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1  Economy / Computer hardware / 🎁 WTB: used GPUs with 6 or 8 GB on: October 01, 2020, 08:52:32 PM
WTB: used GPUs with 6 or 8GB. Looking for best prices. Location: EU
2  Local / Hrvatski (Croatian) / NEXO.IO nova crpyto kartica on: August 21, 2019, 10:48:48 PM

Crypto platforma za davanje zajmova na osnovu Crypto pologa, objavila je predbilježbu za svoju novu Crypto karticu (Europa).

Trenutno primaju predbilježbe (besplatno), a kartica obećava neke interesantne opcije. Navodno neće biti provizija, i najinteresantnije (iako zvuči nevjerojatno) cashback 5%

Detalje, i prijavu na listu čekanja možete vidjeti na:

Inače NEXO.IO ja platforma (za sebe kažu da su financijska institucija sa relanim osiguranjem) koja Vam na Vaše stable coine (USDT, USDC, PAX itd...) daje 8% kamate godišnje. Polog se može uvijek podići, a kamata se isplaćuje dnevno u položenoj valuti.

Prijaviti se možete i preko mog referala (preporuka me podiže na listi čekanja).
nadam se da nisam nikoga uvrijedio objavom referal linka
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / ENDOR: REVIEW & 30 days test on: August 18, 2019, 09:11:10 PM
ENDOR: REVIEW & 30 days test

During my continuous search and examination of potential trading tools, I found one interesting projects. (presented as the best AI prediction algorithm for affordable price, according to announcements 80% success ratio)

Looking deeper, it really looks professional, involving reputable names from MIT university, etc...
I tried to find some independent reviews and description but there is not so much info.

So, I do it by myself. I hope that this will help some potential future users.

You need to install application to Your Android or IOS. After registration, You will get nice and useful mobile app. for coin info, portfolio view, and use it for mobile trading. The last two options only if You connect it through APIs to Your echange(s).

The most interesting part is: predictions
If You choose that options You need to pay 1200 EDRs (EDR is Algowave erc20 token, and You can buy it on two exchanges). Now it is around 9USD. That is the price of one week coins prediction. They will give You 10 tokens, which will rise 5-25% in that week... according AI algo...

Let's see:


I paid 1200EDRs, and in short time app present 10 tokens. I examine it and found some strange choice on first look, but we will see on the end of the period.
- one token can not be found by Algowave, Coingecko, Open Market Cap... no such coin
- one token has only 10USD daily volume
- two tokens have daily volume around 300USDs

If I decide to invest in presented coins 4 of them are almost impossible to invest.
Also, most of the tokens (coins) are on small and different exchanges, I thought that Algowave would stick to reputable exchanges (Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin etc...)
I reported this to support and will see their comment.

Waiting for the end of the week and first results...on the end of the period I will present all 10 coins what Algowave select:

Day 1: All coins are in range -3% to +3% from starting point. Support do not answer yet.
Day 2: Nice results for 3 coins, +8%, +9%, +13%... very good. One coin is -7% from starting price, the rest of coins in range like Day 1.
Some of the coins have very low volume and investing can be tricky.
For now (only two days) we have: 3/10
Support did not respond yet, I will resend the request.
Day 3: Nothing special, one coin drop -6.3% the rest of coins in Day1 range. Score, still 3/10
Day 4: One more coin +7%, the rest of coins still in the same range. For now We have: 4/10
Also, support respond, and they are very kind. Offer me their advanced service (BOT). Regarding my question, they understand the problems
of not traded or not volumized coins. As I understand they do not have the option to fix it because they depends of Endor.
Day 5: One more +6.6%. The rest of the coins in the previous range. For now we have 50% success, not bad...5/10
Day 6: No change, everything in the similar range as day before...still... 5/10
Day 7: Finals, not so much change Total Score: 5/10 , datail info i Week 1 conclusion

4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Do You have any experience with ENDOTECH.IO on: August 08, 2019, 04:35:31 PM
They had a good results (according to their web). AI trading.
They have a few levels of their trading support service, from around 1.100 USD to 120.000 USD per Year.
I found some good reviews on net, but most of them finish with affiliate code.

Thanks for Your attention.
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