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1  Economy / Economics / Bitcoin and COVID on: May 24, 2020, 06:24:46 AM
Photo credit to CoinTelegraph

Before this pandemic outbreak happens we see that the market price of the bitcoin are running toward to good market value from the month of February it takes the peak for over $10,000 which a huge amount and having warming welcome back to the market income of the coin, but in just a single month the market price of the bitcoin falls down into the month of March and reaches the value of $3,800. In some cases, there is a huge impact of the pandemic outbreak into the economy because the stock and shares falls down but the thing is the market price of the bitcoin are still going into the uptrend. Many people stated that bitcoin becomes a safe haven because it still has a good market price that is continuously pumping. Also, the use of the bitcoin has huge benefits to the whole economy if they will adopt this it may prevent the virus from spreading too. If we use the bitcoin or the cryptocurrency as a transaction we can now avoid getting outside just to transfer your funds, also we can use this for having a secured transaction, and one of the best thing we will not touch any tangible money which is dirty money can cause rapidly spreading the money.

What do you think about this bitcoin adaptation? It can benefit while we are having this pandemic outbreak.

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2  Economy / Speculation / Cryptocurrency price is coming back. on: March 21, 2020, 03:54:02 AM
From the previous weeks until today we have a huge problem and this is the outbreak that is the Coronavirus or the NCov19 this pandemic plague are worldwide spreading and this is the one by the market price of the fiat and the cryptocurrency fall down. Now we are focusing to the cryptocurrency when the virus started the market price of the bitcoin in just 24 hours are immediately fall down and this is not good news to the people who made a lot of investment when the market is too high and the thing they must need to do is holding their coins and it takes again a lot of days or months to bring back the market price of the bitcoin to be good. But here is the good news from the previous weeks of a downtrend the market price of the cryptocurrency again becomes profitable because from the 24 hours of being stable of the market price the bitcoin and the altcoin price immediately increase for over $24 Billion rapidly and this is a good sign that the market price of the coin becomes profitable again.

From the price of the coin from $5000 from the previous weeks the market price of the coin rapidly increase and now it is already $6.2 and this is a huge change within this hours only the same with the altcoins they are rapidly increasing and this is a good sign of having a good market again, after the fighting to the spreading of the virus and it becomes fine again.


3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Efficiency of using a card with the use of cryptocurrency. on: March 18, 2020, 11:43:22 AM
From the previous weeks, we are now facing a huge problem related to the stock market and the whole process of earning that is related to the fiat currency and cryptocurrency but my focus today is the use with the cryptocurrency because it is the fastest and secured transaction nowadays and now we are facing a huge problem in the economy because of the spreading of the outbreak happening today that is the coronavirus or the Ncov19 and there are rules today that we need to avoid having contact to the other people and this is the best time for the working of digital currency today they are now widely spreading and support the use of cryptocurrency and online payment because they are avoiding getting outside just to pay for their bills and other stuff they need just to survive to the outbreak.

Yesterday is the releasing of the and approval of the coinbase for having a card transaction because they see the potential of this kind of transaction payment, we all know that the coinbase is one of the largest exchange platforms that you can make investment and trade your coins to earn more profit, by this they conclude and use this opportunity to make more convenient with the help of having a coinbase card this card is the same like the atm and debit card we have today but the difference is they are using the cryptocurrency and automatically converted into fiat currency. Only a few countries will have the opportunity to use this kind of card today and also they can only use this for the Google Play for a meantime.

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