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1  Local / Skandinavisk / Finska kör en croudfundingsomgång på invesdor/alcurex on: April 09, 2015, 06:13:57 AM
Finska kör en croudfundingsomgång på invesdor/alcurex
de söker investeringar på mellan 150 000 € till som mest 500 000 € för 5.17 - 15.38 % ägande i företaget.
minsta investering på invesdor är 335 €(20 aktier), på alcurex kan man köpa enskaka aktier for bitcoins (0.07717377 BTC/~16.78€ per aktie) om man vill. Hittils har de fått in 35% av minimisumman och det är 42 dagar kvar att investera har bland annat Bitcoin ATMs på 8 platser i Finland och vill uttöka med fler tvåvägs(som bade köper och säljer BTC) maskiner, de tar 2.5% i avgift i deras Bitcoin ATMs och det skall vara möjligt att köpa/sälja upp till det ekvivalenta av 15 000 € utan att verifikation behovs.
2  Economy / Securities / [Cryptostocks]DIGIMINE a copycat scammer i presume on: March 09, 2014, 12:36:23 AM
Seems like they more or less copied another listing on cryptostocks, but it doesn't look like they have much clues about what they talk about.

"Who are we?
DigiMine consists of a group of five dedicated computer coders."
As it looks sofar more likely scammers.

"We have been working together on Bitcoin-related projects for over a year now and have become very dedicated and hard-working over our years together."
What projects have you been working on for over a year ?

"We are in the process of both acquiring and building our own Bitcoin and Litecoin mining equipment and thought that starting a group mining adventure in the process would be extremely fun and bring together a huge community of Bitcoin and Litecoin fanatics!"
Building your own Bitcoin and Litecoin mining equipment ? You mean design your own ASICS chips or maby from chip level and up ?
In any case it sounds like an expensive and costly way of doing things

"On top of that, making money is pretty awesome too!"
So how do they plan to make money by take peoples btc and run away with it i guess ?

"What is the plan?
Currently we have two Bitcoin miners ready to go that we have recently acquired from an early order of equipment. We will hook those up and begin mining with them shortly after the first share is sold."
Oh great plan, you have 2 miners but will not start using them until Cryptostocks got your project up and running and you fool the first one to buy a share.

"After a few shares are sold we will begin purchasing our Gridseed miners and getting them set up as well so that we will be mining both Bitcoin and Litecoin at the same time."
Oh after you sell a few shares, 0.000001 btc each, maby 4-5 of them then you will purchase Gridchip miners ?
Did Gridseed miners drop that much in price already that you can get several gridseed miners for 0,000005 btc, hmm thats 0.15 us cent per miner, interesting, who's your suplier that deliver them for about 1/1000 of the cost from the manufacturer ?

"You'll see pictures of our setup once we get the cable management figured out and a few more miners in the space."
Oh yea right you can''t show any pictures of your current non existing miners yet, that would be bad for share sells.

"We will always be adding power and we will be posting our stats on our website/blog for all to see as we raise our hashing power."
Oh thats very interesting, will one of you 5 be working full time on making up numbers so they look real ?

"This is an opportunity for anyone to get into mining no matter how little BTC you have to start with.."
hmm not true people need to throw 100 satouchi at least your way if you mean investing in your stock.

"...and no matter how much access to hashing power you have."
Peoples own hashrate should hardly matter, you got that one right.

"Even with a small investment you can be instantly mining with us!"
So you claim but there is nothing backing up that claim.

"We are cheaper than mining sites out there!"
Oh really what mining company's do you compare with and what exact numbers did your comparison come up with.

"Your ROI will be much higher than with those companies that rip you off with gimmicks that you will make a large profit in days."
Witch company's is it that rip people off and exactly how much higher will the ROI be compared to each of those company's in different time frames ?

Dividends will be paid out on a 1-3 day basis depending on how much was brought in."
You must have seen that other stocks sometimes payed in those intervals, yea must be a reason for that maby you can figure out why, in your case i guess your payouts will be based on how much new btc you can scam people on is that your definition on brought in ?

"Cryptostocks has a minimum BTC per account policy that they keep on dividends so we will judge based on how much was mined when to release it. All stats and dividend updates will be posted on our website as well as on here to keep you informed.
Contact us"
Eh minimum BTC per account policy, thats a new one, whats that supposed to mean ? You obviously read something you diden't understand, as far as i understand you are allowed to pay out dividend even if you have less than 1 btc in your account, at least cryptostocks have never mentioned any such restrictions.

"If you have any questions or concerns - don't hesitate to contact us at because we are here to help you out!"
Please give people the following information:
Full specs on current mining equipment and pictures of it in action.
Get Advanced verification on cryptostocks.
Who are you and what country are you located in, whats your 5 peoples bitcointalk accounts ?
Explain how dividend will be calculated,
whats your powercosts usd/kwh.
exactly what mining equipment are you planning to buy and whats the projected costs to get it up and running per unit.
Explanation why you tried to almost exactly copy another mining stocks on CS but failed miserably.

Sadly this listing can't be taken seriously, it looks like yet another SCAM on Cryptostocks.
Still people have already bought almost 2 million shares in it, thats very sad.
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / [Cryptostocks]JDBIF another scammer that claims to have lost funds on: March 06, 2014, 05:36:00 PM


Ticker    JDBIF - Joker's Dragon BTC Investment Fund © 7.7
Date    06 Mar 17:38
MtGox bankruptcy and JDBIF recapitalization.
JDBIF was severely damaged by the Mtgox bankruptcy.


We are working hard on last two weeks with our HKFG (Hong Kong Financial Group) partner to rebuild our bankroll as soon as possible to ensure the continuation of the best algorithm operation on the BTC market.
We are not inducing any undesired panic and we are pretty confident that we going to be sucessfull with this rescue plan.
We also see the current JDBIF shares value as a strong opportunity to any interested investor."

The scammer Joker is coming with yet another insane claim, no one sane would keep any significant sums at mtgox especially when they handle other peoples money.
4  Economy / Securities / [Cryptostocks]MCXFEE100 on: March 03, 2014, 11:14:31 AM

Mcxnow have been up and running for full for over a month now and the contract in MCXNOW100 say that dividend is supposed to be payed in the end of the month"...dividends will be paid on a monthly basis on, or near, the last day of the month..."
Last time dividend was paid it was made the 26:th of the month so one assumes that the interpretation of that the issuer themself made is last day or possibly a few days earlier(not later) is when the dividend should be payed.

No announcement have been made on the subject by the issuer of MCXFEE100 on cryptostocks so we have to assume the dividend date has been missed by the issuer and dividend now is 3 days delayed, why is that the case. Why is the dividend delayed and why has there been no announcement about it ?
5  Economy / Securities / [Cryptostocks]COIN they just removed all traces about there offer @ CS on: February 23, 2014, 11:12:54 AM just spammed down the announcement section at cryptostocks and removed all tracks of what they said and promised in the contract and announcements there.

They even removed there webpage reference on cryptostocks, i dont understand why CS allow issuer to remove that as it's required to match there emailadress when they list a stock there. here is there full contract/listing from cryptostocks in case anyone needs it.

"Ticker                       COIN
Name                         Coinex.IO, Payouts March 2
Listed on                    February 17, 2014 21:33
Fee surcharge [%]        0.2%
Shares issued              50,000
Shares held publicly      1
Total dividends paid      0.0 BTC
Web page         
Security type              Shares
Rating                        White

March 2, 2014 is our first payout; once every month from then after.

Coinex.IO is Seattle's electronic currency company, and our aim is to provide stable trade and investment opportunity in a volatile marketplace. We've supported our first round of mining payouts, and we are now focused on building out private user account access, market analytics, and an exchange for "shares" of hosted mining hardware.  Our hardware+net "shares" increase in value over time to combat the effects of inflation and other significant bearish influences.

If it has to do with electronic currency, we want to know about it and find innovative and profitable ways to monetize it and deliver that monetization strategy to our customers in a clean and user-friendly manner.

EXCHANGE - as soon as private user accounts come online (due March 01, 2014), we turn our attention to our new exchange. We will take CEX.IO's place and improve on their model where they failed by providing hardware+net shares that increase in power over time as hardware becomes less expensive and performs more efficiently. We will also excel where they did not by allowing other mining hosts to verify their hashing rates, availability, and reliability through our automated platform which will then allow mining hosts to rent their hashing power in a separate market within the same Coinex.IO platform; users will be able to easily choose whether to have their rented miner work through Coinex.IO's platform or select their own mining pool from a validated list for ease of use.

MINE - following hundreds of electronic currencies, we have a cluster of sharply aware servers that monitor fluctuations to the second -- or as often as exchange API's will allow. Our system makes informed trades automatically through the most profitable exchange and accounts for loss in transfer fees and elsewhere.

HOLDINGS - we follow more than 200 electronic currencies including several not yet listed on any exchange. Our most recent addition was Olympic Coin for which we now hold a stockpiled reserve. 5% of our efforts are dedicated to stockpiles of diversified electronic currencies.

AUTOTRADING - we maintain sophisticated bots capable of exchanging more than a hundred of the currencies the Coinex.IO platform follows. These bots watch the market day and night for trends, execute a series of proven pattern matching and risk analysis algorithms, and make informed trades that tend to add 19% to our bottom line.

FUTURE DISRUPTION - our platform will be opening up in April to provide a great deal of functionality set out in 9 total project phases. As of yet, we have arrived beyond the completion of Phase I. All phases introduce a new method of capitalizing on the electronic currency industry from within the ever expanding Coinex.IO platform.

On the day before this offering, we sold 35 hardware+net mining "shares" at $100 each. Round 2 hardware+net shares have just begun as our ongoing production offering and currently sell at a cost of $150 each. We opened sales for these "shares", closed Round 1 to future customers, and have already sold 5 Round 2 hardware+net "shares".

To make ongoing research and development possible in the science of field programmable gate arrays and application specific integrated circuits, which have already proven to be helpful in lowering our power costs, we use funds from customer purchases of hardware+net shares to buy into new eras of technology as a company.  Each time we work on the next phase of equipment and strategy, we seek to improve.  So far, we’ve added value every single time.  Our last purchase added 10% efficiency, lowered power consumption by 8%, and lowered our facility price per amp of power by 11%.

Our profit comes primarily from the minimum of 36% hardware+net shares we maintain for the company and do not sell.  We also make profit on passive fees charged for maintenance of the hardware owned by our customers.  After that, it comes from transaction fees that will be picked from hardware+net trading and other transactional services coming in phases that funds from this initial public offering will support.

We are in a highly competitive industry, but we’re the best at monetizing it. To face this condition, Coinex.IO is offering 10,000 of 50,000 dividend-yielding fee shares (ticker symbol COIN) at a price of 0.02 BTC per share during an initial offering scheduled to begin 17 February 2014. Coinex.IO fee shares will be offered and administered on the exchange. Each share represents 0.002% of all maintenance fees and mining revenue from company owned equipment (36% of total). For example, if Coinex.IO collects 10 BTC mining revenue from its own 36% of the mining operation and collects maintenance fees of 2 BTC, each share would receive 0.00024 BTC for combined profits from mining and maintenance fees. Therefore, if you were to own the total public shares (10,000), you would both earn 20% of the entire net revenue of the Coinex.IO-owned portion of the mining operation and 20% of all maintenance fees, and hold the value of those shares as an asset which can be sold back to the market. The first payout will be issued March 1, 2014; once every month from then after.

There will be a second offering of 10,000 shares which will be sold at a price of 0.2 BTC.
Only 20,000 shares are being offered, so be an early adopter and be sure to get your shares at the 0.02 BTC rate.

You can follow Coinex.IO on Twitter at for the latest news.

As a potential investor it is wise to consult with a financial advisor."

This is what they wrote here on bitcointalk in case they intend to remove that to.

"Good Morning,

I appreciate your constructive feedback.  I wrote the most recent post, and our marketing partner posted the initial one opening this thread.

It seems that while you have a small portion of constructive criticism in your posts, they are filled with a majority of harshly-tempered negative attitude.  Luckily, there's not much to be assumed from written communication.

It's true that you save many users the hassle of working with fraudulent companies, but this isn't one of them.  How do you treat the good guys?  You've proven yourself quick-shot serious and passionate about this forum; you've had a lucky draw with your attitude once in a while and provided good deeds with a bad attitude that has inadvertently protected this forum's participants.  I hope the detail I provide you in simple terms below is acceptable, but know that it is not my day job or nighttime fantasy to cater to an online activist and bully.

We work hard at:
 - Providing the best value per dollar (by that, I mean: our margins are low, and we have built-in incentives for the company and its partners to get costs lower with return benefits for Coinex.IO, its partners, and its customers)
 - Finding new monetization strategies in the electronic currency industry (we "stumble" on new ways to make money in this industry a few times per month)
 - We maintain and improve our systems daily
 - We develop new systems to cash in on conceptualized monetization strategies

What we do, who we are, what we stand for:
 - We are Seattle's electronic currency company (if it's electronic and touted as a form of currency, we want to know how it works and where we can profit)

An Outline (Short Version - If you want the long version, prove to me that you're a registered investor and call me directly.  You may submit proof of investor status via private message and I will respond with my direct cell phone number.  There will be a few forms to sign at the end of our call, and I will then provide you with the complete business plan, investment agenda, financials, ratios, and walk you through all of it personally to the extent allowed by policy and our VC partner.):
 - Phase I is automated mining and automated exchange trading, the system surveys 259 electronic forms of currency including currencies not yet exchange-traded -- both with machine learning and big-data statistics access with partially warehoused data backing a majority portion of combined aggregates -- the unique aspects are discussed further down
 - Phase II opens secure sign-on accounts for existing users and introduces a redesign of our forward-facing website
 - Phase III opens online registration and payment with all the details we currently provide during a phone consultation
 - Next-in-line phases open joint exchanges backing two commodity types: mining hardware and e-currency
 - Additional phases open access to our systems for third-parties and consumers including access to mine on our uniquely profitable pool and subscriptions to our robust API.  Our API currently includes access to market sentiment across top social channels and a bank of top news outlets, access to exchange and currency information, calculations performed by our platform exposing statistics generated by our unique machine learning system, registration procedures, hardware statistics, and secured hardware and network share control.
 - On the sidelines, we are supporting ASIC development for complex algorithm proofs-of-work; we have produced an FPGA solution capable of providing the same "CAPOW" (tm) hashing power per dollar but with greatly reduced power requirements. Power consumption has been our second largest cost overall and our largest residual loss. Units are done testing and we deploy the first of these new units this weekend.
 - We are engineering a new, unique, innovative, stable, and infinite top-level parent currency that answers to a very unique and targeted proof-of-work algorithm. If you want details, you'll have to wait like everyone else.
 - Our far future ideas are not yet implemented, have only recently gone to architectural design phases, and are too far off for me to provide you with details.

I don't care what you think about a business that keeps their ideas, plan, and motivation a secret from anyone but investors; I look to Apple and rest easy every night.  We are already transparent with our customer-facing profit/loss model.

Current Services We Provide:
 - Lifetime mining contracts on our unique architecture

How we differ in Phase I:
 - We never sell what we don't have; equipment we sell is already in place
 - We track and adjust for more exchanges and currencies than any other mining operation in existence
 - We involve automated exchange trading to add 19% to our bottom line on mining operations
 - We seek out new methods, as seen in the last two advantages, to capitalize on every aspect of this industry
 - We offer lifetime mining contracts that are transferrable
 - If there is no volume for transference, Coinex.IO buys back unwanted hardware shares (mining contracts)
 - We add value to existing mining contracts as hardware costs decrease
 - We mine complex algorithm electronic currencies
 - We have diversification strategies that profit when Bitcoin and other currencies gain AND lose value

What is complete:
 - Phase I
 - FPGA chipset and firmware

What is nearly complete:
 - Phase II is in beta testing for release to existing customers tomorrow
 - Phase III is tightly coupled with Phase II and will release with the public release of Phase II on the 15th.

Why I don't care about your attacks:
 - We are making money from our customers and our own 36% stake in the platform's mining operation
 - We have an already large and quickly growing base of customers across the country
 - Our customers are happy, have been informed, know their filing responsibilities, and are making money
 - Life is good

Why I do care about your attacks:
 - I feel bad for you but hope you find many more opportunities to fulfill your happiness in ways not requiring the torment of good companies and people.
 - Your presence has proven helpful in fraudulent circumstances on other threads (I've ready through several threads including your posts.)
 - The marketing agency we are currently working with believes you need direct attention, and I am not a babysitter.
 - Unwarranted, blatantly inaccurate, and defamatory public comments as seen in your previous posts and demonstrated by references of your character as portrayed throughout this forum will -- from here on out -- be sent to the legal team working with us on our venture capital opportunity to assess our options for recourse, and I do not need that stress on my plate. Our VC group has taken this out of my hands; it won't be up to me. This could potentially make my life much more difficult; I'm not a fan.

The reality is that our target market falls asleep to technical detail.  While deep and informative details that we find interesting can often point the way for investment bankers and technically savvy individuals, these individuals make up only a small portion of our inquiring customer base and have not yet entered our researched target market.

It may be in our best interest to introduce ourselves to this target market in the future, but our resources are currently focused on the next phase of development, incorporation, and work with our VC group.  Our process for securing new rounds of backer funding is an arduous one and requires full attention to legal detail.  Additionally, if I were to provide you with an excruciating abundance of detail, I would then invalidate advised and adopted policy regarding intellectual property rights including a plan for insured security, which is a cautious strategy that will allow us the option to expose intricate detail in the future but not at your harshest request.  

At that time, the technology that gives this company its unique edge, keeps our revenue high, and provides stable returns will be publicly available for functional review but not unlicensed use.  Unfortunately, the patent process for software is more arduous an undertaking than hardware inventions generally require.

My credentials are 14 years in software engineering and 13 years of business administration.  I hold higher-level achievements in Business Administration and Information Technology with a primary focus on Management in IT and IS.  I regularly work with state and federal government entities on Enterprise Data Systems Architecture.  I am a self-taught and successful innovator of User Experience and Interactive User Interface Design, which you will see come to light in the Phase III release of Coinex.IO.

I am currently CEO to a Seattle, Washington based custom enterprise software development firm.  I've pulled my Principal Strategist over to Coinex.IO to assist me with its startup.  My development firm has come onboard offering personnel for software and electronics engineering.  My own holding company provided seed funding in two pre-VC rounds totaling $30,000 (USD).  We've partnered with a local datacenter that I have a longstanding relationship with in order to provide customized solutions, capacity, and support services, the owner of which has bought into our service alongside a quickly growing customer base.

Our system is unique, our thoughts are creative, and our strategy is sound.  Passion goes a long way to do a great deal; most of all, it provides fuel for self-motivation.  Paired with smart people willing to stick their neck out and turn a project into a part of their livelihood, it's a diamond sword in the industry.

We are a small business with a little seed funding, a lot of backing, and overwhelming support. We are made in the USA.  We are hard workers. We are informed professionals doing fun and profitable things. We are Coinex.IO.

If you choose to send further constructive feedback, please maintain civility. I am sweating at the thought of our VC's lawyers in my office this week. I've got two project deadlines fast approaching as I consider whether to post this at all. Looking back at what I've written, I've decided to take the risk. Your most recent message was mild-mannered in comparison to your first, so I'm trusting that we're good to go for further discussion if you have further criticism you'd like to offer.

6  Economy / Securities / [Cryptostocks]EasyBitzz next SCAM i presume... on: February 20, 2014, 08:45:00 AM

Bitcoin Needs More Users                         Bitcoin Needs A Foundation

The founders of EasyBitzz recognize the tremendous gap between those currently involved in cryptocurrency and the rest of the world. The EasyBitzz team is committed to eliminating this gap through the creation of brick and mortar Bitcoin exchanges. Cryptocurrency has reached a precarious plateau where growth is stunted and stability unrealized. Electronic currency has unfathomable potential but lacks the foundation necessary for mass adoption. EasyBitzz believes this problem can most easily be solved by making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies more accessible. EasyBitzz primary mission is promoting the mass adoption of Bitcoin through the creation of multiple brick and mortar Bitcoin exchanges. These exchanges will lend stability, efficiency, and accessibility to all cryptocurrencies.

Share Structure:
Total Shares: 300 million
45% of all shares to be made public
Initial Public Offering:  135 million non-dilutable shares
Initial Public Offering Price: .000001 btc
1btc = 1,000,000 shares = (.333% of the company)

Issue Date: February 21st, 12:01am (Eastern Standard Time)
*IPO and public trade listed on
*Open trade will be initiated shortly after final share is sold
*Transparency in all aspects of business will be of paramount concern
*Founders will reinvest using personal shares to expand EasyBitzz

Note to Forum regulars:
Our headquarters is located near Washington D.C. and we personally plan to be spending the next few months scouting locations, moving furniture, and overseeing every exchange opening. If at any point you agree with our mission and would like to be involved please contact us directly. While financial success is always a motivation, EasyBitzz is far more concerned with the greater cause of promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Visit our website for updates and the full business proposal.

Things starts to get really silly over at cryptostocks, 15 listing sofar in feb alone and we are only 20 days into the month, shall we guess that 1 or 2 individuals is behind 50-75% of them ?

What do this one say  "Transparency in all aspects of business will be of paramount concern" I demand Advanced verification for your listing on cryptostocks then and that should be done before you move forward and release stocks so we all know who's behind this listing,

"*Open trade will be initiated shortly after final share is sold"
no thank you, you say you won't allow trade unless people buy 135 million shares in this, you got to be joking, there is no way you will get 135 btc in funding based on such bad listing.

You should have Cryptosocks guarantee that there will be no IPOflag raised at any point in your stock and if Cryptostocks can implement such function/feature and also guarantee investor there money back if they invest in your listing and you run away, then you may get a few people to invest a few free faucet gifts, 100 sat in your shares.

1 post is all you have on bitcointalk, thats hardly promising, witch is your main account on bitcointalk ?

Your website is still under construction to so people will hardly be able to visit it "for updates and the full business proposal"

Another fine offering from Cryptostocks.  Can we kill it before it lays eggs?

Your friend,
We can try
7  Economy / Securities / [Cryptostocks]FIREMINE another listing that seems to have taken 5 min to make on: February 18, 2014, 06:13:30 AM
FIREMINE is listed at Cryptostocks:

Owner Webpage
Breaks Cryptostocks rules that email have to match the webpage so CS should never have allowed the issuer to sell shares in it.

The same person is behind altswap to,
Owner Web page

But it seems they diden't have the time or wasen't willing to make the effort to set up a new webpage for FIREMINE.

These statements don't match on FIREMINEs contract/listing:
"Each time a round of shares have completed selling, the shareholder’s BTC will be combined and used to start powerful mining equipment. "
A round seems to be 1000 shares at 0.003 and shareholders will NOT get anything back unless shares equivalent to 3 btc is sold.

"Every day, dividends will be paid out to all shareholders that are currently holding a stake in the company."
Wrong, no dividend will then be paid if first round haven't been sold out according to the first statement they make so the above statement is a lie.

"This means that, the faster a round sells out, the more money each shareholder makes for being a part of the corporation."
Also incorrect, a more correct wording would be if at least one round is sold out shareholders will receive some money back.

"Shareholder money will be directly put towards new mining power on a daily basis. We have miners ready to set up, more being shipped, and others that can be quickly ordered and delivered."
Also a lie every day a whole batch is not sold out the investors money will not be put towards new mining power according to the previous statements.

If the company already have miners ready where is all the pictures on them when there set up and mining, thats the least one can expect from a company claiming to have the hardware already. No information what so ever on what hardware they claim to have and what hardware they claim to have being delivered to them and that they intend to quickly order in the future.

The company have also the IPOflag active so no buy or sell order is possible(except buy on there issuing price) so no liquidity for the people that buy into this(you will not be able to sell your investment if you already made the mistake and invested in this).
No information when(time periods/number of shares...) the IPO will be active or if it ever will be deactivated.

To sum it up a very high likely-hood this is a SCAM, so stay away and don't invest in it.

As the same person also is behind altswap to,
Owner Web page

and they started out that listing without a IPO flag but have then later set that option(and as far as i can see they forgot to announce that they set the IPO flag) they effectively hold previous investors money hostage as no liquidity is available now. Most likely altswap is a SCAM to then and the 7 319 stocks bought there for 0.005 for a total of 36.595 btc is most likely forever lost for the unlucky people who invested there and they will most likely never get there full investment in that stock back.

So recommendation would be to stay away from altswap to, the fact that they lock in shares that have previously been traded openly and without announcing it and not even offering to buy back outstanding shares is enough reason to avoid the share all together, even if you don't find there other behavior alarming.

8  Economy / Securities / [Cryptostocks]CFBTC - Crypto Fund BTCless seems CS/the issuer did a misstake on: February 12, 2014, 12:21:52 AM
It seems like neither Cryptostocks or the issuer behind this have the time to read throu the contracts before they publish it these days, 19 stocks listed on CS so far this year in only 43 days, 1 new listing every 2 days on avg, the previous 1,5 years june 2012-dec31 2013 they only had got 72 listings. Owner    Webpage

The issuer of this stock is at least behind 2 other of the listings the last couple of days but it could of cours be more listings the last couple of months that this issuer is behind. Owner     Webpage Owner            Webpage

From the contract(listing 91) on Cryptostock

"Shares structure
Every shareholder will be treated as an equal partner, the percentage of owned shares is the percentage that the shareholder will receive from biweekly dividends. This means that if you own 10% of the sold stock you will receive 10% of the dividends. At IPO (Initial Public Offer) there will be 10.000 shares offered at 0.05 BTC in 2 rounds. During the the first round (2.000 shares) of IPO there will be no fund activity and we will start trading as soon as the second round of 8.000 shares will be offered.  After the IPO offers there will be additional 90.000 shares offered at variable price the will represent the funds  value.The founder of CFBTC will receive 1 share for every 9 sold shares. The fund reserves the right to sell and buy the CFBTC shares.

    * IPO round 1: 2.000 shares at 0.005 BTC  - no fund activity
    * IPO round 2: 8.000 shares at 0.005 BTC - funds activity result in biweekly dividends
    * Growth round: 90.000 shares at variable price that represends the funds value"

So whats the correct price you had in mind 0,005 ? intended funding/capital of the fund of 500 BTC or at a price of 0,05 per share and a intended funding/capital 5000 BTC.

"During the the first round (2.000 shares) of IPO there will be no fund activity and we will start trading as soon as the second round of 8.000 shares will be offered"

No activity during the time the first 2000 shares is sold
What will happen between the period of the first 2000 and all of the 10 000 stocks is sold ?
you say that trading will only start when 10 000 shares is sold ?! why do you need at least 500 btc/50 btc and 11 111 open shares before you can start to trade ?
BTC32 thats listed on the same exchange as you, cryptostocks started trading directly and got profit the first week of trading with less than 1.5 btc at there dissposal for example....

"The founder of CFBTC will receive 1 share for every 9 sold shares. The fund reserves the right to sell and buy the CFBTC shares"

Why would you be interested in selling off the up to 11 111 shares you get for free if you believe in the fund and think it will do well ? or did you mean that you reserve the right to trade in your own fund, with insider knowledge around the time for each dividends for example, but always keep at least the up to 11 111 shares you get for free or something like that ?
Both options seems very unethical.

From there site

"The fund will keep all the assets in cryptographic currencies. At this point there is no intention to sell any cryptographic asset in to fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP or JPY."

We will use multiple platforms to spread our fund’s activity
"Currency exchange trading on platforms like MtGox...."
Do you actually plan on trading on MtGox when you can't get either fiat(USD, EUR...) or BTC out from there ?
And how on earth did you intend to trade on Mtgox if you plan to keep all assets in cryptographic currencies ?
As far as i know Mtgox don't have any crypto/crypto trading pairs and will most likely never have any other crypto than BTC before USgov pays back Mtgox seized funds.

"Virtual mining platforms like CEX"
Have you traded for a long time before on and do you consistently profit there even thou you start out at a big minus there as the Hashing powers is traded at a large premium there, when i checked them a few months ago there price was 10 times higher than if you had bought KnCminers at 400 GH each, those miners would also have been up working for a long time already at that time)

"Auction platforms similar to eBay"
What do the fund intend to do there, sell Cassius coins or are you allowed to selling digital things like non physical bitoins now on eBay ?
9  Economy / Securities / [Cryptostocks]FAS - fasbit How's your math you made on the dividend ? on: February 09, 2014, 11:48:15 PM
New stocks seems to pop up almost everyday now on cryptostocks or at least every week, it wouldent hurt if the one behind the companys/stocks did communicate on the biggest bitcoin forum...

Fas - fasbit do have some communication over here!!!-COMING-SOON?p=763#post763 but it wouldent hurt if you guys came here and explained things.

Cryptostock listing
Why is there another, previous listing where you used another emailadress and intended to raise 100 btc 1 000 000 shares @ 0.0001 btc each in the first round of shares

Fas - fasbit did a IPO where they sold off 10 000 000 shares @ 0,000001 btc each with an Fee surcharge of 0.1% so they got in 10,01 btc on the first batch of shares.

They claim that there rigs with two  290x GPU's cost them 2,85 btc(even at the temporary low btc price of  710 usd per coin, thats 2020 usd) at current market price and each 290x hashing at 820kh so 1.64 Mh/rig and 2 850 000 shares per rig and people basically buying into already excisting and set up hardware.

Taking a look at pricerunner one sees that 290x is avaliable from 660 usd so PSU, MB and so would have to be 700 usd then per rig, sounds a bit expensive if the MB only should be able to handle 2 cards per rig and why invest in 290X in a big scale mining operation when for example 7970's is avaliable from under 400 usd each(60,5% of the 290X's price) and they seems to produce around 700-750 kh(85,5%-91,5% of the 290X's hashrate) so choosing 290X's for a mining operation on large scale dosent seem like a good ide.

They claim they perform better than, and so on.
They mentioned they would be paying out around 90%(before electricity and such costs) of the profits(generated coins)

Plugging in the numbers you get that each 1.64mhz rig should produce around
0,012269938 BTC a day mining LTC, ~4.3 0.43 satouchi per share and day even just mining Litecoins or for example
0,019751135 BTC a day mining DOGE, ~6.9 0.69 satouchi per share and day

EDIT missed a 0 there before

As far as i know cryptostocks allow dividends from 0,00000001 btc, 1 satouchi per share and up, still FAS - fasbit claim they cant pay out dividend more than every other day due to "...need to accumulate dividends" to come up to the minimum threshold so that must mean they intend to pay out just 0,00000001 btc, 1 satoush every 2 days at current profitabillityi witch should be way less less than 10% of what they generate no matter what GPU's they use and coins they mine if they have any resonable efficiency like they claim ?

10  Economy / Securities / [CRYPTOSTOCKS] CMUC Coin Mining Union Corporation Banner add incorect ? on: January 24, 2014, 11:15:28 AM
To the people behind Coin Mining Union Corporation(CMUC) at Cryptostocks, you may whanna take a look at the banner add that you run at cryptostocks frontpage and/or the contract description of your stock

The banner add say "Get 2.4GH/s per 0,6 BTC share"
The contract/description say "max. 1500 shares for the price of 0.06 BTC you participate in 2,4 GH/s a share at the start of the project."

The didivdend payout(and the fact the shares cost 0.06 btc each) seems to indicate it's the add banner thats wrong..
11  Economy / Securities / [Cryptostocks]GET365 - Getcoin365 Clarification please on: January 22, 2014, 12:50:55 PM
Can we get some clarification on what you actually mean from someone in the get365 team.

In the contract/stocks description it say
"...Getcoin365 will be offering 20,000 shares at .05BTC per share....All shares will be paid a dividend of 4.25% per annum paid monthly based on the IPO pricing of .05BTC per share"

in the announcement you then say

3. Why does your IPO only state it’s a 4.25% dividend ?
-We made a mistake, yes that’s right we did!
We will be paying the 4.25% pa dividend until we are live.
Then our fee share structure will apply     

4. What’s your fee share structure?
-2% of all fee’s generated

Does that mean
1 The stock owners on cryptostocks will get 4.25%(~0,35% per month) in yearly dividend + 2% of the fees generated divided on the 20 000 stocks from when the site goes live the 28 jan onwards or...

2 Do you mean that from the 28 jan onwards people will only get 2% of the fees and no fixed yearly dividend.

Also your IPO of 20 000 stocks at 0,05 btc each, thats 1000 btc for witch the stockowner will get 1/50(2%) of the generated fees, so basically a valuation of the yet to start site at around 50 000 btc, that sounds a bit high...
12  Economy / Securities / Bitcoinflush/satouchipoker scam on: November 03, 2013, 11:27:16 PM
Bitcoinflush statement on the now locked last thread of there ipo at cryptostocks.
"Shares have been bought back against a 0.001 share price giving investors 25% on their current investment. The funds can be withdrawn from the cryptostocks wallet."

Giving investors back 25% of there investments a few days ago is called stealing.

How did you get the 25% number by the way, first you sold shares for 0,0002 on cryptostocks, then later 0,0008, neither of those values makes a buyback at 0,0001 = 25% of the investment !
0,0001/0,0008 is 12.5% by the way in case you dident know that.

Why dident you pay out the dividend the 1 nov to those you got to invest in your scam ?
If you close the listing the 2 nov on cryptostock you are still obligated to payout the dividend that should have been payed out 1 nov accourding to the contract
14 days times 2.5-4 btc per day, should be 50% of 35+ btc then to the 9500? shares, so it should have been 9 times what they payed for the shares on the first

0,0010/0,0008, an additional 25 % over what people invested it should be.
So an additional 1,9 btc was paid for the shares but he dident payout the 17,5+ btc to the outstanding shares not in the issuers ownership in satoushipoker on cryptostocks giving them -15,6 btc on this buyback plus future dividends lost.

13  Economy / Service Announcements / Is BTCjam beeing attacked or something at the moment ? on: September 13, 2013, 04:49:40 PM
Is BTCjam beeing attacked or something at the moment ?

They started to show wrong balance a while ago and now there site is down from all adresses host-tracker checks from !
14  Economy / Service Discussion / Whats up with CloudFlare ? on: September 13, 2013, 12:08:09 PM
Whats up with CloudFlare, both Bitfunder and BTC.TC seems to using them and both stopped working at the same time now...
15  Economy / Service Discussion / Is BTCT down at the moment ? on: September 12, 2013, 01:17:55 PM
Is BTCT down at the moment ?
16  Economy / Securities / What's up with Btct Now on: August 23, 2013, 02:58:03 PM
Today it seems like it's Btct that is down instead, what's the problem with there site (in firefox) today....
Xcoind backend failure at 135"
17  Economy / Services / graphs on: August 17, 2013, 10:15:55 PM
I think the people over at need to change there graphs soon,


the computational speed is spiking out of the graphs ofhen now, maby we won't see anything att all in a week or two on some of there graphs if they don't fix it....
18  Economy / Service Discussion / Is Cryptostocks beeing attacked to now ? on: June 27, 2013, 01:03:17 PM
Cryptostocks, is not working at the moment.
Why is that so Kumala, is Cryptostocks beeing attacked to now ?
19  Economy / Securities / Vircurex may 2013 report, is this a joke Kumala ? on: June 05, 2013, 09:10:46 PM
See the quarterly share holder report on

Is this some kind of bad joke in the quarterly repprt, Kumala.
""...unfortionately the service provider has then done and posted the credential in there helpdesk ticker, rather than the standard process of sending it to our email adress (witch has 2FA protection), also the security setup of allowing only our IP range to login to the management console was not working. It was an additional security feature the provider offered....."

Then later it's stated
"Consequensces  The loss of funds will be recovered out of the monthly dividends. Dividends will be used to purchase back the missing funds in the coming months. Depending on the trading volume development this is expected to take 9 to 12 months."

Then if one takes a look at the Vircurex contract at Cryptostocks
"Special conditions The security issuer will not be entitled to dividends for a period of 12 months after the listing. "

So from a fault from the hosting provider has done you decide to not demand compensation from the provider ?

Instead you decide it should come out of the dividend from your new investors, that bought 30% of Vircurex stocks at Cryptostocks those that own that 30% should acourding to you for the next 9 months pay for it in the form of no dividend, the same period for witch the majority owner 70% is not entitled to dividend...

Why don't you split the responsibillity according to the ownership , 30% the new shareholders will pay for and 70% the majority owner in case you can't get the funds back some other way and persua a process to get the lost funds back from the hosting company for there mistake and try to trace where the money has been stolen to and who's behind it.

Or at the very least take funds from the building of NAV value and still pay out 70% of the net profit to the shareholders first.

However you look at it,  this moths result if you include the stolen funds as a loss in the result(if you can't get it back) that dosen't mean next moths result will be a loss and therefore if that month is generating profit(witch it should do unless the breach of security will become a monthly event) shareholders should still have there dividend from next month and onwards.
20  Other / Beginners & Help / Why is Cryptostocks still down on: May 14, 2013, 08:14:53 AM
Does anyone know why cryptostocks is still down. Vircurex has been up for a few days now and cryptostocks has only been working a few minutes after the problem they had a few days ago. Is there some ongoing ddos against cryptostocks at the moment or something. why is kumala and those from vircurex now giving any information on when cryptostocks should be up and running and what the problem with cryptostocks at the moment is ?
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