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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / UPDATED: scam has not paid me nor shows verification on: September 27, 2013, 01:50:11 PM
I sent 0.19 BTC today to the under (73%) 48000 betcoindice address... and I never received anything back. I have played many times, and I usually watch the bets on the website as I play them. Today, I went to the website to watch for immediate verification, I click on Unconfirmed Bets and Recent Bets, and the screen stays on the betting addresses. No watching. No verification. So, I click advanced where you can enter your transaction hash, and it says transaction not found. You can see for yourselves...

That is the payment sent. It has long since confirmed. Enter the hash into in the Advanced popup to verify bets. It says:
404: Transaction Not Found

But we can all see it was sent. It is not a lot to some people, but to me it is.

Also, I believe that since no one else has reported this issue... of not being paid and the website doesn't allow you to watch your bets, yet I keep seeing bets going through the blockchain for back to back.... that the claims I have read about recently, regarding false bets being place by themselves with an auto script to attract users... is true. If all of these bets I see for going through the blockchain since my bet went through, were actual people not getting paid, they would be on here raving and raging!!! But the bets are mostly false to attract people and now they aren't even paying.

I sent an email to them so we will see if they respond and what they do.

I wanted to be sure that I recorded and verified everything, in case of them trying to just say oh you lost, and here is your 0.0005 btc a bit late. So I download BitcoinTimestamp-1.0.1.jar from GitHub and I run it with my transaction number,

java -jar BitcoinTimestamp-1.0.1.jar decode 5df50b15ba9069c474106c963f583fe418b77fb6a26c859d2266f6f3e5e533b3

and it says:

Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:

So I go to that exact same URL in my browser and I get a CloudFlare error saying that my Browser has been blocked from this site for some weird code #. It did this a few times. I was able to see the same page, with tx instead of rawtx...

As I was typing this I wanted to copy the exact CloudFlare error but it is now allowing me to visit that page, the rawtx.
So I am assuming (HOPING) that because uses CloudFlare, plus BitcoinTimestamp uses the rawtx from that site, and so many gambling sites use BitcoinTimestamp that the problem was CloudFlare blocking thinking it was a DDoS attempt... hopefully they just fixed it since I can now visit it and I will get my BTC. I will keep everyone who cares updated, as I have played here before and didn't have a problem. But... I just checked the verification on and they still show 404: transaction not found. We'll see. I am just pissed because it takes me a while to get that much BTC. A few days.
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