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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [HOW-TO] Setup Profit Switching in Awesome Miner for Z9/A9 Miners on: June 26, 2018, 12:12:03 PM
HOW-TO: Getting started with Profit Switching on Pool by utilizing Awesome Miner`s great resources;

This will also work on other pools, but there are very few Equihash pools out there that have Proportional(PROP) payout scheme like we have at Powermining pool. If you use this profit switching setup on a pool with PPLNS payout scheme, you may actually lower your profit greatly, since they payout based on an average of the shares you submit over the last x number of blocks.

Equihash Pool Status:
Currently available Coins to mine on Equihash Pool:

URL: stratum+tcp://
Password: Any password to identify your worker

URL: stratum+tcp://
Password: Any password to identify your worker

URL: stratum+tcp://
Password: Any password to identify your worker

URL: stratum+tcp://
Password: Any password to identify your worker

Bitcoin Private(BTCP):
URL: stratum+tcp://
Password: Any password to identify your worker

Its recommended that you keep your self updated on upcomming Equihash forks, many of these coins will fork to a Different algo in order to extinguish ASIC miners. Z9 list of working pools/Fork updates is a great place on these forums to keep your self upto date on this one.

If you dont have Awesome Miner, you can download latest version from their Webpage. Its free to use for monitoring 2 miners:
Awesome Miner!

If you have more than two miners, i highly recommend to be purchasing this Software, its really great for monitoring.

You can now install and start Awesome Miner software. From here on Awesome Miner is described as AM.

When you have started Awesome Miner for the first time, you will be prompted to add a new Miner, to add any ASIC you may choose <External Miner> and fill in fields:
Miner Description: <However you would like to describe your miner>
Remote host: Usually your miners IP address
Algorithm: Select your miners Algorithm
Software: For most ASIC`s its CgMiner compatible

You can test connection by clicking "Test connection". Then click Next -> Finish

Now your miner is added to your list of miners in Tab <Miners>.

In order for AM to be able to profit switch, you need to ensure that you have API Access to the miner. In <Miners> Tab click on your Miner and look at <Summary> Tab below, and look for API Access. If this is red you need to do some changes to the miner, if its green means you are good to go!

In case it is red like this;

You need to SSH into the miner and adjust proper settings. You need to download Putty here: - Then Install and Run.
Set your miners IP in <Host Name(or IP address)> field then click <Open>
sshz9 image

If you are prompted to verify authentication, click yes.

login as: root
default password is also <root> unless you have changed password in your miners interface.

When you have logged in you need to replace api-allow command in miners config. You can do following:
< vi /www/pages/cgi-bin/set_miner_conf.cgi > will open set_miner_conf.cgi file in vim text editor.
then type following: < /A:0/0,W:* > and hit enter. This will take you to the specific location we need to do changes to

Now you hit your < i > which will allow you to start inserting into the file.

Now you can replace A:0/0,W:* with for example: W:,W:
That means two IP`s will have API Access to the miner, being the miner it self(localhost) and your AM computers IP address(in this example its

You need to replace with your AM computer`s local IP, this can be found by start->CMD and then type < ipconfig > hit enter. Usually its IPv4 address inside "Ethernet adapter Ethernet" however your internet IP may also be displayed here and thats not the correct one to use. You can verify that the IP you found is not your internet ip by checking your online IP on services like this:

When you have replaced those fields, you need to Hit ESC button on your keyboard and then type: < :wq > and hit enter. Now you can type < exit > and hit enter to close SSH connection.

Before the changes have been applied:

and After the changes have been applied:

I do not have a A9 personally to verify this, but a similiar Innosilicon model, this have done the trick: (remember to change with your own local AM IP as described in section above):

Now you can go to your Miners web interface -> Go to Miner Configuration -> General Settings and do changes to pools here. If you already have done your changes here, you still need to hit Save & Apply button in order to reload config file with correct API Access. Example:

Miner will reboot, this can take a couple of minutes.

If this sucedded then your Summary tab in AM should now show API Access in green: Privliged

Great!! Now, we can start preparing AM for handling profit switching. For ASICs its pretty straight forward if you are happy with them three pools that is added in Miner`s configuation page.

Now click Options in AM go to Coins & Profit -> Statistics, and include and If you would like fast switching and not based on 24hrs Average profit, you can select < Current > in Statistics settings.
Now go to Profit Switching instead of Statistics -> Type in your Power Cost, change Intervals and/or threshold, i personally have 15 min on a threshold of 6&.
Now go to Profit Profiles and click Add. In the new dialog, add some to Description field, like Z9 Profit Switch and hit OK

Now to to < Miners > and double click on the Miner you would like to add profit switching to. Under < Profit switching profile > select Z9 Profit Switch or what ever you did call it in previous step
Your miners setup in AM should look similiar to this:

Great, now we probably have Profit Switching working.... Well, maybe - Have we defined coins yet based on Pool? If not then AM really dont know what profits can be made... We need to do following;
In < Miners > tab select your miner, and instead of < Summary > go to < Pools > tab. Here you will have a list of currently available pools on the miner and their statuses:

Now select first pool and click < Define coin... >

By clicking on Coin: selection you will get a list over available coins to define. For example is Zencash(ZEN), now select this and hit OK. Repeat this process for each pool until all coins are defined.
coinsavailable image

Now you can relax, sit back and watch AM doing this work! AM is an amazing software, this is only the pure basics of what it can do - There is MUCH more!

If you need any help, you can find me on Pool`s discord channel;
This channel also contains latest updates from the Pool and Pool statuses.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / The Inside of Antminer Z9`s on: June 24, 2018, 04:23:50 PM
Hi folks!

Just as usual, whenever i receive a new miner - i always look at the inside of it. Its just my curiosity when it comes to electronics, need to deal with that in a proper way... And the only way is pop that thing straight open!! Cheesy

Its very clear that with the latest miners, Bitmain have stepped up their game a bit. These chips and boards looks really professional when looking at them visually, thinking of how it all looked back in the earlier days of Antminer.. Damn, thats a big change! From using 100+ chips, down to a total of 12 chips is a big change. Wonder, is it actually only Equihash these chips can do?

There are no external memory, so memory needed for Equihash is onboard chip.

This time ive added watermarks on the images.

Lets start with the overall look of the miner:

It looks really nice, right?

Its small, but slightly noisy with the stock fan thats mounted on it.
Ive had this thing running at 750 Mhz for over 24hrs now, producing about ~16 kSol/s continously. Temps are about ~62c with fans at a static speed of 85%. On that time there have been no rejects reported either by miner, or by pool! And 0 HW errors.

Time to see whats inside!!

Overall frontside of PCB:

Overall backside of PCB:

So, the PCB have a clean layout. Voltage regulation unit is very similiar, if not identical to B3. PIC16F1704 is used for communications, so it may be possible to adjust chip voltages very similiar to the L3 voltage script on this forum.

The chip used for the Z9 Mini is called BM1740, and this time they have used proper cooling paste (B3 only had cooling pads). There is no information or datasheets available for BM1740 chip as far as i know. There is no external memory, so the chip contains atleast enough memory for Equihash onboard.

To get started ASAP with your own Z9:

Equihash Pool Status:

URL: stratum+tcp://
Password: Any password to identify your worker

URL: stratum+tcp://
Password: Any password to identify your worker

URL: stratum+tcp://
Password: Any password to identify your worker

URL: stratum+tcp://
Password: Any password to identify your worker

Bitcoin Private(BTCP):
URL: stratum+tcp://
Password: Any password to identify your worker

Example Config:

Pool Frontend( ):

So there is that. Next up in line is E3, they should start shipping sometime next month if i remember correctly. Like my post? +1 Merit!
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / A reach out for those that have received their Z9 and A9 Miners! on: June 17, 2018, 02:50:40 PM
Hi Guys!

Ive been preparing for equihash algo these latest weeks on testnet and we`re ready to start fine tuning difficulties and doing testings up against those new ASICs that some out there already have received(i was not one of those lucky ones... :-S).

Would be great to get in touch with some of you so that we can run some tests and see that pool works as it should with good difficulty and low/none rejects. First coin that will be available is Zencash. Please get in touch in PM here, or @discord: (DM me on discord and ill add you to a closed channel for Z9/A9 Miners.)

Pool is based on yiimp, so no registrations are required! Those that participate will be added to our pool`s zero fee list with their wallet address.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / -╤ ╤- Multi Algo, European Based Pool - New Algo: Zhash! on: May 24, 2018, 06:02:03 PM
Hi Everybody!

Thought it was about time to officially announce my pool for everyone here.

Maximum .8% Fees when mining on
European Based, with stable connection and DDoS protection.
Payouts every 3 hours for balances above 0.01

 - This pool already have, and will have many coins supported, both rather unknown coins and other more known to the public. If you wish for other coins, Join Discord or send PM.
 - There is currently no plans to enable auto exchange, as i think immediately dumping of coins to highest bidder have no real value for any coins.
 - If you experience any problems, get in touch immediately - Im here to serve you as a valuable user, and definitely not here to rip off any body. Support: Join Discord or send PM.

Stratum Server: stratum+tcp://

Currently list of Supported Coins(as of 31.05.2018):

Zhash / Equihash 144,5 (.8% Fee):

  • Zelcash -            Stratum Port 2243  - Password: x

Equihash (.8% Fee)(ASIC Recommended):

  • Zencash -           Stratum Port 2142  - Password: x
  • Zclassic -            Stratum Port 2144  - Password: x
  • Vote Coin -         Stratum Port 2145  - Password: x
  • Bitcoin Private -  Stratum Port 2146  - Password: x

Blake2s (.8% Fee)(GPU Dual Mining Recommended):

  • Verge -            Stratum Port 5766  - Password: c=XVGb
  • Shield -            Stratum Port 5767 - Password: c=XSHb

Scrypt (.8% Fee)(ASIC Recommended):

  • Digibyte -         Stratum Port 3433  - Password: c=DGB
  • Verge -             Stratum Port 3434  - Password: c=XVG
  • LinX -               Stratum Port 3435  - Password: c=LINX
  • Shield -             Stratum Port 3436 - Password: c=XSH
  • Trillion -            Stratum Port 3437 - Password: c=TRLN

Quark (.8% Fee)(ASIC Recommended):

  • Xuma -             Stratum Port 4033  - Password: c=XMX

Qubit (.8% Fee)(ASIC Recommended):

  • Digibyte  -        Stratum Port 4733  - Password: c=DGBq

x16s (.8% Fee)(GPU/CPU Recommended):

  • Pigeon -            Stratum Port 3664  - Password: c=PGN
  • ReefCoin -         Stratum Port 3665 - Password: c=REEF
  • Shield x16s -     Stratum Port 3666  - Password: c=XSH16

x16r (.8% Fee)(GPU/CPU Recommended):

  • Proton -             Stratum Port 3636  - Password: c=PROTON
  • Raven -             Stratum Port 3637  - Password: c=RVN

X17 (.8% Fee)(GPU Recommended):

  • Verge -              Stratum Port 3736  - Password: c=XVGx
  • Shield -             Stratum Port 3737  - Password: c=XSHx

X11 (.8% Fee)(ASIC/Nicehash Recommended):

  • CannabisCoin -  Stratum Port 3533  - Password: c=CANN
  • AzartPay -         Stratum Port 3534  - Password: c=AZART

Myriad Groestl (.8% Fee)(ASIC Recommended):

  • Verge -             Stratum Port 5433  - Password: c=XVGg
  • Shield -            Stratum Port 5434  - Password: c=XSHg

Lyra2v2 (.8% Fee)(GPU/Nicehash Recommended):

  • Verge -             Stratum Port 4533  - Password: c=XVGL
  • Shield -            Stratum Port 4534  - Password: c=XSHL

Lyra2z (.8% Fee)(GPU Recommended):

  • Vertical Coin -    Stratum Port 4553  - Password: c=VTL
  • Alpenschilling -  Stratum Port 4555  - Password: c=ALPSL
  • Criptoreal -        Stratum Port 4556  - Password: c=CRS
  • Gin Coin -          Stratum Port 4557  - Password: c=GIN
  • Infinex -            Stratum Port 4559  - Password: c=IFX

Skein (.8% Fee)(ASIC/GPU Recommended):

  • Digibyte Skein -  Stratum Port 4933  - Password: c=DGBs
  • Argo Coin -        Stratum Port 4935  - Password: c=ARGO
  • Curve Coin -       Stratum Port 4937  - Password: c=CURV

NeoScrypt (.8% Fee)(GPU Recommended):

  • Agena -              Stratum Port 4233  - Password: c=AGN
  • Trione -              Stratum Port 4234  - Password: c=TRIONE
  • Coin2Fly -          Stratum Port 4235  - Password: c=CTF
  • Dinero -             Stratum Port 4236  - Password: c=DIN

Nist5 (.8% Fee)(ASIC Recommended):

  • PWR Coin -        Stratum Port 3833  - Password: c=PWR

- If you need separate workers to identify, you can add <,ID=YOURWORKER> to your password.
- You can allow benchmarks to be allowed on pool by adding <,stats> to your password.

Fastest Support responses will be on Discord Cool!


5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / The inside of Antminer B3`s on: May 16, 2018, 02:23:46 PM
So, i`m always interested in knowing whats being used in various products of mine, that includes my miners. So first thing i did was to strip down the B3 to see what they`re using.

I have never seen the kind of controller that is used in these B3`s however it states that its a T9 controller so i guess they are used on those too. The controller have a lot of external memory connected to its ZYNQ processor unit, not sure why 2GB of memory would be needed on such application.

Each B3 hashboard consists of 4 BM1680 "Neural Processors" from Bitmain. There seems to be no external memory attached to the hashing boards, even though the BM1680 supports DDR4-2666 Memory.
BM1680 Wiki:

I replaced stock heatsink pad with paste instead to see if there are any temp gains towards it(yes, temp got down by 3 degrees, from 41c to 38c average)

Overall image of the hashboard`s backside:

BM1680 voltage(~900mV) seems to be maintained by a combination of Intersil ISL68127 Controlling 6 units of ISL99227(Chip states: 27F 78AO, so this is only my best guess because of 68127 datasheet) in a 3+3 Configuration to supply 2 BM1680 chips for each ISL68127 unit.

Some more random images of hashingboard:

Stock heatsinks with pads.. Is really pads a good solution for 25w of heat dissipation? Im more on the side of using paste instead and lowering fan speed, with one fan and paste i maintain a temp of 38c with a surrounding temperature of 25c.

The BM1680`s are by far not the type of ASIC chips that we are used too from Bitmain, these chips can be used for various applications. The miner is noisy as hell, both fans are always at 100% with no regulation what so ever when its mining. At startup before it starts to mine it is PWM regulated, i hope that Bitmain in near future will release better software/firmware for these miners that will allow them to be overclocked and that the fans gets better/proper regulation.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / sgminer: Baikal Giant X10 / N / B - Open Source - Confirmed OC Giant B! on: March 27, 2018, 05:30:10 PM
Rebuild of Baikal`s SG Miner for Giant X10 / N / B

Quick update 03.09.18;
Baikal N70 is missing from Baikal`s github, if any one have the orginal sgminer executable for this one, publish it here. N240 executable does not work for N70.

To those with N70 and N240, this sgminer will NOT work, at all.
It will only OC Giant B, and not X10, N.

Since the guys over at Baikal obviously have not made their version of SG Miner open source, lets do it for them!

The purpose for this recovery and rebuild was to see if it was possible to overclock these miners, and unlock extra algos for X10. Its not identical to the included sgminer with baikal miners however its performance is pretty damn close after monitoring two days. Some code cleanup should have been done, its messy thats its there without any proper use - and some of them are additional code from me thats not needed or even not correct.

I would like for the community to contribute, maybe we can find a solution for both overclocking and unlocking the extra algorithms, i also hope that this will make the guys over at baikal start to open source their software as according to SG Miner licensing, Bitmain already do this with their CG Miner! Let me know if you would like to collaborate, hit me up @ Discord or PM.

libusb and jansson is included of which libusb seems to be modified so i had to recover it.

More information about SG Miner is better to look for at


The Recovery
Currently recovered data from:

Giant X10 Miner on hand
Giant N Miner on hand
With a total of ~687000 files recovered, of which about 601000 files where duplicates and removed. After some additional sorting i was left with 60223 files. These files can be found here:

Firmware (STM Chip) files for X10 / B / N:

Get in touch
Get in touch at Discord - cod3gen#5466

Like my work?

ETH: 0x57A9F99645dC74F9373409A8Ba18Bc0F92566af3
BTC: 3CVEThoqDY3RqS4fwnJWcUR6zd9Mfa2VLo
XVG: DD3aZcGATCh55TvVTW4chg2PrUHLdV4u5k
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / 8 card limit on Windows is Removed! on: October 22, 2017, 11:38:52 AM
Just wanted to Verify!

Ive heard some rumors that its now possible to use more than 8 cards on Windows 10 systems, so shutdown my rigs and mixed up one with 10 Nvidia cards, thats now doing rock solid on all 10!  The 1709 Update fixes this limit.

Can anyone confirm what the limit is now?
Can anyone confirm that its the same for AMD cards? I Don`t have enough cards to verify this at the moment.

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / 8 -> Nvidia GPU`s on single Windows Installation on: September 11, 2017, 06:08:14 PM

I did try to manage this a while ago, but found it impossible and added another rig instead. Are there anyone that has been able to use more than 8 NVIDIA GPU`s on the same rig running win10 64bit OS? How?? :-)

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