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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / VALORANT Betting on: August 26, 2020, 08:42:00 AM
We, as gamblers, are also fond in betting in various sports, even eSports, that has its increasing community and popularity from time to time. Considering the biggest Prize pool of the International of DotA2 (that was postponed), people are slowly being fond to gaming (add the fact that the quarantine affected such factor).

Here's a little insights:
So recently, RIOT made VALORANT -- a 5v5, first-person shooter game that was a ripoff of CS:GO and has a little touch of Overwatch, what makes it unique is that each characters has it's own ability (Just like DotA) and of course, had it's unique gameplay that each and every team sets could go in millions of possible strategies and outcome. It's beta testing release made so many views from various valorant twitch streamers such as Pokimane and Hiko. Hence, after its release, many had started downloading and playing Valorant, even streamed it through either Twitch or Facebook. Hence, from time to time, its popularity and users are increasing as well.

If you don't know the game, better check out this youtube video by VALORANT - Protatomonster --- TOP 50 BEST PLAYS IN VALORANT

Now, I've been searching for websites that accepts bets in Valorant's Tournaments[1], and I found three articles containing betting sites that supports the game, but I've only chose the first three they've suggested (as it was also popular in eSports betting)

Here's the articles list:

Here's the list of article's top Valorant betting site indicated correspondingly:

Would you consider in betting in Valorant games? Do you think it would be much popular, as betting in Dota2, in the future?

[1] ---

2  Local / Pamilihan / Nauusong "easy-money" on: August 02, 2020, 09:33:56 AM
Magandang Araw, mga Kababayan!
This isn't a promotion nor whatsoever if you ever find it one.

Recently napansin ko dumadami na ang gustong kumita not only by selling but also yung tingin nilang "easy money". Then many already had been posting on Facebook that they earn by watching youtube videos, some even posted screenshots of how much they earn and even blue bills just to prove their legitimacy, but then of course a way to earn referrals as well.

This new app that supports only Philippine Peso is named as Trendy.

Have you heard of it? Well then here's how their referral and earning system was.
(I've asked a friend na nag gaganon if you would ask me paano ko nalaman haha)

At first you need to have a referrer (to register you in their platform), but then what bothers me is that you must invest for as low as 750Php just for registration. And their mode of payment depends on your referrer kung Gcash, Coins.PH, Paymaya, or Direct payment ang gusto. Then after that mayroon kang tatlong ways to earn:
  • Referral - same as kung paano ka nagsimula, just depends sa kung paano mo ipopromote ito para magkareferrals ka.
  • Benta ng sabon - I found this funny pero totoo, they letting you to earn by reselling their product as well.
  • Watching Youtube videos - you earn tokens that you can convert to Philippine Peso. But then there are two types of membership as well:
    • Silver Membership - this costs 750Php. You earn .5 token per video.
    • Gold Membership - this costs 1500Php. You earn 1 token per video.
    then counted na daw sa earning ng token ang 1min and 30sec na panonood, because videos ranges from 6 to 14 mins long.

How much is the conversion of their token to peso?

They also say na if you are Silver Member, just 250 lang ang fee dahil 500 ay mapupunta parin sayo, as well as Gold member which is 500 naman ang fee and 1000 mapupuna sa account mo.

Well then let's calculate. If you have a silver account and you watched 1.5 mins in an hour straight...
(0.5 token * (3600 (seconds in an hour) * 90 (seconds in 1.5 mins))) * 0.02 (amount of php per token)
Basically, you can watch 40 videos in an hour hence you can have 20 tokens for that. and 20 tokens in php is just .4 pesos. And if you would have watch for the whole day (approx. 10 hrs), then you could earn 4 pesos. (yes you've read it right). And if you ever have Gold account, twice lang ang earnings mo in watching youtube.

Then let's calculate those whom are saying "For a month, ganito kalaki (mostly thousands) na kinita mo!"
Silver account earns 4 pesos in 10 hrs per day of watching youtube. Simply multiplying 4 to 30 would give you only 120 pesos! And even having a gold member account that costs 500 in registration (kasi nga 1000 babalik sayo), then you could only have 240pesos.

Now how some earn so much? Simple lang, Referrals. Why? Each successful referral could give you 250Php. Then imagine being famous, well-known, and respected, then you can gain as many referral as you could have (kasi some of my Facebook friend na professionals are promoting such application).

Now, I looked up their company (Trendy Unlimited Trading Corp.) on both DTI and SEC online and I've found nothing on DTI business name search and SEC business search is unfortunately down at the moment.

BTW, here's images of their membership perks.

All I want to say is to warn that I think with this kind of earnings, they are simply a pyramiding scam. Referrers get to earn, then you earn more by referring as well. But then tingin ko lang yun, lalo na sa earnings na magagawa mo through watching youtube compared sa kung magkano iinvest mo would take you months before mong makuha amount ng ininvest mo. Worth it? Only if you are successful finding people to refer, or you are good at selling their product. But with what they promote as "Manonood ka lang, kikita ka na?" I think it was never worth a single try at all.
3  Other / Meta / Section Headers on Microsoft Edge on: July 27, 2020, 02:28:40 PM
Good day, guys!

Recently as I browse the forum on my laptop, more specifically on Gambling Discussion, I've noticed a header (as I use Microsoft edge).

As you can see, there were a short description on what the section was for. But I also tried once logging on Opera and I found nothing.

Then I was curious why Opera doesn't have so I've downloaded 3 more browsers: Vivaldi, Brave, and Chrome, and the pictures are below correspondingly.

So I would want to ask why such browsers doesn't support what the Microsoft Edge does. Or am I the only one having this kind of feature?

Profile -> Look and Layout Preferences -> "Show board descriptions inside boards"
4  Local / Others (Pilipinas) / [SUGGESTION] Add local child boards please on: June 14, 2020, 05:18:58 AM
Magandang Araw, mga Kababayan!

Nung mga nakaraang araw, napansin ko na may mga thread dito sa Local Board natin na wala namang kinalaman sa Bitcoin nor sa anything related sa crypto. Ayon kay Dabs,
Quote from: Dabs, in his "Non Bitcoin Posts/Threads will be Deleted."
Any existing threads beyond the first page will remain there as is. Any new threads that are not about bitcoin or crypto in general or financial related will be deleted. Any old threads that are not bitcoin or crypto related that gets bumped up to the first page will get deleted. And from time to time, very old threads that are off topic will also get deleted.
which is clearly stated na buburahin ang mga non-related sa crypto or finances. But then, may mga posts na off-topic and far connected sa required topic sa ating local board.

Gusto ko lamang isuggest na magkaroon tayo rito sa ating local board ng mga sumusunod na Child Boards:

Ang mga threads na nabanggit ay tunay na magaganda naman ang content and ang thought, pero dapat bumalik din tayo sa fact na kabilang ito sa mga off-topic and non-related threads sa crypto. Madami din akong gustong gawing thread na Off-topic like mga I.T related questions and mga kinalaman sa nangyayari ngayon sa ating bansa partikular na sa issue sa gobyerno at mga thoughts ko sa mga nagrarally. Cheesy

Kahit itong post na to ay pwede sa Pilipinas > Meta eh. lol.

Anong masasabi niyo mga kababayan?

Note: Gusto ko sana ito isuggest sa post ni Dabs na "Other sections for this forum?" ngunit ang huling post ay January 13 2020 pa kaya't ito'y magiging necro bumping...
5  Other / Off-topic / [DISCUSSION] Why you shouldn't trust any anonymous files and applications. on: May 21, 2020, 02:28:48 PM

Recently while being on lock down, I've been studying Ethical Hacking and how can someone penetrate, gain access, and bypass any security just to steal information on a certain target (single person or even a group). My first practice was to hack my own phone and it is was just easy as 1 2 3. Then, I chatted my friend that I would hack her, I her a malicious file/mobile app on my friend and ask her "Just install it I just wanted to test if my mobile app can work on other devices." Then with that little Social Engineering, I managed to gain access in here phone without her knowing. (ofcourse she didn't think it was possible) I've sent her a picture of her on her phone's front cam then teach her the lesson in which she was both amazed and shocked with how easy anyone could access other device. She then later accepted my actions as it was even a lesson for her.

I've also seen users in here that said their accounts was hacked. Below would contain some tips on how to prevent such events.

There are a lot of attacks that can be used to gain access, most commonly on Android and Windows devices.

    • APK FILE (Android Package) - never ever download any APK files online even those MOD (modified) apps that lets you use a premium-like service of a certain application (Spotify, Netflix, etc). One thing I've learned is that hackers can inject payloads (malicious scripts) on an existing APK file, meaning that they can have a malicious script running on an already trusted android application. And with a simple installation, hacker can gain access on your device, without you noticing!
    • PDF FILE - never trust someone to make you view nor even download ANY pdf files! I've recently learned that a single pdf can even manage to gain an access on your android device without even any detection from Google's preinstalled anti-virus.
    • ANY FILE!!! - Yes, you've read it right! There's an easy attack that can load/inject scripts and payloads on file formats such as Image files (JPEG, PNG, anything!), PDF Files, and even other Microsoft Office file formats! There is even a way to bypass any antivirus just with a single encryption of the script injected to the file, hence with a single execution, the attacker can easily gain access on your computer!
    • PUBLIC WIFI - never ever connect to any public and open Wi-Fi! There's an attack that allows the hacker to use his Wi-Fi adapter (can be preinstalled on laptops, smartphones, wi-fi dongles) to monitor ALL the traffic that is going through the Wi-fi. Basically, Wi-Fi transfers data on the air not on a single unseen line but rather scatters it in the mid air, and just let the clients (users) fetch those data depending upon their Wi-fi connection's channel. Therefore, He can track and listen to the transfers of data, even focus on a single I.P/target, and fetch all the traffic (contains passwords, images, even chats!). The attacker can even send you fake websites of what your are visiting and let you input your credentials!

  • Android hacking attacks can be prevented easily by simply not trusting any anonymous offers and file/application downloads. Just focus on applications that is on your Playstore and not download anything from unknown sources, even those that can give you hacks on many subscription-based services and platforms!
  • Preventing such Windows attacks is easy. Always keep your anti-virus updated (I personally suggests using Windows Defender that updates almost everyday and already preinstalled on any Windows distributions). Also, never download files that came from the internet even from simple emails from unknown sources. Better use Virtual Machines for downloading files so that the attacker cannot gain access on your main files.
  • NEVER CONNECT TO ANY PUBLIC/OPEN WIFI. That's just a simple prevention that is much worth and better than any post-actions.

  • USE STRONG PASSWORDS OR EVEN ENCRYPT IT! There are a lot of text-encryption such as base64 (can be repeated multiple times), TDES, AES, etc. Those I've mentioned are the pretty strong encryptions, you can even combine all the encryption to have a solid password. I use all of it one by one (from plaintext -> base64 -> etc..) then save the output as my password online. With that, the possibility of bruteforcing your password would be even less than zero.

I've posted this simply just to warn all the users on how can they be vulnerable digitally. There had been a lot of users whom still had been hacked here in the forum, and I hope the tips could be somehow helpful for them and make them less vulnerable to certain cyber attacks. This is only for educational purposes, please do not commit nor try Hacking without further approval from someone you would test it.

Let me know if you have more suggestions or any clarifications with the thread! 
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / COVID-19 and its effect in Gambling World on: March 08, 2020, 02:51:50 AM
We all know that there is a virus outbreak named COVID-19 and it's spreading quickly throughout the entire globe. Though preventive and and can be somehow cured and be reduced by healing the specific symptoms one-by-one (based on Is there a cure for the new coronavirus? by Stephanie Pappas), there are still numerous cases in which would affect soon every single person on the planet.

Currently, there are 106,195 confirmed cases in which 42,405 cases that are active and almost 3,600 confirmed deaths around the world. COVID-19 can be passed in a lot of different ways, more likely to be through physical contact. And it is obvious that most gambling (especially physical casinos) were bombarded with strangers that aren't that assured if do have the disease or not, and has a high chance where many physical contact occurs (like passing of bank notes and bets).

Recently, there was an article titled South Korea burns, quarantines bank notes as Covid-19 rages in which its states that one of South Korea's preventive measures is they've seen that, it is a risk and a huge possible that bank notes can carry the virus and with the papers being passed through the economy is also an implicit transmitting of the virus.

But then think of it. Casino is a common and usual place where people do often make contact not only by oral communication but also with touching bank notes, casino coins, and even dices and other things used in betting. Therefore, there is a huge chance that COVID-19 would drastically decrease the physical gambling and do somehow can change gamblers' physical gambling onto digital one. And with that, it can somehow increase the community of overall cryptocurrency.
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