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1  Economy / Services / [Tipped] Up to 7 Digit Split Key Vanity Addresses Name your price tool. on: March 01, 2021, 08:39:47 PM

I've created a simple walkthrough an submittal Google Form
I've also ported information here. But submittals should be done on the form above or Via PM.(you can do it here too but I advise against it) 
I've tried this before, was was just dabbling and didn't offer split keys. Needless to say it didn't go well.
Be considerate on pricing please I wont say no though , No split key bc1q or multisig for the time being, Only doing legacy addresses for a name your price.
8-10 Digits is the max I'm willing to go overall, Details about quotes are included.

Split-key BTC Wallet Walkthrough by WK
This guide will walk you through how to generate a public key for me to work off of.
You keep the private key and compress it with a private key I provide you once I find yours , changing the key entirely.
To do this we utilize when you visit please save the website in html format for offline use. Turn you Wi-Fi off after its saved, and open the html.
follow the instruction on screen until you've reached 100%
Click  the Vanity Wallet tab.
Click the generate button.(Step 1 - Generate your "Step1 Key Pair")
Do not share your private key! *You need to save this for later!*
 Save this private key you are going to add it with the key I provide you after I find your prefixes.
Its basically free and split key you really have nothing to lose.
There's are a few stipulations on free use. (See Payments)
What is your Public Key issued in Step 1 Public Key?
The Prefix
I offer a few different styles in prefix options, please Note I,l,0,O are not available for use but i,L,o can be used.
x indicates a random character, If your submitted prefix includes I,l,0 or 0 it will be submitted as case insensitive.
when submitting please submit in the correlating format.
Examples:                     (submit formatting like this)
1JohnxxxxxxxxxxDoe (1John*Doe)
1WaLLet                         (1WaLLet)(if submitted 1Wallet I will work as case insensitive end result may be 1WaLLeT)
1xxxxxxxxxxxxWallet  (1*Wallet)
1xxxxRandomxxxxx    (1*Random*)
8+digits = 0.002BTC+0.001 a day  (Takes a while, additional charge per day.) case insensitive lowers these times.
If you have a long vanity and want to do case insensitive please select yes below
What is your desired custom wallet name? (1ExampLe)
Case Insensitive? (recommended for longer names)
Send a tip, Anything will do.
If you use wildcard's and undertip your wildcard may be deleted if your prefix is too long.
8+digits = 0.002BTC+0.001 a day  (Takes a while, additional charge per day.)
case insensitive lowers these time estimates.
Please send correct payment to
BTC---    1WhypbXPpcaoN7Km2q45W2ke2UnWEHFhy
After your payment has been made put your TXID and email you would like me to send completed work to.
I will respond with my work and provide any additional support needed via email.
What is your TXID?
What is your email you'd like completed work sent to?
How to compress the keys for final output. *And disclaimers*
Go back to and go to step 2 on the vanity wallet tab.
Input your Private Key that you saved earlier into Step 2 Calculate your vanity wallet.(box1)
Input the key I provided into Step 2 Enter Pool Part Private Key(box2)
Click the Add bullet (not multiply) then click generate.
And your done!, If you have issues email me at
I've provided an example below with the format 1*Test
Step 1 - Generate your "Step1 Key Pair"
Step 2 - Calculate your Vanity Wallet
Enter Your Part Private Key (generated in Step 1 above and previously saved):
[NOTE: this input box can accept a public key or private key]
Enter Pool Part Private Key (from Vanity Pool):
[NOTE: this input box can accept a public key or private key]
Add  Multiply
Vanity Bitcoin Address:
The above is your new address that should include your required prefix.
Vanity Public Key (HEX):
The above is the Public Key in hexadecimal format.
Vanity Private Key (WIF):
The above is the Private Key to load into your wallet.
The final product resulting from 1*Test is  1GtugSA8dWUGNxGiwEiXuR17bch6QzTest
the above is copied from
I recommend electrum or as a wallet provider.
Please send 0.001 each additional day your problem is being worked. If it is 8+ digits I will email you with time quote before we begin.
If you decide to not go through with it I'll refund you minus the network fee's and 2% for the quote.
7 digits or less are non refundable. period. complexities vary.
If you would like to reach out before using or have any questions please email
All payments are to be submitted to 1WhypbXPpcaoN7Km2q45W2ke2UnWEHFhy
I will only correspond request through my email
Once a wallet prefix is being worked there are no refunds.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Craig Wright Discussion. on: February 27, 2021, 07:14:10 PM
All the things going on with this guy I'm starting to think he's unstable and a pathological liar.
If he invented BTC (He didn't, I truly believe Hal did , with all my heart) Why is he so anti BTC now days?
Why's he soo damn thirsty for recognition? How's he getting away with half the shit he does?
3  Other / Off-topic / [ -Poll- ] Age groups of crypto bugs on: February 27, 2021, 06:46:38 PM
I'm just looking for general consensus data here.
4  Economy / Service Discussion / Need someone savvy with discord for multiple projects yagpdb ect. on: February 27, 2021, 04:58:58 PM
I've been building a discord for the last month or so that notifies you when things are in stock gpu wise.
I have a country autorole system deployed and a gpu autorole ported to channels in tht country you select. other countries are hidden and stuff its a clean interface and always being improved.
Id like to implement more follows/webhooks for more countries and products.
I'm currently working on other projects for the community(rvn cfx pool) but the group is growing pretty rapidly and i do not want to alienate my user's request.

5  Economy / Collectibles / Selling my Deep learning rig , great for project makers/developers. on: February 25, 2021, 09:00:17 PM
See the listing here
Delete or move to goods if its frowned up posting it here, but hear me out first!
I figured I'd try to reach the guys making custom wallet projects and stuff?
You can use this to batch split-keys for custom wallets on preorders for projects ,
Probably increasing sales due to having almost 0 risk of breach is my thought process.
Give your projects more value and security! I do not recommend batching on the same base key.
6  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Enterprise Deep Learning Server with Watercooling. Homelab. on: February 25, 2021, 08:43:25 PM
Listed it a few years ago(2019?), Here's the updated variation.
It's a c4140/30 Poweredge
2x Xeon silvers 4110  
FCLGA3647(water-blocked (coolit rx1) with koolance exos v2- w/serial port nerf)(run on eternal 12v dc 3a barreljack)
(One cpu has a bent corner but works fine ) Finished water blocking it yesterday.
will ship with cooler disconnected/drained and original heatsinks on board.
Raid 0 boss controller on x2 512gb m2 -(will be formatted with no OS at time of sale) Windows 10 Pro entitled
 2x tesla v100 sxm2 16gb cards. Heastsink no water , includes 3rd gpu heatsink and mounting bracket)
128gb ram- throws post errors on a few slots but works) 40GB Ram I cannot find the rest for the time being (lost at home!) will look for more at work.
X2 platinum 80% 2400watt (only needs one second is for redundancy)
Perc6 is nerfed or broken.
It's missing part of the case lid (cpu/back side) , and the power button is short so it sits freely(not made for this model) . Sxm2 chips are still passivly cooled.
This system can be made quieter with IPMI given perc6 gets fixed.
Buyer pays Shipping and escrow fee's(Ill only escrow with Phillipma1957 or MoparMiningLLC (stryfe). Willing to hand deliver if your close. (Central Texas 76706) is preferred shipping vendor if you choose to deliver via pallet.
only other one id recommend is fed-ex where id have them pack it up. -but buyers choice.
Make a realistic offer, here publicly , Id like to see around 10k for it USD. or in the neighborhood of it.
I'm only selling to go towards a down payment on a house. Ground up builds on these are pricy,
micro eps connectors, NVLink cables and all those things add up really really quick (if you can find them)
BTCTC okay but I prefer fiat since I'm using funds for a real world use.
Its a bit dusty from being in attic but i have dusted it about once a month with compressor.
ETH mining posted in pics (Trex w10/telnet) ,(357 watts at 60%power pulling 186-189mh on daggerhash)
I really used this for vanitypool split-keys or private split-key generation its been mining eth since November 2020 but wasnt ran for eth before that.
(but it has many months of uptime on sha256 bruteforcing) (4.8 billion keys per sec with both cpu's and gpu's enabled)-base not splitkey
I may consider trades.
only runs 2 cards in standard drivers, DCH will read 4 cards but nothing in crypto seems to be dch built. so I never got to see full capacity of this machine.
If you wanted to add 2 more card youd only need the 2 cards,and 1 extra heat sink with mounting bracket. all the wiring is there for the reset of the board.
This has been a clout monster, status quo type of machine, rig pr0n if you will.
My personal homelab server. Its ugly as fu*k but it gets the damn job done.
Feel free to discuss this machine here in this topic. I've never seen anyone else with anything like it.

I will add updates below this line.-unless its crucial. Then I'll add it up there ^


7  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] V10032gb, T4, and RTX6000 on: February 22, 2021, 10:28:08 PM
I've had a really crappy last 2 weeks maybe a sale or 2 will help.
Make offers, more for the brute force crowd not the mining crowd.

3x RTX6000- not for mining lol

7x T4*

I can go stupid cheap on the T4's if you get them all.(like 50% of ebay pricing)
25mh @75watts on dagger

No longer have bulk
8  Economy / Computer hardware / 11 Spoondoolies sp30/31 on: February 19, 2021, 06:17:32 PM
got 11 of these spaceheaters I dont remember what models exactly but remember they are 30/31 models
ships from 76706 get em cheap , shipping and escrow on buyer got 11 on a pallet
9  Economy / Collectibles / [Auction]1100+All Holographic Pokemon cards -Pics- |Surprise Mega Lot| on: February 08, 2021, 10:33:15 PM
About 1200 cards, 100 duplicates or non holos reduced from total but still included in lot so 1100
Majority are NM followed by LP , maybe 10 or less HP or worse.
SV cards
Secret Rares
Stamped cards
Full Arts
Base set
You name it
Only English cards
About 54 incomplete sets
Literally all holo's or reverse holo's
Would like to purge them all in unseen fashion.
Id really like to do an auction.
Starting bid @ BTC0.025BTC (or about $1 pcard)
Minimum bid increments at BTC0.0005BTC*
Ending Monday February 15, 2021 at 10:00:00 pm CST
Shipping on your preference. Ill accept MJ as escrow if you choose. -still no refunds-*updated
Buy it now at BTC0.05BTC but only before a bid is made. May trade things too. Only before a bid is made.
All payments to be made to- bc1q000000dv8hy5cdkt0fhg55wudqwfege9239m3z

*Surprise Plot twist*   21 questions! -16 remain-
For Bidders only!(lifted bid requirement)* 1 Question each You can get an extra if your original was passed.
I'll answer 21 questions to keep things interesting if the answer to your question lets to many cats out of the bag.
I may type -pass- and it still counts as a question so try to be selective.

Ill put Q/A below here.

No pictures?
No, (for now) if I upload pictures Ill change the formatting as it wont really be a surprise lot anymore.

How do we know there isn't 90% Sun and Moon holos here,
Because there's about 163 cards in that set and I stated I reduced dups out. Worst case scenario if I had a master set of holos would be like 17%
I have an old philosophy, Don't shit where you eat.

which are worth what like 10 cents each?
something like that with TCGP pricing at marketplace low.

Just to be curius: What about 1st Edition Base Set Holos? Are there any?  Cheesy

are the cards stored in a smoke-free environment & for how long those were exposed into light conditions (ie in a non-dark place such as closet/drawer)
I don't smoke in my house. I cant say really cause I don't know history on all of them, ones I've bought new are stored in card boxes or binders.
I've acquired a lot of them used through card shops ,friends, family, ebay, etc.
Its a family affair for us, not a white glove event.

Still keeping surprise mega lot format , last picture is mostly non holos but an idea of what non holos are included.
There's not tons of older cards but a few.

 I have 770 scanned into TCGPlayer at marketplace value low the (incomplete scanned) collection is valued at $1060.72 (this includes the cards evaluated at $0.01) its insulting and inaccurate.

10  Economy / Computer hardware / (WTS) Various GPUs 1070/1080ti/2070/2080-closed- on: January 08, 2021, 09:26:28 PM
Selling the following.
escrow with phillip if you chose.

x2 2080 super dell - 1 has a broken clip ear at pci works great still.
x2 2070 dell
x1 P2000 dell
x3 1080Ti dell
x1 1080 Waterblocked dell
x4 1070 dell
local friend of mine is selling a Titan XP starwars edition with display box and everything asked me to list it (asking 1200)

Messed up cards that read in windows, artifact or crash underload.
may or may not work after being worked/reflow

x4 2070 dell    $150 each
x1 1080ti dell  $100
x1 1070 evga  $40


I will overtrade cards for 30xx series cards ,you'll be losing efficiency in this trade but gaining hashpower. I can make it worth it.
No longer selling doesnt make sense too at this point in time.
11  Economy / Computer hardware / (WTB) 3060/3070 us on: January 08, 2021, 09:17:56 PM
looking for new gen cards amd is fine too (not looking for 3090 or any cards tht are priced like that. affordable gen only.)
escrow if I've never dealt with you
us only
I dont wanna pay scalp pricing but I understand the game right now. lets make a deal!
Im interested in card-less or dated rigs too.

12  Economy / Services / Custom Extended Vanities on: December 22, 2020, 03:21:59 PM
Dusted off an old rig, it's a pretty capable system,
Anyone want a vanity like this 123456789JzvNrbXHD9C7SDV8nz9TUwV4i
Split keys no problem,
I wont charge much , we can quote based on difficulty time esitmate digits or whatnot.
I can do bulk addresses too for projects such as coins or notes/bonds.
Just bored looking to earn a little btc.
13  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB p106 turnkey systems on: December 20, 2020, 11:19:26 AM
Ships to 76706
What do yall have.
14  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS x4 Artifating 2070s on: December 20, 2020, 11:18:10 AM
2 are artifacting ,2 are failing bench with no apparent issues. All 4 read in windows.
As is where is , may need reflow, no burnouts, no missing diodes
Highest offer takes them this Friday at 5pm central time.
(I'll do auction formatting if it pops off guys)
15  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS Sxm2 Tesla V100 32gb on: December 20, 2020, 11:13:29 AM
Pulled from a c4130/40 custom DL bed.(not for sale)
Will include heat sink and lapping brackets.
Ships from Tx
We knocked out a lot of vanitypool with x4 of these last year.
Hash @ about 90-120 on dagger hashimoto

I will trade for a 16gb and some cash/btc,  having bandwidth issues with the 32gb vram on 4110 silvers so yes, my loss your gain.

Last time I posted v100s I didnt get very good offers, ultimatley sold them on ebay at ask price , i will beat brokerbin ,ebay or whoever's pricing guys but be real with it! These arnt practical miners , these are for data intense operations AI and deep learning.
Escrow with Minerjones or PhillipMa if hes still doing it.
16  Other / Serious discussion / Mining to BlockFi interest accounts with a deposit every day. on: December 20, 2020, 12:26:23 AM
I'm in a pretty good profit split situation right now whereas I'm mining on great hardware (v100s) sxm2 systems , I'm looking to really create a snowball here , blockfi is offering %6 a year interest account. Has anyone ran an audit with a interrupted month to see if added btc is added/compounded as soon as its added? ( does this daily and very blatantly explains it@4.08%)
17  Economy / Computer hardware / (WTS)2080super & RTX6000 x1 on: December 14, 2020, 01:50:59 PM
2080 supers arnt mining anymore , light scuffs , missing a diode or two ships from tx make offer.
I have lots more avalible that dont work 2060/2080/ti estimated 100 ct. These have various Knicks in pcb, chips, burn traces ect.

I have and rtx6000 that has a chip hanging on it from getting knicked in gaylord , would rather get it fixed then sell it, I no longer do reflow services cause I suck at it with a 5050 repair rate.

Located in central texas

18  Economy / Goods / UTVs, SXS, Quads, Buggies MX ect. on: November 10, 2020, 01:04:06 PM
I have things of this nature , located in Texas
Wouldnt mind getting a little bitcoin for some of this stuff
You guys think I could sell it on here? How should I go about it ? Raffles? Auctions? General listings?
Post your thoughts or opinions.
19  Economy / Computer hardware / Looking for large scale electronic scrap in or near TX (call/data/mining) on: November 10, 2020, 12:32:12 AM
Topic says it all, R2.
Logistics provided.
Purchase by unit or by lbs.
20  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS]Satori, Stamp,Crypto Cosmos Deck, Holos Shoot me an offer- on: October 29, 2020, 07:39:13 PM
Got a few things I'm selling
Satori in case #32446
Black 6 digit crypto stamp
A deck of crypto cosmos limited 1st release #34
A few holo stickers.
Not pictured my BWA proof of burn note.
Just post a offer or pm me one.
Shipping on buyer preference.

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