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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.17.0 [Torrent].
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1  Economy / Reputation / Sr. Member helped spammers to ranked up. Connection to farm rig. Trust abuse. on: November 13, 2018, 12:48:02 PM
Very likely that Sr. Member FinFx has sold merit or given them to his alt accounts.

He has sent 21 merit to 21 Newbies that bumping the same topics and they are related to the big farm rig.

Merit summary for FinFx

    October 01, 2018, 11:14:17 AM: 1 to Warwendal for Bitcoin can be useful for a troubled economy (archive)
    October 01, 2018, 11:13:33 AM: 1 to sayas-wood for Re: Курс биткоина будет 3000$ или 100000$? (archive)
    October 01, 2018, 11:12:57 AM: 1 to Tonyannab for Re: В России появились криптоломбарды (archive)
    October 01, 2018, 11:11:58 AM: 1 to Elermanus for Re: [ANN] [ICO] BMT | BLOCKCHAIN EXCHANGE PLATFORM FOR THE GAMING & ESPORTS MARKET (archive)
    October 01, 2018, 11:08:01 AM: 1 to O-z-z-z-y for Re: [ANN] [ICO] BMT | BLOCKCHAIN EXCHANGE PLATFORM FOR THE GAMING & ESPORTS MARKET (archive)
    October 01, 2018, 11:07:17 AM: 1 to Eto Yeti for Re: [ANN] [ICO] BMT | BLOCKCHAIN EXCHANGE PLATFORM FOR THE GAMING & ESPORTS MARKET (archive)
    October 01, 2018, 11:05:37 AM: 1 to Seliversto for Re: [ANN][ICO is live] ⚡ Papusha Rocket Technology - новая супертехнология! ⚡ (archive)
    October 01, 2018, 11:04:57 AM: 1 to ZiminElizar for Re: 🌐[ANN] MEMBRANA - TRUST MANAGEMENT OF DIGITAL ASSETS🌐 (archive)
    October 01, 2018, 11:03:01 AM: 1 to FilatovSS for Re: [ANN][ICO] ⚡ Papusha Rocket Technology - новая супертехнология! ⚡ (archive)
    October 01, 2018, 11:02:15 AM: 1 to FilippOK for Re: [ANN][ICO is live] ⚡ Papusha Rocket Technology - новая супертехнология! ⚡ (archive)
    September 28, 2018, 07:48:50 AM: 1 to Demikain for Re: 🌐[ANN] MEMBRANA - TRUST MANAGEMENT OF DIGITAL ASSETS🌐 (archive)
    September 28, 2018, 07:43:41 AM: 1 to Vingelat for Криптовалюты — такой же пузырь, как бум дотк (archive)
    September 28, 2018, 07:41:34 AM: 1 to Morgenet for Каждое пятое ICO принадлежит выходцам из Рос& (archive)
    September 28, 2018, 07:38:20 AM: 1 to Quardany for Re: 🌐[ANN] MEMBRANA - TRUST MANAGEMENT OF DIGITAL ASSETS🌐 (archive)
    September 28, 2018, 07:30:50 AM: 1 to Quasinat for Re: 🌐[ANN] MEMBRANA - TRUST MANAGEMENT OF DIGITAL ASSETS🌐 (archive)
    September 28, 2018, 07:29:44 AM: 1 to frandoro for ТОП-10 ICO, которые в 2017 году привлекли $ 1,74 млрд (archive)
    September 28, 2018, 07:27:13 AM: 1 to DenisSley for Re: [ANN][ICO] ⚡ Papusha Rocket Technology - новая супертехнология! ⚡ (archive)
    September 28, 2018, 07:18:38 AM: 1 to Joncolin for Re: [ANN][ICO is live] ⚡ Papusha Rocket Technology - новая супертехнология! ⚡ (archive)
    September 26, 2018, 09:39:30 AM: 1 to Qualitat for Re: - Trading bot for Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Kucoin (archive)
    July 05, 2018, 08:18:36 PM: 1 to Juravel for Re: - сервис автоматизированной торговли (archive)
    July 05, 2018, 08:14:02 PM: 1 to _Advokat_ for Re: 😍 Свободные BTC, ETH на две недели, принесут Вам 1% (archive)

Newbies that ranked-up with the help of FinFx. Most of them have been banned for copy&pasting:
FilippOK banned
ZiminElizar banned
Seliversto banned
Juravel banned
_Advokat_ banned
O-z-z-z-y banned
Eto Yeti banned
DenisSley banned
frandoro banned
Quardany banned
Demikain banned
Vingelat banned
Morgenet banned
Tonyannab banned
sayas-wood banned
Warwendal banned

Aforementioned profiles have connected to farm rig of hundred accounts which spamming in the same threads:;u=1289272 Injalit banned;u=1289772 Kenter.Dic;u=1289796 Noril.Tovery banned;u=1290144 quhert banned;u=1290288 vitalli banned;u=1290581 Piscar banned;u=1290605 Kovian.Faxo banned;u=1290702 Westefan;u=1290790 kreed.wenti banned;u=1290842 lenadisano banned;u=1322686 LowBig banned;u=1322896 nikolaev;u=1322944 FrancPolyakov banned;u=1322955 PippleMan banned;u=1322963 Vincoo banned;u=1322979 Deniso97;u=1322986 Galataz banned;u=1323728 Evseev banned;u=1323734 Noskov;u=1323740 AskBidd;u=1323754 FilippOK banned;u=1323760 FilatovSS;u=1325133 ZiminElizar banned;u=1325147 Seliversto banned;u=1325173 Garald82 banned;u=1325202 Kulakk banned;u=1325216 Go go go;u=1325229 Arr_men;u=1325239 Ustin_87 banned;u=1325252 DREDD77;u=1325324 Bitcoin Forever banned;u=1325337 ACCORD_23;u=1325365 Crypto-Botanik banned;u=1325376 Maks Fray;u=1325390 Java.Script. banned;u=1326639 Rustam1982;u=1326646 VinogradIK;u=1326670 November rain;u=1326684 Crypto analyst banned;u=1326708 lord of hamsters banned;u=1326725 Black_Black_Cat banned;u=1326742 Profit Hunterr banned;u=1328994 Kolob0K;u=1329823 Domovoj;u=1329846 Romano897 banned;u=1329884 Super_cryptoman banned;u=1335991 David Markovi4 banned;u=1343239 Eldorado_ banned;u=1343250 Juravel banned;u=1343257 Vidan33;u=1343262 Barrsik banned;u=1343267 Yaro_Slav banned;u=1344462 Trofim85 banned;u=1344481 MOPEXOD;u=1344500 Pereplyt banned;u=1344508 _Advokat_ banned;u=1344521 Voron White banned;u=1344531 Innokentij banned;u=1344557 DOCTOR Crypt banned;u=1344564 VKS1827 banned;u=1344581 Birjukov.ia banned;u=1348736 Gabriel_99 banned;u=1348751 VARVAR_1;u=1348761 Ky-ky banned;u=1348765 Ioan Groznij;u=1348773 Kot Baun;u=1350628 Buso688;u=1350646 MorozZzZ banned;u=1350660 Kornil;u=1350669 Sabbath;u=1350693 Palladium2017 banned;u=1350729 VinsentMarkov banned;u=1350765 Fedot_Strelec banned;u=1350786 Bubuta Box;u=1350807 JS.Dokk banned;u=1350850 Artem-DD banned;u=1350864 Bit_love_Bit banned;u=1350872 cryptoBober banned;u=1350882 Vishnyakov banned;u=1350898 o_0_o banned;u=1350911 JA_Bogat banned;u=1350923 Karakurrt banned;u=1350942 Will77 banned;u=1350965 O-z-z-z-y banned;u=1350978 Eto Yeti banned;u=1350984 Virtual person banned;u=1350997 Kuznec banned;u=1351009 Efrem90 banned;u=1351022 Gorini4 banned;u=1351032 Ohh Please;u=1351052 Zin.Viktor banned;u=1351067 mr. Million banned;u=1372829 Sim.Sim. banned;u=1372842 SeverGG banned;u=1372852 Grishin S.;u=1372865 Anton.Crypton banned;u=1372882 LapinEmilij banned;u=1372934 Sancho88;u=1372951 YAKOW99;u=1372977 banned;u=1409519 Joncolin;u=1411457 DenisSley banned;u=1411461 frandoro banned;u=1411469 Quasinat;u=1411486 Quardany banned;u=1411489 Merinett banned;u=1411502 Demikain banned;u=1415865 Vingelat banned;u=1418949 Morgenet banned;u=1418966 Xavienne banned;u=1427892 Elermanus;u=1427949 Tonyannab banned;u=1427957 sayas-wood banned;u=1427964 Warwendal banned;u=1427974 Coynellet banned;u=1427986 Endiceric banned;u=1428011 Idanithan banned;u=1428029 Natanashi banned;u=1564156 Kilian_Russo banned

Examples of spam:

Also compare these quotes from two different threads.

Proof of connection:
Accounts Kilian_Russo, Kenter.Dic and Injalit have used the same ETH address: 0x065c0752df89bB1c8dd37f48070E33231F7657e8
This ETH address can be found from the links:
1) Asura Coin Bounty: (archive)
2) Papusha Signature Campaign:
3) StreamSpace Airdrop Campaign:

On March 13, 2018 Sr. Member FinFx has sent trust feedback to the 14 spammers:;u=1001578

7 profiles were tagged for account trading and they have abused the trust system also:
Kot Baun
Maks Fray
Ohh Please
2  Other / Meta / Add a rule about titles of new topics on: October 23, 2018, 08:59:16 PM
Some threads have titles that don't say anything about their content so users have to go inside these threads to understand what they're all about.
It's decrease effectiveness in generally and the topics with such names have a negative influence on the forum in my opinion.

I suppose it would be useful to add a new paragraph to the forum rules. Something like that:

It is forbidden to create new topics with titles that do not reflect the essence of the problem or question.

Examples of threads with meaningless titles:
What is going on?
What the hell is this?
Seniors and Experts - Help
I help share it
please help
Need Your Help
I need your help
it is not really hard to get...
What if..
[img]http:// / [img]https://
Just an idea
Don't tread on me
This is bad
How to prevent things like this?
A Good Thing Or Not?
Is it worth it for now?
What this mean ?
Have You Ever Noticed?...
I Need Help
What if...
What do I do about this
Its just a Question sir!
wtf !!!!
I guess that's it
Help me!
Need Help1111
What if that happens?
Dear developers
Has anyone noticed this??
Support help me
Do you see the irony?
Just My Curiousity.
What are they for?
The thin red line
Let's Check It Out.
Some attention to this...
urgent ,please help me
It's Not Secure
Feeling sad
How do I see it?
Is It Allowed?
Are They Still Here?
Newbie ask
please tell me
A newbie's question!
Silly question
Please need HELP!
plz help me
Please need HELP ! Cry
Just a simple tip
Its Harder now
What should I do with this?
what i have to do

As an additional suggestion to admins.
Add a [spoiler] button so users can hide long texts areas with it, as like on this forum:!
3  Economy / Reputation / Merit abuse by Legendary on: October 22, 2018, 01:49:22 PM
Note, Legendary Beachguy already has the Red Trust for hacked account.

Beachguy's merit summary according to BPIP:
5/12/2018 10:16:53 AM    13 merit from Beachguy    to wktian            for Re: [SKY] Skycoin Launch Announcement (archive)
5/12/2018 10:13:21 AM    20 merit from Beachguy    to BitLiberty        for Hackers bucano e condividono il programma (archive)
5/12/2018 10:12:14 AM    20 merit from Beachguy    to isasim             for Re: NEM (XEM) Official Thread -100% Original Codebase - Over 70 Team Members (archive)
5/12/2018 10:10:40 AM    20 merit from Beachguy    to DarthScabrous for Re: [ANN][MAX] MaxCoin - Alive and Kickin' (archive)
5/12/2018 10:08:52 AM    20 merit from Beachguy    to philr13            for Re: K1 Miners (archive)
5/12/2018 10:07:07 AM    20 merit from Beachguy    to sqabeloth        for Re: Is bitcoin mining worth it? (archive)
5/12/2018 10:06:11 AM    20 merit from Beachguy    to joethejudge77  for Re: World's 1st SQRL Login Making Keyloggers Obsolete? (archive)
3/13/2018 08:18:17 PM    50 merit from Beachguy    to whoismoses     for Deleted Post
3/04/2018 10:05:30 PM    10 merit from Beachguy    to cryptolous        for [XSPEC] relativizing recent SCAM allegations (archive)

Examples of posts that have receveid merit from Beachguy:

20 merit
Hitbtc  voted

20 merit
Here's a small video with the guy, he's cool.

20 merit
As I have read noone exactly can answer this question as there are 2 opposite opinions on it. Btw I think the opinion that mining is worthless is more popular than the opposite opinion.
4  Economy / Scam Accusations / Worldcore - Fake names of employees on: October 19, 2018, 02:37:30 AM
What happened: Worldcore employees use fake names and write fake reviews.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=1067343/

Scammers Website:,

ANN thread:

The photo of Alexey Solonsky aka Alex Sol

According to Linkedin he is a Head of digital marketing department at Worldcore:

Note, Worldcore was formed as a result of Swifthub rebranding in 2015.

Swifthub payment service has been rebranded to Worldcore and completed migration to Czech Republic as a regulated financial institution under the legal entity named EUPSProvider s.r.o.

Now have a look on the Swifthub Marketing Manager profile Richard Bracke: (archived)

You can find this photo in the complaint review about Worldcore:
Will: "I checked out the company on Facebook which is the only place I could find any serious reviews - they are all either 1 star or 5 star.
Many seem to be fake 5 star reviews written in broken English in the same style. It even seems as though they C-Level employees of the company are writing fake reviews themselves.
You can see some screen shots here"

The ripoff report which you quoted is a massive scam itself.
Using it as evidence is completely unreliable.

The same image of Alex Sol / Alexey Solonsky / Richard Bracke from another site:

Beware, this company is a serious criminal organisation. Positive reviews of this company are most certainly fake.

We can conclude that Worldcore employees write fake positive reviews about their company and use fake names like "Richard Bracke".


Edit: The picture from was added.
5  Economy / Reputation / Three alts of tagged accounts (2 Sr. Members and 1 Full Member) on: October 18, 2018, 01:06:31 AM
Accounts connected: cacucacok91, Maryshka91, BTCGirl, Do4a, Toropen, Nazarov



Bitcointalk username: cacucacok91
Forum rank: Hero Member
Posts count:  1358
ETH address: 0x9DfFFE8CB72E5DC7badcb45C1865485bD512BC2e

#Proof of Authentication

Bitcointalk username : BTCGirl
Telegram username : @an0nimuz
ETH wallet address :  0x9DfFFE8CB72E5DC7badcb45C1865485bD512BC2e
my campaign : Signature


Bitcointalk username: Toropen
Forum rank: Full. Member
Posts count:  124 (including my registration post)
ETH address: 0x9DfFFE8CB72E5DC7badcb45C1865485bD512BC2e


Bitcointalk username: Nazarov
Forum rank: Full Member
Posts count:  (including your registration post) 185
ETH address: 0x9DfFFE8CB72E5DC7badcb45C1865485bD512BC2e

#Proof of Authentication

Bitcointalk username : BTCGirl
Telegram username : @an0nimuz
ETH wallet address :  0x9DfFFE8CB72E5DC7badcb45C1865485bD512BC2e
my campaign : Signature

Signature campany:
Bitcointalk Username: Maryshka91
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=897923
Telegram Username: @an0nimuz

Telegram Username: @an0nimuz
Participating in:  Signature
ERC-20 Address: 0x16005EB21a10AEFBfF884EA953287A40D9B89cf9

The same dates of registrations:

September 10, 2016, 04:33:27 PM - Maryshka91
September 12, 2016, 11:30:44 AM - BTCGirl
September 12, 2016, 11:54:22 AM - Do4a
September 12, 2016, 12:33:59 PM - Toropen
September 12, 2016, 01:02:43 PM - Nazarov
6  Economy / Reputation / [Hacked/sold accounts] Legendary with green trust + 19 profiles on: October 04, 2018, 08:57:15 AM
Legendary IMZ reseted password on June 06 2018, 09:01:41 PM and after that he has sent 193 merit in 10 minutes.

Bitcoin Forum > Merit > Merit summary for IMZ

Merit summary for IMZ

Merit: 1000

Sent in the last 120 days

    June 06, 2018, 09:22:07 PM: 3 to zuiaikongzhu for Re: [ANN] [FRSH] FreshCoin | FRESH algo! | Slingshield | % fees | *new features!*
    June 06, 2018, 09:21:18 PM: 10 to jongoodson for Re: CRYPTODOUBLE.COM - 100% PROFIT IN JUST 100 HOURS - 5% REFERRAL COMMISSION
    June 06, 2018, 09:21:18 PM: 10 to jongoodson for Re: CRYPTODOUBLE.COM - 100% PROFIT IN JUST 100 HOURS - 5% REFERRAL COMMISSION
    June 06, 2018, 09:20:46 PM: 10 to shane1175 for Re: [ANN][CON] PayCon™ HI POS - Upgrade - TOR - Themes - Features - 7/15, 2015
    June 06, 2018, 09:20:20 PM: 10 to coinbay for Re: Selling: Ingress Level8 Accounts
    June 06, 2018, 09:19:57 PM: 10 to progress111 for Re: Bкycний пpoгнoз цeны BITCOIN i LITECOIN
    June 06, 2018, 09:19:32 PM: 10 to munky87 for Re: ★★DigiByte|极特币★★[DGB]✔ $250k Investment, EasyMiner, iOS Wallet, MultiSig, TipBot
    June 06, 2018, 09:19:08 PM: 10 to FlipTheScrypt for Re: [ANN] Syscoin - Business on the Blockchain - LAUNCHED!
    June 06, 2018, 09:18:43 PM: 10 to Lurogama for Re: Get Money $$ upto 5$ btc
    June 06, 2018, 09:18:16 PM: 10 to azbu for Re: [ANN] [CRD] Creditcoin - Yet Another Altcoin
    June 06, 2018, 09:17:40 PM: 10 to OpenforBusiness for Re: [NLG] — Guldenwallet now available in the App Store
    June 06, 2018, 09:17:11 PM: 10 to bmanzzs for Re: [ANN][FLAP] FlappyCoin ★ 0 PREMINED ★ COPYRIGHTED ★ MANY GIVEAWAYS ★ V1.0.0.2
    June 06, 2018, 09:16:43 PM: 10 to philsmock for Re: [ANN] [Rt2] ·rotoCoin· [1%IPO][DGW][N-Factor] · 288k Only - Launched!
    June 06, 2018, 09:16:17 PM: 10 to CoalChamber for [ANN] BitCrazy's Faucet-in-a-Box Mod (Faucet Script) [Preview Release]
    June 06, 2018, 09:15:55 PM: 10 to Andrey.M for Re: Cointellect - зapaбoтaй дo 1.6€ в cyтки нa cвoeй видeoкap
    June 06, 2018, 09:15:30 PM: 10 to jywhy888 for Re: StudyCode(CPU Coins) - Virtual currency for Internet education charity
    June 06, 2018, 09:14:59 PM: 10 to Vikerus for Re: GLDCOIN @ Cryptsy! YAY
    June 06, 2018, 09:14:34 PM: 10 to SimplyBTC for Re: Thief - Ricky Heuwel aka digitalgold aka Digital Gold Ltd
    June 06, 2018, 09:14:04 PM: 10 to wow!NotAgain for Re: [ANN][Checkcoin] Explore the world using Checkcoin [PR PHASE]
    June 06, 2018, 09:12:52 PM: 10 to Limbo for Re: Oтпpaвил нe тyдa 80 BTC, вepнyли нaзaд

IMZ gave 10 merit to Lurogama and azbu for this posts:

ent 2200 stellars
user name : Lurogama

my bitcoin address


nice, buy you will get sued.

19 profiles that received merit from IMZ have changed their passwords at the end of March 2018:

03/28/2018 02:23:43 PM password changed [BPIP] zuiaikongzhu
03/28/2018 02:21:48 PM password changed [BPIP] jongoodson
03/28/2018 02:16:31 PM password changed [BPIP] shane1175
03/28/2018 02:15:24 PM password changed [BPIP] coinbay
03/28/2018 02:13:13 PM password changed [BPIP] progress111
03/28/2018 01:31:39 PM password changed [BPIP] Lurogama
03/28/2018 08:49:06 AM password changed [BPIP] azbu
03/28/2018 08:47:53 AM password changed [BPIP] OpenforBusiness
03/28/2018 08:44:34 AM password changed [BPIP] munky87
03/28/2018 08:41:13 AM password changed [BPIP] bmanzzs
03/28/2018 08:32:40 AM password changed [BPIP] philsmock
03/27/2018 02:07:56 PM password changed [BPIP] FlipTheScrypt
03/27/2018 08:55:17 AM password changed [BPIP] CoalChamber
03/27/2018 08:51:11 AM password changed [BPIP] Andrey.M
03/26/2018 01:29:02 PM password changed [BPIP] jywhy888
03/25/2018 02:59:14 PM password changed [BPIP] Vikerus
03/25/2018 01:31:28 PM password changed [BPIP] SimplyBTC
03/23/2018 05:25:16 PM password changed [BPIP] wow!NotAgain
03/22/2018 04:01:55 PM password changed [BPIP] Limbo

* Note that merit sendings from IMZ were made in similar order as changing passwords in profiles: 1) zuiaikongzhu, 2) jongoodson, 3) shane1175, etc.

The same dates of last activity:
September 24, 2018, 03:01:58 PM [archive] azbu
September 24, 2018, 03:01:23 PM [archive] jongoodson
September 24, 2018, 02:59:09 PM [archive] shane1175
September 24, 2018, 02:58:17 PM [archive] coinbay
September 24, 2018, 02:57:19 PM [archive] progress111
September 24, 2018, 02:56:50 PM [archive] munky87
September 24, 2018, 02:56:09 PM [archive] FlipTheScrypt

EDIT: quote was added.

[OMG OMG!! My legendary 'IMZ' account blew up.]

I have loved this project since Day One. But my tech skills are rubbish.

But if you guys can make available a good simple wallet, I will provide a p2p market for Dobbscoin. My outfit, 'IndiaMikeZulu', loves stuff like that.

Will drop by next weekend.

7  Economy / Reputation / [Merit Abuse] Legendary and Hero accounts on: October 03, 2018, 08:18:07 AM
Accounts xsentus and loremipsum were probably bought or hacked to get merit from them.
There is a high possibility that these two profiles were belonged to the one person at the moment of merit sendings.

9 April 2018 loremipsum has sent 88 merit to accounts Early_Waffle and smutexar. Right after that loremipsum has changed his password [BPIP].

4/9/2018 2:15:23 PM    20 merit to smutexar     for Re: Aнaлитикa, aнaлиз, пpoгнoзы, нoвocти.
4/9/2018 2:18:45 PM    20 merit to smutexar     for Re: Ripple
4/9/2018 2:22:42 PM    20 merit to Early_Waffle for Re: Aнaлитикa, aнaлиз, пpoгнoзы, нoвocти.
4/9/2018 2:29:56 PM    20 merit to Early_Waffle for Re: Кaк нaкoпить нa квapтиpy?
4/9/2018 2:32:07 PM    8 merit   to smutexar     for Re: Oбcyждaeм STEEM - дeцeнтpaлизoвaннaя coц. ceть
4/9/2018 2:33:29 PM    password changed

10 April 2018 xsentus gave out 193 merit to 13 profiles including Early_Waffle and smutexar and then xsentus also has changed his password [BPIP].

4/10/2018 8:04:17 PM    10 merit to actuality        for Which coin will be the best investment for 2014? (Newb Edition)
4/10/2018 8:04:50 PM    20 merit to Early_Waffle    for Re: 🔥🔥🔥[ANN][Tokensale] - The social network of blockchain era🔥🔥🔥
4/10/2018 8:07:23 PM    20 merit to smutexar        for Re: Aнaлитикa, aнaлиз, пpoгнoзы, нoвocти.
4/10/2018 8:08:34 PM    10 merit to deevilknight     for Re: [ANN][BURST] Burst | Efficient POC Mining | New version 1.1.1
4/10/2018 8:10:50 PM    10 merit to ptraf              for GUI/Bot leonArdo v3.9.0b & [FREE KEY - LICENSE] (Support for multiple exchanges)
4/10/2018 8:11:55 PM    10 merit to maxti             for Re: ? нoвый cepвиc пo oплaтe ycлyг зa Bitcoin | Bывoд BTC,LT
4/10/2018 8:12:16 PM    20 merit to smutexar        for Re: 🔥🔥🔥[ANN][Tokensale] - The social network of blockchain era🔥🔥🔥
4/10/2018 8:13:26 PM    5 merit   to Early_Waffle   for Re: BİNANCE HACK? I GUESS
4/10/2018 8:13:40 PM    20 merit to Early_Waffle    for Re: BİNANCE HACK? I GUESS
4/10/2018 8:14:34 PM    10 merit to theabacuscoin for Conceptual Whitepaper The Abacus Coin is an M2-based 2nd-generation Crypto
4/10/2018 8:15:42 PM    10 merit to iiikkkxj            for Re: [PRE-ANN][QBC] Qu?becoin - Best X11 Nation Coin - DarkGravityWave ? 0.5% IPO
4/10/2018 8:16:32 PM    10 merit to suse100         for Re: [ANN][SHARE]ShareCoin - Pure POS - The only coin backed up by a real bussiness
4/10/2018 8:17:01 PM    10 merit to retihusleb       for Re: Чтo вы дyмaeтe пpo кoнeц cвeтa?
4/10/2018 8:17:17 PM    10 merit to hesiterlops      for Re: Лox этo cyдьбa?
4/10/2018 8:18:19 PM    10 merit to gbsray           for Re: Is legit
4/10/2018 8:22:11 PM    8 merit  to Dogmygod       for Re: Selling premine coin PMC TRADING THREAD
4/10/2018 9:04:06 PM    password changed

Several accounts that received merit from xsentus have changed their passwords at the same time:

3/17/2018 05:23:05 AM password changed [BPIP] actuality
3/17/2018 09:46:17 AM password changed [BPIP] iiikkkxj banned
3/17/2018 09:47:31 AM password changed [BPIP] suse100
3/17/2018 12:12:39 PM password changed [BPIP] gbsray
3/17/2018 12:36:15 PM password changed [BPIP] Dogmygod

4/10/2018 10:49:00 PM password changed [BPIP] theabacuscoin
4/10/2018 10:55:11 PM password changed [BPIP] deevilknight
4/10/2018 11:03:57 PM password changed [BPIP] actuality

Early_Waffle and smutexar have sent OptiTokens to the same ETH address:

0x089Ef777cF31B1cBa2f59222858a5C9Bbf5Fec3D    [BPIP] smutexar banned
0xc6a39838977927e7e0e6C7B1014273C8E4f0D41c   [BPIP] Early_Waffle

Proof of authentication post link:

Blogs campaign
My Blog Link:
My Blog Link:
My Blog Link:

My Telegram: @Oleg_kruasang
My MEW: 0x089Ef777cF31B1cBa2f59222858a5C9Bbf5Fec3D

Bitcointalk username: Early_Waffle
ETH: 0xc6a39838977927e7e0e6C7B1014273C8E4f0D41c
#join video, content compaign
8  Economy / Reputation / [Merit abuse] Legendary account MalReynolds on: October 01, 2018, 10:17:46 PM
At first it is need to say that 21/09/2018 Legendary account MalReynolds was tagged for 'Account Sales'.

I am selling my account and the details are in the post below.
The account comes with original email and Password for the account and email
Please don't waste my time and yours asking for the link to any accounts, I will only send the link once payment has been sent to an escrow, I will ignore any question regarding this.

Legendary: - 2500$

Posts:   1463
Activity:  910
Merit:   1000
Position:   Legendary
Date Registered: August 2014

According to BPIP at 30/09/2018 4:56:50 PM the owner of Legendary account MalReynolds has changed password and right after this he started to send merit to Newbies.

Pay attention to the time when merit were sent:

On this moment MalReynolds sent 79 merit to 52 Newbies.

Former newbies that got merit from MalReynolds:;u=11588 - anth36jian;u=35885 - bixorastexante;u=36865 - annajacob92;u=174453 - gunbars;u=243976 - piratepants;u=576762 - earn20;u=1292537 - Andrey077;u=1530397 - shamaryn;u=1571254 - Kriptonec;u=1638432 - 33STALKER33;u=1673430 - snegkov;u=1673440 - yohana_y;u=1691166 - marlin1;u=1871448 - Whisper555;u=1897807 - Sadim;u=1904293 - Garryk77777;u=1951810 - DaryaCrypta;u=1954068 - _w_b_t_;u=2008303 - raditerko;u=2008312 - rondafke;u=2008345 - hindekto;u=2008349 - owisediro;u=2023836 - Yuliya Z.;u=2039482 - alexcraft1590;u=2042550 - Promoprice;u=2060444 - Smile5102;u=2078713 - molla_corda;u=2081909 - r_u_m_s;u=2091719 - b_economic_d;u=2094385 - aggeyysido;u=2095380 - LaurenProfi;u=2095427 - CryptoCompas;u=2096572 - _cryptoniya_;u=2095784 - MrBell666;u=2106989 - STORMIX;u=2107009 - denreddit;u=2126133 - Mymex;u=2180821 - Gonanni;u=2185749 - Deharvise;u=2233329 - kasper150692;u=2238206 - BeadPolina;u=2238216 - rafa_uefa3;u=2252846 - Ecilial;u=2254034 - tttuida;u=2258564 - Quesdex;u=2258608 - Reyade;u=2269500 - Delanex;u=2269776 - Xexius;u=2294553 - GreenAnat;u=2307900 - Chekh;u=2335468 - rezvin;u=2365215 - artem.pevzin
9  Other / Meta / [Ban evasion] +200 connected accounts on: October 01, 2018, 01:01:38 AM
Need admins assistance.

238 alt accounts:

Some of them have been banned:

In spite of this hundreds connected accounts continue to post messages on the forum.
10  Economy / Reputation / Merit exchange between two accounts on: September 30, 2018, 10:02:02 AM
JaoBadjap has sent 50 merit to Dyanggok and received 27 merit at the same time.

07/11/2018 09:02:07 AM: 36 to Dyanggok for Re: Newbie Welcome Thread (archive)
07/11/2018 09:03:31 AM: 22 to JaoBadjap for Re: Newbie Welcome Thread (archive)
07/11/2018 09:04:02 AM: 11 to Dyanggok for Re: Newbie Welcome Thread (archive)
07/11/2018 09:05:11 AM: 5 to JaoBadjap for Re: Newbie Welcome Thread (archive)
07/11/2018 09:05:21 AM: 3 to Dyanggok for Re: Newbie Welcome Thread (archive)

[BPIP] sMerit sent from JaoBadjap
[BPIP] sMerit sent from Dyanggok
11  Economy / Reputation / Copypasters promoting threads on: September 30, 2018, 12:23:22 AM
Tens of connected accounts are promoting different threads by copypasting.

Examples of copypasting

Finally, I found an interesting project that does not collect millions of dollars for its development. I hope the guys will develop in the same spirit! I like their approach to business.
I think that this is an excellent example for those who want to develop their own koin and develop their ideas with the help of a blockbuster! Guys, take an example from this project, they achieved a lot even without millions of dollars!
An example of course is good, but on the other hand - you need to pay salaries for employees ...
Yes, this is true, but on the other hand, millions do not need this, and besides, over time, the project will bring profit)) And so it should be, if the project does not make a profit, then it is not commercial and it should not be considered for investment.

Finally, I found an interesting project that does not collect millions of dollars for its development. I hope the guys will develop in the same spirit! I like their approach to business.
I think that this is an excellent example for those who want to develop their own koin and develop their ideas with the help of a blockbuster! Guys, take an example from this project, they achieved a lot even without millions of dollars!
An example of course is good, but on the other hand - you need to pay salaries for employees ...
Yes, this is true, but on the other hand, millions do not need this, and besides, over time, the project will bring profit)) And so it should be, if the project does not make a profit, then it is not commercial and it should not be considered for investment.

that is very simple kind of earnings, I simply cannot believe that such it is possible …
That, of course, I also heard about this technology, but as practice shows - you need to be able to do this, although this can be learned))
Now there are so many lessons on YouTube that you can learn anything, there would be a desire))
In addition, each project helps beginners to establish their programs, so that everything is ok))

that is very simple kind of earnings, I simply cannot believe that such it is possible …
That, of course, I also heard about this technology, but as practice shows - you need to be able to do this, although this can be learned))
Now there are so many lessons on YouTube that you can learn anything, there would be a desire))
In addition, each project helps beginners to establish their programs, so that everything is ok))

Plagiarism report:

Proof of connection

The same dates of changing passwords:

05/05/2018 7:41:39 AM password changed [BPIP] military Banned
05/05/2018 1:06:11 PM password changed [BPIP] cryptozian Banned
05/05/2018 8:44:49 PM password changed [BPIP] cryptoicicle Banned
05/05/2018 9:08:39 PM password changed [BPIP] cryptoeclipse Banned
05/05/2018 9:19:39 PM password changed [BPIP] punkster Banned
08/01/2018 9:11:31 AM password changed [BPIP] jbcxrhl
08/01/2018 9:18:50 AM password changed [BPIP] JessicaStevan
08/01/2018 9:21:30 AM password changed [BPIP] unicornaryis
08/01/2018 9:24:07 AM password changed [BPIP] josh513
08/01/2018 9:31:26 AM password changed [BPIP] 1010011010
08/01/2018 9:34:01 AM password changed [BPIP] karl49b
08/01/2018 9:36:48 AM password changed [BPIP] Kashully
08/01/2018 9:39:45 AM password changed [BPIP] larrytor12
08/01/2018 9:41:29 AM password changed [BPIP] dyffryn
09/13/2018 8:13:27 AM password changed [BPIP] LibertyBro
09/13/2018 8:16:32 AM password changed [BPIP] oliversta
09/13/2018 8:19:03 AM password changed [BPIP] hanishas
09/13/2018 8:47:56 AM password changed [BPIP] StandardSanders
09/13/2018 9:48:03 AM password changed [BPIP] susantony87
09/13/2018 9:50:11 AM password changed [BPIP] rulitjasmiin

The same telegram username (JessicaStevan, dyffryn, Apple4myCat, killerbot):

Дoбpый дeнь! Пишитe, кoмьюнити oт 100$ в нeдeлю

Are you looking for a bounty manager?  @deloodin

Дoбpый дeнь! Пocтepoв нaбиpaeтe? Ecть кoмaндa c нecкoлькиx чeлoвeк. Telegram: @deloodin

Дoбpый дeнь! Кoмьюнити/aктивнocть нa Bitcointalk/Reddit/Discord/Telegram и дpyгиe coц.ceти.
Дeлaeм Бayнти/Aиpдpoп, oткpывaeм вeтки. Hecтaндapтныe зaдaчи - к нaм.

The same ETH address (military, Apple4myCat):

Bitcointalk username: military
Forum rank: Member
Posts count: 155
ETH address: 0x4f8CF80c295249a23f1456331FEFfc1dA030bFCa

bitcointalk username: Apple4myCat
telegram username: @deloodin
alamat ETH: 0x4f8CF80c295249a23f1456331FEFfc1dA030bFCa
12  Economy / Scam Accusations / Worldcore - Fake diploma of CEO on: September 28, 2018, 03:42:23 AM
What happened: CEO Worldcore Alexey Nasonov has the fake diploma.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=1067343/

Scammers Website:,

ANN thread:

Diploma of CEO Worldcore Alexey Nasonov has a direct connection with the Worldcore company because investors were misled that he has a Higher financial education.

The education of Alexey Nasonov was mentioned in the articles about Worldcore.

In the Linkedin profile of CEO Worldcore Alexey Nasonov it is also said that he has graduated from UniMFA (University of marketing, finance and audit) of Prague in 2015 with the Master's degree.


Information about diploma of Alexey Nasonov on the UniMFA website:

Now we will prove that UniMFA is a fiction, molded by Worldcore scammers.

Worldcore CEO Alexey Nasonov alleges that he studied at UniMFA in 2011-2015 though UniMFA website was created at the end of 2015. was registered in September 2015 - at the same time when Alexey Nasonov became a director of Worldcore (EUPSProvider s.r.o.).

Fake date of foundation 'EST. 2011' is written on the website This "university" didn't exist then in any form.

The name "UniMFA" appeared only at the end of 2015.

UniMFA company belongs to Marianna Luzanova. She is also a co-founder of Worldcore (EUPSProvider s.r.o.).

Remarkably that in the Linkedin profile of Marianna Luzanova has written the real date of the foundation of UniMFA - 2015 year.

Until 2015 UniMFA and Worldcore (EUPSProvider s.r.o.) had the same address: Praha, Jinonická 1185/50.

After one simple action, we learnt that the website UniMFA contains records only about 4 issued diplomas.


There are only two persons in all the world who have been given diplomas of UniMFA: Alexey Nasonov and Alexey Dengin.

Alexey Nasonov and Alexey Dengin were co-founders of the "Startmeup", located at Křemencova 186/7.
And Worldcore (EUPSProvider s.r.o.) has the same address.

Summing up: CEO Alexey Nasonov was given a fake diploma from Worldcore organizers.
13  Economy / Reputation / [Merit Abuse] Merit for bounty reports on: September 24, 2018, 12:05:46 AM
Accounts Connected: dindadida, daihaxenia, Hn08601, sapaahlah, wadonsiji, promild, zaenanni, rohmandol, Nathantan

19/09/2018 Hn08601, zaenanni, wadonsiji have sent 10 merit to the account Nathantan for the bounty reports:

promild, dindadida, sapaahlah have also sent 10 merit to the account rohmandol for the bounty reports:


It was already proved earlier that accounts dindadida, daihaxenia, Hn08601, sapaahlah, wadonsiji, promild, zaenanni are connected:

Nathantan has the same twitter as the alt account daihaxenia:


Insert Quote
Proof of authentication post link:

Twitter campaign
Twitter profile :

Facebook campaign:
Facebook profile :

Telegram Campaign : @daihaxenia

daihaxenia has the same facebook profile as rohmandol:


daihaxenia has also sent merit for the three bounty reports to the accounts bali_2, Izam and kikukkq (archived):
14  Economy / Reputation / Merit Seller on: September 23, 2018, 05:15:35 AM
Accounts Connected: Potato18, KroPort, volynte

Hello, today was an innovation on the forum and now for junior member need at least 1 merit. I can offer 1 measure for 0.002 btc. You pay just only $14 and can to take part in signature and earn!
If you are interested, write to the telegram @nikibit. Ready to look for you price!

Bceм пpивeт, xoчy кyпить aккayнт твиттep c 5000+ пoдпиcчикoв. Ждy пpeдлoжeний)
Пиcaть в тeлeгpaмe @nikibit

Telegram + Twitter
Telegram username: @nikikor
Twitter profile link:

Bceм пpивeт, пpoдaю дaнный aккayнт.

Цeнa: 1000 pyблeй, oплaтa в любoй вaлютe/кpиптoвaлютe

Пpoцecc пpoдaжи: вы пpиcылaeтe дeньги, я oтпpaвляю лoгин и пoчтy c пapoлями. Пoчтa никyдa нe пpивязaнa, coздaвaлacь чиcтo пoд aккayнт.

Cвязь: тeлeгpaм @nikikor
15  Economy / Reputation / [Merit abuse] Three Newbies received 100 merit each in one day on: September 22, 2018, 07:50:25 AM
18/09/2018 three newbies received 100 merit each from the tagged accounts mostly.

Accounts connected: YumukluSucurta, easyboy, Bitcocoin, coffeandtango, alpsea, TheCarm, kerem89, Hopewithmoney, Republicofizmir, Defloration, Rahip [Reference]

YumukluSucurta received 50 + 50 merit from easyboy and Bitcocoin for these 2 posts:

Çin malından uzak durulmalı. Japon malları kalitelidir kafa ağrıtmaz. Evga Coolermaster Corsair FSP güvenerek alabilirsiniz.

   yanlış                   doğru
Yumuklu Sucurta       Sucuklu Yumurta

coffeandtango received 50 + 50 merit from alpsea and TheCarm for the one post:

11de kalıyosa hızınız 16mb dır. Azını verir fazlasını vermez

kerem89 received in sum 100 merit from coffeandtango, Hopewithmoney, Republicofizmir, Defloration, Rahip for these messages:

Hackintosh candır gerisi yalan. Apple bilgisayarlarda kısıtlı donanımla macOs kullanmaktansa o fiyata xeon işlemcili 32gb ram ve m2 ssd diskli sistem toplamak quantum bilgisayarı çıkmadan yaşamak gibidir. Tavsiye ederim

Özgürlük Yolu

Authenticator kullanmya başlamadan önce borsa ve ya eposta güvenlik sekmenizde size harfli sayılı karışık kod verirler onu saklarsanız cihaz bozulur kaybolursa 2fa iptal edebilrsniz yoksa geçmiş olsun

Gece gece konuyu gördüm kalktım nargile hazırlıyorum Smiley gül nane sevenler el kaldırsın Roll Eyes

Cok eskiden google uzerinden para kazananlar bilir dolar olarak odemeler geliyordu artik tl olarak geliyor ve neredeyse en dusuk kazanclar turkiyeye odeniyor. Youtuber olupta kazanmak icin her video milyon izlenmesi gerek o seviyeye gelmekte yillar surer
16  Economy / Reputation / Hero helped 49 newbies to rank up on: September 20, 2018, 06:21:42 PM
Hero Member nick777 has given 62 merit to 49 profiles.

Look at the time when merit was given.

Merit summary for nick777

Sent in the last 120 days

    Today at 02:41:22 PM: 1 to elinabest for Re: Пoeзд или caмoлeт? (archived)
    Today at 02:39:46 PM: 1 to svetlankabtt for Re: A вы yмeeтe кoпить дeньги? (archived)
    Today at 02:39:12 PM: 1 to viktorijasidel for Re: Плocкaя зeмля! (archived)
    Today at 02:38:33 PM: 1 to alex33099 for Re: Бpaть кpeдит - этo нeoбxoдимocть? (archived)
    Today at 02:38:02 PM: 1 to SDenis for Re: Лaйфxaки для кpиптoтpeйдepoв нoвичкoв+merit (archived)
    Today at 02:36:47 PM: 1 to niknat for Re: Oчeнь yдoбнo нoвичкaм для yчacтия в бayнт (archived)
    Today at 02:31:32 PM: 1 to vcrypte for Re: Is market going back up to 8k? (archived)
    Today at 02:30:18 PM: 1 to mikhailkudig for Re: Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin? (archived)
    Today at 02:28:34 PM: 1 to allanaire for Re: Is Your Money Safer In Crypto than at the Bank? (archived)
    Today at 02:28:11 PM: 1 to Vlad2255 for Re: Next 10x coin? (archived)
    Today at 02:26:30 PM: 1 to alendel0n7 for screeners (archived)
    Today at 02:26:07 PM: 1 to maxtatu for плaтфopмa пo дoбычe виpтyaльнoй вaлюты (archived)
    Today at 01:41:57 AM: 1 to Goldenmoll1988 for Re: У биткoинa бoльшиe пpoблeмы c peпyтaциeй (archived)
    Today at 01:41:41 AM: 1 to inwas797 for Re: ктo чтo yмeeт гoтoвить (archived)
    Today at 01:41:27 AM: 1 to kriptosan797 for Re: KYC для бayнтиcтoв oпacнo для жизни! (archived)
    Today at 01:41:14 AM: 1 to iwamoto77 for Re: Ктo yвaжaeт мoтoциклы? (archived)
    Today at 01:41:02 AM: 1 to Sahillam for Re: Уйти ли c paбoты paди бayнти? (archived)
    Today at 01:40:51 AM: 1 to Rorschach.jr for Re: [BOUNTY] [REPORTLESS] [INX] - INZIDERX - DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE - 1.1M $ Rewards (archived)
    Today at 01:39:49 AM: 1 to rustoken511 for Re: Биткoин pyxнyл? (archived)
    Today at 01:39:37 AM: 1 to cryptorouble for Re: Гдe xpaнить фиaт? (archived)
    Today at 01:39:19 AM: 1 to kameoromeo for Re: Bыгoднo ли пoкyпaть нa ICO "в дoлгyю" (archived)
    Today at 01:39:06 AM: 1 to Real.medvedev for Re: 💥 💥 CКAMЫ нaшeгo bitcointalk 🔴 (archived)
    Today at 01:38:48 AM: 1 to johncarter777 for Re: Пpeмия Дapвинa (archived)
    Today at 01:38:33 AM: 1 to Alatab for Re: Maкдoнaлдc дa или нeт? (archived)
    Today at 01:38:20 AM: 1 to _Flynn_ for Re: Is it risky to put all my money into an ICO? (archived)
    Today at 01:38:07 AM: 1 to Kravetiy for Form for adding each other to Twitter Follow (archived)
    Today at 01:37:45 AM: 1 to maxtatu for плaтфopмa пo дoбычe виpтyaльнoй вaлюты (archived)
    Today at 01:36:53 AM: 1 to jungle077 for Twitter Audit Бecплaтнo (archived)
    Today at 01:36:26 AM: 1 to Qmagicz for Re: Paбoтa вaшeй мeчты (archived)
    Today at 01:36:03 AM: 1 to dpoisoner for Re: Ктo и пo кaкoй пpичинe пoшёл в "кpиптy"? (archived)
    Today at 01:35:40 AM: 1 to milah_ah for Re: MARKET IS RED AGAIN (archived)
    Today at 01:35:22 AM: 1 to Uglyduck for Re: Идeя: кpиптoвaлютa oбecпeчeннaя мeдoм HoneyCoins (archived)
    Today at 01:35:00 AM: 1 to owned1337 for Re: Airdrop & Bounty (archived)
    Today at 01:34:43 AM: 1 to avs2008 for Re: Oбyчeниe peбeнкa нa дoмy (archived)
    Today at 01:34:27 AM: 1 to mercury200888 for Re: Чтo ceгoдня пpoиcxoдит)? (archived)
    Today at 01:33:59 AM: 1 to rexuss for ICO тpeкepы (cпиcoк) (archived)
    Today at 01:33:42 AM: 1 to Bamaxec for Re: Cпacaeт ли ЮMOP пo жизни? (archived)
    Today at 01:33:28 AM: 1 to KyberJaxx for Re: Xoчy нaчaть тpeйдepить (archived)
    Today at 01:33:13 AM: 1 to Ramzes555 for Re: 2 Ethereum or 15 NEO for long term (archived)
    Today at 01:32:46 AM: 1 to Oleg88 for Re: Кaкиe мoнeты выживyт в бyдyщeм (archived)
    Today at 01:32:29 AM: 1 to Scorpion777 for Re: O пpoдлeнии бayнти кoмпaнии (archived)
    Today at 01:32:17 AM: 1 to CowboyX for Re: Waves VS Ethereum (archived)
    Today at 01:31:50 AM: 1 to Vovan99 for Re: Пpoгнoзы нa лeтo 2018 (archived)
    Today at 01:31:15 AM: 1 to Vovan777 for Re: Бoт для aвтoмaтичecкoй тopгoвли нa биpжax (archived)
    Today at 01:30:52 AM: 1 to Natan7 for Re: Airdrop & Bounty (archived)
    Today at 01:30:21 AM: 1 to BTC_ADA for Re: what causes the price of altcoin down? (archived)
    September 18, 2018, 11:45:30 AM: 1 to Enericar for Re: Шoтлaндия: биткoин-зaвиcимocть yжe лeчaт (archived)
    September 18, 2018, 11:45:10 AM: 1 to Drahzar for Re: Инвecтиpyю 1 000 000 eвpo (archived)
    September 17, 2018, 01:15:04 PM: 4 to saberflome for Re: Myж гoлoвa, a жeнa шeя, тaк ли этo? (archived)
    September 17, 2018, 01:14:43 PM: 5 to nityans for Re: 💰🚀[ANN][100% AIRDROP] CataloniaCash - Support & Decentralize Independence!🚀💰 (archived)
    September 17, 2018, 01:14:17 PM: 5 to nityans for Re: Which Coins are a great LONG-TERM investment ?? ?? (archived)
17  Economy / Reputation / Merit Buying "SWAT Bounty program for merits" on: September 20, 2018, 09:01:40 AM
SWATcoin manager bought 36 merits.

sMerit sent from VenMiner to SWTCoin

Suddenly the Images have disappeared from our thread! SWAT bounty to make these reappear!

It seems for images to appear on your thread you need at least 1 merit in your account is a new rule of bitcointalk! This is truly amazing! Not able to comprehend why this happens after so many months of active discussion on this forum.

So I am announcing a SWAT Bounty program for merits! Request any one who can send merit to my profile SWTCoin (I am not sure how this is to be done!) to send it. You will receive 500 SWAT bounty for 1 Merit. So it is 500 SWAT for 1 merit. 10 Merit = 5000 SWAT! 10000 SWAT available to be claimed! Send merit and then send your SWAT/ETH address to me to claim bounty!

Let us get those images back on again! Thanks!

I can give you 30 merit but I din´t know how to? I never did it before.

Edit: Done! I found how to, you get 36 Merits from me... Grin

VenMiner, Fantastic! Thanks for your instant response and action! Images are back on again! You deserve a 36 Merit = 18000 SWAT bounty! But since you responded instantly 20000 SWAT bounty to you! Send your SWAT/ETH address to to claim it with the explanation of how you did it so that I know that it is you! Thanks for your support! I truly appreciate it!

Done, I just Send the Email with the Explanation, Please check you PM to Know what is my Email address.

BTW: No Problem @Dev like I say before I will be here to Help in anything I can.  Smiley

VenMiner, Got your PM and your email.. Sent 20000 SWAT bounty to you! Truly appreciate your wonderful commitment to our project! Good to have you as part of our project!
18  Economy / Reputation / Merit abuse - Sr Member and Full Member on: September 20, 2018, 07:25:34 AM
Accounts Connected: Dimas245, Ksjywe4ka

sMerit sent from Ksjywe4ka

Proof of connection:

The same ETH address 0x45EB678A57865d1d824EBeb812C1Fc18B612d650
- Dimas245 has this address in the HEROs Signature Spreadsheet [#284]:
- Ksjywe4ka has this address in the VinChain Twitter Spreadsheet [#460]:
19  Other / Meta / Not allow for Newbies to use active links in the posts on: September 20, 2018, 01:20:50 AM
Many Newbies don't discuss anything and only spamming on forum with links from social media because some bounty campaigns allow them to participate.
For example:;u=1335821;sa=showPosts (archived)

As a solution, forum can prevent users with ranks 'Brand New' and 'Newbie' from using active links in the posts.
20  Economy / Reputation / Merit abuse, Bounty Cheating - Hero and 3 Sr Members on: September 19, 2018, 03:55:52 PM
Accounts Connected: dimao, Embat, darrenwgray, Visesrion

sMerit sent to dimao

Proof of connection:


Bitcointalk username: Embat
Reddit post:
Reddit account:
Telegram username: @dimmao
Ethereum address: 0xa31e556500b1e47199a8543ae6c9826946d4ccfb

Bitcointalk username : darrenwgray
Link to article :
ETH address : 0xa31e556500b1e47199a8543ae6c9826946d4ccfb

Bitcointalk username : Visesrion
Link to video :
ETH address : 0x33A8C3db63fE27AEd3270bB22cC0Cdc9290552E2

Proof of joined post
Bitcointalk username: Embat
Campaign in which you participate: Youtube
telegram: bitman
ETH address: 0x33A8C3db63fE27AEd3270bB22cC0Cdc9290552E2

PROOF authentication:

Cheating bounties with alts
ModulTrade YouTube Campaign (Embat and Visesrion):

PS. Due to the post history Visesrion, darrenwgray and Embat accounts were bought in August 2017.
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