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1  Economy / Games and rounds / September 2013 draw at New lottery. on: September 10, 2013, 11:03:46 AM
September 2013 draw at

Hi guys I would like to introduce a new bitcoin lottery - Where you can play daily, weekly and monthly draws.

So starting from this September we will have a monthly draw that should hopefully attract more people and pot size should be much bigger than in weekly and daily draws

The lottery is completely provably fair, we even have a script and API to check our fairness. You can read more in the main thread

Feel free to get in and good luck.
2  Economy / Gambling / ▶ - Provably fair, DAILY WEEKLY MONHLY draws. NO price limit on: September 09, 2013, 12:14:14 PM

Hi guys, I'd like to introduce a site I've been working on:

  • no registration
  • no tickets
  • no price limit
  • instant results (kind of)
  • the more you send the higher your chances
  • 5 winners
  • daily, weekly, monthly draws
  • 2 confirmations
  • provably fair

So, basically this is a lottery with unusual properties: it's completely anonymous, no registration required, it doesn't have tickets or number guessing, there is no limit to the amount of bitcoin you can send in the each draw and chances to win are proportional to the amount you've sent. So for example if the draw pool is currently 75 BTC and you've just sent 25 BTC, totalling the pool at 100 BTC, your chances to win will be 25%

There're 5 winners in each draw: 1st place winner takes 50% of the pool, second - 25%, third - 12.5%, forth - 6.75%, fifth - 3.125%, remaining amount is the house edge.

Currently there is DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY draws, their names are self explanatory I think.

Provably fair
It is provably fair of course. We use a combination of server side seed and transactions hashes: a server side seed and is pregenerated for each draw and its hash published while the draw is active and when the draw ends we publish the original seed. We concatenate it with transaction hashes to generate an unpredictable number that is used to determine lottery winners, you can read more at the Fairness page
And we also have a python script that implements the algorithm and verifies results, you can inspect and run it, just give the draw id: python 25
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from __future__ import print_function

import json
import requests
import sys

from hashlib import sha256

def make_draw(amounts, hash):
    hash_num = int(hash, 16)
    total = sum(amounts)
    total_bits = len(bin(total)) - 2
    rand_num = int(bin(hash_num)[-total_bits:], 2)
    offset = 0
    while rand_num > total:
        offset += 1
        rand_num ^= int(bin(hash_num)[-total_bits-offset:-offset], 2)

    i = lottery(amounts, rand_num)
    return i

def lottery(elements, rand):
    value = 0
    for i,el in enumerate(elements):
        value += el
        if rand <= value:
            return i

def prettify(dictionary):
    return json.dumps(dictionary, indent=4, sort_keys=True)

URL = '' + sys.argv[1]

draw = requests.get(URL).json()

#print "DRAW: ", prettify(draw)

participations = sorted(draw['participations'], key=lambda p:p['amount'], reverse=True)
amounts = map(lambda p:p['amount'], participations)
combined_hash = sha256(reduce(lambda acc, p: acc + p['txid'], participations, draw['seed'])).hexdigest()

total = sum(amounts)
reward = total/2
fee = total * 0.03125
results = []
while reward >= fee:
    if not participations:
        if results: results[-1]['amount']+=total-fee
    winner = make_draw(amounts, combined_hash)
    result = dict(
    winning_participation = participations.pop(winner)
    amounts = map(lambda p:p['amount'], participations)
    total = reward
    reward = total/2
    combined_hash = sha256(combined_hash + winning_participation['txid']).hexdigest()

#print "RESULTS: ", prettify(results)

real_winners = sorted(draw['winners'], key=lambda p:p['place'], reverse=True)
expected_winners = sorted(results, key=lambda p:p['place'], reverse=True)

for i, winner in enumerate(real_winners):
    if not expected_winners[i]['participation_id'] == winner['participation_id']:
        print("VERIFICATION FAILED")


And you can test it out safely for free using testnet version just use some testnet faucet like to get  free testnet bitcoins

Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated and welcomed.
Good luck to all.
3  Economy / Gambling / - toss a coin like game with variable payout. Provably fair on: August 22, 2013, 02:54:00 PM
testnet for those who want to try it safely:

Hi guys, I've been working on a new gambling site, it is like a coin toss game, where your chances are 50%. But unlike other sites, I've made payout variable, basically, when you lose, your wager goes to the bank, and when you win you get 50% of the bank.

Some other features:
  • Low house edge: 1%
  • Provably fair
  • Off the chain transactions
  • Realtime
  • Chat

We have fixed size bets: from 0.0005 to 1 BTC, that's because we have a bank for each bet type. As I've mentioned payouts are not fixed and depend on the result of the previous bets, if you lose, or other players lose, their wager goes to the bank, rising the available payout. If someone wins they get 50% of the current bank, so in theory it is unlikely that bank can be emptied. What that means for you as a player? You can choose your own strategy, for instance you can watch bets in realtime and play only when the payout is significant enough for you, or you if you have enough coins in you balance you can play agains the bank - because all coins you lose go to the bank a series of wins can recover all loses, so you playing until you leave the bank with less coins than were there when you started

All results are provably fair. We use random client and server seeds to generate a hash that is used to determine luck, server side seeds grouped into batches by 1024, and we calculate a hash for a batch, therefore guaranteeing that we cannot alter the server seed without altering entire batch. Client side seeds generated after each bet - it is all embedded right into html and is not minified, so you can inspect the code.
Here also the python script that can check results:
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import print_function

import requests
import sys

from hashlib import sha256

URL = ''

bet_id = sys.argv[1]
bet = requests.get(URL + '/bet/' + bet_id).json()
rand_hash = sha256(bet['server_seed']+bet['client_seed']).hexdigest()
luck = bool(int(bin(int(rand_hash, 16))[-1]))

print('Luck: ', luck)

batch = requests.get(URL + '/batch/'+bet['batch']).json()
if batch.get('error'):
    print("couldn't verify batch, because it is not exhausted yet")

acc = ''
for hash in batch['hashes']:
    acc += hash

batch_hash = sha256(acc).hexdigest()
assert batch_hash == bet['batch']
You need to install `requests` library first. To run: `python <bet-id>`, for example python 34

I would like if you guys give it a try
Any feedback?

4  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Instant transactions without third parties by exchanging private keys on: May 07, 2013, 12:07:00 PM
Well, maybe this idea is already proposed but what if we could make instant (as instans as the speed of light in optical cables) transactions by exchanging private keys.

The idea is to made transaction with a number of outputs each with some little amount of bitcoins, for example a 10 outputs with $10 worth of bitcons each. And wait for its confirmation.

Then when you want to buy something that costs, say, $22.5 you give the merchant 3 outputs with the corresponding private keys, merchant ensures that these outputs indeed have $30 worth of bitcoins and have 6 or more confirms and then merchant creates a transaction that deposits $22.5 to his address and $7.5 to yours as a change.  You immediately can spot a scam if merchant doesn't issue a change transaction so in a face-to-face situations this might not be a problem. Simple and as instant as possible, no third parties, requires only some trust to the merchant, you can lower risks by making outputs with smaller amounts, like $1, $5 etc.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / How to reduce difficulty for a testnet-in-a-box? on: August 07, 2012, 08:34:57 PM
I'm curious is there any way to reduce difficulty for the self contained testnet in a box? I want it to become feasible to develop a bitcoin related app just on a macbook.
6  Local / Кодеры / Мониторинг чужих транзакций. on: September 01, 2011, 05:03:58 AM
Каким средством можно сделать сервис вроде ? Что бы можно было наблюдать все транзакции в  сети, я так думаю, кто-то пропатчил стандартный клиент для этого?
7  Economy / Gambling / BitCatch minimum bet size bug on: August 23, 2011, 09:25:44 AM
Due to some bugs all bets now have 0.1 btc minimum =)
If you want to correct the minimum bet size for your round write me PM or write here in this thread.
8  Economy / Gambling / [New Site] - Bet on everything! Earn bitcoins! on: August 20, 2011, 09:29:46 AM beta

What is
WeBetCoins is a website where everyone can bet bitcoins on anything - sport, politics, games, finance, really on anything! Moreover, you can earn bitcoins by creating new events. You don't need to register to make bets!

How can I earn bitcoins?
With you can not only bet on some statements, you can also earn bitcoins. In fact, all statements on this site yields profit for their authors. To start making money with all you need is sign up and create new statement, this is absolutely free and doesn't cost anything.

How much can I earn?
Each statement author can choose how much he will take. Currently you can choose between 0% and 7% of the total bitcoins received during the round.  Because creating new statements costs nothing you can make money without any investment, all you need is to be creative and active. Because your earnings depends on the popularity of the statement you've created it is highly recommended to promote the link to the statement and attract new bettors. Sign up and make new statement, share a link with people, engage new bettors, make profit!

So, what kind of statements can I create?
You can create statements with many different outcomes, not just plain Yes/No or Agree/Disagree. You are free in you choice of outcomes, would it be teams or persons or prices or anything else.

Who will win the bet
Everyone who chose right outcome.

Who decides on the bet
Outcomes of completed bets decided by the moderators, so if you are willing to create new statement make comprehensive description so that everyone can check the outcome.

Grammar Nazis needed
I'm not a native english speaker so I always make a lot of mistakes, I would appreciate any help with grammar on site as wel as on forum, if you see some errors, inaccuracy in sentences, misused words just send me PM or write about it in this topic.

Check it now -!
9  Economy / Gambling / Bitcatch Randomizer on: August 08, 2011, 05:52:19 PM
Bitcatch Randomizer is a referral system inspired by a famous Bitcoin Randomizer.

Bitcatch Randomizer allows you to earn payments for each user your refer and receive random payouts when new members join the system.

To start receive payments you must register and activate your account. Activation means that you are able to receive payments from your referrals and from random users. Inactive users unable to receive payments nor from random users nor from referrals. To activate your account you must send 0.5 bitcoins to the address shown in your profile after registration.

If your are signing up without referral code random user will be chosen among activated members and assigned to your account as a first level sponsor.
If your are signing up with referral code your account will be created with the owner of this code as a first level sponsor.

Activation fee split between your sponsors in the following rates:
  • First level sponsor takes 20% of the fee
  • Second level sponsor takes 15% of the fee
  • Third level sponsor takes 10% of the fee
  • Remaining amount divided into two parts each 25%, these parts then sent to a random active user.

So, how to start earning with Bitcatch Randomizer? Simple, just join the system and spread the word about randomizer (do not forget your referral link Smiley)


Last week some users already joined in and complained about how Bitcatch Randomizer works, so I decided to change rules and make it more simple, now it works almost like old Bitcoin Randomizer. Rounds were removed but still displayed (this will be removed lately).

10  Economy / Gambling / [JACKPOT 9.2 BTC] Bitcatch round #4. Now with jackpot. on: July 12, 2011, 04:40:25 PM

Hi all, I want inform you about new round starting today at - site where you can win some Bitcoins.

Game rules are simple - you send Bitcoins to the game, they will be placed to the pot, if somebody send bitcoins after you - you will get you money back multiplied by the ratio (for instance if the ratio is 1.1 and you deposited 1 btc you'll get back 1.1 btc)
During the game, 5% from each entry goes to the jackpot, which would be taken by the player who did last deposit.
The round ends when no one have sent BTC to the game at least for 24 hours.
So, in order to win jackpot you must:
    - deposit some BTC to the game
    - be the last person who did deposit
If no one have sent BTC after you - you will get the jackpot.

Check it now -
11  Economy / Gambling / [WEEKEND ROUND WITH JACKPOT] - automated bitcoin game. on: July 01, 2011, 05:10:38 PM
BitCatch - an automated bitcoin pyramid game.

Round #7 starts next friday, round #4 is still running with the jackpot about 7 BTC, check it at!!!

This Friday Bitcatch is gonna rock again, new round starts July 22 at  20:00 (8pm) UTC ends at Sunday at 20:00 (8pm) UTC. New round starts with ratio 1.2 and 5% from each bet will go to the jackpot. The jackpot will be send to address with largest total value of bitcoins deposited in second day of the game, this means the more you bet in the second day then higher you chances to win jackpot. The site will show live stats and you'll be to able see who might win jackpot and make your bets based on that info.

In order to win the jackpot in a second day you better use one receiving address for all your bets, because summation will be made by addresses, i.e if you will use several receiving addresses then they will appear as... several receiving addresses? each one with different sum of bitcoins.

Rules may change slightly before Friday.

Original post:
What differs BitCatch from others? First off all it is fully automated game, this means that all payments and game mechanics processed without operator.
Also, it allows you to use any kind of Bitcoin clients to send the payments, you can even send payments from exchanges and pools. To play the game just enter  your address for receiving payouts and it will generate one-off bitcoin address that you should use to send money to. If there is enough money in the pot you will be immediately paid out with your Bitcoins

So, in short, the main features are:
  • Fully automated game logic and payouts
  • You can send BTCs from whatever you want,
    even directly from exchanges and pools
  • Multiple rounds with different ratio

Check it now!
12  Local / Хайпы / - автоматизированные игры. Пяница!!1 on: July 01, 2011, 12:25:18 PM
Завтра в полночь по Москве начнется новый раунд, множитель - 1.2, %5 уходит в джекпот, который достанется адресу с которого в сумме приедет больше всего бтц. Немного поздновато, но аудитория международная, так что приходится выбирать наиболее удобное для всех время.

Раунд №4 еще идет, джекпот уже почти 6 БТЦ

Оригинальное сообщение
_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________
Привет. Хочу представить всем - автоматизированные пирамидки.

Как это работает
Все очень просто (как и везде)
  • Вы пересылаетсе Биткоины
  • Ваши Биткоины идут в банк
  • Когда Биткоинов к банке станет больше чем ожидаемая сумма, то производится выплата.

Ключевые особености
  • Полностью автоматизированная логика и выплаты
  • Мгновенные выплаты - выплаты прозводятся сразу как только нужная сумма скопилась в банке.
  • Биткоины принимаются откуда угодно, вы даже можете отправлять биткоины непосредственно с пулов или бирж, главное  - указывать адрес для выплаты, который принадлежит вам =)
  • Разные раунды с разными рисками и разными ограничениями на размер ставок
  • Каждый отдельный раунд может иметь свой коэффицент, коммисию и ограничения на размеры ставок.

В данный момент открыт первый раунд - без коммисии, с низким риском, и соотвественно коэффициентом, раунд продлится еще 4 дня. По завершении, весь оставшийся банк уходит игроку разместившему последнюю подтвежденную ставку.

В ближайшее время будет значительно расширен функционал и добавленны новые возможности.
Буду благодарен критике, пожеланиям и предложениям.
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