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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / My account (MickeyT2008) was recently hijacked on: December 04, 2017, 12:45:52 AM
My account (MickeyT2008) was recently hijacked, I discovered this because I started getting notification emails.  I haven't been trading for a couple of years so my account should have been inactive as I've had no reason to post anything or contact anyone.  Anything written before 2015 was by me, anything more recently wasn't.  I hope whoever did this hasn't scammed any of you.

I'm not even sure what they'd hope to gain by impersonating me anyway, I was never a big time trader, I never traded more than 400 worth of BTC and last held bitcoin when it was about $350.  (yes, obviously I wish I still had it, lol, but I don't).

The question of course is how they obtained my login details for this forum.  Anyway I've changed my password so hopefully they won't be able to log in and pretend to be me again.
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / What's your experience of automated trading and which sofware is the best? on: May 08, 2013, 10:50:58 AM
I'm interested in this because I need a life other than sitting here in front of this computer 24/7.  I'm looking to find a reasonably inexpensive but effective automated trading program (when I can afford it) to trade via Mt.Gox, if it can use others such as BTC-E too or trade between them or other cryptocurrencies then that's even better of course.

Although the returns might not be as high as manual trading there's also the fact that I seem to make as many losses as gains so perhaps a bot would do better than me, well at least with my current trading experience level.  (I'm getting better, honestly!)(slowly)

It would also be good to find a program that doesn't spam Mt.Gox with millions of satoshi sized bids/asks too as that's just annoying for everyone else, but I assume that this would be adjustable in the program settings.  I'm making a lot of assumptions because I haven't actually tried such software yet of course.

Is there any decent open source software that does this too?  I don't mind paying though if it doesn't cost a fortune because it's supposed to make me money, but it'll only be playing with a couple of Bitcoins at first until it earns some more.

All help appreciated, and good luck with the trading
3  Other / Off-topic / Do you find yourself dreaming about Bitcoin exchange prices? on: May 06, 2013, 05:34:10 PM
Sad as it may be this has been happening to me a lot lately (on the rare occasions that I get to sleep), I an only assume that this is because I either spend too long looking at the prices, or because I'm foolishly wasting the rest of the time being asleep as opposed to doing more looking at the prices.  Anyway, what tends to happen is that I dream that the prices are really in my favour, then I wake up and look at the real prices to find that they're nothing like as favourable to me.  Sad

Does this or anything similar happen to you?  What are your dream prices like, are they good are they more like nightmare prices?  Should I get out more?

I could understand this if I had millions riding on this, but I've only actually got about 3BTC - maybe I'm just optimistically dreaming of the future, hey?

All replies, especially humorous ones are welcome, and good luck with the real world trading!
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