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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What we need to check before investing in ico? on: February 07, 2018, 09:30:29 AM
Hello everybody,

I know mostly people here know what they need to do before investing in any ico but there are still many people ask the same question in different thread specially newbie. They get the answer but in several post which maybe make them a little confusing.

I am not an expert but i could put what i know here. All i know is from reading here in the forum.

Well just start, everything you need to research and make sure before investing in ico project wheater the ico has :

* working product
* Unique or good idea/solution for existing problem or future problem.
* Strong team behind the project
* Strong planning and marketing ability
* Partnerships with reputed company
* good whitepaper and roadmap too
* experience advisor

Edited :
* make sure the idea is different with the exist ico or the old project
* check the supply of the token because it cause the price run

From all mention above, i have 1 thing that is most important in my opinion. That is  ico should have working product because working product can lead the ico would be success ( not 100% success but mostly success ).
Maybe this thread will help you to find working product ico :

After you do research about above things, you can check the rating and other detail in below website :


Other source to check popularity of the project is youtube and also this forum.

I know its not complete but i hope it can help member who need it.

Note : your suggestion is appreciate to add the detail above.

Thank you

Edit :

* this is the other suggestion, i know some of them is already mention above but i think this is good to add it here. Thanks

These 5 Things You Must Know Before Investing in an ICO
1 - Is it a Copy Cat, an Incremental Improvement, or Disruptive Tech?
2 - How detailed is the plan? What is the road map?
3 - How developed is the technology?
4 - Who comprises the Team and Advisory board?
5 - Do they really need to raise Why?

What should I do to participate in the ICO?

Very responsible approach to the selection of the project.
To study all possible information on the project.
To communicate with other potential investors at the forums, where information on the project is published.
If knowledge is allowed, then study the project code and its business model.
Assess the risks of investing.

Check for:

- Realistic goals
- Good tech
- Good trustworthy, preferably known dev team

The existing product note is important because we can see a lot of projects which did raise a lot of funds but after that their token price is dropping like boobs with age.

I agree on OPs list but i would like to add some more.
1) Idea explanation. It is very important that the project can explain their idea in simple way. If they cannot do it ,they are over complicating things which is one of the reasons why startups fail or they just dont care about the idea and project. KEEP IT Stupid simple.

2) Look for their attitude towards details and graphic design in their project webpage, telegram , bounty and ann thread. it does show that they care about their project.

3) Country. I dont want to induce nationalist discussion. But country / region matters. Economy and regulations differ in regions.

4) In some cases projects already have raised some momey in different way which could be a good indicator . For example IcoPass has managed to attract money from " Horizon 2020" which is not a easy thing to do. In most cases this one will be similar to " existing product" criteria .
2  Other / Meta / Send merit to friend, is that allowed?? on: January 29, 2018, 01:52:50 AM
Good afternoon everybody,
As the topic, is it allowed to send merit to our friend or not?

Before you share your thought, let me go first.
In my opinion, i think this is not good to support the merit system because people can send merit each other to their friend without checking wheater they make quality post or not.
As the goal of this merit, its made to kill spammers but it such thing continue, merit will be killed back by spammers.

I noticed this when my friend get private message, the message contains people ask him to send merit each other.

I know its hard to get merit but we can get it by making quality post.

i know some members will not agree with this but i hope you can share your thought here.

Note : sorry for my bad english. I am not native english
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