <2042 miner units (1060 * 6 miners) miners income is greater than dig eth.

Finally, we look at our mining methods:
If the mining algorithm is supported by the commercial asic mine, the total force will be greatly improved, and the mining will be concentrated in the hands of the asic mine. On the contrary, mining will be dispersed in the hands of GPU mines. In fact, I was shocked when I saw the source code at first.
src / hash.h function defined as follows:
inline uint256 HashX13 (const T1 pbegin, const T1 pend) 

X13, the world coin machine support algorithm, continue to view the source code src / hash.h:
inline uint256 HashX14 (const T1 pbegin, const T1 pend)

Continue src / main.cpp:
if (Params (). IsVersionV1 (nBestHeight)) {
return HashX14 (BEGIN (nVersion), END (nNonce));
} else {
return HashX13 (BEGIN (nVersion), END (nNonce));

V1 block version of the algorithm is X14, other versions are X13, it is also the world coin machine, and nothing with the graphics card.

Continue src / main.cpp (specific code is too long, not posted):

There is a difference between the HashX14 function and the standard X14Hash function. The hcash x14 function is replaced by the sph_sm3 () algorithm at the 12th operation, and the standard X14 function is the sph_hamsi512 () algorithm.
Found that the mainstream n card ccminer ( mining software of the current version 2.2.1 didn’t support hcash the X14 algorithm. Take the time we will find out other available mining software algorithm support situations.

Conclusion: HCash uses a variant X14 hash algorithm. This algorithm can’t support for the algorithm of mining software and mining. Miners may need to use the official cpu mining model for solo mining.

All conclusions are summarized as follows:
• Starting from the106,000 block, 1440 blocks per day, each award is 60hsr (block-by-block falling) + fee, 50% of bonus is allocated to miners (0.80 or less) and 50% to all appraisers who participate in POS. The total amount is about 2299 (each attenuation).
• eth miners participate in hcash mining, assuming that eth and hsr exchange relationship unchanged, then the total force <2042 miner units (1060 * 6 miner machine) miners income is greater than dig eth.
• HCash uses a variant X14 hash algorithm, This algorithm can’t support for the algorithm of mining software and mining. Miners may need to use the official cpu mining model for solo mining. (Do not rule out the arrival of the coinizer to support the algorithm)

In addition:
• Recommend our website: Nova information - Global emerging digital assets (block chain assets) Information platform | Global emerging digital assets (block chain assets) Information platform
(Iridium (IRD)) (IntenseCoin (itns) pool) are long-term operation, the world's top three of the pool
• We will release the new hcash pool ( after 2017-9-13.
Please pay attention to the latest announcement of our website, it will immediately launch a complete Hcash (super cash) mining tutorial.

6  Local / 挖矿 / 专业评测-Hcash超级现金N卡挖矿版发布,各显卡挖矿速度数据出炉 on: September 16, 2017, 10:32:55 PM

2017-9-13 23:12,HCash主网络区块高度为105941,
按 深度分析-从源代码看Hcash(超级现金)的矿业指南和矿工规划,含挖矿收益预估 中描述的结论,

2017-9-16 20:13,最新的n卡挖矿软件 ccminer 已经发布 ,


标题   数据
超级现金   1060显卡
1060显卡:   7MH/S
1070显卡:   9MH/S
1080显卡   11.8MH/S
其他显卡   尽请期待...

7  Local / 离题万里 / 话说新手原来不能贴图的啊~ on: September 11, 2017, 03:45:54 PM
研究了好长一段时间,原来这个论坛中,新手连贴图都不行的啊 Cry
8  Local / 山寨币 / 快来看看鲸鱼币~~~鲸鱼币上市了!!! on: September 11, 2017, 03:39:38 PM













PoW Mined
No Premine
挖矿算法: Ethash

Total Coin Supply (20-Second Target Block Time)
Block Number   Rewards Per Block
1-1,000   1   (Slow Start)
1001-100,000   15   
100,001-200,000   14   
200,001-300,000   13   
300,001-400,000   12   
400,001-500,000   11   
500,001-600,000   10   
600,001-700,000   9   
700,001-800,000   8   
800,001-900,000   7   
900,001-1,000,000   6   
1,000,001-forever   5   (possibly switch to PoS at some point)





WhaleCoin创造了一个新的高难度调整算法,根据最后一个块是否比目标时间(20秒)发生更快或更慢,可以将每个块的难度调整为前一个块的+/- 10%,这意味着如有需要,难度可按指数调整。这将有助于区块链免受51%采矿攻击。



--rpc <path>/<to>/gwhale.ipc



硬币分配 (After Block #200,000)
矿工: 34%
发展基金: 33%
追随者: 33%

硬币分配(Block #1-#200,000)
矿工: 67%
发展基金: 33%



其他的 "鲸鱼币"
迄今为止我们还发现了另外两个“鲸鱼币”项目,但是注意这两个项目已经被放弃了。 (2014) (2016)

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