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1  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] Avalon Units 84GH hashing power, Located in EU. Escrow. on: December 04, 2013, 08:30:32 AM
Looking to sell my avalon units. Reasons are family and work needs my prioritity at this stage in life.
They are working extremely well with latest ckolivas firmware, only modification i found necessary is restarting cgminer every 3-4 hours to keep hashing and hardware errors to a minimum.

The units:
2x 1x Avalon B2 80GH (Both running on around 82GH 12 hour eligius hash average)

4x Avalon Mini 60GH (Two of them are running in a cooled space (fixed 375mh), at 58GH 12 hour average, the other two, are in a less air circulated room and i put them on --avalon-auto to not overheat. They run on 53GH average 12 hour speeds)
12 Hour hashing totals are 390GH, should be able to tweak to 400-410 with better airflow/cooling.


Hash print proof from eligius 12 hour overview:

Units come with EU server grade thick power cords, and 4 TP-Link wifi cable antennas, i think i have 1 more antenna but not guaranteed. (would recommend cable though).

I am looking for minimum 3BTC/PC 2BTC/PC 1.5 for the Avalon B2 units, and 2BTC/PC for the Avalon Minis.
Payment only in BTC.

Shipping And Location:
Shipping excluded. Price within EU for courier around 300 pending on your location.
Units are located within European Union, meaning no import tax for you.
I will only ship/sell within EU.
All original packaging are stored and will be used for shipping.

I reserve the right to take any private offer and also remove any trolling messages in the thread. If you dont like my price, move along, no need to tell it in the thread.
Post your offers below, or send me a message.

SebastianJu will be the ONLY point of escrow, as i have done multiple deals using him already (feel free to ask him).
SebastianJu creates a wallet, you send funds there, when i see funds in wallet i ship goods to you, when you receive the goods i get the funds from SebastianJu and we both give him a tip for his free service.
2  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] bit coin lottery domain name. .com only. on: November 07, 2013, 02:40:57 PM

For a partner, looking for purchase of one or two word bitcoin related lottery domain.
  • one or two words, no exeptions (owners of need not apply)
  • .com only, no exeptions (owners or similiar need not apply)
  • no numbers
  • no dashes
  • btc, coin, bt, bitcoin, or relevant made up words
  • lottery must be part of the name (no incorrect spelling)

name your price and domain on pm. or post here. i will delete post either way if unrelated or domain of interest to avoid thread jacking.
3  Bitcoin / Hardware / [POLL/VOTE] What should Avalon do with our past due orders? on: August 09, 2013, 08:46:14 PM
Update: Avalon has decided to give groupbuyers and direct purchases a refund. Most of us asked for this to happend. If this poll was a success or not , I will let you decide. I am happy with the outcome of receiving a refund of the GroupBuys I participated in. I have locked the voting and the topic. Thanks for participating and good luck in future BTC ventures.
Dear Avalon,

Most of the group buys arranged on this forum very early are now past due delivery with more than 5 weeks. You said yourself, many times that you really dislike and do not want to do B2C distribution ever again (Avalon Miners Batch 1-3) mainly because of disrespectful and screaming clients.
You then decided to work only with B2B, while taking this route, you made promises and agreements with clients. Many of them where groupbuyers, these groupbuyers in turn, has direct clients like us: B2C. While you are not living up to your agreement with your B2B clients of 9-10 weeks delivery, this in turn puts you in an extreme bad light over all your potential future clients, US the B2C clients, trusting board developers and suppliers such as burnin and BKKcoins to do a better board mounting service than you did (and do not want to ever do again).
I read your post on the main page of your site, telling heartbreaking stories of personal life being infriged upon and that chips are held in customs. This might all be true, but then all we need to look at is your agreements with your B2B clients. You made a promise to deliver prepaid orders, which you did not do. Where in the world does your personal life, or the employees of your company make us risk takers in the sense of you not abiding by your agreements? You as a company need to take some risk in this, your clients shall not bear all the cost in this..
I only see a few options for you to recoup your trust in the market, the vote above will show you which one will be most appreciated by the forum, your B2C clients, who you never want to do business with again..

To anyone else on the forum, shall i change any of the votes? or am i missing something cruicial in my writing that i should change?

Edit1: I changed from 30% to 100% more chips on delivery.

Edit2: This is presumably the address which received all the orders:
Contains more than 70.000 coins. Should be simple to refund.
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